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While in the Wave country, Naruto and Team 7 get into a massive fight. The pain is too much for Naruto, and he runs off into the woods.

While in the woods, he ends up finding a ruined outpost of Uzushiogakure , the Whirlpool village where the Uzumaki hail from. Entering it, he discovers a scroll on clan sealings, the chakra trains, and a scroll of hidden techniques and researched projects never finished he finds both the chakra chains of his mother, and a project that would "truly unlock the power of a Jinchurki"

Naruto, in interest, ends up figuring out the project and completes it, which knocks him out concious for a day. However, what he fails to realize, is that the project is slowly absorbing the Kyubbi into him, slowly assilmilating the beasts power into his own. The beast, itself restrained by the seal from his father, cannot fight back


Chapter 1: The secret Uzumaki Seal!

It was finally time after doing so much D-rank missions and a bunch of chores in Team 7. The Hokage had allowed the team to undertake a C-Rank mission that lead to the Land of Waves. Their client Tazuna a drunken bridge builder was the man they needed to protect once they reached there. Only to find out that they got ambush by a pair of rouge ninjas who were using a Jutsu to hide inside puddles.

After taking care of both of them thanks to the help of Kakashi and Sasuke along with Naruto who stabbed a kunai into the wound in order to get the poison out of him. Kakashi then informed them that they would continue on with the mission. Of course he was displeased with how Sakura or Sasuke showed no concern for the blonde ninja. Before they could reach the boat Kakashi brought Naruto over behind a tree to help heal the wound as much as he could by using a very low level fire Jutsu to seal the wound on his hand.

After that was done and more bickering and arguments between Naruto and Sasuke with the pink banshee filling in spots and shooting down Naruto. Saying how he will never compare to Sasuke in any way possible this wounded Naruto a lot but not to an unbearable degree though. Since he knows that Sakura is only kidding and that she was blind by being infatuated by Sasuke's coolness.

Couple hours have gone by with team 7 working with their guide Tazuna finally arriving towards the village after a brief encounter with Zabuza an A-rank missing ninja which proved to be very powerful and strong even with Kakashi as their sensei. But thanks to the team work with Naruto and Sasuke they manage to free their sensei from the terrible Water style: Water entrapment Jutsu that traps the enemy inside of a water filled bubble. That is use to drown and capture their prey until they pass out or become dead!

Once they got to the house Naruto went and asked Kakashi if they needed some back up after hearing that Zabuza somehow manage to escape by using a replacement Jutsu with a Water clone. Liking the idea from Naruto he then asked the boy to send a messenger bird towards the Hokage with a written scroll he had plan before even taking the mission. Naruto taking a quick peek at the message and saw the team Kakashi wanted to come to help was none other than Team Miakuno! A team name that Ino made up for her team that consisted of Haku herself and their squad leader Mia Hyuuga Haku's adoptive mother that found her roaming around after the bloodline purge. So smiling to himself and hopping up one of the tallest trees with the bird resting on his shoulder. With a careful grasp on the bird leg he managed to tie the small message and send the bird flying towards the blue skies and back to Konoha!

Now with all teams together and getting all prepared to fight Zabuza a terrible argument picked up once again with Team 7 along with Team Miakuno all spectators of the outcome.


"And I keep telling you Sasuke that I am better than you are!" Naruto shouted while slamming his fist into the wooden table shaking the plates and cups that were on it.

"Listen here dope you will never be better than me nor will you ever get stronger than me. Because I am an Uchiha and an elite ninja." Retorted Sasuke with his eyes leering at the orange clad ninja who was waving his arms aimlessly.

"Yeah and I'm Naruto Uzumaki who will kick your butt one day! And become the strongest ninja ever!" He shouted and then blinked at the laughter Sasuke was giving off. Why didn't this feel right he thought to himself this laughter was all too familiar. The same kind of laughter he always heard in the academy days.

"Seriously Naruto what is an Uzumaki you tell me!" Sasuke suddenly said causing Naruto to blink in confusion while Mia and Kakashi who were helping Tsunami out in the kitchen lower their eyes half way listening in on the conversation.

"Haven't you notice Naruto. That there aren't any left! How are you so strong in your pathetic excuse for a ninja if there aren't any left?" He continued earning some glares from Ino and Haku who were ready to punch the lights out on the poor bastard.

"Sasuke is right Naruto! Hell I bet all Uzumaki are probably weak considering you yourself are too stupid and weak to even get a simple test done right!" Sakura added to just inflate Sasuke's ego even more at the same time being ignorant of all the kill intent that were going across the rooms. Inari who was listening in on the stairs couldn't believe that this boy's friends were acting like this to him, aren't they supposed to be a team?

"Take that back Uzumaki's are strong!" Naruto tried to say keeping his what he believes to be a very powerful clan that he came from. But his emotions were getting the best of him. At the same time was wondering if Sakura and Sasuke were right. But he wouldn't accept that train of thought. "Then how come there's no Uchiha's left then Sasuke! I thought they were supposed to be an-" He never got to finish his sentence. With Sasuke leaping over the table and kicking Naruto squarely in the head sending the boy flying out the window and into the forest rolling to a stop lying still on the ground.

"Don't you ever speak down about my clan again bastard" Before he could continue his assault on Naruto. Haku and Ino both attacked Sasuke at the same time pinning him towards the wall. With Kakashi and Mia right behind the two glaring at the boy who was pinned!

"Learn your place Uchiha! And don't you ever, ever disown a clan like that again. You may not be on my squad but I'm sure Kakashi wouldn't mind me bruising you till it becomes apparent in your head that you show respect!" Mia threaten the boy who in turn just gritted his teeth and sneer at the girls. Who just drop him on the ground!

To add insult to injure on Naruto's end who was finally getting up from the sudden kick in the face by Duck butt boy Sakura walked up to him and was looking down at him with a smile. Looking up and smiling back Naruto figure that Sakura finally understood that Sasuke is a bad person. Only for reality to kick him in the chin literally from Sakura kicking Naruto pushing the boy onto his back. Holding an arm under his chin starring up at her disbelievingly. Only to be spit on by the girl.

"Face it Naruto, you're a sorry excuse for a ninja everyone knows that the Uzumaki's were a weak clan. Haven't you notice that there's none around? None what so ever I even heard that they couldn't even save their own village because of how weak they were. Hell I bet your parents were pathetic as well! No wonder they left you in the orphanage they probably hated you too much and left you behind. Even your sorry excuse for a mother that probably drop you off and didn't want you!"

That did it with both Sasuke and Sakura saying all those horrible things about his clan about him even about his parent's. He couldn't take it anymore and just ran away from the house. With Sakura just smiling only to get smacked in the head by Haku knocking the pathetic female ninja unconscious. She then looked up at the bushes that rustle from Naruto running through them with a sad look. She just spoke up to the person that appeared behind her without making eye contact. "Mom is Naruto going to be alright?" she asked turning around to face her adoptive mother Mia. Who just let out a content sigh and shook her head.

"Not sure Haku. But don't worry; I have a feeling once he takes out his frustration he will be fine. He knows that he has six people cheering for him: you, me, Ino, Kakashi, Iruka and the third Hokage." Then blinked at Haku's slight giggles.

"You're also forgetting everyone at Ichiraku's and Hinata mom" Haku added only to get some slight chuckles from Mia. With the two just staring at the path Naruto took hoping the boy wouldn't give up on his dreams.


Meanwhile with the running Naruto.

He didn't know where he was running to nor did he care where he ended up. He couldn't believe the words Sasuke and Sakura said to him including about his Uzumaki clan. Sure he never actually saw a fellow Uzumaki in the village or anyone who met one before. Well he haves a hunch that Kakashi-sensei and Mia-sensei have met one once in their line of duty before. Since the way they watch out for the boy. Which now strikes him odd that he never once asked the two about his mother or father?

Then again it will probably open up a bad wound in the case that they had died during a ninja mission. That would definitely explain him being at the orphanage. But right now he should just break his bond with Sakura and Sasuke. Obviously they are not even going to be nice to him so why should he be nice to them? Well a team is still a team. Wiping away a few stray tears from his eyes he suddenly tripped over a branch that sent him tumbling down a hill side rolling at an incredible speed only to be stopped by crashing into something big and hard. He groaned in pain and hissed from the throbbing headache he was having.

Flipping backward and off his head rubbing softly on the spot where it hurt. He looked up with blinking eyes and that widen to the size of dinner plates it was a moss cover village sign! Using some shadow clones to create a tower of Naruto's. He softly wiped away the moss that covered the words and surprisingly the black ink was still there. "Uzushiogakure village -Where proud Uzumakiā€¦

"UZUMAKI LIVES!" He shouted out with glee and feel of the clones dispelling them into clouds with a poof.

He quickly jumped onto his feet and couldn't hide his excitement! He then ran towards the destroyed village hoping that they were some scrolls that were still in-tack from the destruction this village went through. He walked and walked seeing only broken windows tatter cloths rusty old wheel barrels signs that were half hanging and swinging. Burnt up dolls and toys scatter along with rubble and garbage were all over the place. He suddenly saddened at the destruction of the village. While thinking that Sakura and Sasuke were right maybe he is the last of his clan. And maybe just maybe they were a weak ninja race.

Shaking his head and looking up at the building that he had stopped in front of he couldn't believe what he read on the sign. Ninjutsu library-Where experimented and completed project Jutsu's are made. Being one to want to learn new Jutsu's he headed inside the library and dare he say started reading the scroll's that were left there from his clans. Sadly though there weren't any Jutsu's that have been written or completed. The library itself looked like it could collapse any minute considering all of the mold and the grey color atmosphere it was giving off along with some very dark stains on the walls. He really hoped that it wasn't blood that was still left from their destruction.

He remembered that lesson about a village called the Whirlpool village that learned and excelled in sealing arts. Because of that many great nations feared that the small village would prove to be a dangerous village and attacked them and destroyed them, leaving very few survivors who manage to escape. Could this; is this town that Whirlpool village? He may not be book smart or intelligent to understand things to a degree. But every symbol he noticed in the village was a lot of swirls. The same ones that the leaf village had, he will have to speak with the old man about this sometime once he returns that is.

Begrudgingly he couldn't find a decent scroll that was legible enough to read or that wasn't in pieces. With a disgruntled sigh he turned around only to fall through the floor. Screaming and slamming hard to the bottom of the library.

"Ouch. That hurt should've been more careful there Naruto. Huh?" he suddenly blinked his eyes and let out a huge grin. At the same time started hopping up and down towards the destroyed furnished carpeted floors that had tears and holes in it. At the end of the hall was a scroll. A big scroll that looked like the one that he almost gave to Mizuki back in the leaf village but not this time. Since he was an Uzumaki and probably the last one of his clan he could actually keep this one for himself. Though he would be careful this time around to make sure nobody he was serious too that no one knew he had this scroll in his possession.

Opening up the scroll and sitting down by the pedestal that had the glass case for the scroll. He started reading up on the many Jutsu's that was probably written down for generations of his clan! What shocked him the most was the huge amount of skills for the Shadow clone Jutsu along with some powerful Water type Jutsu's and some wind types on the side his grin just got even bigger figuring out that it probably means he can learn wind and water Jutsu's! Which everyone knows this that Water beat's fire. So if he can learn a Water Jutsu that can beat the bastard Sasuke's fire Jutsu he would be known as the strongest ninja ever.

Then a quick mental flash of Zabuza came into his mind. Shaking that out of his thoughts he scolds himself. "No Naruto Sasuke isn't the only strong ninja out there, bah who cares I just want to kick the teme's butt. Now let's see. Oh this looks promising "Chakra chains" and Huh?" he squinted his eyes at the writing at the bottom. That rank about S rank Jutsu along with a way of how to activate it. "Jinchurikii ultimate power unlocks the hidden power inside those who can wield it." He read out loud scratching the side of his cheeks. He was curious what would happen if he would activate it?

Without any second thoughts and a happy smile creeping on his lips he walked out in the middle of the room where he fell and started following the directions on the seal First he needed to make sure that he haves full Chakra power. "Okay all I have to do is eat this, blegh." He said while sticking his tongue out from the distaste of the flavor. Kakashi-sensei will always tell his team that to use a soldier pill if necessary or only for emergency. Well this is kind of an emergency right?

"Okay what's next? With full Chakra create about six shadow clones and form a circle." Crossing his fingers and shouting out the word Shadow clone Jutsu. He created six perfect copy of himself at the same time they all form a complete circle. The Kyuubi inside the fourth seal started feeling funny and sensed a very strange power that was going through his host.

"Okay next use these hand seals with each shadow clone. While the user channels chakra through his body." So he did as instructed the first shadow clone did the seals of Snake, Monkey, and Horse. After his clone did that he suddenly felt a rush of chakra entering his body, soothing out any aches or pains. Replacing them with what felt like rushing flow of energy. The Kyuubi inside though was aching and writhing in pain from the sudden pull of his chakra being absorb into what looked like the fourth sealing was fully taking his chakra!

The second clone did the next hand seals of. Dragon, Bird, and Rabbit in turn the flow of Chakra was now continuing faster in Naruto feeling that his body was adjusting and feeling comfortable by the flow along with his muscles slightly increasing a bit but not too noticeable. The Kyuubi on the other hand was doing everything possible to fight back from whatever his host was doing feeling the chakra inside his body being pulled and fading away from him.

The four last clones did their hand seals after another. Since the next instruction of the scroll suggest the user to have the last remaining four to all do it at once. Combining a row of seals that are: Snake, Tiger, Dog, Bird, Boar, Ox, Rat, and Sheep in turn order.

Third clone Snake, Dog, and Bird

Fourth clone: Boar, Ox, and Sheep

Fifth clone: Snake, Tiger, and Rat

Sixth clone: Dragon, Horse, and Monkey

"Secret art: Beast absorption Jutsu!" He shouted then he screamed in sudden pain from all the flowing chakra that he felt earlier was not coming from his clones! It was coming within him hearing also a second screaming voice cussing out to the boy.

"You bastard what have you done! Was that an Uzumaki sealing art you just used?"

The screaming voiced shouted out to the boy at the same time slowly disappearing and fading out of existence. The shadow clones all started to poof away from the powerful flow of chakra going inside of him making a huge cloud of smoke covering the entire area he was in and then everything went black for Naruto at the same time felt the floor beneath him on his face. Once the smoked cleared all you could see was Naruto sprawl out on the floor with a chakra outline glowing around him and dim from view.


The next morning Naruto woke up with a start and sweat going down his forehead. He had a weird dream that he met his ancestors and the Uzumaki clan all of them telling him that they were proud of him and wished him good luck. Along with a woman who had long beautiful red hair hugging him close to her saying that she will always be watching him from above and that she was very proud of him being her son.

The next dream was that he was changing into what would be a fox version of himself with the villagers wanting to kill him only to stop and started hugging the poor boy nearly to death with words of Kawaii and how cute he was. At the same time three girls saved his life from the hugging mob only to get covered with kisses!

"Boy that is the last time I ever eat bad ramen." He said to himself then sudden realization hit him he had over slept! The others must be very worried about him before he went to stop what he was thinking about he shook his head and remembered that Kakashi and Mia-sensei would be worried for his safety along with Haku and Ino. So he had to return to them and face the duck butt boy and the pink banshee. He was surprised he changed his thoughts about Sakura so fast. Then again what she said right before he left that his mom was a. Well he wouldn't go that far into thought. He jumped back up through the hole that he fell through and ran back to the house. Remembering that today was the rematch against Zabuza!

Once he arrived back at the house and in an impressive rescue if he did say so himself saved Inari and his mother from the two bandits that were going to kill them by using the Chakra chains he learn from the scroll to tie them both together and sent them flying backwards into a tree with gold like chains covering them. He then got tired of their screaming and shouting at him he knocked the two out and declared that no harm will come to anyone when he was around!

After all that and saying how Inari was a real hero he dashed off towards the bridge to begrudgingly save his team from Zabuza Once he arrived there the first thing he saw was that there was thick mist surrounding the entire bridge and he heard what sounded like a battle going on along with Ino flying right at him from being punched hard by somebody. Catching her before she could land on the hard cold bridge he asked her what was going on.

Ino started to explain to him what had happened while he was gone. From what he understood Zabuza had implanted a memory seal on Haku's neck that made her become his tool and attacked her Sasuke and Sakura. Thankfully though Sakura was told to protect the bridge builder while she and Sasuke went to fight off Haku. There were times where Ino had to stop Sasuke from killing Haku with deadly Jutsu's and certain attacks. This angered Naruto very much! How dare the teme try and kill one of his team mates. His friend no less while at the same time switching places with Ino from deadly blows to only have Haku replace herself with the girl!

"Then that means Haku is trying to fight the seal." Naruto said out loud with Ino nodding in agreement. Putting Ino back on her feet the two of them went into the fray and formed an excellent team work that they never thought they could have for not being together that long. They managed to save Haku with Naruto using his clan's Chakra chains to capture the girl and squeezing her till she passed out from out of breath. Then Ino used the mind swap Jutsu to enter the girl's mind to search through her memories for the hand seals that Zabuza used on her. Once that was done they rested Haku's body up against some wood boards near Sakura and Tazuna with Sakura screaming her head off asking what happen to Sasuke or why they bother saving a betrayer of the villager. To only get socked in the face by Ino who was breathing harshly at her once friend how she turned out like this she would never understand.

"Actually Ino what did happen to Sasuke?" Naruto had to ask since while he may be somewhat of a jerk he was still part of team seven and the last Uchiha of the hidden village. Ino explained to him that Haku did this weird Jutsu called Demon Ice mirrors/Crystal Ice mirrors while pointing towards all the senbons that covered her body telling Naruto to not grab them yet which had the boy wondering why she didn't want help only to find out that her right arm was numb from some of the senbons hitting her pressure points, the same ones that Sasuke was covered in.

The battle was long hard and at the same time tear jerking. Zabuza on his dying wish apologized to Haku explaining to her everything he did with her before placing a memory seal on her neck. The reason he did that is so that it would protect her from anyone who would want her bloodline or asked her where she lived. Then explained how to take care of herself and make sure to watch over her adoptive mother.


After all that was done and over with at the same time the villagers came to their rescue from Gato's remaining goons! The mission was a complete success and the city was purge from Gato's wrath.

After heading back to the village with Naruto keeping his distance from Sasuke and Sakura and Sakura saying a false story of how Sasuke saved everyone from Haku's mind control and slight betrayal. Naruto shook his head wondering whatever he had seen in the girl in the first place. "Hell Hinata is a lot nicer than Sakura and didn't always punch me or hit me hmm?" He suddenly hummed out and stopped with Haku standing in front of him smiling towards the confused boy and then placing a small kiss on his forehead.

"Thank you Naruto I heard from Ino that you stop me with a powerful Jutsu and for that I am grateful for you coming back to aid us!" She announced and ran back with Ino. Leaving the blushing boy to stand there and then grinning like a fool while seeing Mia sensei smiling towards the boy at the same time whispering out a thank you to the blonde. Little did Naruto know Haku kept giving quick glances at the boy with a big blush on her face.

At the same time Naruto felt like he gotten stronger faster than he once was before. With the village in view a whole another challenge awaits him. At the same time changes will be made.