I've decided that I'm gunna work on each story until I get at least five chapters for each, and than I'll go onto the next, than the next, than the next, and so on.

The Order the Stories Well be Finished In: Totally Different Imprint (Embry's imprint), The Magical Life of Rachel Black (Harry Potter/Twilight crossover), You Can't Run From Your Past (Seth imprint), A Simple Plane Ride (Flight 29 Down/Naked Brothers Band crossover), Always Remember Me (Kissed By An Angel), Christmas Shopping At Hogsmeade (Harry Potter fanfic), Everyone Has Their Secrets (Jared + Kim, Twilight), h20: Just Add Werewolf (Kim + Jared, Twilight), Harry and Friends Go To Anubis House (Harry Potter/House of Anubis crossover), It's Me (Harry Potter fanfic), Malika Reid (Flight 29 Down), Scars Are Forever (Embry's imprint), and Secrets of La Push (Seth's imprint.)