It was the small things that you miss the most, but at that moment the only thing or rather person I miss is Tigress. Master Shifu had sent me on a solo mission, and at the moment everywhere I went I was reminded of Tigress. It is almost as if Tigress was right there by my side doing the mission with me, and at the time I was beginning to suspect that this mission is more than just getting rid of bandits near the valley. When Master Shifu told me about the mission I thought that it was just a simple bandit problem. He had said that bandits were reported to be spotted near the Valley of Peace and told me to spy on them to see what they wanted from the Valley of Peace.

I had been training on a better stealth mode ever since the whole Lord Shen taking over the world happened. I had improved but it was nowhere near as good as it should be. Yet Master Shifu believed that I could gather the information without getting caught. Once I got to the bandits campsite, I simply thought they wanted pass through the Valley of Peace to go somewhere else. Turns out I was wrong, really wrong. When I got to the location of the problem I saw this group of what looked like gorilla bandits torturing what appeared to be a female tiger mixed with a lion. Right when I was about to use my awesome kung fu to save her, I see this old tiger going up to her with a whip. At first I thought that I could take him but when I see that the end of the whip had spikes I crouched and stayed hidden.

Female Tiger's POV

I can't believe the mess I had gotten myself into. One minute I am taunting the worthless vermin, the next I am tied up to a post in front of him. The leader of the vermin scout, Iron Fang, was not thrilled with me stopping his lot from getting to the Valley of Peace as if I even cared about what he thought. I didn't know what he wanted from me, but the only thing I did know was he wasn't going to get his paws on it. I had left so much behind in the Valley of Peace that constantly made me put on my mask, and I am now trying in vain to get out of these chains. While the gorillas were busy trying to get me to tell them all I knew about the Valley of Peace, I was busy picking the lock of the chains with my claw.

It wasn't until I hear a growl that I got a closer look at Iron Fang. He was an old male tiger, and by the looks of it looked vaguely familiar. I knew he was trying to scare me with the spiked whip, but I simply could not for the life of me pin a name on this punk. I knew him from somewhere and wherever that place was it wasn't a fond memory for him. I shake my head to rid these vague images knowing that distractions can get me killed at this point. I glare at him and stood as tall as I could being tied to post, and tried to remember my adoptive father.

My adoptive father hardly had any faith in my abilities considering that I showed talent much too early to even be believable. He always pushed me emotionally wise to be strong, or at least that is what I always had hoped he was doing. He always said I was never emotionally strong enough to be a master simply because I always fought with my heart rather than my head. Somehow I always saw truth in his words, because when you have to fight someone you cared for it hurts you rather than the said opponent. I don't know why but something felt right when I took off after that double-crosser, Cheng. It was almost as if my father wanted me to defend everyone else rather than the Valley of Peace. Before I could go deeper in my thoughts I hear:

"So are you going to talk, or do we have to force you?" Iron Fang say before cracking the whip

"Sorry Iron Fang, but I have no idea what you are talking about. After all, I am Ai Laterose the Duelist. It simply makes no sense to hold me captive when I have nothing that interests you." I reply smirking at how easy it was to fool his men

"Look here brat either you tell me how to get to the Valley of Peace or you die." Iron Fang replies in a low tone just to scare me

"Iron Fang are you lost or are you just naturally bad at reading maps?" I reply with a cocky smirk on my face

"I AM NOT LOST!" Iron Fang shouts before he cracks the whip on my face

"That the best you got Whiskers?" I reply masking the pain in my jaw very well

"You insolent brat, have you no idea how strong I am?" He replies cracking the whip on my face with every word in the old left right pattern

"You call this strength, Whiskers? I think its cowardice, striking someone who is in bondage. Besides I don't have a clue on where the said valley lies, they have never asked for my assistance so I tend to forget the route." I reply lying through my teeth

"LIES, you do know where it is but you refuse to tell me. Now you must die!" He replies trying to sound tough

"Hate to break to you, princess but your knights don't seem to agree." I reply enraging him even further than I had the first time

"You are still insulting me, you insolent brat? Have you ever learned to show respect to a general of a grand army?" He replies punctuating each word with a very strong punch

"Show me a general and a grand army then, Whiskers. Since all I see here is an old hag commanding a bunch of morons." I reply yet again enraging him even further

Po's POV

This girl had a lot guts to talk to the leader like that, and she wasn't even showing any signs of pain and fear. I now knew that this army was supposed to be a threat to the Valley of Peace, but I couldn't make move until I brought her to the Jade Palace. After all I save lives, and hers was no different than anyone else. This leader really wanted to find the Valley of Peace but what I wanted to know was the reason behind it. I carefully examine the area and notice that she wore a red bandanna with a dragon symbol on it, a vest much like Tigress' only it had a blue dragon as its design, and similar training pants that Tigress wore. Now that I think about she did look like Tigress the only difference is the head fur which looked like a lion's mane but it only covered one eye. Could she be Tigress' long lost sister?

"You insolent child, I will be supreme ruler of this land. Not even the dragon warrior can stop me." I hear the leader say before he laughs like a psycho

"Hate to burst your bubble Iron Fang, but the only supreme ruler you will ever be is supreme ruler of the idiots. Have you not heard of Lord Shen's attempt at going for ruling the world? He failed and he actually had an army and plan worthy of a challenge compared to yours." The prisoner replies making me admire her courage

"My army is ten times better than his. Mine actually knows kung fu, his didn't." Iron Fang replies sounding a spoil kid to me

"If they know kung fu, then the Furious Five are nothing but a bunch of kids, Whiskers." She replies laughing

The leader got so mad that he stormed off, and told the gorillas that she is not to be fed for three days. The gorillas decided to go off and eat right in front of her trying to make her cry only to get the surprise of their life. She managed to get herself loose, and fought the gorillas with all she had but she was getting outnumbered so I jumped in to help her. We fought our way out and before we ran out she says:

"LONG LIVE THE LATEROSE PRIDE!" before she used a smoke bomb to help us get away

Normal POV

It had only been mere moments after the escape that Po couldn't help but stare at her a few times in amazement. She looked no older than Tigress, and the resemblance was uncanny. He wanted to ask her who she was and what the bandits wanted with seeing as how he could hardly hear the words exchanged between the leader and her. Po felt that if she really was Tigress' own flesh and blood then he had truly brought Tigress peace, but he didn't want to assume anything just yet. She did look a lot like Tigress but some questions ran through his head like if she knew her long lost sister was alive and did she even care.

Ai however did know of the route to the Valley of Peace, and had in fact grown up there under Master Shifu and Grandmaster Oogway. She even knew of her origins and suspected that Master Tigress was indeed her biological sister. She was painfully aware of Po staring but knew not of his name. She felt that since he had helped her and had not done anything to harm her that the staring would be allowed. She snuck a few glances at him and noticed that one of the bandits had managed to give him a minor gash wound on his left arm and right leg. Knowing what would happen if it were not treated and the actual distance to the Jade Palace, she asked:

"How much further to the nearest village, kind warrior?" to strike up a conversation and to distract him from any pain he might be feeling

"We are almost there. Let's keep moving don't want those bandits to feel the thunder just yet." He replied with his normal happy tone

"Understandable. I would like to know the name of the comrade who came to aid my escape if you don't mind." She replies in her normal seriousness

"Po Ping also known as the Dragon Warrior." He replies in his heroic tone

"So you are the infamous Dragon Warrior, I am honored. My name is Ai Laterose commonly known as Laterose the Duelist, and Princess Ai Laterose of Noonvale." Ai replied in a calm manner and bowing in respect of his title

"Wow a princess that can fight, awesome!" he replies in fan boyish sort of way

"I prefer if you don't address me by that title. I lost my family because of it." She replies in a calm and sad tone

"Sorry for bringing it up." He apologizes knowing the pain of losing one's family

"No need for that Dragon Warrior, I came to terms with what had happen. Now all I desire is to find out if my family had somehow survived, or passed on. Also to reunite my family once more, just like my parents had always wanted." She replies in an appreciative and determined tone

"That is so cool! So, what did those bandits want with you?" he ask curious as to how she got in that mess

"To know how to get to the Valley of Peace. Honestly, you have your work cut out for you." She replies chuckling at the very thought

"Wait you are not shocked?" he ask surprise that she had believe he was the Dragon Warrior

"I have seen and heard of weirder things than a panda being the greatest warrior of all time. So no I am not shocked, but I am amazed and curious. If it is alright with you, I would like to spar with you when you are at your best and when the leader of the idiots is stopped." She replies with a smirk

"No I wouldn't mind Ai. So any luck finding your family?" he ask filled with wonder

"So far I only know that my siblings are alive and well. However they are spread out to different lands." She replies grateful that he asked

They had managed to arrive to the Valley of Peace and noticed that the sun was setting. Po thought the recon would only take a few hours but he had managed to make a new friend who might actually be Tigress' sister. He was currently asking her if she had seen the valley before only to find out that she vaguely remembered the Valley because of her travels. She then notices that the citizens weren't looking at the Dragon Warrior but at her. Of course she wasn't a pure tiger, but it made her feel at peace for some strange reason. She saw the Jade Palace and felt her heart swell with longing and joy to be so close to her adoptive father and yet sad because they weren't as close as a father and daughter should be.

Once they had reached the steps of the Jade Palace, Po was once again asking Ai everything and anything she knew of the Jade Palace. She found it somewhat assuming that her plan to distract him from any physical pain didn't really need much work, however she did find the questions he ask somewhat annoying. She put up with it for several reasons, one he had helped her escape from the morons, two he had brought to the Jade Palace, and three he had only shown compassion and understanding towards her. When they had finally reached the top of the steps, she saw Master Shifu and the Furious Five standing there ready to take off to look for Po.

"Hello, Grandmaster Shifu. I am almost certain you don't remember me but I must say the title suits you well. Training the greatest warriors in the world is quite an honor if I do say so for myself." Ai replies with a smirk on her face

"It is a relief to see you are at least alive and well Ai. I would like for you to meet your foster sister Tigress." Master Shifu replies calm and relieved

"It's a tremendous honor to finally meet you Tigress. If you wish I shall address you by your title until we get to know one another much better. I simply desire to train once more to help eliminate the threat that looms over the world, more potent than what the Dragon Warrior had witnessed himself." Ai replies bowing in respect

"No need for that Ai I simply want my sister to treat me like her sister. As to the threat you have mentioned, may we know what is the said threat is?" Tigress replies placing both paws on Ai's shoulders with a confident smirk

"The threat is the assassin of my biological parents and his army of mind controlled soldiers." Ai replies before hugging Tigress "In fact the demented freak nearly killed me before the Dragon Warrior found me." She adds hugging Tigress even tighter

"Do you have a name on this assassin?" Tigress ask masking her vicious anger

"He calls himself Abaddon the Terrible. I only know that he is a white lion with a crazy obsession for you, and he doesn't enjoy it when folks like me easily escape his grasp. Tigress if there is anything I even know about fighting him is that using your wit is your best and only option in the entire fight. He also rarely fights fair and when he does it is not an easy fight." Ai replies breaking the hug and trying rid the brutal memories of the last fight she had

"Hearing those words from you Ai means that he might be worse the Lord Shen." Master Shifu replies before he turns to the palace "Let us speak inside the Jade Palace." He adds going into the Palace grounds

Once they had entered the Jade Palace Po had fallen to the ground in exhaustion causing a huge wave of concern. Ai had managed when Po was asking her about what she knew of the Jade Palace to wrap a cloth on his wounded leg and arm. Master Shifu had noticed this and looked at Ai like she had stolen a cookie from the cookie jar. Tigress had noticed the bandages and Master Shifu's look knowing that if her father gave the look it meant that her sister had done something extremely sneaky and risky. She gave a look that literally showed her pride in Ai's handiwork.

"Oh come on, baba like he would honestly let me bandage his arm and leg after he helped me escape." Ai said noticing the look

"You mean to tell me that he is not even aware of the bandages?" Master Shifu asked amazed

"At the moment, no. However he seems to suspect that I have been here before despite me ever mentioning it." She replies amazing the Furious Five

"When did you develop the skill?" Tigress asked amazed

"Don't remember when but it was how I got the dreaded nickname Kitty Softpaws." She replied shuddering at the name

"Oh yeah she is definitely your sister." Mantis commented earning a smack from Viper

"Shut up, Mantis." Tigress replied flicking her tail in annoyance

Master Shifu had checked to see if the bandages were properly placed considering the risky stunt his adoptive daughter pulled. He had to admit the nickname however unpleasant it may be for him and her was very fitting for her. In fact even when she training here at the Palace, her knack for causing extreme harm with very little effort had always impressed him. He would often laugh at how Tai Lung couldn't even notice the true force of the attack until it was too late, but now that Po had received treatment for his wounds without even noticing just proved one thing to him. She had been training and by the looks of things this wasn't her only skill.

"Impressive work though. I assume you did this while he was walking." Master Shifu replies ignoring Mantis at the moment

"I had to because he was so determined to get me here that he didn't even notice the wounds themselves." Ai replies shocking everyone

"That means you got into some serious trouble then. Po hardly ever leaves a wound unnoticed." Tigress comments causing everyone to agree

"It wasn't really that big of a deal. After I had gone after someone who had betrayed Master Shifu long ago, I had discovered things that got me thinking. I found that the double-crosser was working for Abaddon the Terrible, and that he was truly responsible for my biological parents' murder. I also found that I have three biological siblings who have no idea of the said event, but no names to trace them. The bandits that Master Po had found holding me captive are involved in this as well. Their leader Iron Fang is none than the backstabbing Saber tooth Tiger, Chao Fang." Ai replies trying to keep her feral temper at bay

"Ai, something tells me that you haven't been chasing Chao all this time." Master Shifu comments knowing her better than that

"Let's just say that my biological sister may be closer than you think." She replies before going to the Training Room

For the rest of the day Ai had been training, and it wasn't the training Tigress did it was much harsher. She had found the cuffs that she had learned to use as a cub by Master Shifu which weighed around 30 pounds each, and wore them during her sword training. Everyone else waited until Po woke up to see her in action, and they were shocked except Master Shifu. She was so focused on her training that she wasn't even aware that everyone else was there. She then started to sing:

"Yeah Yeaaahhhh

Hey Yeah

Got myself a notion

One I'll know that you'll understand

Set the world in motion

By reaching out for each other's hand

Maybe we'll discover

What we should've known all along (Yeah)

One way or another

Together is where we both belong"

While Ai was singing, she was moving the sword to the rhythm of the song. It looked like she was dancing a very dangerous dance but she was fighting to the songs beat as if it another opponent. She kept the sword in a slow motion until she suddenly started feeling the rhythm getting faster as the song picked up its tempo.

"If we listen to each other's hearts (Oh Yeah)

We'll find that we're never too far apart

And maybe love is the reason why,

For the first time ever we're seeing it eye to eye"

This time instead of basic parries and thrusts, Ai did some more advance moves and twirled the blade around. She wasn't even aware of the fact that everyone was staring let alone the gasps they made when she did somersault and thrust the sword down on the imaginary opponent, or the constant and frequent use of the word "awesome".

"If a wall should come between us

Too high to climb too hard to break through

I know that love will lead us

And find a way to bring me to you

So don't be in a hurry

Think before you count us out (Ooh)

You don't have to worry

I won't ever let you down (nothing's gonna stop us now)"

Ai was constantly slashing the blade through the air like she was in a vicious fight and the song served as the background music. Tigress could not believe what she saw this is her adoptive sister and was extremely skillful at the blade and at music. The need for weights confused her though seeing as how Master Shifu never made her wear those while she trained. She stared in awe at how fast her sister was and really wanted to cheer but what Ai did next was breathtaking.

"If we listen to each other's hearts

We'll find that we're never too far apart

And maybe love is the reason why, (Oh Yeah)

For the first time ever we're seeing it eye to eye

Yes we are

Seeing it eye to eye (Yeaaahhhh)

I think we're seeing it eye to eye"

Ai had practically danced with the sword by twirling the blade with her leg! Tigress and the others practically stood there in shock even Master Shifu's jaw dropped at the stunt. Ai was now using her leg to control the blade while did a few beats and parries with a spare dagger as if another imaginary opponent had joined in the battle. Po could not even say how awesome the whole thing was but his expression said it all, she was just as dangerous as Tigress possibly even more deadly. Tigress could not help but gasp along with the others, this was her foster sister and yet she possessed the same traits in training.

"If you're ever lonely, stop!

You don't have to be

After all this slowly

I'll be there for just you and me

Take a look inside and see (Yeaaahhh)"

Ai then throws the dagger in the air and kicks the sword up in a swift motion. The blades flew right up in the air while she did some kung fu moves amazing everyone around her. Master Shifu could not believe this Ai, the very student who he had trained until she physically could not even move, had shown skill far superior to all his students combined. She was even showing that Tai Lung had hardly trained at the intensity that Tigress had and he had defeated the Furious Five!

"If we listen to each other's heart

We'll find that we're never too far apart

And maybe love is the reason why,

For the first time ever we're seeing it eye to eye"

At this point she caught the dagger in middle of a roundhouse kick and sword in middle of a punch. If she had been actually fighting opponents she would have surely killed them at the very moment. She then resumed to thrusts and parries as if she had never done those things in the first place. Tigress knew one thing for sure, her sister won't need to protection or training like Po surely did or like she even requested. Tigress could not believe how deep into her training Ai truly was at the moment, she could not get that deep into her own training.

If we listen to each other's hearts

We'll find that we're never too far apart

And maybe love is the reason why,

For the first time ever we're seeing it eye to eye

Seeing it eye to eye

Seeing it eye to eye baby

For the first time

For the first time

Eye to eye

Seeing it baby


For the first time


Yeaahhh baby

Seeing it baby

Eye to eye


Eye to eye

Eye to eye

Eye to eye

Eye to Eeeeeyyyyyyyyeeeeeee (Yyyeeeaaaahhhh)"

Ai had finished the song for her sword training and toss the blade and dagger at the wall of the room with such speed that it was deadly. She then took the bandanna off and stretched her arms and legs a bit. Before she tore through the obstacle course with such speed that not even Mantis could beat and strength that made Tai Lung look like a wimp. When she finished that she finally noticed the others and was embarrassed that she had been watched.

"Uh how long have you guys been standing there?" she asks trying to regain her confidence

"Long enough and I must say that was pretty hardcore." Tigress replies using Po's word smirking

"Hehe I kinda had been training with different styles. That was the Dragon Rider style of the Dragon styles." She replies rubbing her right arm and looking straight at Tigress while biting her lower lip

"Really, that is so awesome! Is there a Dragon Warrior style?" Po asks getting fan boyish again

"Well there is but I haven't been able to master it let alone understand it." Ai replies slowly regaining her normal confidence

"What do you mean Ai?" Master Shifu asks deeply concerned

"What I mean is that the Dragon scrolls are only understood by the one choosen for the job. The Dragon Rider is the defender of all no matter whom they are, the Dragon Tamer is the one to ensure that things happen as the stars foretold, and the Dragon Warrior is the one who understands all and never ever judge anyone by anything except their heart." Ai replies causing everyone to stare at Po in amazement

"So how are the Dragon Rider and Dragon Tamer chosen?" Po asks very curious as to how it is to be done now

"The Dragon Rider has to be someone with no fear, has a wit like no other, fight with such emotion that it is considered reckless and a tongue as sharp as a blade according to legend. The Dragon Tamer must have an extreme interest in the stars, have no fear, and to allow the stars to do what they believe is best according to legend. The Dragon Warrior has to be chosen when the said warrior knows nothing of fighting but desire the knowledge to live a life that the said warrior believes is the happiest they could possibly live, must endure physical and emotional pain that one would not endure, and finally must understand the secret the stars had embedded in the Dragon Scroll." Ai replies shocking everyone again

"How do you know all this?" Master Shifu asks his voice so full of wonder

"Master Oogway often told me the legend and a friend of mine would always retell the legend. Her name is Yu MuRong and she is one of the best archers I know. With her help I had only recently found the legendary Dragon's Mountain and the fabled Lotus Tiger Peek. In fact that is how I know my siblings are alive but the stars wouldn't state names. The only thing the stars allowed me to know is that our fierce courage, determination, discipline, and singing voice is the family trait. Also the stars mentioned that my elder sister, by an hour, is the next in line to rule the Laterose Pride." Ai replies taking a deep breath while standing tall

"Hey Tigress, do you sing?" Po ask with determination in his voice

"You think that I could be her biological sister?" Tigress asks nervous and confused

"You have everything else paws down." Po replies proving a very good point

"Okay how exactly does the singing voice determine anything?" Viper asks confused beyond measure

"It is said that my family has the fairest voice in all the lands yet we ourselves don't see it. Also the singing voice is said to unleash tremendous emotion and fire locked within our very souls. Which confuses me but at the same time it doesn't hurt to try." Ai replies hopeful

"If you say so I sing after we settle the sleeping arrangements." Tigress replies hopeful and nervous

"Fair enough. Po, again I must thank you for aiding me in my escape had you not been there I would have surely been dead due to lack of energy and weapons." Ai replies bowing in respect "Master Shifu, I am currently assuming that my old room near the Sacred Pool of Tears is not in use." She adds causing everyone to be curious

"No it is not but I suggest that you room with Tigress instead. I was extremely harsh when I was training and raising you. I don't think it is fair that my daughter should have to sleep in a room that is more like a cave." He replies stroking Tigress' temper

Tigress was furious at what her sister had to put up with from their father when she was there training. Ai was the only sister she even had and the very fact that her room was almost a cave and that he was harsher with her than he was with Tigress. She took a deep breath knowing that he was being nicer to Ai now and was allowing Ai to stay in her room. She still couldn't help but be extremely upset at the fact that he was harsher to Ai.

"Master Shifu, your training always made me feel that I would never hear you call me your daughter. Baba, your training made me humble and thankful for what I even had. Besides I didn't end up like Tai Lung or Chao, or even Lang. All those guys knew was that Kung Fu was something that gave them the right to do wrong for what they desire. You made me humble, patience, and stronger simply by being harsh with me. Waking me up at day's first hour, making run up and down the steps with these cuff weights and the ankle weights, making do push-ups just to earn my meals, making me do sit-ups to earn my right to sleep for the night, pull-ups to go to festivals, making me punch ironwood trees to earn my meditation rights, making me clean up the entire palace after the boys had finished training just to be able to talk to Master Oogway, making me go through the obstacle course to ensure that it was at the boys' level, making me punch a boulder with my bare paws to make sculptures of the Jade Palace, and making cook dinner for everyone made me the warrior I am now. I am Laterose the Duelist because of you and Master Oogway." Ai replies causing Tigress get even angrier than before

Po thought he was hated before he defeated Tai Lung before he heard what Ai had said. He seriously couldn't even say a single word on what he thought at the moment. Po then saw Tigress visibly shaking in anger that he thought she should be allowed to express, but Master Shifu merely smiled at the blunt facts. He was confused and angry with Master Shifu's actions because she had just said that he had physically drained her and forced her to continue. Tigress wanted to shout and attack him for what he had done to her only sane sibling, but couldn't bring herself to do it.

"So I have but that was my fault. Master Oogway foretold that my daughters would fall in love with males outside of their species and their ranks thus leading to a grand war. I was fearful for your safety by not giving you compassion and mercy and for Tigress for not showing how proud I was." Master Shifu replies confusing the others

"That is cold." Mantis said making Ai laugh

"I saw colder and crueler masters after I left. They made him look like a saint back then." Ai replies causing a wave of calm to wash over the warriors

"So baba prepared you for worse?" Tigress asks beginning to relax

"The way I see it, yes…yes he has." Ai replies calm

"That is severely hardcore." Po comments trying to regain his persona

"If you say so. I started a small resistance just south of where Po found me, so far Yu MuRong, Huan Yu, Min Ling, Wei Ren, Wu Tsen, Zhong Lai, Yong Lin, Chen Won, Li Ling, Qiang Ping, Jian Cheng, and Cheng Xu are the members of the resistance. Seeing as how their families had served my biological parents as soldiers. I could use some Kung Fu masters to train my recruits and students." Ai replies getting the warriors pumped

"We would be happy to help, Ai." Viper replies excited for a new adventure

"Good to hear, but there is one thing I should warn you about." Ai replies regretting her mini training

"What is that Ai?" Master Shifu asks concern


"The singing gets more than what the family bargains for." Ai replies while hiding behind Tigress

"You have got to be kidding me." Tigress comments before going into a fighting stance

"I wish I was, Tigress. He is a total pervert and a freak, you beating his ass is just going to encourage him." Ai replies shuddering at the thought "Let one of the guys beat him, because he has a thing for women who beat his ass. I learned that the hard way." She added causing Po to get in front of Tigress

A male tiger walked in completely arrogant of where he was and thought he deserved the best. He then saw Ai behind Tigress and Po, and attempted to make a move towards her until he saw Po get into a fighting stance. He narrowed his eyes at the panda and started to laugh maniacally at the very idea of a panda knowing Kung Fu. He would have kept on laughing if it had not been for Master Shifu giving him the beat down of his life. He then looked at Ai only to see her smirking and make that smug pose knowing that she has effectively escaped him.

"You honestly think that this bastard can keep you safe?" he asked pissed

"You watch who you call a bastard, Chang because he might tear you to shreds." Ai taunted using her wit to bait him into a fight

"You honestly think that this old bastard can beat me? Don't make me laugh Ai. You and I both know that females are inferior to males, so why don't do everyone a favor and just accept your fate." Chang replies completely arrogant

Ai placed a paw on Tigress' and Po's shoulder and tells them her plan which causes them to smirk. Her plan was to trick Chang into lunging at her and crash into the obstacle course, but in order to do that she had to bait him into a fight. Master Shifu was painfully aware of Ai was trying to do and decided to lend a helping paw by beating Chang's ass when he attempted to stand. Chang narrowed his eyes at the master while Ai smirked getting her cue.

"If ya want me then come and get me ya filthy scum!" Ai replies standing in front of the course without the cuff weights

Chang took the bait and lunged right at her. Ai somersaulted over him with ease and grace turning around to only see him get his ass handed to him much more than Po had on his first day. Po smiled knowing now that he didn't officially suck worse in the history of sucking on his first day. While the other practically smirked at how the deserving bastard got his just deserts in the obstacle course. When Chang got out of the course he tried to stand up only to fall back down with his tail on fire. Ai shook her head at how easy it is to get rid of him and asked:

"Master Shifu, what level did this bastard now create in Kung Fu?" in a very smug tone

"Level negative 5 is now an actual level." Master Shifu replies putting out the fire in Chang's tail

"Po we are really sorry that we underestimated you. We now know that you weren't the worst choice at the moment." Tigress replies smirking placing a paw on Po's shoulder

"Yeah dude, we are really sorry." Mantis adds jumping on Po's other shoulder

"Get out of here Chang. You are a disgrace to tigers everywhere and to the pride." Ai replies colder than Tigress with her arms folded causing the others to inwardly wince

"Says the bastard child of the throne." Chang comments causing Tigress to growl and unsheathed her claws

"So my mother loves the King of Thieves, at least he had class and honor. Which is much more than what I can say for an arrogant noble." Ai replies causing everyone except Master Shifu and Tigress to wince

"Look bitch I am the best thing to have ever happened to you. So just shut your trap and help me up." Chang replies losing his temper

"Sorry I don't speak arrogant. I am content with being a fighter and Jun gets that." Ai replies causing Chang to lose it

Po beat Chang so bad that he could have been presumed dead. When Chang pushed himself up flashing his claws to Ai Po had lost it. He punched Chang with a hard right throwing him back to the floor, and when Chang got back up Po gave him the hardest roundhouse kick that he could muster tossing Chang right back in the obstacle course. Chang however tried to act like it didn't faze him only to have Po throw him into the courtyard and give him the worse beating of his life. Chang tried to fight back but Po was much stronger than he was and in result ended up flying right out of the Jade Palace.

"Now that is what I call a throw-down show-down." Ai comments smirking

"I'll say." Crane comments agreeing with Ai

"Woah, remind me to never get Po mad." Monkey says causing the others to laugh

"That was awesome." Viper comments

"That was definitely impressive, Po." Master Shifu adds agreeing with students

"You totally showed him whose boss." Mantis adds with a smirk

"That was severely cool." Tigress adds using his words smirking through her mask while thinking 'That was so hot!'

Later on that night Ai had managed to tell them what she found and the adventures she had. However, Tigress promised that she would sing and Ai really wanted to hear her sing but decided to wait until she was ready. Ai just had that feeling that Tigress was her sister and it wasn't leaving her alone. Viper on the other hand was currently asking Ai how on earth she survived Shifu's training, causing everyone else to grow curious as how she did it. Ai smirk and said that everywhere she went someone always tried to bring her down so she merely assumed at the age of 8 that it was to prepare her for the fights against the forces of evil.

"My resistance isn't much on strength but they have tons of courage. So their bravery makes up for the lack of physical strength when I train them." Ai replies with a proud smile

"We can fix that easily, but what I want to know is what does Abaddon the Terrible want." Master Shifu asks confused

"He wants to rule over the world, but in order to that he has to find the Dragon Scale. It is said to contain the ultimate power of the three dragons. Once he has that there is no stopping him." Ai replies tensing up in anger

"So we just have to get it before he does." Po replies pumping up the warriors except Ai

"That's the problem. The dragon scale is the Dragon Rider's heart and mind." Ai replies causing everyone to be dead silent

"Who is the Dragon Rider?" Po asks proving a good point

"I am the Dragon Rider." Ai replies taking a deep breath

The room was dead silent after that confession on her part. She had hinted out that she was the Dragon Rider but was painfully aware that they oversaw the hint. She sighed knowing that there wasn't much of a choice for her if she were to lead the fight against Abaddon. She looked at the shocked expressions on everyone's faces except Po's.

"Should have seen that, after all your words to Chang were pretty sharp. Also you are mastering the Dragon Rider style and you said so yourself that only warriors for the job can even understand it." Po comments causing Ai to sigh in relief

"Not to mention training was intense. How did you learn to fight with a sword like that?" Viper adds causing to entire group to wonder

"Simple I learned from Master Shifu's training." Ai replies dismissing the shocked expressions with ease

"My training? I don't understand." Master Shifu replies confused

"I learned to adapt to waking up upon day's first hour to the point to where it is the latest time I had arisen from sleep. I would always wake up earlier to witness the late night training sessions between you and Master Oogway, and managed to hear how you were impressed by my determination to simply stay within the Jade Palace grounds. I also manage to see how when you spoke of me it gave you more strength to strike your opponent as if I were the said opponent. Over time my early risings managed to train me within the sword style of Kung Fu by merely observing your training with the Grandmaster." Ai replies shocking everyone except Po "If anyone needs or requests for my assistance I will out training." She adds while finishing up her dinner

"You train for how long exactly?" Po asks amazed

"The time length varies with the current situation. If a threat is approaching I train myself to go without food, water, and rest for a week to increase my stamina and durability. If the threat is a great distance away I train a vicious training for five days straight no rest, and if there is no threat I still train a rigorous training from day's first hour to day's last hour no breaks." Ai replies while cleaning her dish amazing everyone else

Before anyone could even say anything Ai hears a sound of an arrow being fired, and she doesn't hesitate to jump over everyone and redirect the arrow into the wall away from the others. She gets into her fighting stance expecting to see Iron Fang or Chang only to see Pandora with the bow grabbing another arrow. She growls and gets into a protective stance in front of the others knowing who she wanted to aim that arrow at. She then wields her dagger into her fighting style's stance knowing all too well of Pandora's fighting style.

"I thought you were dead Ai. I just wanted to check on the Dragon Warrior's health seeing as he is about to die." Pandora replies with a fake sweet tone

Po: You have got to be kidding me.

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Tigress: Be grateful that you weren't humiliated like Chang was.

Po: Yeah that is true.

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What will Ai do now? What does Pandora really want from Ai? Stay tuned and find out