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Lily was walking back to the heads dorm to drop off her books she planned to go join in the celebrations for James's birthday party. She had promised James she would go and intended to keep her word. Her own affections towards James had changed, she no longer considered him and arrogant toe rag, no she considered him to be her arrogant toe rag, only he did not know this yet, sure James had been pestering her for years to try and get her to go out with him but only recently had lily seen other things besides the James that Lily knew and hated, in fact since James had become head boy, not only had James stopped asking Lily out, he also took his head duties with full responsibility., it got to the stage when Lily had began to think her no longer cared for her, but if he had truly got over Lily then he would have gone out with another girl, well that's what Lily to told herself anyway. Lily hoped that tonight might be the night he understood her new feelings towards him.

These thoughts crossed her mind as she wondered down the halls, they distracted her in ways she could not explain. Though she supposed these thoughts were mainly due to James.

"Accio wand" A dark, gruff voice, that unfortunately Lily recognised that voice with distaste.

Lily's wand zoomed out of her pocket and in to the hands of Avery.

"Hey give me that back"

"And why would we do that mudblood, so you can attack us? Not bloody likely" Avery sneered at her.

The mob of Death eaters laughed at Lily too.

Lily looked into the eyes of Snape, who was hiding towards the back, who upon seeing the tears in her eyes swelling, stopped laughing and frowned at her.

"Well, I could give you back your wand, if you do me a little favour..." Avery smirked looking up and down Lily's body, and taking a step closer.

"How dare you!" Lily screeched and slapped Avery in the face – hard, before running off, but Lily was not fast enough.

"Crucio" One of the death eaters chuckled, her name was Bellatrix Lestrange; she made it clear that watching torture was something she enjoyed very much.

Lily was scrambling around on the in pain, it was too much for her to bear, her screaming made all of the death eaters laugh cruelly.

A loud noise from a nearby classroom encouraged the death eaters to stop.

"Let's just make sure that no-one can find the filthy little mudblood again" Bellatrix sneered.

So Lily was levitated to the corner of the hall, and had a dissolution charm cast on her. So no-one could see her and a silencing charm so no-one could hear her.

Then the band of death eaters strode off, taking Lily's wand with them, and leaving a crying Lily to her thoughts.

Lily knew full well the chances of her being found were very slim, only if someone were to crash into her, and that would cause further injury to her body, she could barely move without being in massive pain.

So Lily sat there tears streaming down her face while she criticized herself over how weak she was and how she could have defended herself better, and how she regretted not having the chance to tell James how she really felt, and she kept relaying the moments previously and thinking about how she should have done something different.

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