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~Chapter 1~




The motions were repetitive.

Brush forward. Brush back. Brush forward. Brush back.

It was a mindless effort for Kagome at this point since she had been working in the mansion of Inutaisho Kotei for over three months. The oil company owner was paying her more money a year than she would have made had she stayed a waitress. Not to mention she had benefits: she got to stay in the mansion rent-free with no utilities to pay and free food to eat. It was the life!

The only downside to the job was his youngest son, Inuyasha Kotei. The arrogant heir to the oil company had been on her case since day one, teasing her with his perfect grins and purposefully walking in front of her half-naked. Asking her to come to his room with trivial things that he didn't need, such as a dictionary, or scissors, or even an extra pillow to add to the seven he already had on his bed. Not to mention he continually tried to seduce her, even managing to pin her against a wall and kiss her like she'd never been kissed before… Why was he so…seductive?

Inutaisho's older son, however, was nowhere near as much trouble. Then again, that was partly because he had already gotten his inheritance, built his own company from the ground up, and hardly ever came around.

She huffed, remembering stories Inutaisho would share with his pristine business partners about Sesshomaru's successes and his hopes that Inuyasha could do the same.

She let out a low groan of frustration even thinking about the youngest son. In the three months since she had worked at the mansion, she wasn't even sure exactly how often his flirtatious ways continued; she only knew that it was practically daily. Of course, she was no special treatment when it came to flirting alone—the few other young maids were part of his chase as well.

The strange part was that he seemed to be on the hunt for her more. Maybe it was because she was the only one who tried to resist him.

She huffed; it didn't matter. Whenever he was around her, he would make her blood boil to the top… Well, it was more than just her blood. Even his dominant kiss had turned her on more than she could ever say. She had to admit, though, the heir had the body of a god, but the attitude of a spoiled, egotistical brat.

She continued brushing the floor, trying to get it as sparkling clean as possible. Her mind wandered to what was left on her list of chores to do. She still had to do the kitchen and then…his room.

At least Inutaisho had the decency to not make her clean his room most of the time, and even when she did, there was hardly anything to clean. The most she'd ever have to do is leave some fresh towels now and then and occasionally dust.

Inuyasha, on the other hand…

His bed covers would be in disarray; his bathroom had towels littering the floor, water on the floor in the bathroom to boot; his dresser would be strewn with his colognes tipped over and fallen on the floor— She could go on. He did it on purpose! She knew he did…just to see her get on her hands and knees to clean it up. Just to get her in his room. Just for an excuse to get her alone with him.

She huffed again in aggravation. Why…WHY did he have to be so damn attractive? His amber-colored eyes shimmered with mischief, his thick, flawless silver hair flowed to the middle of his back, his muscular, tanned arms matched his muscular, tanned torso, and his sultry grin was filled with arrogance that made her melt and fill with anger at the same time. Again…WHY?

She bit her lip, thinking about his appearance, spacing out from her work on the floor.

"Miss Higurashi," a low grumble of a voice called from behind her.

Her heart leaped, and she let out a soft eek. She sighed in relief that it was only Inutaisho; despite him being intimidating as hell, he was a nice, pleasant man. How on earth could he have produced such a monstrosity?

"I need you to go up and help clean Inuyasha's room… He's had a bit of a fit after receiving a call from Sesshomaru," he said calmly.

Was she really supposed to go up there after his twenty-four year old son "had a fit"? Inuyasha's fits usually meant that there'd be feathers and fluff from the pillows he had torn strewn about the room. It usually meant that there may have been a hole punched in the wall…etc. She sent a mental thanks out to Sesshomaru, and of course, it was accompanied by a long line of swears that'd make even a sailor blush.

Thankfully, Inutaisho rarely ever asked her to help clean it up. He usually had Inuyasha do it himself, which could only lead to one explanation: it was too much for even a half-demon to clean up.

She put on her best smile and nodded once, hoping to not show her hesitance, though it failed.

"I know he can be difficult… I apologize for his behavior, but I'm willing to pay you a bit extra this week if you do go and help him," her boss said, speaking in a calm, monotone voice.

Kagome eagerly nodded. More money? Even putting up with an ass like Inuyasha was worth it for a pay raise.

She got up from her spot on the floor and went to put away her scrubbing brush and cleaning supplies before heading up the large staircase.

The brunette ventured down the never-ending hallway until she reached the fourth bedroom on her left; the door was partly ajar, and she lightly pushed it open. "Hello?" she called out.

There was no response, much to her relief, and she stepped in slowly, looking around and seeing the innards of at least two pillows that didn't stand a chance against the claws of an enraged half-demon upon the floor.

She sighed and got down on her hands and knees, beginning to gather up the fluff, it not being nearly as hard as she thought it was going to be. Her eyes darted around, seeing a broken lamp in the corner as well as a shattered mirror above it. It all didn't seem that much, but if Inuyasha was still throwing a fit, there'd be no way he'd clean it up.

She began humming to keep herself occupied and entertained while her hands mindlessly took over the tedious job.

Kagome didn't even notice when the heir emerged from the bathroom, clad in nothing but a towel. Beads of water ran down his sculpted chest, following the trace of his muscles that moved with each step closer he took towards her.

"Well, hello there, darling," he said with a soft ring in his voice, smirking down at her. His golden eyes were aflame with want.

Her eyes glanced over to him, coming almost face to face with his covered length. "You could have at least made yourself decent!" Kagome snapped, turning away and picking up the pieces of pillow faster. 'And so it begins…' she thought to herself.

So much for easy and peaceful.

"Keh, please, wench, this is my room. I can walk around naked if I so choose." He walked around her, not bothering to help her, and sat at the foot of his bed, his legs unabashedly open just enough for her to see up the towel.

"Dear Kami…have you no shame?" she shouted, averting her eyes and carrying the scraps of pillow to his wastebasket.

"Not really. After all—" He paused to laugh. "I definitely don't have anything to be ashamed about." He grinned, standing up and walking over to her.

"Stay away from me. I'm just here to help you clean up this mess, Inuyasha. I don't know what Sesshomaru said to you, and I don't care," she protested, backing up against his dresser.

"My name sounds heavenly coming off your lips… But I don't like you saying his," he said lowly, placing a hand on her hip and pulling her close. "Why are you backing away? Are you trying to tell me you don't like my body, Kagome?"

Her cheeks lit on fire, and she pushed herself away from him. "Would you stop that?" Kagome's hands pressed against his taut chest, causing him to flex and only affect her more.

"I think we know that means yes. Besides…I can tell by your arousal that you're turned on." He grinned vainly, his eyes wandering down over her outfit. "This maid outfit is so unflattering… We can buy you a sexier one."

Her mouth dropped at his forwardness, though she wasn't too surprised by it. He quickly took advantage, his arms wrapping around her and his hands cupping her ass, squeezing. His body pinned hers against his dresser, his lips captured hers swiftly, and his tongue tangoed with her own.

Kagome tried her best to get away and protest, but it only came out muffled. She felt him squeeze her ass again, pulling her in even more, grinding his hips against hers.

It wasn't the first time he had kissed her, but it was for sure the first time he had kissed her like this. "Stop it!" she managed to get out, wriggling an arm free and slapping him hard across the face. "You know this is sexual harassment!"

He breathed in deeply. "Not when your pussy is begging for me, Kagome." He grinned wider and pressed against her more, allowing her to feel his hardened cock through the towel that was fastened to his waist.

Kagome narrowed her eyes and pushed him back slightly to bring her knee up, barely nicking his length, but doing it just enough to cause him to grunt in pain and let her go.

"What the fuck—" He groaned in pain, cupping himself. His eyes shut, and a low growl came from his throat.

"Inuyasha, I swear I'm not going to be one of your little whores! Just…" She huffed, exasperated. "Clean it up yourself!" she shouted and headed out of the room, quickly escaping to her own bedroom and locking the door behind her before he could catch up.

She dropped her face in her hands and groaned. He was right… The way he had pressed her against the dresser, then touched and kissed her had turned her on more than she had ever been turned on before.

What if his father could…smell her arousal, too? He must have been able to smell it a thousand times better than his son could. Could he smell it each time she became that way? She sure hoped not. If so…he never let on to it. If he did, did he know and hear the way Inuyasha would treat and come onto her?

Her face lit up with embarrassment at this newfound thought. Even if he never questioned about it, how on Earth could she look her boss in the eye?

She groaned again and headed towards her bathroom, hoping to scrub away the sensations she still felt from his hands.


After recovering from Kagome's retaliation, Inuyasha stood up straight and looked towards his doorway. His eyes narrowed.

'She wants me…so why the fuck does she resist me?' He smirked, finding himself enticed by her playing hard to get. He eyes wandered over to another maid that passed by his room, stopping to gaze at his exposed muscles.

Inuyasha waved once, then retreated back into his bathroom, having no more interest in the maid whom he had already…"made it with" once. He wanted a chase, and Kagome was going to give him just that.

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