"Call her," Rosa ordered, handing John the phone. "Tell her you're with me." John couldn't fathom why his girlfriend was insisting that he tell his ex they were through, yet again.

"Mal?" he said, when she finally answered. "Rosa said…" Rosa shook her head, gesturing for him to say something else. "Um…I'm with Rosa," John said cautiously.

"Congrats. Tell Rosa I hope she pricks her finger on a needle and dies." Mal slammed the phone down. "Inconsiderate slob," she muttered, thinking of John. Mal loved a few things: Fashion, the taste of grape soda, and…John. She hated few things, also: Blood, cleaning, things that tasted nothing like they looked, and her ex's sadistic new girlfriend, Rosa. Rosa was a seamstress, and she had rich parents. Mal had been in Rosa's class since first grade, and every year on Rosa's birthday, she invited everyone in their class except for Mal. Mal grew to become popular as the years passed, but every time it was the same. Today was Rosa's birthday, and she'd had John call just to tell Mal that it was the same as always—she was not invited.