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Chapter 9

"That sonovabitch! How dare he bail on us in the middle of hunt? We came back so we wouldn't do this and what happens? He does us to the same us. I fucking hate him right now!"

Sam sat on the bed and watched Dean. He knew that Dean was pissed and was ranting by the way he was moving his hands around and pacing the floor. He just didn't know what he was saying. He sighed and waited for Dean to finish cussing out their father. After about a minute Dean sat on the bed next to Sam.

"Sorry," he signed to his brother.

"Let's just finish the hunt and get outta here."

"You're right, Sammy. We need to figure out how to get rid of her."

"I was doing some researching and there are a couple of ways to get rid of them. One is to shoot them in the head and burn the bodies. The second way is to pin them in the grave with a stake."

"Well let's get to it."

"How. Marlie doesn't even remember that she died. Besides, we don't even know who resurrected her and why."

Dean nodded, "Yeah we do. Wesley raised her. What happened was she turned and that's why she killed Latisha, Marlon, and Wesley last. According to what I was researching earlier when dad was driving you to Pastor Jim's was that zombies tend to come back like they had never died, but something makes them turn and what sustains them is flesh."

"That explains the way the last victim died."


"But what about those bones, that I found missing?"

Dean shrugged, "I dunno."

"Great. So all we have to do is somehow lure Marlie in the woods towards her grave and drive a stake through her heart?"

Dean nodded, "Pretty much, unless you wanna go the nasty route and burn her."

Sam shook his head, "No thanks."

"Alright, I'm gonna check the trunk and see if we have any stakes. If not I'm gonna have to go out and get some."

Sam nodded and Dean grabbed the keys to his car and walked outside. Sam sat on the bed.

It's my fault. If only I had stayed back then dad wouldn't be angry with me and he wouldn't have left in the middle of a hunt. He never did that. It's just I disgust him and he didn't want to be around me anymore. What if Dean starts to feel that way? I can't lose him too.

"Sammy?" Dean calls tapping his brother on the knee. Sam looks up. "You okay, kiddo?"

Sam nodded, "Fine."

Dean didn't believe him but he let it drop. They had more important things to worry about. Like ganking that zombie bitch. Dean nodded, "Let's go."

Sam nodded and followed Dean out of the room.

It was two days later that they had finished with the hunt. The boys were lounging in the motel room since they didn't have any hunts lined up. Dean was still pissed at their dad for bailing on them. He knew it wasn't just the fact that he got word on the Yellow Eyed Demon. It had to do with Sam and that pissed him on further. On top of that Sam had been quieter than usual and Dean figured he was brooding thinking it was his fault that their dad left. He needs to stop doing that, Dean thought to himself as he glanced over at Sam staring at the computer. He picked up his pillow and threw it in Sam's direction. Sam jerked back and then turned to Dean and glared.

"What the fuck, Dean?"

"Well, had to get your attention somehow. Whatchu doing?"

Sam shook his head, "Nothing, just browsing."

Dean didn't believe that for a minute. He sighed, "Sammy, come here."

"I'm fine, Dean."

"No you're not. C'mere."

Sam sighed and walked over to Dean's bed and sat on the foot of the bed. Dean grabbed his brother's arm and pulled his closer.

"Sam, stop."

"Stop, what?"

"Look I know you're brooding and feeling like dad's leaving was your fault, but-"

"It was! If it wasn't for me, dad would still be here."

"That's not true and you know it."

"Yes, it is. Dad doesn't want to be around me, and because of it, dad left you alone here."

"I'm not alone, I have you kiddo."

Sam shook his head tears rolling down his cheeks, "Not what I mean. You've wanted to be back hunting with dad and because of me he left. He doesn't want anything to do with me. Sooner or later you're gonna start feeling like I'm a burden to you and feel the same way."

"Whoa, whoa! What makes you think that? Sammy, you're my brother. I am never gonna get tired of being around you. And you are not a burden. Sam, stop. Seriously, its dad's fault. I don't care that I'm not hunting with dad because I'm hunting with you."

"But how do I know that you won't start feeling bad because you have to lug around your deaf brother everywhere you go? How do I know you won't start to resent me for allowing that werewolf to attack you?"

"Damn it, Sam. That was over five years ago. I never resented you or hated you for it. It was an accident. You were trying to help and do what you thought was right. It wasn't that bad. I'm still alive and not a werewolf. You need to let it go. And so does dad. And you're not luggage. I'm not lugging you anywhere. We go where we both want to go. Sam, I've never cared that you were deaf. Ever. When I was little, I was sad when I knew that you couldn't hear the things I said to you. That's when I decided that you and I were gonna come up with our own communication system."


"Sammy, you're my little and I love you no matter what. Whether you're deaf, blind, or even mute. Nothing is gonna change that."


Dean nodded, "Promise. Now, I've had enough of this chick-flick moment, how 'bout you?"

Sam chuckled and nodded.

"Good, no whattya say we watch some TV?"

Sam nodded again and curled up next to his brother on the bed. They stayed like that for hours and didn't realize how long they had been until Sam's stomach decided to growl. Dean laughed.

"Guess someone's hungry. Why don't I go get us something, huh?"

Sam nodded, "Okay."

"Kay," Dean said getting off the bed. "I'll be back. You know the routine."


Dean nodded and left the room. Sam laid back down on Dean's bed. Dean's right, I need to stop blaming myself for something that wasn't my fault. Dad might not like me but the important thing is that Dean loves me and cares about me. He closed his eyes and smiled to himself.

Dean walked back into the room and smirked when he saw that Sam had fallen asleep. He noticed that Sam was tossing and turning and moaning. He dropped the food on the table and walked over to Sam and lightly shook him.

"Sammy, c'mon kiddo, wake up."

"Noo, please, Dean. I'm sorry, please don't leave me. Please," Sam whined in his sleep.

Dean looked shocked and shook Sam more forcefully, "Sammy, wake up!"

Sam bolted awake and immediately went into fight mode. Dean dodged a fist.

"Whoa, Sammy, It's me!"

Dean grabbed Sam's hand and put it on his cheek. Sam opened his eyes.


"Yeah, kiddo. It's me. I'm right here, I'm not going anywhere."


"Yeah, I promise. Now come and eat."

Sam got off the bed and followed Dean to the table and sat down to eat. They ate in silence which was broken when Dean's phone went off. He walked over to the bed and grabbed it and looked at it. He stared at it a few times.

"Dean?" Sam asked, "What's wrong?"

"It's a text," Dean said walking back over to the table and showing it to Sam.


"Yeah, Dad's sending us on a hunt."