Author's Note: Heya! I just had to write another Kronos story. WARNING: This story should not be confused with the Spawn of Saturn story. They are separate. Please enjoy!

The Most Beautiful Woman in the Universe

Kronos laid in the bed kissing who he felt was the most beautiful woman in the universe. She rained lavish kisses on him and he felt her soft, supple skin. She loves being on top.

"Oh Rhea... my wife." He had to hold her tightly in fear that she might disappear. He was still getting used to the reality that she was here with him, right here... right now.

"Kronos... my husband" Kronos rewound the events that had led to this moment.

Sometime after the war, the gods came to the realisation that family was important. With Rhea's persuasion, Kronos had been given back his freedom. Things still felt surreal for him and he just didn't want it to slip away. Now he had the only thing he ever truly needed- his wife. There was only one or two hiccups to this 'perfect new life. He had to fulfil some other sort of punishment. With the terrible options he had been given, he had gone for the teaching job. To make it even weirder, be would be teaching at a public high school in England. It would be a few days until he started his new job, so they were flying there the next morning, with Atlas. Kronos' power was to be limited but he managed to get back Backbiter. Thankfully the ancient laws had forbidden his children from keeping it from him. Atlas was to be the new Physical Education teacher whilst Kronos had to teach mathematics. Why Atlas got to have all the fun, he didn't know. He could torture kids as part of his job whilst Kronos would be forced to teach them simultaneous equations. Just what he always wanted.

"Kronos, hunny?"

"Yes, love?" He breathed into her neck.

"There is something I need to tell you."

"Can it wait? I'm enjoying myself"

"Mmm... you have a pretty big need, darling" She mused. " But no" Her tone was serious now and she forced him to let go. He sat up and ran his hand through her fiery hair.

"What is it darling?"

"I... I don't know how you're going to take this but I have to tell you now. I have a daughter."

"What?" He had been caressing her face lovingly but now he held her chin tightly.

"You were gone for a very long time. I was... lonely"

"So what, you shagged the first guy who appealed to you? Kronos' face was pure rage. But Rheas had never been the kind to let anyone walk all over her, this he knew. Back in the old days, she always found a way to wrap him around her little finger. The matter of their children had been the only time she had lost. But the whole Titan-monarchy had been at stake. In the end, Kronos simply couldn't find a way to step the prophecy.

"No I did not!" She wacked his had aside. Kronos felt a pang of guilt for assuming so. That was another strange thing. Having been in the dark abyss known as Tartarus for so long, all he had felt then was pain and danger. His 'heart' had been blackened and he hadn't been sure he would fell anything more than his usual hunger for power. "We were friends at first"

"Was he a god?"

"Heavens, no! He was mortal Anyway, he was an animal lover and an artist, He said I was his muse."

"I bet he did" Kronos growled. "So what? Did he paint you nude?"

"Of course not. He painted me as a goddess."

"You told him?"

"No. I didn't have to. It was already clear I was stunningly beautiful"

"Vanity does not become you" He smiled.

"Sadly, he died sometime before Erin was born. She never got to see her father." She had a sad distant look. In this moment, Kronos forgot his anger. All he wanted to do was comfort her. He pulled her into a deep embrace.

"You never were this loving with anyone else. It made me feel special" She whispered.

"Oh, but you are, darling" Rhea giggled playfully.

"And don't you forget it."

"So how old is she?"

"Fourteen" Kronos tensed. He loathed teenagers. "And she is going to live with us in England."

"She will do nothing of the sort."

"She isn't stoked about the idea either."

"Stoked?" He raised his brows.

"Sorry, Mr Grammar Nazi"

"I thought Erin was the teenager here" Rhea shrugged in response.

"So where is she now?"

"With her father's sister in California. It will be quite a change, moving to London."

"I can imagine."

"You'll be great with the kids. You can teach them all about the Pythagoras' theorem and what not."

"Just what I always wanted"

"Kronos had been forced to endure a training course too. His biggest problem was his temper. Rhea had suggested to try meditation. It was doing little good.

"Look on the bright side. You will have the authority to give children detentions and exceptionally difficult homework." Kronos smiled.

"It's a good thing I married the smart Titaness. I love the way you understand me"

"There is no one else for me... or you." And so they made passionate love all through the night... Hey who need sleep when you're a powerful Titan?