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Chapter One

Akira Kaburagi was pushed onto his back as Mina Tepes crawled over him, straddling his waist.

"Mina, what are you doing?" He muttered looking up at her.

He could see lust swarming in her ruby eyes.

"What does it look like, Akira?"

His eyes panned down her body and for the first time he noticed, she was naked.


"Shhh." She shushed him, placing a finger to his lips. "It will be all right, Akira. Your Mina is here."

Mina sealed her lips over his with her tongue brushing against them tentatively.

Akira let out a sound of protest, but it was captured by her mouth and went no further. He struggled underneath her and grew frustrated. Why couldn't he push her off? She was incredibly light, yet something seemed to weigh down on his body.

"Now, now, Akira…" Mina's voice became sultry. "Don't fight me. I know this is what you want."

A brilliant light suddenly lit the room and Akira gazed up at Mina's adult form. She pulled back, still hovering over him. A scintillating smile grace her face as a golden glow emanated from her body. He gazed at her in awe. He could honestly say he was constantly amazed by her true form. It was pure beauty.

Akira could feel her generous breasts brushing against his chest. His breath hitched. Never before had he had the privilege of feeling something so incredibly soft. Her breasts pressed against his chest and he could feel the rest of her body, pressing against his length. Mina was threading her fingers through his hair. Her legs found its way between his thighs as she straddled it brazenly. The feeling was overwhelming. His body heated up at the sensations brushing over it.

He could feel the area between her thighs pressed against his leg and her pert nipples rubbing back and forth through the cloth of his shirt.

Mina through back her head and climbed astride his waist once more.

"Your Mina is waiting, Akira." She whispered.

Her breasts seemed to push up and she arched her body, her fingers trailing against his stomach. She smiled, looking down on her befuddled love. Mina love to see his face so twisted in confusion. She had to say it was quite cute to see him so flustered.

"Do you know what you're saying, Princess?" He objected softly.

"Of course I do."

Her long fingers began to unbutton his shirt, the tips frequently brushing against exposed skin. Akira shuddered at her touch. He squirmed beneath her. It was impossible to quell the feelings he had at this moment; little by little she had awakened a roaring fire within him—and it blazed too hot to be dampened now. He could feel his pants tightening and his face turned beat red as he became aware of his aroused state. How shameful he was. What would the princess say to this? Surely she could feel it against her, couldn't she!

Mina did indeed feel this change in Akira's lower half. Truth be told she almost gasped as it brushed against her. A bolt of pleasure shot through her body as his manhood brushed against her womanhood. You naughty little wolf… She thought, smiling inwardly.

"Don't fight me on this, my Beloved." Her body could not be denied.

The battle they had endured prior to this passion had been violent and overwhelming. It had seemed to drain the energy she had left, leaving her body taxed beyond belief. Admittedly, the danger had been exhilarating. She recalled walking across the blood soaked battlefield, already drenched in the crimson fluid. Calling this image and these feelings to mind truly aroused her. She could only hope Akira felt the same as her.

She had her doubts before this moment, but not anymore.

Mina could feel herself becoming wet and her nipples hardening. Her breathing accelerated rapidly as her cheeks flushed with excitement and her eyes glassed over in lust. She traced her fingertips against his nipples, noticing how pebble-like they were. He indeed was as aroused as she was. She took great pleasure in this fact.

"Your nipples are hard…as is…" She smirked.

Akira blushed a deeper crimson.

"Oh, you're blushing…that's so cute."

She leaned down leaving a trail of warm kisses from chest to his stomach, moving her own body downward as she did this. Her lips stopped shy of the waistband of his pants. Mina sat up and looked at it.

"Hold on." Akira objected in a husky voice, grabbing her wrist to stop her from going further.

It was then that he overpowered and rolled her so that she was on her back gazing up at him. She stared back astonished at his boldness. I guess he's not a little boy after all….

"You shouldn't toy with me like that, Princess." He reprimanded. "I can barely keep my urges in check."

Mina felt his erection twitch against her abdomen and she shuttered. "Akira…"

"Shhh..." He bent down and sank his teeth into the juncture between her neck and shoulder.

"Ah!" Mina cried out, startled.

A tongue caressed her skin as his teeth pierced it.

The vampire princess gasped, her toes curling up at the euphoric feel this act gave her. She bit her lip and found Akira staring back at her. His hand wandered down her stomach, caressing her bellow. She moaned in response, her eyes glazing over and her cheeks flushed with passion.

The werewolf, assessing his princess' aroused state, took this opportunity to enforce his mark. With a wolfish grin, he sunk his teeth back into her shoulder. In that, instant Mina saw red, a burst of warm pleasure overtaking her body before she blacked out.

Mina awoke the next morning, her body curled next to Akira's. After a quick appraisal of her form she sighed, not surprised in the least bit she had returned to her child like appearance. She pulled away from the wolf and pulled part of the covers up around her body. A bolt of pain shot through her body and a dull throbbing emanated from her lower region. She winced. It was extremely painful. Is this what every adult female experienced? Is this what they looked forward to; feeling this pain? The vampire princess didn't understand it at all.

She looked over at Akira's sleeping form. When he's asleep…he looks like a little boy. She thought.

The young girl reached a hand over and ran her fingers through his ebony locks. It felt like fine silk. Mina traced her fingers along his cheek, taking in every fine detail about his face. His skin was smooth, his well-defined mouth, and his dark eyelashes brushing against his cheeks. Staring at him, she could not help but think back to their night together. What she had felt with him, was something she had never felt in a lifetime. They said that sex paled in comparison to a vampire's bite; but the way she felt right at this moment, she could honestly say that the bite was nothing compared to sex infused with love and passion.

Mina wrapped her arms about her body, closing her eyes.

The vivid images danced behind her closed eyelids. Bodies heaving, thrusting, limbs intertwined, and fevered kisses passing between mouths with tongues dancing. She shuddered, reliving the moment. It was inescapable, those feelings of excitement and pleasure as he took over her body with his. She had never felt such overwhelming dominance as she did that night. Never had such an act felt so right.

Glancing at him one last time, she slipped from the bed, pulling the extra blanket around her body and retreating from his room.

"Good night, my sweet wolf..." She smiled softly and closed the door behind her.

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