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Chapter 40: We are Ninja Hidden in The Leaf Village!

Everyone in the Leaf village is in awe, there standing face to face with the other monster. The one that attacked this very same village twelve years ago during a terrible tragedy was none other than, The nine tailed fox!

All the ninja's were panicking a bit, while some were trying to comprehend of what would've happen too Naruto. Considering the boy himself is the container, but what really confusing them is yes…They feel the enormous demon like Chakra radiating off from the beast.

It was the sense of feeling that it is giving off that were confusing them, it was that of protection. That of love, determination and preference of knowing it will succeed in saving everyone there in the Leaf Village from the horrible monster it is up against.

Kakashi had his Sharingan on as he was analyzing the nine tailed fox that they were seeing, the stance was definitely the fox as he recalled back in the past. Hell, everything about the demon was there right in front of him and yet…

"Gai do you feel something different about this nine tails?" He asked as a smiled was slowly forming behind his mask, it took him awhile to conjure up what it is he was feeling. Until he saw the demons fur color and eyes were completely different than the original fox and that is the darker shade of orange mix in with slight red here and there on its fur. But the real kicker and clue he got were the eyes, instead of being crimson red.

They were ocean blue color eyes that were glaring down the one tailed demon in front of it. Gai, who finally looked over to Kakashi with a questioning gaze, looked back towards the fox. Trying to decipher what the one eye sensei was getting at, he then closed his eyes to read the chakra signature and quickly opening them back up.

"No way…" he slowly muttered then beamed brightly as he turned around towards the frighten Ninja group behind them as they were confuse of why he is smiling, then saw him giving his nice guy pose. "Listen up you all may think that the nine tailed fox have remerged from young Naruto!" He shouted.

He saw many nods of the heads, while some who were anti fox were shouting profanity at him. Saying that they are all doom and that it is the end of their lives that caused the Taijutsu master to twitch his eyebrows "But if you were too look closer at the fox, I want you to tell me what is different about this one than the other one in the past?"

Indulging him as they shrugged their shoulders to one another, they looked back to the nine tail demon closely. Scanning over the posture slowly along with the color fur as they were starting to see slight changes as they travel along the body, they could see the difference between orange and red in the fur.

Once they reached the face, they went past it considering they didn't want to see those red eyes. Only for one female shinobi to quickly go back to the eyes and stare deeply into them "Wait…?" she suddenly said earning her friend too looked at her "NARUTO!?"

"What Naruto?"

"What do you mean Naruto!?"

Were all the shouts and questions as they look back to the fox once more, as the female Shinobi started shaking with her pointer finger excitedly, as well explaining how the foxes eyes were the color blue. After the Ninja's check over the beast once more, they caught onto what she is saying and all came with the same conclusion.



"No I think it have something to do with that fox features!" Another shouted as they all stopped with dead silence while looking at one another, then quickly started cheering as loud as possible. They finally understood that the fox they are seeing before them as well connecting the dots with his fox features, THAT this nine tailed demon was none other than their hyper active knuckleheaded blonde Ninja!

Kakashi and Gai were astonished as well proud with the ninja's, sure it took them awhile to figure out who it was they were referring too. Only to come around and start cheering for the knucklehead, saying he can do it, everyone is backing him up and there for him.

"Well Gai think Naruto can handle it now?" Kakashi asked with a now much calmer voice and attitude, he knows everything will be alright now. Especially now that Naruto have somehow fully absorb Kyuubi's chakra although, he have a gut feeling that it also cost the Kyuubi's life…Seeing how close Naruto and the girls were with the fox, will probably be feeling sad right about now.

"No doubt in my mind Kakashi!" Gai responded back with a shine to his teeth, as they turn around and watch the outcome of this battle.


Meanwhile with Shikamaru, Choji, Ino and Haku, the two Shikamaru and Choji at first were a bit shocked to see extra tails growing behind Ino and Haku, as well the girls although they didn't really bothered questioning it or wondered how it happen. Their focus is all on the nine tailed fox that is facing off with the other monster.

"Oh boy, that knucklehead sure knows how to make us worried huh?" Shikamaru stated with a slight snicker, earning a glare from Ino. Though a small giggle from Haku, considering the lazy genius is right about that, Naruto does tend to take things to the extreme when training as well passing out.

"So Haku, Ino…you think?" The genius didn't need to say anything else as the looks on their faces were all the answer he needed. It was a mixture of sadness and excitements no doubt in Choji and Shikamaru's mind that in order for Naruto, to receive this form had the nine tailed fox willingly giving Naruto its full chakra as well passing away when doing so.

Ino amazed at the scene couldn't form words at all she just kept smiling with tears. "All the years he went through and had to live with the villagers…He is finally showing them that he is a Leaf Ninja." Was all her statement as the other three looked at her and then back with proud smiles.

Wagging her eight tails Haku step next too Ino with a firm nod and massaged her shoulders, "Come on Ino Naruto still needs us to cheer him on, after all what wives are we if we don't?" She chuckled seeing Ino snorting a bit.

"You kidding me of course we will cheer for him! You two better do it as well and not half assed it!" Ino quickly shouted towards Shikamaru and Choji, which the Akamichi had no problem for cheering on their friend as he grin brightly and started pumping his arms up.

While Shikamaru sighed and shook his head "Woman are troublesome." Earning him a large bump on the head as well thrown into a couple of garbage cans as he twitched his eyebrows "Especially blonde hair ones and their colossal strength…What a drag."


Jiraiya and Tsunade who were outside of the village gates, with their summoning partners Gamabunta and Katsuya were holding off the giant snake summon beast from getting any closer to the village, as they were using their Katana blade and Acid attacks to keep it at bay.

Jiraiya, who is on top of Gamabunta head, turned his attention towards where the two tailed beasts are fighting at. Trying to figure out if the Fourth Hokage's seal broke or not, only to smirk to himself and paid his attention back towards the withering snake beast that is losing against them quite fast.

"Yo Jiraiya what is up with the Nine tails, I thought Minato had sealed him away!" Gamabunta asked as he grabbed onto one of the snakes head and sliced it off with a clean cut. This announcement had Tsunade to whip her head at the two and then back towards the Leaf village.

Her brown eyes widen in shock as the giant wart was right, the nine tails is standing right there facing off with the one tail. "Don't any of you worry I have a feeling that Naruto, haves everything under control."

"Are you senile Jiraiya, you know what happens to Naruto when the nine tails gets released right!?" Tsunade shouted as she were worried about her relative, especially one who is probably the last of the Uzumaki clan and close kin to Mito Uzumaki, her great Grandmother.

Finishing off the snake for good, with a combination Jutsu of Oil and Jiraiya's Flame bomb jutsu as well Katsuya spitting out a huge amount of acid from her mouth, had the giant beast fried and desecrated from both attacks leaving nothing of it behind.

"Like I said and I say it again." Jiraiya persisted, "NARUTO haves everything under control. We don't need to worry about anything, not the nine tails or the one tails." He stated in a matter of fact tone, swiping his forehead from any sweat that were pouring out of him.

This had the slug Sannin to raise an eyebrow, the only time Jiraiya is 100 percent correct of his statement. Is when the old pervert repeats himself twice as well in a tone saying he means it. So taking another glance towards the two mighty beasts, she closed her eyes half way to get a better look at the fox and then widen them "Oh…my…kami." Was all she said before giving a wide smile to her close friend as well nodding her head at his direction, understanding the meaning behind his words.


All of the others responses were identical to the next, as they first glance freaked out a bit that the nine tails was finally release, only to get told and reassured by some of the ninjas. That the fox is there to protect them as well saying Naruto will win this time around. All the while showing the ninja's of the foxes color eyes, as they all widen their gazes in realization and started cheering for the blonde ninja to win.

Although there were quite a lot of civilians and Ninja's who are anti Naruto, still believe he is the demon by saying that he has been reincarnated into the demon. While the other margin of the group of villagers were not sure what to think at this point, considering the evidence right in front of them all points to the demon protecting their lives and village.

So it will still take time for them to come around, but surely enough after everything they go through. They will learn that Naruto is Naruto, despite being a demon or the nine tail fox. If he is willing to go all the way to save them and protect them from this threat, despite how badly they treated him?

Then they can surely say that the boy has grown a lot over the past few months as well show maturity that he will push aside his anger on them. With his friends and family cheering for the boy were intensifying even more, now knowing he is still alive and well, they cannot wait for his return!

TenTen, Kin, Ino, Haku and Hinata are all waiting for his return and victory over this invasion. All the while gaining number of tails as well full fledge demon chakra into their systems, Hinata having nine purple tails caused slight shock from Neji and some of the hyuuga clan members. Only to simmer down understanding that this is a sign, a sign to show how really close her and Uzumaki Naruto is with each other.

Neji though was proud, hell more than proud. He is ecstatic with amazement, seeing how far she has gone with her training as well growth. Including the will and bravery to stand up against a full fledge invasion to save her family and members of the hyuuga clan, showed how strong the Heiress is despite the council deeming her to be weak.

"Hinata-sama", he suddenly announced getting the girl to blink her pale red eyes towards him in confusion. "Make both the Hyuuga clan and the Uzumaki clan proud, after all…As the rightful heir to both clans. It wouldn't be right if you slack off your training." He explain with a very rare joke, earning the girl to bring a hand up to her mouth as she giggled happily as well wagging her nine tails.

"I will Nii-san and you too, show our clan that even if you are a branch member. You can still be strong as a Main branch!" she beamed causing the boy to stagger back a bit. He had heard rumors going around in the Hyuuga clan, about Hinata wanting to try and bring both the Main branch and lower branch together as one whole family again as well without the worries of the curse mark seal being branded onto them.

He shook his head and smiled, it may take a while until that dream is realized. But seeing how things are now, he can clearly see that what his father said about destiny not having any bars on them were true. "I will Hinata-sama." He finished with that and turned towards the battle that is about to be finish. "You too Uzumaki Naruto, I have no doubt in mind that you will be a great Hokage."


His tails were thrashing about as he leered at the one tail Shukaku, who is sweating bullets and slowly backing away from the sight he is witnessing in front of him. He couldn't believe it? He thought the boy died from that last blow with the Air bullet.

One that was directly up close and personal to the blonde hair ninja, sending him straight down into the ground in an instant. But no…when he got back up onto his two feet, with a very deep and menacing voice that didn't fit at all, walking slowly towards the giant beast all the while taking direct hits from his Air bullets that didn't send the ninja flying or ripping him to shreds.

He literately took them head on without any damage what so ever as he explained about the boy he is facing, along with his dreams and determination. What came next really had the giant beast soiling himself even more was when the small boy fully changed into the nine tailed fox himself!

"So you going to let Gaara go or not you stupid Raccoon!" shouted Naruto as he is taking tentative steps forward at the demon wanting to get used in this form of his, considering this is the second time that he transformed into an animal with four legs. He watched with amusement at the way the one tail is cowering.

Naruto couldn't believe the raw power and chakra that were coursing through his body right now. Both his blue chakra and the red chakra were mixing and melding together like they were meant to become one with another.

It felt amazing as well somewhat scary having this large Chakra pool coursing throughout his body, he will definitely say one thing and that his Chakra control is probably going to be shot. The higher Chakra you have, the harder it is to get a good enough control over some jutsu. So that will probably be his main priority after he gets done here.

Seeing how he still wasn't getting any responses from the one tail, the boy rolled his eyes and decided to finish things up here, "Fine have it your way!" announced the boy as he lunged forward with incredible speed as he shoulder tackle the giant sand demon off the ground by a couple feet.

Before the giant sand demon could retaliate, Naruto once again lunge forward gaining great distance between the two yet again. All the while slashing his right paws down against Shukaku's shoulder blade and chest as well again with his left paw slashing across the Sand demons left shoulder blade.

Naruto then followed up with a head butt into Shukaku's stomach, pushing the mighty beast back as it yelled out in pain as well wrapping his large arms across its stomach. Knowing it will probably take more than physical strength to take down the beast; Naruto went ahead and started forming some hand signs.

"Water Style: Water Bomb Jutsu!" shouted Naruto. He brought his arms to his sides as he went into a sitting like position, summoning a huge amount of water that is swirling around between both paws. Making the bubble become larger and larger as the concentrated energy is enormous.

Shukaku glared at the fox all the while thrusting both of his arms forward, shooting out tons of sand needle projectiles at him. Hoping to stop Naruto from releasing the powerful jutsu, only to come too late as the Water bomb jutsu got finished all the while being released.

The giant rush and huge explosion of water came rushing towards Shukaku, that the force behind it actually pushed Naruto backwards even in his nine tailed form, as the attack decimated the needle like projectiles into nothing but wet sands. All the while colliding with Shukaku who was screaming out in pain as his sand like body was slowly turning into a darker tan color.

Indicating that the sands were absorbing the water in a rapid speed that Shukaku own speed is literately slowing down right in front of Naruto's eyes. Gaara who is still on Shukaku forehead, was and is amazed at how far his first ever friend will put his life on the line, just to save him…To saving everyone who lives in his village!

He is breathing very hard as well sweating up a storm. Releasing Shukaku is still taxing on the boy and knew that if they want to reseal him again. HE himself has to use up all of his chakra as well Naruto, getting a very good blow to him.

He heard Shukaku screech out as he slammed his arms into the ground, sending up very sharp claw like hands out from the ground. Hoping to catch Naruto off guard as well stab straight through his body, only to fail yet again as the boy's speed proven to be too fast for the beast.

As well receiving heavy blows from Naruto's dance of the storm jutsu that is literately causing the Sand demon to flinch up and down from each blow Naruto was making as well cartwheeling out of harm's way. 'There has to be a way to reseal the sand demon…' Gaara thought to himself.

There were no chances of Naruto being able to get in close, without getting pummeled to death. Even if he did transform into the nine tailed fox, he is still a living creature who have limits. He clenched his eyes close after Shukaku was poorly deflecting some of Naruto's Wind Style: Crescent slash jutsu that it was almost daring to rip apart the giant beast.

The Sand demon will try and counter with Air bullet, only for Naruto to swing all nine tails in front of his body acting like shields to the attacks. 'My chakra is almost used up… WAIT!'

He slammed his hands together and started forming some seals, all the while smiling to himself. "Earth Style: Mud entrapment jutsu!" He announced causing Naruto in front of him to widen his eyes, wondering if he is going to attack him.

Then smiled brightly when Shukaku tried to move forward, the giant beast almost trip over his own two feet. On the account that the ground underneath him with very huge giant box like walls, coming up around his ankles closed themselves onto him. Stopping his movements completely as well having Shukaku yelling out profanity at Gaara "What the hell are you doing boy! Release me at once so I can shred and destroy everything!"


"Right hold on Gaara, I'll send him to two buck two!" Naruto announced only to flinch his ears when Gaara shouted no, all the while Gaara is grunting in pain as his chakra is almost drained out of his body.

"No Uzumaki Naruto, he can't be defeated while I'm still here. Hit me as hard as you can, when doing so Shukaku should be defeated with my Chakra reserves are empty!" He explained as Naruto finally understood what the red hair wanted him to do now.

Just like Kurama said, if Naruto were to hit Gaara hard enough it should cancel out the jutsu he used earlier, all the while sending the sand demon back inside the seal. So smirking to himself, the boy charged forward with incredible speed. Feeling his four legs pounding against the ground with the forest energy surrounding his feet as if giving him the strength to finish this battle for good!

He even felt his wives own energy and prayers reaching out to him, cheering him on as well wanting him to come back home to them. He was gaining distance really fast as he carefully watches the giant Sand demon breathing in a lot of air and firing off a lot of Air bullet's that went up into the air and came hurdling down towards the ground.

Sending debris up into the air in hopes of hitting the boy, only for Naruto too literately jump to the left and right whenever there was an opening for him to run through. He could tell Shukaku knew what the boy is planning, as he is giving everything he's got to stop Naruto from reaching him.

He ran past the area where Temari and Pakkuun were as everything slowed down for Temari. Her eyes were wide and astounded at the power Naruto was giving off, all the while the need and drive to safe her brother and his friend from the one tailed demon. She then guarded herself when the winds suddenly blew past her from the boy running by, as she moved her arms away quickly once it died down.

She tightening up her first and smiled with slight tears going down her face, "GO NARUTO!" She shouted with all her might as the boy's fox ears twitched and heard her cry. Knowing he cannot fail this time around, he made a big jump into the air dodging just in time when one of Shukaku claw like hands shot out from under ground.

Once in the air suddenly a smokescreen covered around the giant fox body, with the shout of Naruto's voice "Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

The smoke cleared away as it showed over about one hundred Naruto clones raining straight down towards Shukaku, who moved his head up at the blondish red hair ninja. He moved his right arm up with snickering, thinking the boy just made a huge mistake and fired off tons of sand needles towards him.

Twenty five individual Naruto clones were using three different jutsu's at once, to try and deflect the projectiles from the original. Twenty five Bubble bomb jutsu's, Twenty five Crescent Slash jutsu's and Twenty five Dance of the storm jutsu's were all being used by each clone, as they did their job of destroying some of the needles.

Though they couldn't get them all as those clones dispersed from contact, as the last remaining clones and Naruto himself threw a bunch of Kunai's down towards the mighty beast. In which had him move his left arm in front of him, to guard against the weapons as they stuck into him with loud thuds.

But it worked in Naruto's favor as like before, he manage to land on top of the beasts arm. All the while running straight up towards where Gaara is. Naruto, seeing how badly Gaara was flinching indicated that the plan was working, he is almost out of Chakra and if Naruto can successfully knock him out.

It will drive the sand demon back into the seal! Just like before Shukaku started sending spike like sands out from his arms, in hopes of spearing Naruto to death as some of the clones were getting hit from most of them, all the while keeping some of the needles away from the original as they try to prevent the boy of repeating that same death from before.

Naruto at the last moment jumped into the air right before a spike spear could pierce him, as he front flip forward and did a dive kicked towards Gaara as the boy received a good blow to his left cheek. But unlike earlier when Naruto thought that would end him. The boy slide across Shukaku shoulder blade and jump back towards Gaara once more as he delivered a heavy left hook into the boy's right cheek.

Naruto then placed both hands onto the demons skin then started sliding away from Gaara, all the while retaliating by jumping straight towards him to deal the final blow. But stop right in front of the boy by a few centimeters, when tendril of sands all coiled around the boy as he gritted his teeth. "I", he struggled saying as he was pulling his head back "Won't", with wiggling movements Naruto manage to break free enough from his entrapment and swung his forehead forward "GIVE UP!"

The sound of pounding echoed throughout the forest, alerting Temari and Pakkuun who were on the ground to stare up at the giant beast. Wondering what the hell was that noise and then widen their eyes at the sight they were witnessing!

"NOOO, HOW COULD I LOSE…" groaned out Shukaku as he felt his spirit and being, resealing back into Gaara once more as his entire solid body started forming into nothing but regular grain of sands. He thought he could win, he would've had won too…He tried to think every possible thing of why he lost.

Though he knew the answer to that is because, the nine tails is a lot stronger than him. But that wasn't why he lost though it was the new nine tails. This Naruto Uzumaki, who has fully absorbed the demon inside of him as well being the next nine tailed demon fox, defeated him. By using both his fox form and Human form and the kicker to it all, he did the finishing blow as a human.

Before he started disappearing he recalled Kurama's information and telling of why he would lose too the kid, all the while showing great respect for the mortal. "It's not because of the villagers treating him differently, or being arrogant of being the new nine tails…It was his belief in his friends and family that made him strong…" he pondered as his body started sinking towards the ground, covering the entire forest with his sands. "That's how Gaara was fighting back against me…He was doing it to protect Naruto, to protect his sister…"

He then let out a small snort, "Alright then…I'll see how things turn out for now. All that screaming was giving me a headache any way…Whenever you need help Gaara…just ask." Was all Shukaku said before sealing back inside the boy all the while Gaara closed his eyes and whispered back to the sand spirit, "I will thank you for understanding Shukaku."


Everything was silent as the two boys were lying on the ground, far apart from each other as well on their backs. Starring up towards the bright blue skies, watching the birds flying by peacefully, they didn't hear any explosions, or yelling anything that indicated a war is happening.

Naruto couldn't help but smile as he did it…He saved his village from a terrible threat. A Demon spirit no less that was going to destroy everyone, his friends, his love ones and his wives. All the while he couldn't help but started laughing, light at first until the volume started getting louder and louder.

Even Gaara started laughing with the Kitsune boy as he too couldn't believe what just transpire, as well studying up the history about the Leaf village as well the Kyuubi attacking the village thirteen years ago. In which the book explained how the fourth Hokage defeated the nine tailed fox from destroying his home.

And now…Naruto is the hero who defeated and stopped the one tailed demon who almost destroyed the leaf village, the two boys just laughed and laughed. After getting done laughing they looked towards one another with Naruto's wide beaming smile, towards Gaara's small smile. Two friends who shared the same life of growing up, but having two different life styles with one who understood about love and friendship, the other being taught nothing but how to be the ultimate weapon of destruction.

"Gaara!" shouted the voice that had the boy blinked his light blue eyes, all the while turning his attention towards the source and saw Temari landing right in front of him, kneeling down to check his injuries with a worried expression, but as well a happy smile on her face.

"Temari…I didn't hurt you did I?" Gaara asked with concern, earning the girl to stare at him for a few seconds. Then grin with her head shaking left and right, "So…I was able to contain the demon from harming you?"

"Yes…you did Gaara." She stated all the while wrapping his arm around her shoulders, with Kankuro finally arriving on the scene. Saying he is surprise would be an understatement, considering who it was that fought Gaara in the first place was none other than Naruto!

Kankuro gave a warming smile as he approached Naruto and help the boy up, seeing different kinds of bruises and cuts on his body, gave Kankuro a feeling that he went through tooth and nails just to save his little brother. He help move the boy towards a tree as well placing him up against.

"Thanks Kankuro!" Naruto said with a weak smile, as one eye was half open. Showing how exhausted he was all the while shaking hands with the boy.

"No…Thank you Naruto and don't worry. I told that Shino kid to get somebody too come and pick you up after we saw the demon disappearing." He explained all the while tapping his shoulders. Giving assurance for the boy that somebody will be coming for him and walked on over to his other siblings.

"Naruto…" Temari suddenly asked, causing the Kitsune boy to twitch his fox ears and stare towards her with his red eyes. "Thank you…Thank you for everything…and for bringing Gaara back." She said with tears falling down her cheeks, causing the boy to bashfully rub the back of his head as he smiled and gave the siblings thumbs up.

"Whenever you are in the Leaf village, look me up. I still have many questions to ask you three!" He joked out as well giving in his own way of saying to come back any time. Smiling and laughing to themselves they all agreed and leapt away from the boy.

Naruto watching the siblings jump away gave a loud yawn as well resting his head against the tree bark, suddenly his eyes solemnly looked back to the clouds as small sadness could be seen in his eyes. "Kurama…Kaa-san, Otou-san…Thank you." He said quietly all the while looking forward as he then sensed some presence nearby and couldn't help but sheepishly smiled at the person who arrived.

"Yo, you look like you went through a lot Naruto." The presence and voice belong to none other than Kakashi who eye smiled down to the boy all the while seeing he was successful in saving his friends the Sand siblings. "You ready to head back?"

"Yeah…after all don't want to miss…the old man's funeral." Naruto stated in a low tone as he watched Kakashi turning his back from him and kneeling down in front of him all the while placing the boy onto his back knowing that he will have trouble getting back into town with his injuries.

"Yeah that is true…as well your wives are waiting for you as well." He joked out with a slight perverse look in his eyes, causing the boy to groan out in annoyance from his sensei as Kakashi let out a few chuckles and jump into the trees.


Few weeks have come and gone, grey clouds loom over the village. Smoke could be seen here and there, rubble littered all over the place. Dirt piles, wooden planks, buildings destroyed and leaning on their sides.

The foundations and monuments were unearthed from all the fighting that happened, the fountains, the park the trees and streams of rivers are all rearranged. The grey looming clouds rumbled across this dark and sad village, with homes and properties nothing but destroyed as well being a mess, covered in dirt from the multiple explosions that had occurred here as well the fires that were doused out.

The stadium and stands were a complete wreck as that was the main focus of the war, even the building that Sarutobi, Mia and Sho fought on were nothing but rubble after Orochimaru was stopped and defeated by his former sensei with his arms being sealed and becoming useless for him.

Not all the village was destroyed, most of the civilian and clan estates were protected, as well the bunkers and refuge rooms that were in the Hokage Mountain was also protected from the invading Ninjas.

Even though the invasion was stop and the cost of many lives have perish in during the invasion as well a very important person and leader of this village had passed away in battle. For today is the Third Hokage's funeral…


Uzumaki clan estate…

The sound of a door opening and closing was heard, as Naruto walked out from his home. With a tape bandage on his left cheek could be seen, his eyes were half way open as he just stood in front of the door way. Mourning of the loss of the villages Hokage…The old man from what he heard and gathered perished from Orochimaru while fighting against his dad, the fourth Hokage who somehow got reanimated into the fight.

He didn't blame his dad for attacking the old man though. Because he understood his reasoning behind it and that is from how the village treated the boy. Sighing, he turned away from the door wearing black formal clothing as he slipped his hands inside his pockets.

His face staring down at the ground, all the while he is walking down the stone path towards the Uzumaki gates that will lead him to the leaf village. His nine tails were dragging against the ground behind him, causing the boy to trip once in a while whenever his feet will get caught in them.

He looked up towards the gate and saw one of his wives standing there, solemnly looking at the ground with her four grey fox tails wagging slowly up and down all the while looking towards Naruto. "Kin…" was all Naruto said as the girl sniffed a bit with a small sad smile.

"Hey…Naruto…" She is a wreck; she never knew how much it will hurt of losing somebody. Ever since arriving and living with Naruto as well hearing how great the old man was from Naruto's perspective had the girl at first cautious of this information, only to drop her suspicions when she actually met with the Hokage himself and seeing his smile as well allowing her to move in with Naruto, made her the happiest girl alive!


Flashback no jutsu

"Ah Kin-chan nice to see you!" announced the Third Hokage behind his desk, looking up from the papers and smiling at their newest addition to the Leaf village. Seeing the girl bashfully rubbing the back of her head and slowly walking up to the man's desk, had him smiling brightly knowing just what it is she wanted.

"Um…Hi Lord Hokage…um, you see before you ask why I am here. I wanted to make a request?" She asked tentatively not knowing how he will behave around her, or react to the question she is about to ask.

He could see how nervous the girl was if any indication of her fox tail were to go about, with the way it was low to the ground as well her fox ears lying flat against her head. Tells him she is very worried of what his answer will be "Yes go on, you can ask me anything Kin." He reassured her with a smile as well having a Leaf headband in his desk brewer.

Breathing out as well steeling up her stare, she then straightens up her body and suddenly bowed down, "I wish to be a part of the Leaf village Ninja as well living with Naruto-kun!" She shouted all at once with her eyes clench tightly close. Afraid of the displeasing look in the Hokage's eyes, considering she is from the sound village as well works for Orochimaru, the man could easily have her killed on the spot for asking such a question.

Sarutobi still smiled from the abrupt question the girl suddenly shouted. He has seen all sorts of requests and questions from many people as well how they handle the stress behind it. He playfully hummed to himself, thinking it over as well her other request of wanting to live with Naruto.

True that there wasn't a lot of vacancy in most of the apartments around here, though Naruto's own apartment wasn't design into having two people living in one space. But knowing the blonde ninja, he will probably find a way to make it work.

"I can see you are serious about your request Kin Tsuchi." He started while opening up a brewer, chuckling on the inside at the way she gritted her teeth and flinch. Thinking that he had pulled out a weapon from his desk, he then stood up from his chair and walked around the desk.

"But you do know that Naruto-kun apartment is small, it probably won't have enough housing for two people." He explained as he saw the girl shaking her head left and right, not daring to opening up her eyes.

"I don't care I'm sure we can find a way around it Hokage-sama!" She shouted still having her posture in the bowing position; she then twitched a bit when she felt the old man hands resting underneath her chin all the while lifting her head up.

"Then Kin Tsuchi from this day on and forward, you will be part of the Genin ranks Kunoichi Hidden in the Leaf village as well request granted!" He announced with pride behind his voice as Kin open her eyes as well witnessing her sound headband hitting the ground with slight tapping.

She then raised her body up at the same time looking up at the Hokage's smiling face, she then turn her red eyes at her reflection in the window. There replacing her sound headband was the official Leaf village ninja headband!

She tear up a bit and then suddenly hugged the Hokage out of reflexes thanking the man as he laughed openly as well welcoming her too the Leaf family.


Flashback no jutsu off!

Kin still remembered how happy the Hokage was of having the girl living among the Leaf village. After telling him and saying how she was an orphan in the sound village. After saying that and staying in the room with the man, spending time with him as well learning many things about the leaf village.

She felt at home as the man literately took his entire day to spending with Kin. Now she understood why everyone was so close to him, it was because he is like a grandfather and acts like one to everyone he meets up with. Especially with the children during the time he gave her a tour of the village.

They will stop once in a while to greet some of the children who ran up to him. Asking him questions about being ninjas, or wanting to show him some of the drawings they made for him. Hell what was even more amazing is when some of the girls pulled Kin away from the Third, wanted to braid her long hair.

Never in her life has she ever felt happy as well being part of a big family before. It was all thanks to the man of her life Naruto and Sarutobi.

"I can't believe how much I am hurting…" Kin spoke up not daring to look Naruto in the eyes. Considering the fact he and Konoharmaru are probably the worst out of them all. The two of them were walking down the destroyed streets as the only response she got from Naruto, was a quiet hum and nodding of his head.

Despite that the boy still wrapped an arm over her shoulders, letting their tails brush against each other. With Kin trying hard not to break out into tears as they were walking down the streets, leading towards their next destination and that was Haku and Mia sensei's house.

They spotted Haku coming out from the apartment, wearing the same black formal clothing like the rest. With her eight light blue fox tails all wrapped around her waist. The girl from the distance was trembling and sniffling, Kin and Naruto can clearly see how upset she is.

On the account that Mia brought Haku from a village that were wanting to kill all people and ninja's with bloodline running through their system as well not sure if Haku have any family members that were still alive.

So loosing somebody like the Third Hokage is in fact a heavy blow to the girl. Her fox ears twitch after hearing slight crunching noises from the dirt road as she looked up and saw Kin with Naruto approaching her. She hugged Naruto first and then Kin as they patted and rubbed each other's backs for assurance, all the while Haku sniffing a bit as she wiped her eyes with her sleeve arms.


Flashback no jutsu!

Haku was out and about in the village without a care in the world. Proudly wearing the Leaf headband that was on her forehead, smiling brightly that she had manage to pass and graduated from the academy and what made it even more amazing is the fact, her mother was going to be her and Ino's Sensei!

She wanted to try and find Ino, to let her know that they will be getting started training in just a few hours only for the girl to lose her way a couple of times. On the account she hasn't fully grasp the layout of the Leaf village.

Most of her travels will have her ending up in the business district of the Leaf village, then towards the more crowded civilian district. Then back to the business district, that the girl felt like she is getting dizzy as well running around in circles.

She found a bench to go and rest as she plopped herself down and rested her head back against the bench, sighing out and breathing a long out sigh. "I should really consider buying a map…" She muttered out, then blinked her brown eyes towards the left.

Watching somebody sitting down next to her with a white jacket over top what appears to be a red robe, reaching all the way down to the man's ankles as he moved his wrinkle hands inside his pocket and pulled out a cigar, all the while lighting up a match.

"The Leaf village is very prosperous isn't it?" He said with a happy tone, causing Haku to nod and smile at the old man. She can definitely agree to that term on the account she never met so many people with happy faces before.

"As for wanting and needing a map, I don't blame ya. I even get lost some times during my musings!" He laughed at the end while blowing out some smoke, getting the young girl to laugh with a happy smile as well bringing a hand up to her mouth then down to her lap.

"What somebody like you who have more experience than me? I'm surprise mister." She said with a tilt of her head that had Sarutobi laughing even more as he rubbed Haku's head playfully, earning her to push him away playfully.

"That is true somebody of my age would have the yearning knowledge of the village. But even then, when one is musing over things, they can still get lost." He replied back with a wink of an eye. He then turn his attention towards Haku, surprise how well she is handling her first interaction with him.

"So you enjoy living here with Mia Haku?" He asked all the while beaming with the girl as she turned her attention towards him and responded with a bright smile.

"Of course Hokage-sama as well glad you are taking the time to spend the day with me."


It was the most fun day she ever had with the Third, as the two of them just kept chatting up a storm on that same bench in the business district. Not once being disturbed by the other villagers or ninja's who were walking by them.

Even though they only manage to talk once on that day, there were many other encounters with the old man. Who will find the time as well spending some of the days with Haku, asking how she is doing or if there was any trouble she was having in the leaf village.

Even going out of his way and buying her a map of the village, remembering the girl muttering to about needing one and boy did she needed one. She still haves the same map in her bedroom that the Hokage gave in this very moment and was still in tack despite the village getting invaded.

The duo were now a trio as they continued walking down the streets, with the rumbling and thundering clouds above them growing more and more. Many thoughts and images were going through their heads of their time with the Hokage as they continued moving forward towards the Hokage towers.

"Naruto, Kin, Haku wait up…" shouted a voice belonging to Ino as she spotted them through her shop. Grabbing a bunch of bouquet of white roses wrapped up in paper. Handing out two of them towards Kin and Haku, knowing Naruto is one to be very sensitive about these things.

Saying the one in her hands will be from the both of them as she joined the group down the road, her eyes were puffy as well a little red. She just like the rest is really upset about their loss of an important person of their life.

She couldn't believe that he was actually gone and it was all that damn Orochimaru's fault! She was no fool of who attack…Well maybe she didn't actually know it was Orochimaru, until after the invasion was over and was overly angry for somebody like him to attack and kill his own Sensei!

"Naruto…" She started only to sadden her look, but still gave a smile when the boy turned his attention towards her. As he is giving her a warm smile even though his posture screams out sad, upset and hurting.

"Don't worry Ino I'm sure the old man will love the flowers." He reassured her as the girl just closed her eyes and shook her head lightly, despite being upset he is still doing everything he could to make sure his friends and love ones are happy. Small trail of tears renewed themselves from Ino's eyes, as she nodded with a grin.

"Ye-yeah your right there was no reason for me to be upset!" She exclaimed along with Haku and Kin smiling softly at the girl as they two were having tears run down their cheeks and continued moving forward.

Ino's smile brighten up even more as she recalls her first meeting with the Third Hokage, as he gave her the courage and strength to talk to her customers more, as well opening up little by little.


Flashback no Jutsu!

It was a hot and sunny day in the Yamanaka flower shop, as little Ino was playfully hanging out in her parent's shop, using a stepping stool to stand on top of the glass containers that were show casing newly fresh flowers.

The littler girl was happily humming a tune, knowing that no customer ever comes into the shop during these hot days. Wearing a white T-shirt and brown shorts with her small platinum blond ponytail sway left and right a bit as she is twisting and kneading up some thickets, making them become a flower reef for her mother.

Her light blue eyes whip up towards the door after hearing the chiming bells ringing, indicating that a customer walked through all the while she quickly hopped down onto the floor. Hiding behind the glass contain with her teeth gritting a bit.

"Hm… I could have sworn there was somebody in here?" said a playful voice that sounded like an elderly. Young Ino slowly crept to the side of the glass container to get a better view of the person who walked inside, all the while widening her eyes.

It was the third Hokage who enter the shop as he was lightly walking around the store a bit, with his left hand rubbing the bottom of his chin. Chuckling every once in a while as he looked through some of the flower pots. "I wonder what would be a great anniversary present for my wife?" he pondered shifting his brown eyes slowly towards the counter.

Ino moved a bit further out from her hiding spot, watching and examining the man who is looking for a present for his wife? Had the girl smiled a bit and the yelp a bit while hiding back behind the counter again, hoping she didn't caught.

"Maybe sunflowers?" he just randomly said. He remembered Miss Yamanaka explaining to him once. That her daughter has a knack for knowing what people is after or what they are looking for whenever they are in the shop. Although she wishes sometimes that she wasn't shy about offering her help for them.

So he devised a plan with the wife and father that he will come into the shop during the days they don't get customers and see if he can break Ino out of her shell. He heard some rustling from the counter, as the man look over towards it with a happy chuckle.

Watching two small hands grabbing what looked like purple flowers as well rare purple roses. Then watched the flower pot being struggled up onto the counter and slide ever so gently across it as he approached it and examine it. "So Ino you think this will do great for my wife?" He asked, causing the small girl to peek her eyes over the counter, barely reaching over it.

"Ye-Yes Hokage-sama…Her favorite color is purple and the yellow inside the flower. Will represent her love of the summer season as it is bright like the sun", She explained while stepping on top of her stool and lightly stared up at the man.

He lifted the pot up and started turning it around a bit as well being surprised that little Ino is correct on her information. His wife does love the summer days and her favorite color is purple, this flower will definitely represent both her two most favorite things.

"You are absolutely right, thank you Ino. You know, you could really benefit to helping your mom in the store." He said smiling brightly at the way Ino blinked her blue eyes and then smiled bright.


She will never forget that wonderful day when The Third Hokage helped her from being too bashful in the store as well saying she will benefit in helping out her mother with the shop and he was right.

Their next destination was the Hyuuga compound as Hinata's formal clothes were still over there and needed to wear them for the funeral. The group continued walking down the streets as more memories flowed through their heads of the Third and how much involvement he had in their lives.

He seemed to be always there whenever they needed somebody the most, as well always taking the time of his schedule to help them out in any way possible. He was definitely like a grandfather to them all as well family.

They all spotted Hinata who was being comfort by TenTen as the two of them looked like they've been crying for a while now, with Hinata nine purple fox tail lying down on the ground not daring to move at all. With Tenten own fox tails doing the same as they pulled away from their hug and turn towards the group.

Naruto just open his arms wide as Hinata ran to him and hugged him tightly, with him doing the same as their heads were on each other shoulders. He could hear the girl sniffling and hiccupping in his shoulders as she just clutches more tightly against his back.

"Na-Naruto-kun…" She said with out of breath voice as the boy just nodded with her hugged. All the while feeling Tenten eyes on them as he open his red eyes, seeing how she was doing everything to keep herself under control.

After getting done hugging Hinata, Naruto proceeded to walk on over to Tenten. Chuckling lightly as the girl blushed a bit, as well trying to put a strong act. Although just lost it when the boy invited himself to hugging the girl, as she clenched her teeth and wrapped her arms around him.

They respected for Tenten being strong, but know that she really needed this. They all do considering the leader, the man who got involve with their lives did so much for them. Heck, who knows how much involvement Tenten had with Sarutobi considering she has one year of experience to the rest of them.

After saying their good byes too the guards, as the two of them were trying everything not to break down from the affections the children were displaying. They out of pure will manage to say their byes too the children and watched them head out towards the funeral site. Making sure they were fully gone with their Byakkugan activated.

The two of them openly started crying, making sure no one will see them in this sort of state.

While walking towards the towers, Hinata and Tenten started remembering when they first met up with the Hokage.


Hinata's memory

She was walking down the halls of the hyuuga compound, after being summoned by her father, that one of the branch families said he wanted her to meet somebody who is important to the village. Agreeing and with light footsteps she headed out towards the room her father was in.

Mostly because he usually has meetings there whenever somebody important comes and visits. Seeing that she was approaching his room, as well tilting her head a bit on the account she could hear somebody else voice.

Though it was muffled and she couldn't tell who it belong too. So breathing in her resolve and tenderly moving forward as her lavender eyes were focus on the sliding door, slowly she approaches as she felt her nervousness and shyness were creeping up her spine.

With her petit hands she tenderly grabbed onto the door and opened it ever so gently to the left. Giving her a small peep hole for her to look through as well the new voice belonging to the visitor was filled with glee.

"Of course Hokage-sama, I will see to it that one of the members will go and join your Anbu group. Though, I don't know why you are asking seeing as how Mia is part of the Anbu black ops." Hiashi stated all the while chuckling, knowing exactly why the man came here.

Sarutobi came to see his daughter Hinata, on the account the young girl will be going to the Ninja academy soon as he wanted to give her good luck as well raising her spirits up a bit. So this way she wouldn't be shy about meeting new people.

"Well you know how Mia is she alone can be quite a handful. Just like her mother, her short temper and people skills are bad when handling a situation." Sarutobi explained, even though it was a small lie. Mia interaction with children is more seen there than with other adults, all the while taking her Anbu job to seriously. "So when will I be seeing young Hinata?"

Hiashi smirked all the while lightly shifting his head towards the door, making sure the young girl didn't see his movements. "She should be here any time soon it will be quite unpleasing if the Heiress didn't meet the Hokage and leader of the Leaf village." He said with a slight raised voice in fake anger.

Causing young Hinata to move behind the wall a bit, wondering if she got caught? Then eep when she felt her uncle hands on her shoulders and guided her through the door with a happy smile, "Look brother I found a floating flower." He joked with a smile.

Causing Hinata gulp a bit, as she watches her father and this newcomer starring at her with small smiles "Well let her in would you brother? I want Hinata to meet a friend of mine." He explained seeing the young girl blush go away as well shifting her lavender eyes towards Sarutobi, whom smiled at her.

"So you're Hinata huh? You look just like your mother, though bet you get that a lot huh?" He said with a chuckled seeing the girl smiling lightly and nodded her head, as she then walked on over and sat next to her father with her small hand gripping lightly on his sleeve.

"Well don't be rude say hello Hinata." Hiashi said with a slight movement of his sleeve, as the girl looked up at him and then back towards Sarutobi, seeing the old man laughing lightly while giving her a caring smile.

She lightly wiggle a few fingers from her free hand, "H-h-hello…" She squeaked out quietly, while smiling some more when she went a shake hands with him.

"Hello to you too, I hear you are attending the academy this year?" He asked while sitting back to his spot, watching the young girl nodding her head slowly. "I'm sure you will make the clan proud as well your Father happy, especially making new friends." He said watching how Hinata small smile grew some more.

Then fiddle her two fingers a bit, "Heh just like your mother. She too will always twiddle her fingers." He openly said getting a shock expression from Hinata as well giggling some more.

"Hokage-sama is going to spend more time here Hinata, will you like to join us?" Hiashi asked as well smile proudly at her, seeing her nodding her head.

"Oh and Hinata?" announced Sarutobi all of the sudden, seeing that he got the girls attention as she blinked her eyes over to him. "Naruto is also going to be attending the Academy this year as well." He eye smiled then open his eyes quickly when the girl eep out with a full blush as well fainting on the spot.

"Was…it something I said?" Sarutobi asked getting the room filled with laughter, as he wasn't informed about Naruto saving Hinata's life from a couple of kids the one day.


Tenten memories

"Alright Gai for the last time and I will repeat it many times. I. Don't. Have. Any missions left for your team to take." Groan out the Hokage as he tried explaining the sensei that he doesn't have any more missions for his team to do.

Although it wasn't really true, he still has a ton left. Just he wants them to be used for other teams, as well hoping to get some breaks for young Neji and Tenten who look like they were about to fall apart if they don't get any rest or sleep. 'How hard has he had these kids working?'

"But lord Hokage my team can still take on any missions you give us! Even D-rank mission, hell maybe another B rank mission!" shouted the overly excessive man as his teeth shined from his announcement, even young Lee was nodding his head up and down rapidly in agreement with his sensei.

Rubbing between the bridges of his nose, Sarutobi breathed in a lot of air and exhale out. "I don't give a flying kunai that you and Lee can. Neji and Tenten cannot be pushed to their limits like the two of you, look at them! They are covered in so much dirt and grime that I doubt they will be able to survive even a D-rank!" Shouted the Hokage, there times where enough is enough and that is now.

Gai blinked his eyes at the sudden announcement from the Hokage and looked on over towards his two students. "I know you want your team and…their Fire of youth burning Gai. But take into the fact that not everyone is like you…" Sarutobi continued, then saw the man bashfully rubbing the back of his head.

"Eheh…you are absolutely right Hokage-sama." This got a few sigh of relief and a passed out Tenten to finally rest onto the sofa in the room. "I should be more considerate about the entire group well-being."


'Their monsters…the both of them where in the hell do they get their energy!?' he thought to himself. Oh how he will love to use all 64 palms on them right about now…though he will be branded for murdering his sensei and student. But I'm sure they will let it slide, considering how annoying the two of them are.


Leaving Sarutobi, Tenten and Neji in the office as the wind they created blew some of the papers off the desk and onto the floor waking the shaken Tenten up onto her feet with her weapon scroll ready for any attack, only to leer at the mess that was on the floor as well hanging her head low.

"If you excuse me Hokage-sama…I ask for permission to leave?" Neji said with a tired look on his face all the while bowing down, seeing that his permission was granted and left the room. Leaving a sore Tenten behind as she was trying everything to move off the couch.

"No relax Tenten, your sore the most out of them all." Sarutobi explained, as the girl blinked her chocolate eyes at him and sighed. She didn't want to be seen weak as she tries once more, only to flinch from one of her bones cracking a bit. Earning the girl to yelp and sit back down, taking his advice as well lightly giggling when he said, "Told ya, your body knows more things than you do about yourself. Tell me…are you hungry?" He asked with a smile as the girl blushed a bit when her stomach growled.

Earning her to use one hand to rub across her cheek like a cat, with her tongue sticking out. "Heh I'll take that as a yes." He said while shouting to his secretary who bowed with a smile and left to get some food for the two. "So Tenten I hear you are great with weapons?"

This earned the girl to smile brightly, always one to chat about weapons with anyone. "YUP, my family works as a blacksmith in the village Hokage-sama. As well my mom and dad telling me everything there is to know about the different types of weapons." She then started explaining the fundamentals of how a Kunai is more deadly than shruikens, as well causing more damages to the human body.

While saying that Shruikens are more there to stun the enemy on the spot, as well being much harder to pull out of them on the account they could easily cut their hands when removing them. The two of them went hours upon hours talking about each weapon and tools that were used for ninja's.

As well their meals being brought in by the secretary, as the Hokage told her she can leave for the day as he wanted to spend time with the weapon mistress. After she bowed and left, while telling the two have a nice day. Sarutobi smiled over too Tenten as he wanted to get her opinion about his Bo staff.

"Hey Tenten what is your opinion about ninja who uses Bo weapons?" He asked and saw the girl blinking her eyes a bit, while eating the last bit of her rice ball humming out in thought with her arms cross.

"That depends on the quality of the staff…as well how the user wields it really. Why? You have a Bo weapon Hokage-sama?" She asked as the man nodded his head and explained to her about the fundamental behind it, explaining to her how he can have lord Enma the monkey leader of the Monkey summoning contract, become one with the weapon as well himself being able to attack it.

"WOW REALLY!? Oh you have to show me, please, please pleeeeeeassssse!" she begged out with her hands clasping together as well moving them up and down. Hoping the Hokage will allow her to see such a weapon, to distraught saying how Enma will get angry at him if he were to summon the weapon.

All the while showing it to a Genin and not using it in an actual fight, as well not liking the idea of the old man showing it off just for fun.


Everyone was there at the top of the Hokage towers, Naruto and all of friends were attended for. The sensei's, the clan leaders and some of the ninja's and Anbu black ops were also there. Naruto took his place next too Sakura, Konoharmaru, Iruka and Kakashi.

Hinata and her team were situated in a line as well, the same with everyone. Even Mia managed to attend to the funeral after recovering from her passing her limit with the byakkugan. All of Sarutobi friends were even present, Danzo who doesn't look like he is upset with the bandage and closed eye. But Naruto with his new powers from Kurama can sense and feel just how upset he is about losing his friend for life.

Koharu and Homura were the first two too start the funeral, explaining everything and saying how close Sarutobi was with everyone and how much he change their lives. Tsunade, Shizune and Jiraiya were behind them as they were placing a few flowers on the table, while Jiraiya who didn't have anything offer, still gave out a good heart filled speech about his times with the old man.

Even some embarrassing moments, trying to lighten up the mood a bit and told everyone that he wouldn't want them to stay in the dumps forever. "My sensei if he will be here, he will be standing right there…" He pointed slowly towards the center of the entire group, trying hard not to get choked up on his words. "There in the middle of this group, will be smiling proudly with that grin of his…Sa-saying how proud he is…to see us preserver through this outcome and save his family." He finished as his hands were shaking badly.

He closed his eyes and sniffed, apologizing to everyone. Though heard them saying that it was okay and even got a small snort from him when Naruto said pervy sage in the beginning of his sentence. "Thanks brat…" he joked back all the while ruffling his hair as he passed Naruto.

One by one, everyone walked up to the photo of Sarutobi, with each person giving out flowers as well praying in front of it. Prayers of his safe trip to heaven hoping that he is in a better place while some were trying everything not to break down.

Iruka was doing his best to calm Konoharmaru down as he is rubbing the boy's back, watching the way he was rubbing his hands in his eyes. Trying hard to keep himself calm as well knowing that his teacher was doing everything to keep him calm.

Naruto just stares at Konoharmaru, he can relate to the boy one hundred percent. The old man was very close to him as well when he was his age, always helping him out. Taking care of him whenever he asks for his assistance as well teaching him everything there is to know about being a ninja.

"Why…" he muttered out unintentionally. Not knowing he actually said it out on the open, he felt Kakashi resting a hand on his head. "Why did he have to die Kakashi sensei?" the boy looked up to him with sadness as well questions behind the look.

"This is your first time losing a comrade right?" he sighed knowing what feelings were going through the boy. "He did it to save everyone Naruto; he did to save his home, his family, friends and love ones. He did it so that he will make sure that everyone will come out of this alive. Even though he had falling in battle, he still gathered the strength and will from everyone in the village. Knowing that if he didn't stop Orochimaru, everyone he knew would have perished…Do you understand?" He asked him while looking down at the boy.

"I…think so…" Kakashi eyes soften up.

"I think you understand more than you think, when you were battling Gaara. You knew you had to save him, Temari and everyone back at the leaf village. You gather the hopes and strength from Kyuubi, Gaara, Temari and your wives right?" He then eye smiled as the look on the boy had understood what his sensei said as he replied back.

"Yeah I knew if I didn't stop the one tail demon, it would've have killed everyone including Temari. I knew I had to fight even if it meant I had to die myself!" He explained as his red eyes soften up, now understanding the reason why the old man and his parents died…They died for the ones they needed to protect and for them, it was both the Leaf village while for his parents. It was for the safety of their child as well giving him a future to live through.

"Glad you understand Naruto…" Kakashi said softly and watched the boy walk in front of the photo. The boy just stood there with his nine tails wagging gently up and down as he could sense everyone stares as well feelings of wanting to know how he is handling this.

They were really concern and worried about him, all this time during the events of slowly changing into the fox. He wanted to leave he wanted to abandon everyone for their own protection because he was afraid. Afraid that the kyuubi was slowly taking over his body as well probably get his revenge against the village, for sealing him away.

All this time not knowing how many truly cared for him, he almost broke their hearts when he had those thoughts running through his head. Even going to the point of abandoning his friends and love ones…Even Hinata, Haku, Tenten, Kin and Ino who showed nothing but affection for the boy as well caring for him.

"Hey…old man, I…I finally understand why you fought." He said too the still photo, wondering if Sarutobi was actually watching him through the photo. Listening to whatever he is offering to say to him, "You fought your hardest as well did everything in your power to stop Orochimaru right? I even heard you fought my dad and won…heh that's very cool of you." He said as tears were started break through, sniffing a bit.

The thunder let out a very soft boom as if responding to Naruto's speech to the third Hokage. "I did it old man I fought tooth and nails to save our home…To save Gaara and his siblings. I bet you were rooting for me in heaven right?" He asked knowing he wouldn't get an answer back.

He wiped his arm across his eyes as more tears were coming out, he left the arm there as he is breaking down and hiccupping. "I…wanted to tell you how I did it… how much I love the village, how I wanted to make you proud!" He cried out as his body was shaking, getting everyone there to lower their heads.

"But you…your gone now…How will I be able to tell you how much I kicked ass today huh?!" He raised his voice a bit as he stuttered out with each breath. "I guess…it's alright though you did it for everyone. You did it to save your family…"

Memories of his past started flashing through his eyes, "Remember old man when you introduced me to Ramen the first time?" He smiled with his arm resting against his side, as images of him and Sarutobi chatting and laughing together when they were eating ramen.

Saying different and random things, just trying to keep the conversations interesting as well enjoying one another company as they then decided they will have an eating contest, to see who is better at eating Ramen only for the two of them getting sick after going for their fourth bowl.

"Or the times that you were trying to teach me about chakra, as I couldn't stay focus at all with your teachings…heh, you would always scold me for falling asleep." He continued while earning some of the others to smile lightly, as they could remember and imagine the things Naruto was saying as the just let the tears comes.

Even Naruto remembers it well as the Hokage will always yell at him and scare the living daylights out of the boy, only for him to retaliate back and shout at him as well for waking him up from a good dream. As the two kept yelling and screaming at each other for things they weren't even sure were real or not.

Then once they stopped the two of them will suddenly start snickering and boast out in laughter, as they totally forgotten what it was they were mad at and continued the lesson some more before heading on out.

Many things he done with the old man, playing in the park, meeting up with some of the sensei's, even though most of them sneered and glared down to the boy. "Oh yeah I forgot how you introduced me too Iruka sensei!" He beamed while turning his head at the teacher, who bashfully rub the back of his head.

"I know wasn't the best student for him, but Iruka sensei is the best! As well always taking the time to help me out Old man, it was like you knew the two of us will get along!" He said while turning back to the picture, getting Iruka to close his eyes now him crying.

Then snorted when Konoharmaru this time was comforting the sensei, as he knew how much the boss respected the teacher. "I too am glad for the Hokage introducing us as well Naruto…" Iruka thought to himself, proud of how much Naruto matured ever since leaving the Academy.

After remembering everything he could, Naruto soften his look. "Before…before I go Old man, I want you to know that…The nine tails like you, gave his life up to save me…" He whispered quietly as he could fell the presence of Sarutobi standing next to him, with his smile never leaving his face.

"If…if you see him up there. Can you tell him that I said…thanks?" He asked while looking up towards the spot, even though he knew Sarutobi wouldn't actually be there in person. But can still feel his presence as well the gently rub on the shoulder.

"I will Naruto, thank you for everything as well saving the village. I will watch over you and your family…Good luck in becoming the next Hokage and Head clan of the Uzumaki's." Sarutobi said as well his presence leaving the boy.

The funeral ended for the day as everyone gave out their last prayers and thanks to the Third Hokage, as plans for rebuilding the Leaf village were now going through their heads as well wandering who shall be the new Hokage?


Four months later…

"Things have been progressing well in the Leaf village." Naruto voice rang out, with scenes of lots of Ninja and people alike coming together with construction workers and wood gathering, as the ninja's were hopping around on the roof tops, destroying some of the debris and rocks that were litter about.

While some were cleaning up the streets and helping out some of the civilians, that couldn't reach certain areas and heights. "People from all over the land of fire are coming together, with hammers, saws and many constructing looking tools in order to help rebuilding the leaf village back to its proud foundation."

Then images of Naruto clones running about, bringing paint cans and water bottles to those that were working really hard as well getting thirsty, as well some of them helping out with the construction. By carrying long planks of wood over the construction as well tools.

"Everyone is chipping in to make sure that nothing goes wrong, as well making sure that nobody will cause trouble or attack us while doing the construction."

Ino who was with her parents, were cleaning out and helping the neighbors and other business buildings that were on their district, by removing and cleaning up all the mess that were littered about as well reorganizing everything and repairing damages that were done on their homes and lots.

Kiba and his clan were out and about with their ninja dogs, sniffing out for any outsiders that might want to place paper bombs during the construction or secretly getting information about the status of the village as they will then get chased out, or killed by one of the members as well bringing them into custody before they could leak out anything to neighboring nations.

"Even Tazuna and the people from the Land of waves were also coming to the village, glad that they were able to help out those who help save their village from Gato, all the while my team and Haku's team came to the gates to greet the workers and show them where they could start. I am really amazed how much of a difference we made here in the village."


Tsunade was at a council meeting, discussing things with the head clans and civilian council of the progress that is being in the village, as well how there are no problems being made during their repairs. All the while Danzo suddenly informed and announce that it great and all, but they still needed a Hokage.

In which had everyone nodding in agreement as well as getting ideas of who might be a good candidate, only for them to get out of their thoughts when Jiraiya smile and suggested, "I nominate Tsunade for Hokage."

"I too nominate…WAIT WHAT!" Tsunade who was about agree with her head nodding, shouted out in shock as well whipping her head towards his direction all the while scowling, "Are you crazy I am not fit for the job-"

"That is an excellent Idea, Tsunade will definitely benefit for being Hokage as well with her love for the village being same as her sensei. There is no question I too nominate Tsunade for Hokage." Danzo replied with a smile, as well knowing Sarutobi would probably do the same considering Tsunade strong reserves and strong will, be able to get the leaf village through anything.

"I third that agreement." Announced Hiashi as he too was smiling, more and more hands were rising up as the twin blond pig tail sannin blinked her eyes at this. Shock beyond belief considering that she had never considering being Hokage at all!

She then felt Jiraiya resting a hand on her shoulder, giving her a warm smile as he said "It what Nawaki and your brother would probably want Tsunade. After all their will of fire was passed onto you." He said to her as she blinked her eyes a bit she then remembered the two of them saying how their dream one day will be Hokage.

Though she never thought that she will take the handle for them, then thought what he said to her about them passing on their will of fire to her. "Heh…I must be a fool if I don't honor their wishes now will I?" she said getting everyone there to smile at her all the while she stood up with her smirk. "Then I accept the role as the new Fifth Hokage!"


"And that is how Granny became the new Hokage for the village as everyone were proud and happy to serve under her, especially the speech she gave on how Sarutobi loved this village and was honor to lead us to the very end, as well encouraging everyone to be strong and show the world that we are a village worth protecting and fighting for."

Construction was finally dwindling down as the Hyuuga from their clan, started pitching in and using their byakkugan to help the workers on exactly where to hit their nails, or where to place them as well going far as to help hang up sings and street posts for those working on the electricity.

Hinata, Neji and Hanabi were also helping as well little Hanabi, being glad to help out her siblings with the construction. Telling them and everyone that she can be of use as well explaining how she can crawl through any small places that they couldn't reach.

Haku helping out business that needed pipe lines to be repair as well getting water back flowing through their systems again, in which the girl would gladly offer her service and use her Water jutsu to get things moving as well cleaning up any dirt and grime that were left behind.

Kin and Tenten, being great with their aims and use of weapons and senbons, are helping out the workers who were using pull systems to get too the higher ground of buildings. The two of them will start throwing their senbons up towards the spot's they wanted them to throw at, as well hammering them into the walls so the plating wood will not fall down into the streets.

After the fourth month arrived everyone was standing outside of the leaf village gates, with everyone cheering and celebrating of a job well done, as the entire village was completely rebuilt and brand spanking new. With the buildings repaired and more stable and sturdy that even a Kunai bomb or bomb tags, will have a hard time blowing them up.

All the while things were repainted, refurnished as well having new designs to them that nightfall had evening its way with Tsunade announcing that there was a surprise after they got done and boy was it a great finally for the construction, as fireworks were shooting off into the skies lighting up the night with its spectacular performance and light show, as well different patterns being form.

Everyone had gathered around to see the show, as they were proud for a job well done as well shaking hands with another with happy smiles. Saying thank you as well congratulating one another, even the Genins were being thanked for their help and support.

"A wise old man once told me, that in order to gain great strength is to know and have a purpose of what you are fighting for. If for the wrong reason, then you will never understand true strength as true strength come from those who have someone precious to protect as well having friends on your side, will you even have more strength as you give each other hope and courage that things will turn out alright.

As well saying that 'Those who abandon the rules are scum, but those who abandon their friends are even worse than scum'. If you don't protect and stick with your friends, you will never be trusted. All the while being truthful to them and making sure to be by their side when they need it, will you then gain respect."

After the show was over and all the ninja's who were standing in front of the village entrance, was waiting for the camera man to get things all situated and set up, with the children being out in front with the Genins behind them, then the Chuunin, Jonin, Anbu. As well with Tsunade being in the middle of the entire group as her title of Hokage, with Jiraiya and Shizune side by side with her. While she haves a hand rested on Naruto's shoulder, with his wives in the same row as him with Hinata on his right and Haku on the left, with Tenten, Ino and Kin squeezing themselves into them as they were smiling brightly.

As well Sakura and Lee were standing next to each with their own big grins, Hanabi with Neji. Everyone was there, 'Is everyone ready?" asked the camera man as he smiled up to them with them all shouted yes.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto, I am thirteen years old and have the nine tailed fox seal inside of me. My parents is the fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze, my mother is Kushina Uzumaki. The wife of Minato, who were happy to have me as their child, watching over me in the stars and heaven, my long road of becoming Hokage and Head clan of the Uzumaki clan is still a long way to go." He then grin when he felt the girl's trying to push themselves more into him, as they were waiting the right moment to give him a kiss.

"With my friends by my side and my loving wives, I know for sure that everything will be okay. My sanseis and seniors guiding me and helping me along the way will make sure of that. This is my family, this is my home and this is my village." Naruto stated while throwing out a peace sign in front of him. While the girl all winked with happy smiles as well the others in there.

"Okay say cheese!" with that a flashed blinded the group as a photo slide out from the side of the camera, showing everyone there with their happy smiles as well some of them having slight blushes on their face. With Shikamaru shrugging his shoulders, Sakura having her eyes close with her hands underneath her mouth. Jiraiya pervert smile and Kakashi eye smile with a pink circle blush on his cheeks.

Tsunade smile turned into a huge grin, as well Shizune trying hard not to laugh in the picture. Showing Naruto with a red face as all five girls manage to give each of his cheeks a kiss. "We are Ninja hidden in the Leaf village and this is our family."


Over in the distance high above the Leaf village, stand two lone figures. Wearing black long robes as there were red cloud like designs on them, staring down the newly built village. "So this is the Leaf village, seems very peaceful ever since the invasion", said a man who is over towering his partner, with his fang like teeth showing in his smile "How does it feel to be home…Itachi?"

The man next to him raised his head up, with his red full tomoe eyes glaring down the village. The same village, who branded him as a missing ninja as well dangerous with the issues of run on sight, was written on his bingo book. "Let's go Kisame we have to get the Nine tails…" Itachi stated and just walked on forward towards the Leaf village as the man known as Kisame chuckled darkly and followed him.

"Of course I hope the container can entertain us before I chop his legs." He informed behind him, as he walked in timing with Itachi as his partner lower his gaze half way. Concern and wandering about how his younger brother Sasuke was doing, as well hoping that he gave the message to Mia and Sho, asking them to watch over Naruto.

Red clouds are approaching to the Leaf village, will they be able to handle this new threat as well Naruto and his wives being prepared for the approaching storm?