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Those Who Believe, Will Never be Alone.

"Mommy!" a girls voice called. Yugi turned, smiled and reached out, soon holding a little girl with pointy ears in his arms.

"Why hello there little princess, what have you been up to today?" Yugi asked, laughing.

"I won a duel against Jo-jo today!" she said, giggling. Jo-jo was a friend at school that Yugi's daughter was very friendly with.

"I see, you really are gifted Ann-chan." Yugi said, smiling. The girl giggled once more as Atem came in.

"Always so cheerful.. by the way, Shima got into a fight today.." he said. Their son walked past and dumped his backpack on the table, then he slumped into a chair. Yugi gave his son a calculating stare.

"Shima, what have I told about fighting?" Shima looked at the table, refusing to look up at his parents.

"It's not good, I know, but he was picking a fight with my girlfriend!" he said.

"Shima, don't put the blame, I doubt your girlfriend like it when you get into trouble, nor do we.." Yugi sat Ann down on the floor and walked over to the table. Shima tensed, but didn't say anything. Ann looked up at her parents before she walked over to Shima, tugging at his sleeve. He looked down.

"Why do you fight?" she asked. Of course Ann had gotten Yugi's kicked puppy-look so the oldest sibling just groaned.

"Ack.. the cuteness.. Gods, why did you have to get mom's look." he muttered. Yugi smiled while Atem laughed merrily.

"Yugi's genes are strong in Ann-chan, that's all, you have more of my genes after all.." he said, siting down beside Shima. Yugi raised an eyebrow as he sat down as well.

"Well, you did have a thing for getting into trouble too.." he said.

"Ah.. yeah, but that was only when I was protecting you.." Atem said, scratching the back of his neck. Shima stared at Atem in shock, then he smiled slowly.

"I'll try.. not to fight.." he then said. Yugi smiled.

"Good." then he got up to make dinner. Atem leaned in.

"And if those guys are bothering your girlfriend, challenge them to a duel, you'll blow their pride to smithereens." he said. Shima smirked, then his smile faltered.

"Yes, it's just.. my duel disk haven't been working properly these days."7

"Then, let's get it fixed because Kaiba will surely sue us if he finds out we've neglected a duel disk.." Atem said. Shima nodded and smiled. Yugi turned as he was just about to reach the stove.

"But there will be some punishment for getting into a fight Shima, remember, your already in junior high." he said. Shima pouted, then he nodded, sulking. Atem laughed at the pout, which was one of the few things he had from Yugi.

"Don't laugh dad.." Shima complained.

Yugi smiled as he looked at the glass case where his old deck was. Then he turned, seeing a teen with brown hair. The Kuriboh with wings floating by the brunette's head was an easy give away for who he was.

"Now then, Yuki Judai, this will be your true graduation duel." he said. Yudai eyed him with some hesitance. It seemed the three years in school had matured the kid Yugi had run into, but it didn't mean it was all good. Yugi smiled softly.

"So, I'll be dueling you?" Judai asked. Yugi smiled.

"Yes, and no.." Yugi said. Judai titled his head to the side.

"What do you mean?" he asked. Yugi smiled.

"You'll see."

Yugi looked out over the city that had changed throughout the years he had been here. No matter where he traveled, Domino City would always be in his heart.

"So this is were you where." a voice stated. Yugi glanced to his side, smiling shortly.

"Where else.. after the whole ordeal with the world being saved I've tried to keep my head low.." Yugi said, sighing. Just a month or so ago, the newest tournament, sponsored by Kaiba corp of course, was held. With a lot of bad people it seemed. Not only those who'd cheat,but those who used the power of darkness to reach their goal, only to be stopped by those chosen to save the world. Yugi noticed that his friend was sitting beside him now.

"So, what were you up to?" Yugi asked.

"Well, I've been hanging out with Shou.. but that's about it, also been dueling with Katsuya-san a lot too." he said, smirking. Yugi smiled back and drew a hand through his wild hair.

"I'm guessing you won?" he asked. The brunette laughed.

"Yes, of course, it was a lot of fun." the teen answered and Yugi's smile grew.

"At least.. you had fun, that's what's most important." Yugi said.

"Of course, you thought me that Yugi-san." he said. Yugi nodded.

"You already knew, but you had forgotten it during the battles, now then, should we head over to see him?" Yugi suggested, getting to his feet. The teen smirked, his brown eyes gleaming with michief.

"Yes, that'd be cool, I haven't seen him since our battle with Paradox." he said.

"Me neither, but Atem did say once; we were bound to meet again.." Yugi said.

"He jinxed us.." the other joked. Yugi chuckled.

"Well, I wont complain, let's go Judai." he said. The brunette smirked and got up, the two walked over to the door and entered. Soon meeting Atem and Shou, who was talking with Jounouchi, Malik, Ryou and Bakura about something. Yugi and Judai was quickly noticed as they came over.

"Heading out?" Bakura asked. Yugi nodded.

"We're heading over to a friend, Atem, do you want to come too?" Yugi asked. Atem smirked, then he nodded. The three walked over to the door, Judai being the last.

"Not sure when we'll be back, see you later." he called, then they were gone. Jounouchi stared after them.

"They have friends? In this age an' year?" he asked. Ryou nodded.

"Yes, a boy who came through the time, helping them defeat the guy who was stealing dragons back before Yugi and Atem become vampires.." he explained. Shou tilted his head to the side.

"Yeah.. my dragon was taken, as well as Johan's.." he said.

"Mine an' Seto's too.." Jounouchi complained. Shou nodded.

"Yes, I heard from Judai that the dragons were converted into malefic dragons.." the blue haired teen said. Jounouchi and the rest eyed him before they looked at the door were Atem, Yugi and Judai had left through.

"They're surprisingly close.." Malik stated.

"Of course, Judai, just like Yugi and Atem are the chosen ones, to meet someone like them, that are chosen to fight against evil as long as they live, that's one thing we can't ever understand.." Ryou said.

"Well, does it matter? We're immortal now.. we'll always stay by Yugi's side, no matter what.." Jounouchi said, laughing. Bakura stared at him, then he smirked, but didn't say anything because Ryou was watching him like a hawk.

The cool air was biting tonight, but the young man didn't care. Yusei Fudo was used to being a little cold, of course, he couldn't blame anyone but himself for standing outside. He looked up at the dark sky. There was no moon, no clouds, just a sea of stars gleaming down at him. Somehow, those gleaming stars reminded him of his battle with the two people he never thought he'd have a normal conversation with. Yusei sighed, then massaged his neck with one hand. The man had found himself more than once becoming stiff when working. The long days was taking it's toll of his body.

"Yusei?" a voice called and the man stiffen. Of course, he, just like the rest of the world knew that the King of Games wasn't a human anymore, but it had been nearly twenty years since they'd seen him. He turned his head, his azure-blue eyes finding amethyst, and Yusei's hand dropped.

"Yugi.. -san? Judai-san?" he asked, shocked speechless. Judai smirked cheerfully while Yugi offered a small smile, behind Yugi stood a man that looked like Yugi's copy, just with a massive tan and a pair of fiery, crimson eyes.

"And.." Yusei began, not sure if he was right. Atem smiled.

"Yes, formerly know as the spirit of the puzzle, Pharaoh and yami, I'm Atem.." Atem said, smiling even more when Yusei's jaw fell. Yugi walked over.

"You seem shocked." Yugi stated. Yusei closed his mouth, then he nodded.

"Of course, no one has.. seen you... in twenty years.." Yusei began. Yugi smiled.

"We've been hiding for most of the time, at least after the Zero Reverse.." Yugi said. Yusei nodded, then he turned towards the garage-door.

"Come on inside, it's warmer there." he offered and they all nodded, following him inside. Yugi and Atem exchanged smiles. Even if they had to wait just about a decade, it was worth it, well worth it. Now they were all together again, the four who beat Paradox and saved the world more times than they could count.

"So, we know you've been fighting lately, you must be tired?" Atem asked.

"Yes, it's been tiresome, but at least it's over for now.." Yusei said. Atem smiled and sat down on the couch, followed by Yugi and Judai while Yusei got a chair to sit on. They chatted on for about three hours before Judai looked at his phone and noticed he had two missed calls and a huge amount of text messages. When the rest gave him questioning stares, he just smiled.

"Shou's wondering if we're going stay over, it's already pretty late." he said.

"Oh.. well, true, it is late.." Yugi agreed. Yusei stared at them before he nodded.

"So you don't usually stay awake all night?" he asked. Yugi stared at him.

"Well, I used to, but it's a mess when something comes up and I have to work on the day.. it's hell turning the sleeping hours.." Yugi stated, groaning. Yusei and Atem smiled while Judai laughed.

"So, Judai-san, are you.. a vampire too?" he asked. Judai shook his head.

"No, I'm a Sage.." that gained a confused look.

"Sage is the ultimate form of a magician, Judai's a wizard." Atem stated.

"Oh, I see." Yusei said. They three got up.

"We should probably head back, of course, you can come by a visit us if you want to, we'll do the same." Yugi said. Yusei smiled and nodded.

"I will do that." suddenly Judai was over by Yusei's duel runner, then he looked up at them with those puppy-eyes of his. The three inwardly cursed, because even Yugi found he was effected by Judai from time to time.

"Yusei, can you teach me how to turbo duel? It'd be so much fun if I could ride a bike.." Judai asked. Yusei thought about it for some time, then he slowly nodded, placing a finger against his chin.

"Well, you'll need to find a duel runner then." he said.

"Oh, that.. well, I can probably find something, maybe I can find a few more than one so we all can turbo duel, it do look like fun." Yugi said. Yusei nodded.

"Parts for a duel runner is expensive though." Yusei said. Yugi smiled.

"You forget who I am, besides, I think Kaiba can help out there.. and I've heard that your machine skills are quite large." Yugi said, smirking now. Atem smirked as well while Judai was snickering. Yusei smiled and nodded, then he went over to the shelf to pick something up and came back, giving Yugi a paper.

"It's a list over the parts that, despite not being first-class, are better than those high class things rich people buy!" Yusei explained. Yugi nodded and made sure that the paper was safe in his pocket. The three walked over to the doors. Yusei following right behind.

"Well, I guess we'll see you later then?" Yugi asked, smiling.

"Yes, of course." Yusei answered. Atem smiled.

"Then, bye.." he walked out, followed by Yugi.

"See you around Yusei." and then Judai exited. Yusei smiled.

"They've changed so much." he murmured before closing the door.

"But they're still the teens I once and still are friends with." and he knew that they'd always stay friends. Because, even if he hadn't told them yet, he would not die in the nearest future, after all, who said he was a human?

The End.

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Yeah.. so Judai turned out to be a Wizard :P As for Shou.. I have no idea, I'm just guessing he tagged along, go injured at some point and Yugi saved him.. who knows, and Yusei, well, that's another story for another time, in which I will probably never write.

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