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One day in the hot summer, Shanoa was wandering in the Ruvas Forest. It was a forest like any other; it had a

multitude of trees, all kinds of beasts who came during daytime, only to leave at night when the monsters appear.

The village doyenne Daniela once told Shanoa about many myths and legends that supposedly took place inside

those woods. The most well known one was about how the Belmont's struggle against the Dark Lord began. She

told her that upon these very woods, the sacred Vampire Killer itself was created by a legendary alchemist whose

name was Rinaldo Gandolfi. She also said that Leon Belmont, the first Belmont to ever wield the whip, had to kill

his fiancee in order to unleash the full power of the whip. Even Shanoa could tell how much pain had that Belmont

endured, since she too, had killed one of her loved ones.

Still walking through the woods, Shanoa noticed that the sun was going to set. She started running to the exit, as

she knew that the Nominon monsters could be quite a pain to deal with.

Thinking of the Nominon reminded her of a story Daniela told her. "It was the story of a girl that came from the

village who had magical powers. It is said that, one day, she came into this forest looking for her beloved that had

disappeared. However, she forgot about the monsters that roamed the woods at night and jumped in without


As she was running through the dark evergreens, she didn't notice a long branch that sticked out of a willow tree

and banged her head on it, falling in the process.

Her head hurt so much she couldn't even stand up. Seeing this as a good opportunity, a Nominon flew rapidly

towards her, effectively holding her with its tentacles.

The young woman's cries for help turned into moans shortly after and then into inaudible sounds as the one-eyed

monster sucked the life out of her. In the end, she was left there, her only regret being not finding her love.

Nobody heard about her afterwards. Some thought that she became an evil spirit who roamed in the forest at

night; and more skeptical others thought that she simply went to the afterlife."

Suddenly, Shanoa saw something or someone move behind the trees around her, snapping her out of her

thoughts. Focusing, she felt a strange aura, not unlike Dracula's. Quickly bringing out her sword glyph, the

vampire hunteress dashed in the direction of the undead being.

The vampire was too fast, for she couldn't catch up with him, even by using her speed glyph. She was thinking of

a way to catch him when he suddenly did something she didn't expect : He stopped.

He turned, revealing his face. Shanoa scrutinized him. It was the first time in her life she saw a man this elegant;

he had long white hair, wild golden eyes, and a pale face that contrasted with the darkness of the night.

However, Shanoa, as the cold woman she was, wouldn't get seduced by a vampire.

Pointing her sword at him, she asked :"Who are you? And what are you doing in this place?"

The vampire wasn't even fazed. He just said :"You must be a vampire hunteress. My name is Alucard...Surely

someone such as you has heard about me?"

Shanoa was shocked by his revelation. "Alucard? The Dark Lord's son who has opposed his father multiple times?"

Alucard just nodded.

"It seems you have many questions to ask me. However, I do not have the time for this now. I am here to visit an

old friend..." the Dhampire said, his face growing vague.

"An old friend? In such a place?" asked Shanoa, raising an eyebrow.

"You can come with me if you wish. It's nearby." he said, his expression unchanging.

"Oh, and may I inquire as to what your name is, my lady?" Alucard asked.

"My name is Shanoa." she barely said. Alucard nodded.

They walked towards a place only Alucard knew of, both silent. The fresh night breeze and the owls' hooting were

the only sounds that could be heard in the moonlit forest.

After a few minutes, Alucard suddenly stopped, causing Shanoa to almost bump into him. Shanoa was going to

ask him why he stopped when he sidestepped, revealing what appeared to be a grave.

"A grave? Whose is it...?" said Shanoa, as tactless as ever.

Alucard took a breath before starting,"Her name was Maria Renard. She was someone who would chase me

across the country just because she loved me.

And yet...she ended up killed by a monster. But that is something I say just to "kill my guilt" If I might say. I am

the one who sent her to her death. And now, because of me, she was condemned to wander around this place at

night...However, she never shows up when I am here. I want to talk to her, yet she doesn't ...I want to apologize

to her, yet she won't forgive me."

"I understand." Shanoa said, almost feeling sad for the dhampire. "Then, what will you do?"

"I will continue to come to this place every night until I can see her. Only then I will be able to sleep." The tragic

prince said.

"I see." Looking at the sky, Shanoa realized that it had already gotten late. "I must go now, Alucard. I am sure we

will meet again. Until then, farewell."

"Very well, Shanoa. I would like to hear more about you, but that will be for another night. Should I walk you

home?" Alucard asked in his gentlemanly voice.

"You're too kind, but I can defend myself as you may have surmised." Shanoa answered, smiling.

"Very well then. I shall go." Alucard then transformed into a bat and flew into the starry sky.

Shanoa proceeded to exit the forest. She didn't encounter any monsters on the way back home, apart from some

bats who didn't even dare approach Shanoa.

When she entered the village, she found that almost all the villagers were already sleeping. Almost, for light could

still be seen in Irina and Daniela's houses.

As she passed near Irina's house to go to her house, she suddenly heard a girl's crying. It was Anna, Irina's

mysterious daughter.

Curious, she decided to go see Anna. Knocking at their door, she was immediately answered by Serge, Anna's


"Oh, it's you, Lady! Come in!" said Serge with his usual grinning face.

"Serge! How many times do I have to tell you? Don't open the door at this-Oh, it's you, Shanoa! Come in!" said

Irina, smiling.

"Oh, don't mind me, I just heard Anna crying and went to see what happened." Shanoa said, smiling to the best

of her ability.

As she entered, she found Irina wiping Anna's tears who was sitting on a chair, her cat Tom standing on her lap,

its paws wrapped around Anna, as if it was trying to protect her.

"Mi-Miss Shanoa! I saw the ghost of a woman who was singing...Her voice was so sad!" Anna cried as she went

and hugged Shanoa.

"Shanoa, can I ask you to go see Daniela? She should still be awake, and she knows quite a lot about those

ghost things and such. Thanks. Take Anna with you." said Irina quickly, smiling.

"Of course. Let's go, Anna." said Shanoa, opening the door and getting out of the house, followed by Anna who

was cuddling Tom.

"So Anna, can you tell me more about what you saw?" Shanoa inquired.

"Well, I was just sleeping, when I suddenly heard a voice coming from my room's window. I woke up, and went to

the window. I found a beautiful woman..she had long golden hair and a white robe. She was singing something

but I couldn't really make up what her words were..but she seemed really sad, somehow.." Anna said, chewing

her lip and not cuddling Tom anymore.

"..I see. Daniela should be able to tell us more about it. Let's go."

Shanoa went out the stairs, surprisingly finding Daniel's door open. They entered, and found Daniela reading a

book and sipping tea. Unlike what Shanoa thought, Daniela didn't need glasses to read.

Daniela didn't even notice them. Shanoa cleared her throat loudly. Daniela just lifted her head up, remarking the

two girls.

"Oh, Shanoa and the little Anna! What bring you here? Come and sit!" said Daniela, putting the book she was

reading on a shelf.

"Excuse us for our little intrusion, but, why was the door open?" asked Shanoa. "The door? Oh, I forgot." Daniela

said. "But what brings you here?" she said, taking a look at Anna, noticing her eyes.

"Anna, were you crying? Come over here, my child." She added, cuddling Anna. She offered to prepare some tea,

but they declined her offer politely.

After they sat down, Shanoa told Anna's story to Daniela.

"...and that's what happened. Do you know anything about it?" Shanoa asked.

"From the looks of it, it appears the woman Anna saw was a Banshee." said Daniela.

"A Banshee? But isn't a Banshee a monster? A lot of them attacked me." Shanoa exclaimed.

"Oh, but there are two kinds of Banshee. One of them is "evil" as the ones you saw in the Monastery; and the

others are "good", like the one Anna saw."

Daniela said, sipping her tea.

"...I see. But what was a Banshee doing near Anna's window?" Shanoa asked, deciding not to ask her how she

knew that the Banshees she saw were in the monastery.

"Well.." she began, but after taking a look at her clock, she exclaimed, "Oh, it has gotten pretty late! Too late for

children to stay awake! Shanoa, you should take Anna home and then come back."

Shanoa nodded in understanding. She took Anna's hand and both left the house.

"What is it that you wanted to tell me about, Lady Daniela?" said Shanoa, as she willingly took a cup of tea this

time, knowing that the night was going to be longer than she had thought.

"You see, a Banshee is the spirit of a dead woman who is still tied to earthly matters. They watch over their

descendants until every last member of their family is dead." said Daniela, her voice trailing off.

"And what about the song Anna heard?"

"...The song of a Banshee can be heard..." Daniela said, blinking. "A few days before a family member's...death."

she finished, closing her eyes in sorrow.

"...Somehow, I expected something like this." Shanoa said, her eyes glazing over. "And...can it be prevented


"Well, as I told you before, a Banshee is still tied to earthly matters and that is why she can't rest in peace. The

Banshee that Anna heard singing is someone of her family, and I think I remember her..." she said, her face taking

a pondering air.

"Maria Renard?" Shanoa said out of the blue.

Daniela seemed very surprised. "How do you know her?"

"You are the one who told me her name when you related me the legend of the girl who died in the forest."

Shanoa lied.

"Oh, did I? I always forget everything, you know." Daniela said, sipping her tea. "Yes, I was thinking about Maria

Renard. You already know the legend...She was Irina's sister's daughter. In other words, Anna's cousin. If we

could somehow talk to her, we could actually ask her the cause of Anna's eventual death and prevent it. But how

to do it, I wonder?"

"...I don't know. But I think I will go to bed for now, and you should do as well. I don't think we should tell Irina or

the other villagers about it yet. We still have time; we might find a way." Shanoa said, her face closed in thought.

"Yes, indeed...Well, I bid you good night, my dear Shanoa."

-The next day-

Shanoa woke up a bit late that morning; she rubbed her eyes and washed her face. Coming downstairs, she

found Monica sitting at the table, sewing a wedding robe for Laura and Marcel's wedding that was scheduled for

next week.

"Good morning, Monica." Shanoa said, taking the seat in front of Monica.

Noticing her, Monica lifted her head up and said hurriedly, "Oh, Shanoa, it's you! At what time did you come home

yesterday? Did you sleep well? Do you want to have breakfast?"

"About one thirty or something like that. Yes, I guess. I am not really hungry." Shanoa said, used to Monica's daily

wave of questions.

"Oh, okay. Have you heard about what happened to Anna?" Monica asked.

"About the spirit she saw? Yes, of course." Shanoa said, remembering the discussion with Daniela.

"Oh, I wasn't talking about that." said Monica. "She is nowhere to be found, I am worried about her." she added,

chewing her lips.

Hearing the door open, she raised her eyes and found that Shanoa was already out.

Running to Irina's house, Shanoa just pushed the door -it was ajar- and found Father Nikolai, Irina, Marcel and

Laura sitting around a table. Laura was confroting Irina who was crying and muttering something.

It was Father Nikolai who first noticed her; he said, "Shanoa! What brings you here?" He seemed surprised.

"What happened to Anna?" Shanoa asked, not bothering with courtesies, knowing that the old man would


"It seems she had been kidnapped." he said, frowning.

Shanoa was suddenly overcame by a terrible feeling. "Who kidnapped her?"

"I saw him." It was Marcel who spoke this time. "Nobody believes me, but I swear that I saw him."

"And...who was he?" Shanoa asked.

"...It was a vampire. I can't be mistaken." Marcel said, earning himself a glare from Laura.

"...Where do you think he went?" Shanoa said, clutching her fists.

"I think he went to the Mystery Manor."

And Shanoa was gone.