Author's Notes: Written for astronaut's What Happens Behind Closed Doors challenge. Rated M for sex and non-con in future chapters.



"Look, it's Rodolphus Lestrange."

At her eldest sister's words, Narcissa's head snapped up, and she spun around so fast she hurt her neck. Bellatrix was pointing lazily across the crowded room, at the door of Florean Fortiscue's ice-cream parlour, at the handsome young man who had just stepped in.

Andromeda caught a drop of ice-cream with her tongue, and shook her head reprovingly at her sisters. "Do you two do anything but fawn after him?"

Bellatrix reached across the table to smack Andromeda on the arm. "You know we do. But he's so…" she paused, apparently searching for words, then gave up and made a sort of mmm-ing sound. "Isn't he?"

Andromeda rolled her eyes, but Narcissa was too busy staring at Rodolphus to care.

Rodolphus Lestrange was five years older than Narcissa. He was a Pureblood, from the sort of family even Cygnus Black couldn't find fault with, he was wealthy, he had gotten top marks in classes (Narcissa only knew that because he was in Bellatrix's year and she managed to find out everyone's test scores), and he was unbelievably handsome.

Of course, as such, he hadn't the first clue that Narcissa existed.

Well, perhaps that wasn't strictly true. He had seen her before, knew her in a vague way as "Bellatrix Black's younger sister", would smile and nod if he happened to pass her on the street, but Narcissa very much doubted if he knew her name. All of ten words had passed between them.

Since her fourth year, when Rodolphus left school and found a job working at the Ministry (making him the sort of person Cygnus and Druella invited to dinners), Narcissa had nursed an attraction to him. She and Andromeda were not allowed to eat with the adults when Rodolphus was visiting, but they watched him from afar. Even Andromeda, who was firm in her statements that she hated the Lestranges every bit as much as she hated the Malfoys, the Notts, and every other dull, Pureblood family they had to interact with, did agree that Rodolphus was more or less the perfect man. At least, she admitted that in the privacy of Black Manor, when there was no chance anyone could overhear her.

"Stop gawking, Cissy," Bellatrix said, and Narcissa realized she had been staring, probably with a stupid, starry-eyed expression, at Rodolphus for the last several minutes. She turned away hurriedly and went back to her ice cream, continuing to sneak glances at Rodolphus out of the corner of her eye.

He had gotten an ice cream, and was now looking around, rather irritated, for a spot to sit down.

"Oy! Lestrange!" Bellatrix called out, half standing and waving to him. "We've got an extra seat, why don't you come sit with us!"

"Bella!" hissed Andromeda, but Rodolphus smiled amiably, and made his way across the ice-cream parlour to sit down with the girls, next to Narcissa, and across from Bellatrix.

"Good to see you, Black," he said to Bellatrix.

"There are three Blacks here, you're going to have to call us by our proper names," Bellatrix said, a vaguely flirtatious smile playing around her lips.

"Oh dear, let me see." Rodolphus grinned, and took a bite of his ice-cream before pointing at Bellatrix. "You're Bellatrix, the one all the boys wanted…"

Bellatrix's hand rested on her wand, but she beamed at the title.

"You're Andromeda, the one everyone likes…"

Andromeda, who had been wearing a coldly polite smile, softened a little at the compliment.

"And you're…" he turned to Narcissa, and his smile slipped a little as he struggled to remember her name. Narcissa looked at him encouragingly, and he rallied after a moment. "Narcissa, isn't it?"

She nodded, and knew the colour was rising in her cheeks. Was it wrong to enjoy hearing one's own name said so much?

"Narcissa, the pretty one," Rodolphus finished, apparently proud of himself for managing compliments for all three sisters.

"Flattery," Bellatrix said, leaning across the table, "won't get you anywhere with us Blacks."

"Is that so?"

"Well," Bellatrix amended, smiling very widely, "not far, in any case. You going to offer me a lick?"

Rodolphus seemed taken aback. He stared at Bellatrix, perplexed. "Pardon?"

"It's the polite thing to do, you know. I wouldn't do it if you didn't invite me."

"I… what?"

"Your ice cream," Bellatrix said. "Are you going to offer me a lick of it?"

Rodolphus relaxed visibly. "Oh. Of course. Sorry." He held out the ice cream cone he was holding, and Bellatrix took it. She leaned forward, holding the cone lightly, tilting it towards her, and fastening her lips around the top, sucking some of the ice cream off. Rodolphus watched her, and Narcissa saw him shift slightly, staring at Bellatrix's mouth.

She pulled finished, and handed the cone back to Rodolphus. "Tasty," she said, her voice low and velvety, almost a purr.

Narcissa glanced at Rodolphus, then at Andromeda, who caught Narcissa's eye, and shook her head slightly, a sardonic smile on her lips.

Later that afternoon, Narcissa asked Bellatrix what she had been doing. "You said you didn't want ice cream, remember? That's why you didn't have your own."

"I know," Bellatrix said. "But I wasn't thinking about ice cream. And, I can promise you, neither was Rodolphus."