I really need help finding this Twilight story. I have searched for it for days and still cannot find it, so any help would be appreciated:

Takes place around Eclipse/ pre-Breaking Dawn.

It is a canon story with Edward and Bella being the main characters.

It is a 'Bella is sick' story, which I read quite a while ago. These are the details I remember

1. Edward takes Bella to see Carlisle at the hospital. Bella gets upset, and cries. Edward comforts her.

2. In one of the later chapters (I remember about 5-10 chapters, though there could be more or less) Bella ends up in Edward's shirt, leaving him shirtless/ They watch a movie, Alice comes around to drop off DVD's and gives Edward another shirt.

3. Bella is pretty much fine by the end of the story.

If you know anything about this story, please tell me. I would also love suggestions of similar stories. Thanks!