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Prince of Darkness.


The Change That Destroyed me.

In the years after the ceremonial battle, Yugi often wondered why Atem choose to stay, even if he didn't show it to his taller counterpart. Atem had been offered to stay at Yugi and Soguroku's place, something he accepted right away, but he did get his own room. The only thing they had left, was their friendship, their mindlink and the card deck they shared. This left Yugi to rethink his whole life, most of the time just lying on the bed and going through his thoughts, wich was a mess. He had only at the ceremonial battle realised his feelings for the young Pharaoh had moved from care and brotherly feelings to a more shelfish feeling, called love. Yugi would spend endless nights crying because he had told himself he was abnormal and that this love was wrong, plus, Atem would never accept him! And Yugi hated himself for feeling this way. He thought he was strange, not realised what was about to affect him next, something that would bring down everything he knew and crush the world he held so close. It all started in October, on a late evening when Yugi was on his way home from Jounouchi, Atem had desided to stay with him that night. He heard a gunshot and grew worried. He followed the sound and soon found three men hovering over another wounded one.

"HEY!" Yugi shouted, the three men all turned, startled by Yugi's shout.

"Someone has seen us" one of the men called, he was about to lift his gun to shot Yugi too, but another stopped him.

"Idiot.. that guy's famous, if we kill him, that'll lead back to this!" the other one hissed before all three ran for it. Yugi blinked, not able to fathom that they left him just because he was the King of Games. Yugi ran over to the wounded man and crouched before him.

"Hey, are you okay?" Yugi asked, noticing how pale the man was compared to his soft-looking skin and young looks. The man looked up at him and Yugi shuddered when he saw deep red, blood-red eyes stare up at him. Those eyes reminding Yugi of a certain Pharaoh.

"Yugi.. Mutou?" the man's voice was icy and oddly empty.

"Y-yes?" Yugi asked. The man reached out a hand and Yugi frowned.

"Are you.. okay?" Yugi asked, taking the hand.

"Your grandfather is Soguroku right?" the man asked and Yugi froze.


"Then.. I'll leave a message.. with you.. to.. him.." the man whispered, Yugi furrowed his eyebrows. He was more worried about the life of this man than anything right now.

"W-what are you.. talking about?" Yugi asked.

"You are.. a special person, your not even human.." the man whispered and Yugi's eyes widened before he noticed he could no longer escape, the man's hold was tight and surprisingly strong.

"W-what do you want.. with me.. and Grandpa?" Yugi asked, fear appearing in his eyes. The man chuckled coldly, sending icy shivers down Yugi's spine.

"I am only.. helping you.. and.. I have to.. make an heir.. before.. I die" the man whispered, pulling Yugi closer. The teen gasped and began to struggle.

"I-I'm a boy.. please.." Yugi begged, but was stopped when the man smiled.

"Not like that boy.. not.. like that.. ask.. you grandfather later.." he whispered.

"W-what do you.. mean?" Yugi asked.

"This" the man simply whispered before he pulled Yugi close enough for the teen to slump against the man. Yugi braced himself and hand landed on the man's shoulder, thus Yugi hissed of the icy feeling.

"He.. feelings like he's froze ice" Yugi thought, but before he could anything else he felt like ice punctured his neck and he froze. His eyes widened as he slowly realised what was really sinking into his neck. Teeth. All thoughts left the teen as he felt pain begin to grow everywhere, like someone was showering him in acid and Yugi screamed, screamed till he got hoarse, till his voice left him and he was only a half concious teen leaning over a dying person. And, as suddenly as the pain came, it went and Yugi's eyes refocused before he jerked away. He stared at the man in shock before he clamped a hand over the spot where he had been bitten.

"W-why.. did you do that.. what.. are you?" Yugi asked, tears flowing from his eyes. The man chuckled dryly before he slumped.

"As.. your.. grandfather.." with those three words whispered out, the man turned into ash, that fell to the ground. Yugi stared at the small puddle of ash.

"He just.. turned.. into ash?" Yugi thought, reached out and leting a hand go through the ash and let it run from his hand. It was warm, the ash itself was warm. Yugi gasped and jerked his hand away. Then he stopped and reached back, he gently scoped some into his hand and held it up, the wind grabbed it and carried it away, like a whisper into the nigh. Yugi stared after it, when he looked down to pick up the rest of the ash, he noticed there were no more ash.

"W-where.. did it go?" he asked out loud, suddenly a jolt of pain ran through his and he gasped, wrapping his arms around himself as he slowly got to his feet. The young teen stumbled in a haze towards the open street. The need to hide, get home and hide grew more and more until he was running down the street. Only another ten minutes after he had begun to run, he ran through the door to the shop and startled his grandfather almost the point of heart attack.

"Yugi? You scared me the-" he halted when Yugi keeled over and slammed his face into the floor.

"Yugi!" Soguroku called out, he rushed over and turned his grandson around. There was a hiss and the older man gasped, teeth, long enough to go through a finger was showing from Yugi's half open mouth. Then the teen opened his eyes. His eyes held only fear and pain.

"G-grandpa.. what's.. happening.. to me?" Yugi asked, tears running down his cheeks again. Soguroku didn't take any risk and quickly pulled Yugi into his arms before he rushed up the stairs, entering the teens room and putting him on the bed.

"It's going to be alright.. what happened to you?" Soguroku asked and Yugi began to cry even more.

"I.. heard a gunshot.. and.. ran to see what.. was going on.. three men.. had shot another.. somehow they left.. when they saw me.. but that other man.. bit me.. said.. it was a message.. to you.. he.. said.. I wasn't human.." Yugi managed to stutter out every time he wasn't sobbing in pain. Soguroku frowned and looked into Yugi's eyes.

"You where.. bitten?" he asked and Yugi began to cry even more.

"He said.. he needed an.. heir" Yugi cried and Solomon gasped.

"It couldn't be!" he gasped out and sat up.

"What?" Yugi asked, trying to hold back more tears, but failed.

"The King.. is dead? Yugi, did you get his name?" Soguroku asked, but Yugi shook his head and wrapped his arms around himself.

"It hurts... hurts so much.. it feels.. like I'm on fire!" Yugi cried and Soguroku frowned. He quickly rushed out of the room, only to come back a few minutes later with something in a cup. He helped Yugi sit up and forced the cup to Yugi's lips.

"Drink this, it will make you feel better" Soguroku said and Yugi nodded slowly, tears cascading down his cheeks. He tried to drink, and once he tasted the copper-tasting liquid, he drank it all as fast as he could, like his life depended on it. Once the cup was finished, Yugi groaned in relief and fell back onto the bed. All signs of pain was gone.

"Good to have you back Yugi" Solomon said, smiling sadly.

"What was that.. Grandpa?" Yugi asked. Soguroku looked down.

"Blood, simply unfiltered blood" with that, Yugi's eyes widened.

"W-what.. no, I.. drank it?" Yugi asked, unsure and suddenly frightened again. Soguroku sat the cup onto the desk before he took his grandson's hands and looked deep into his eyes.

"Yugi, your not a human anymore.. our family has never been humans!" Soguroku said, it only seemed to make Yugi feel worse as he shook his head and began to cry again, then he protested.

"Yugi! It's okay, you should sleep on this" Soguroku tried, but Yugi shook his head and looked at the sheets he sat on while rubbing his eyes to remove any tears left.

"I'm not sleepy!" Yugi said.

"I realise that Yugi, but your body is still weak from the change.. and you can't help with the window in your state" Soguroku said and Yugi looked up at him with large confused eyes.

"Window?" he asked.

"Yes, window.. Yugi, until you learn certain spells, you can't venture out into the sun.. either way, you do sleep in the days, but we have to make sure no sun enters this room.. it's not deadly, but it will leave you with severe 3rd degree burns!" Soguroku said and Yugi frowned.

"What.. have I become Grandpa?" Yugi asked.

"You, like me and your mother are actually wizards.. well, your mother is a witch but.. your change, you have.. been turned into a vampire Yugi, and the strongest there is" Soguroku explained and Yugi's eyes widened.

"Va..mpire.." Yugi let the words grace his lips before he swallowed.

"I.. can never.. go back can I?" Yugi asked.

"No.. also, we have to have you change school, there's only one of a kind in the whole world, and it's right here in Domino!" Soguroku said. Yugi nodded slowly, then he halted.

"What about Atem?" Yugi asked, fear once again entering his features.

"Unless you tell him the truth, I doubt he'll notice, though I can't say he wont notice your sudden change in when you sleep.." Soguroku said.

"About that.. is there.. any.. like.. the man.. that bit me.. he was pale, and cold as ice to touch" Yugi whispered.

"The reason he was cold is because he was dying, a vampire cannot usually die.. unless he is so unwanted and hunted that his life energy is drained just by opening his eyes.. as for the paleness, all, not only vampires, but werewolves, wizards, witches and all types of nightly creatures are pale.." Soguroku stated.

"I.. am a vampire.. then I need to.. like.. drink blood often?" Yugi asked, worried about how he'd get the blood. Soguroku smiled.

"Not often at all.. once a month is enough, at least until you find a mate" he said and Yugi turned into a deep scarlet shade.

"G-Grandpa!" Yugi shouted.

"Haha.. but it's true, once you find a mate, you will be completely dependant on her.. or him" Soguroku muttered the last part and Yugi's already red face turned impossible deeper.

"H-him?" Yugi asked.

"Gender isn't important in our world Yugi.. well, it is for wizards.. but werewolves and vampires has no rule for that" Soguroku said and Yugi slowly nodded. He looked at the window, the moon shining through lit up his pale features, making his skin white, almost silver-like. Soguroku stared at it for a second before he chuckled.

"What?" Yugi asked, annoyed.

"Nothing Yugi.. it's just.. do you want to keep this secret from Atem?" he asked and Yugi's pale features seemed to turn to a shade of grey. The shock and fear coming onto his face.

"Yes! I.. don't want him.. to find out" he whispered and hugged his knees.

"It's going to be alright Yugi, I'll just cover up that window with something okay?" with that he left and came back with some planks. Yugi raised an eyebrow at this.

"Grandpa, should you really do that?" he asked.

"I'll be fine" he said, taking out something from his pocket, something small and thin. There was a small flash of lift and the planks were glued to window like they were always supposed to be there. Yugi blinked and the he gawked.

"H-how did you do that?"

"Magic, something you will learn later, now get to bed young man!" Soguroku ordered and Yugi grumbled something about not being sleepy. Soguroku laughed and pulled the curtains close, hiding the planks.

"I can understand your not sleepy Yugi, but your body needs res-" he halted when he heard the front door down stairs open and slam shut. The two exchanged worried looks before Yugi sprinted off the bed, out of the room, came back in pajamas and quickly slipped under the covers. Seconds later someone else entered the room in a rush.

"Oh, your home Atem.. weren't you supposed to stay with Jounouchi tonight?" Soguroku asked as he watched as the former Pharaoh tried to catch his breath.

"Jounouchi was picked up by Kaiba.. I on the other hand" he turned towards Yugi, who had balled and turned away, hiding his face from the one who has caused his heart to ache so much lately.

"I felt fear, pain and confusion through the mindlink and grew worried, is everything alright?" Atem asked, the older Muto knew about Atem's protectiveness towards his former host, but he smiled never the less.

"Yes, he is trying to sleep now though" Soguroku said, guilt appearing in Atem's eyes at once. Solomon guided the young teen out of the room before he turned towards Yugi.

"Good night Yugi" he called and got a weak 'good night' back before he closed the door. He smiled to Atem, not missing the confusion in his eyes before he turned towards his own room wich was down he hall.

"Good night then Atem" he said. Atem looked after him.

"Good night Soguroku.." the former Pharaoh called back, but he didn't head to bed just yet, he tried Yugi's door and opened it slowly, when he peered inside he found Yugi sitting on top of the bed. He didn't look sleepy at all.

"Yugi?" Atem asked as he slowly opened the door. The teen on the bed jolted and jerked around to look at Atem, who noticed the fear across his face at once. Atem grew worried, but took a step back.

"Please Aibou, I just want to help" Atem begged. Yugi stared at him before he nodded slowly, a dark blush dancing across his face. Atem took a step closer and reached for the light switch.

"Don't.." Yugi whispered. Atem frowned.


"Don't turn on the light please.." Yugi pleaded.

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