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Fionna sulked around the house. She already polished her swords, rearranged her shoes, and played all the video games on Tmo, so now she was board out of her mind and starting to get impatient. Making her way to the fridge, she heard the all to familiar click of the window latch being opened. Rolling her eyes, she grabbed two cherry sodas out of the fridge and tossed one behind her.

"We have a front door you know?" She called to the person behind her.

"I know, I just like coming in threw the window." A voice belonging to her vampire friend, Marshal lee said.

Fionna rolled her eyes and plopped herself onto the couch and sighed heavily before taking a swig of her drink. Marshal floated over to her, sat down on the couch, sighed, and sucked all the red from his drink as well.

"Your making fun of me aren't you?" Fionna scolded.

Marshal laughed and shook his head, letting his long black bangs fall in front of his face.

"Nah, Whats wrong with you anyway?" He asked.

Fionna set her drink on the floor and laid her back over the arm of the couch and sighed again.

"Cake said she would take me shopping for new clothes, but shes on a date so right now I'm waiting for her to get home." She answered. "And most of the stores close soon!"

"So?" Marshal asked "Can't you just go shopping another day?"

At that moment a button from Fionna's shirt popped off and struck Marshal painfully in the face.

"Does that answer your question?" She asked quickly grabbing a safety pin off of the table and pinned her shirt closed.

"Yeah, can't you just go by yourself?" He asked rubbing his cheek.

"Nah, I need an assistant if I'm going clothes shopping." Fionna said "You know, someone to help me hold the bags, pick out outfits and tell me how good I look in them."

Marshal smiled and ruffled her hair.

"I can do that." He said with a smile.

Fionna gave him a tight hug and ran to get her purse. Once she returned, Marshal picked her up and the two flew to the nearest clothes store. Fionna wasted no time in grabbing Marshal's hand and dragging him inside.

"OK, I just need to get two pairs of these real quick before I start looking at T-shirts." Fionna said running into a store which made Marsha cringe.

Fionna saw Marsha's face and proceeded to drag him behind her.

"OK, so do you think these look cute?" She asked holding up a black skull and cross bone bra and a hot pink one.

Marshal just blushed and looked away

"No comment."

Fionna laughed and tossed them at him.

"Here hold these." She called running down the isle and returning with matching panties which she once again tossed at Marsha making him turn bright red.

After paying for them the two walked into another store full of Gothic T-shirts and accessories. The entire store was lit but small plastic candles and played heavy metal music. Aside from it being a girls clothing store Marshal actually thought it was pretty cool. Fionna ran around the store grabbing a shirt, a pair of skinny jeans and turned to Marshal.

"I'm going to try these on." She said running into a changing room before she even got a reply.

Marsha floated near the stall Fiona was in and waited for about fine minutes before the young human came back out. Her outfit was enough to make Marshal dizzy. She wore a skin tight long sleeved black shirt with a glittery skull on it. The sleeves had rips in it going all the way up to her shoulders and she also wore a pair of black skinny jeans.

"How do I look?" She asked.

For once in his life, Marshal was at a loss of words so he just stood there with his mouth hanging open, this made Fionna giggle. She quickly changed and paid for the outfit, but not before buying another pair of jeans, a black tanktop and a pencil skirt.

After about two hours of shopping (And nearly getting his head taking off by a heal that Fionna threw at him when he said her red cocktail dress with a slit up to the thigh made her look like a scank) Marshal was almost glad to see the stores begin to close.

"FINALLY!" He yelped picking Fionna and the bags up and flying out of the store.

"Hey!" Fionna cried "If you do that again I'm going to hit you over the head with my new bag!"

Fionna waved her red clutch with a detachable gold chain in the air to prove her point. Marshal laughed and dropped her back off at the tree house. Flying back to his house he sighed. Fionna could be a pain sometimes, but he would still do anything for her.