55 reasons why Annabeth loves Percy

Because he drools when he sleeps

Because he humiliated Clarisse and flooded out the bathroom

Because he's an annoying son of Poseidon

Because she didn't like him at first

Because he didn't understand the hatred between their parents

Because he wanted her to ride the thrill ride of love with him

Because he wanted to work together with her

Because she never hated him

Because he convinced her to reunite with her father

Because it was nice working with him

Because his brother turned out to be a Cyclops

Because she got mad at him frequently

Because he convinced her to sneak out to save Grover

Because he was no longer a guinea pig

Because he told her to "Hang on" when there was no other option

Because he let her cry on his shoulder

Because they built a chariot just like their parents

Because he was no longer embarrassed to have Tyson as a brother

Because he was afraid to ask her to dance

Because he stepped on her toes while they danced

Because his mom teased him about baby memories

Because he was afraid to lose her to the hunters

Because the second time they danced, he asked her spontaneously

Because they had a movie date and he wanted to see her

Because she thought she was losing him to Rachel

Because he was happy they were partners

Because he knew she was able to take on her own quest

Because he was there for her when she was losing her mind

Because he held her hand when they discovered the labyrinth

Because he made her want to punch him, but she kissed him instead

Because he was the most annoying person she ever met

Because he was the bravest person she ever met

Because he was adamant to know the last line

Because Silena saw the relationship

Because he would choose her to reattach his head before anyone else

Because he was alive and not dead with Beckendorf

Because he's courageous, has a sense of humor, and is good-looking

Because he was clueless and obtuse

Because he was staring at her more and more

Because he could've died in the river styx, but he lived for her

Because he protected her when she was wounded

Because he owed her one after she took the knife for him

Because he's cute when he's worried

Because he asks for a kiss for good luck

Because he caught her before she fell

Because he listened to her about the knife and Luke

Because the world was collapsing around them and all that seemed to matter was that they were okay

Because he denied immortality for her

Because his mom hugged the life out of both of them

Because Athena approved of him now

Because he stumbled on his words to tell her how he feels

Because he actually thought she would make things easy on him

Because they kissed and were thrown into the lake

Because they had the best underwater kiss of all time

Because He knows her