A/N I don't know where this came from, it just randomly barfed out of my head last night. I simply could not resist. Yep, another Carlos sicky fic, which I have gotten requests for so all who requested this, here you go. This will be mostly Cargan bromance based.

"Carlos, are you sure this is a good idea?" Logan asked, strapping on his inline skates. It was a cool, windy L.A. night and Carlos apparently thought it would be a fun idea to dare Kendall, Logan and James to a skate race down a street on a huge hill, and whoever lost had to buy dinner.

"Oh, Logan, what's the worst that can happen?" Carlos asked.

"Oh, I don't know, broken bones, concussions, rolling into the street at the bottom of the hill-"

"Quit being such a downer," Carlos said, getting to his feet after putting on his electric green inlines. He must have gotten up too fast because he wavered a bit with a headrush, but luckily none of his friends saw. To be honest, Carlos wasn't feeling himself all day. That's the whole reason why he wanted to do a stupid stunt, to prove to himself that he wasn't falling ill. Carlos Garcia could not be sick. He had to many crazy stunts to perform and too many people to terrorize. Illness was not an option for this energetic Latino.

"Yeah, this does seem a little risky," Kendall said, looking down the giant hill that resembled a mountain. Rarely did Kendall ever agree with Logan, he usually liked to try to get the shy boy out of his shell, not encourage his fear of everything. But this hill was way too big for even Kendall's liking.

"As long as 'The Face' doesn't get hurt, I'm good," James said excitedly, patting the faceguard of his football helmet.

"James, you look ridiculous," Logan teased. "And that's it, I can't do this." Logan took off his skates.

"I'm with Logan," Kendall said.

"Wimps! I guess it's just you and me James!" Carlos said. "Kendall, referee us!"

"Ok. On your marks…" Kendall said, and James and Carlos skated to the tippy top of the hill. "Get set…" James and Carlos started into their crouching positions. "Go!" And they were off, skating down the ridiculously huge hill at an even more ridiculous speed.

"Please don't die, please don't die, Please don't die," Logan chanted, watching their bodies zoom down the incline in a blur. "Aah, I can't watch!" Logan squished his eyes shut.

"Eat my Latino dust!" Carlos cried, speeding past James so fast he could barely see the pavement rushing by. All he knew was the bottom of the hill and street were coming quick, and that he should probably start to slow down. At this point, he would definitely win, but he wanted to be sure he beat James so he kept the speed up.

But suddenly, the headrush he felt earlier was back full force. Dizziness waved over Carlos and he immediately lost his balance and stumbled forward, smacking the pavement hard. He heard a loud 'crack!' and pain shot up his wrist. He rolled down to the bottom of the hill, the solid asphalt jarring his body painfully with each hit as he rolled dangerously fast towards the busy intersection.

"Carlos!" James cried when his friend suddenly wiped out in front of him, and horror washed over him when his limp body neared the street.

"James, catch him!" Kendall screeched, running down the hill as fast he could with Logan right on his trail.

Carlos stopped rolling a quarter of the way into the first lane, and a car was speeding towards him. "I gotcha Carlos!" James cried. He grabbed Carlos' arm and dragged him to safety, just in time for the car to pass by, the driver not even seeing 2 teenage boys in the road.

James hung onto Carlos' body tightly as they felt the wind from the car rush by them, nearly knocking them over. The tall brunette cradled Carlos in his lap on the sidewalk as Kendall and Logan ran towards them

"What the hell happened?" Kendall demanded. Carlos was the best skater out of all of them, and they had scoured the hill before the race for rocks or anything that may trip them.

"Oww," Carlos whimpered, squirming in James' lap. He hurt, everywhere. Not to mention the sickening knot in his stomach that suddenly formed. James removed Carlos' helmet and smoothed back his soft black hair in an attempt to comfort him.

"What hurts, Carlos?" Logan asked, assessing Carlos' wounds.

"Everything," Carlos whimpered. "Especially my wrist."

Logan gently took Carlos' arm in his hands and pushed the sleeve up, and Carlos hissed in pain. The small boy was covered in scratches and already-forming bruises. His jeans and hoodie were ripped, but overall protected him from roadrash. He had a bad cut on the bottom of his chin that may require stitches, but the worst was definitely his wrist, which was swollen large and purple. The young doctor-in-training knew right away it was broken.

"His wrist is broken. We gotta get him to a hospital," Logan announced.

"No, no hospital," Carlos whined. He hated hospitals with a passion. "I want you to take care of me Logan."

"I'm sorry Carlos, I can't fix broken bones. I'll take care of you when we get home." Logan took off up the hill so he could bring the BTR-Mobile around.

"Just hang on buddy," Kendall said when Carlos moaned. He wasn't looking well. His normally caramel skin was white as a sheet. "What happened, Carlos? You almost never wipeout. Did your wheel break?"

Carlos shook his head. "No. All of a sudden I felt really dizzy and I fell."

"You got dizzy?" Kendall asked, worried. He wasn't expecting that.

"And now my tummy hurts, a lot," Carlos complained, holding his middle and cringing.

"Kendall, he's really warm," James said, stroking the younger boy's forehead.

"Carlitos, are you sick?" Kendall asked gently, and Carlos didn't have to answer. He rolled onto his side, gagged once, and released all the contents of his stomach onto the cement. James shared a shocked look with Kendall as he rubbed Carlos' back soothingly to get him through it.

Kendall lifted Carlos' warm body up to his chest, cradling him bridal style when the BTR-Mobile pulled up. "He needs a hospital, now."

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