At the Jade Palace

Huan Yu was just walking around the court yard when she saw Wu Tsen walk with Sying and Yu MuRong. She took a closer look and saw that Jing Da was about to lung at them. 'What is he doing here? What does he want with Wu-san and the others? Is that a Sleeping Toxin Dart?' were the thoughts racing in her mind when she started to observe the intruder. When she saw him trying to attack Wu Tsen, she acted instantly.

"WU LOOK OUT!" she shouted as Jing shot the dart

"Huh?" Wu replied before she heard the crack of a branch nearby "AMBUSH! GO SOUND THE ALARM NOW!" she added before pushing Yu MuRong out of the way of an incoming arrow

Wu instantly drew out her saber and fought a Gorilla Bandit that tried to launch an attack at Yu MuRong. Sying also drew her Katana and deflected the dart that was fired at Wu while blocking another bandit's attack against Yu MuRong. Huan Yu drew her two sabers to attack two bandits that tried to attack Wu who was currently fighting a gorilla bandit and a tiger bandit. Yu MuRong had no choice but to join in the fray. Right when the girls were about to be overpowered Li and Qiang jump in the fight as well.

"Damn Wu did you really have to roar that loud." Qiang commented while knocking out a bandit

"Shut up Qiang at least she acted before they even attack." Li replies roundhouse kicking a tiger bandit

"How did they even get in here?" Huan Yu comments while slashing through a tiger bandit

"Not a clue Huan-san but whatever the reason for it we have to hold them off." Wu replies blocking a double team attack from two other bandits

The fight lasted for another hour or so and would have been longer if Master Shifu and the rest of the Five hadn't intervened. Jing Da was about to sneak off when Wu threw her saber with near dealy accuracy. She turned to see Jing Da and was about to say something until:

"YOU!" Viper shouted in complete and utter anger

"Yeah it's me. Where's my mate? She has yet to show me who replaced me." Jing replies in same arrogant tone

"Just because I missed doesn't mean you can act like you're all that punk. Attacking us is one thing but when our backs are turned is another." Wu Tsen replied revealing four daggers in her paw ready to be thrown

"Oh please like you can actually kill Tigress' mate." He replies still trying to act tough

"You and Tigress oh please don't make me laugh! She would never agree to be your mate." Mantis replies laughing

"That is due to that old fool choosing a Panda to be the Dragon Warrior. She will be all mine soon enough." Jing replies acting like he is the best thing ever.

"Highly doubt that is the reason behind her refusal." Yu MuRong comments rolling her eyes.

"If you must know Tigress has been sent away on a mission with the Dragon Warrior." Wu adds in a nonchalant tone

"WHAT? WHO DARES SEND MY MATE WITH THAT SLOB?" Jing replies furious and attempts to break free

"Laterose the Duelist, and if I were you I would be mighty careful with what I say next." Wu replies flaunting her trusty saber

Meanwhile with Po, Tigress, and Ai

It had been awhile since Ai told them everything that would happen once Po wins, and Tigress had been lost in thought. She wanted Po to be hers but she didn't want to lose his goofy persona. She lowered her head in pure confusion as they walked the final steps in the cave thinking of how she should tell him how she felt. Right when she was about to snap out of her own self pity she hears:

"How can I tell Tigress I love her if she has a whole mess of issues on her plate?" Po mutters in sorrow unaware that Tigress caught it

Tigress didn't even think it was possible for him to love someone like her, especially when she treated him so horribly. She wanted to tell him that she didn't care about the match and just wanted to be his. Right when she was about to, she hears:

"We're here." Ai says in a tone of authority

Both Tigress and Po look to see an amazing meadow filled with the rarest flowers and brightest grass. It didn't look like a real meadow, in the sense of it looking too good to be real. Tigress was the first to notice the fountain. A fountain shaped like an actual tiger in a lotus position that had water spewing from the tiger's paws. When Po noticed the fountain he commented on how awesome it looked causing Tigress to blush and think 'I am seeing all this with my secret crush and my long lost sister. I'm way beyond blessed to get this chance with two of the most important comrades.' to herself. She turned to not only Po smiling but to see him pump himself up for the challenge. She chuckled at the sight of her heart's desire giving himself a pep talk to beat the council. Before she could even comment on how peaceful everything looked they hear:


"Well, I guess that is enough sightseeing." Ai replies in a smart aleck tone

Po: Ok now you have got to be kidding me

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Tigress: I can't help but feel a little concern about this

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Looks like things have gotten interesting. Is there hope for Po's and Ai's freedom or are they doomed? What will happen to Po's personality? Can Po still be Po once he wins? Will Tigress ever tell Po how she feels? Stay tuned