iActually Like Mean Girls

By OneHorseShay

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Rating: T (Adult Themes/Language)

Summary: "We loved… we loved with everything we had, that I think few people could truly appreciate and understand. We lost and… we've hurt. That's what happens: we get messed up for a while, but so what?" Freddie/Jade. Post-iOMG, Post-Prome Wrecker, non-canon compliant afterwards. Alternate take on Locked Up.

Chapter 1

Who would have thought one little unexpected kiss a month ago could have turned his world upside down and inside out and send him into a direction he could never had imagined?

Freddie Benson was still trying to wrap his head around how he had reached this point as he laid in bed with the beautiful girl sound asleep on his left, resting her head on his bare chest and an arm draped across his abdomen. He had the white sheet pulled up (and wrapped his arm around her upper back) to cover her bare back that her locks of hair did not and her arms to keep her from waking up from the chilly air of the fantastic air condition that kept the room cool despite the already blistering heat of the morning outside. He was glad for the sheet because he was wearing only his socks and the beauty in his arms was not as heavily dressed as him because their clothes were at the foot of the bed.

Last night was unexpected for both of them. Neither teenager really knew what they were doing past a heavy make out session other than driven by instinct built in the core of a human being and the need to show how much the other had came to meant to her and him.

He had seen the hint of fear in her eyes about treading into the unknown, but he knew his eyes reflected the same feelings.

He allowed himself to be vulnerable and she had done the same.

She was a pleasantly surprising combination of passion and unexpected tenderness as she tried to dispel his fears.

He had attempted to do the same as he would hold her and caress her as if she was the most precious thing in the world as he was afraid he'd hurt her.

The look in her eyes had told him that she was surprised at how loving and tender he could be in return despite his strength and more importantly, grateful.

He couldn't describe the sensations she had brought to him, but he had hoped that he was able to do the same for her especially after seeing the momentary look of pain on her beautiful face just after they started.

How many people would condemn him at this moment if they knew what he had done last night and what he was doing this morning? He knew his mother would be so shocked that she might have a heart attack or a stroke as soon as she heard the news. He didn't care for any others' opinions.

He gently brushed her hair as she snuggled into his chest trying to get comfortable after a slight stirring. The brown eye boy was able to lift his head slightly and kiss the top of her head. He swore for a moment he saw a brief smile form on her face before slipping back into restful sleep.

She was mean, that was inarguable, but who wasn't at times? It wasn't an insurmountable problem for a relationship. People would think it would be hard to love her if they only knew her outer shell, but he knew if you knew what was inside, it was very easy to love her. The faults that were a part of her were just as important as her virtues and he wasn't entirely confident he wanted to change them about her.

The real obstacle was whether she wanted a relationship with him or had last night been a one time event or worst, a mistake.

If it was a mistake, it wasn't one he was going to regret and deep down he didn't think she would regret it either whether it worked out between them or not.

The light from the morning sun finally filtered through the blinds and started shining directly on the pair. The combination of warmth and light on her peaceful face started to get the girl to stir from her sleep. After trying to fight off the need to wake up by trying to hide her face in the between his neck and shoulder, she finally relented and lifted her head.

She rested her chin on his upper chest and was only a few inches if that from his face. Her crisp blue eyes came alive as she was finally able to focus on the wide awake soft brown eyes looking back at her. She smiled with those soft pink lips that he had kissed over and over last night. She whispered softly, as just speaking his name was a way of caressing him as she did last night, "Morning Freddie."

That tenderness brought a smile to his face and whispered back, "Morning Jade."