Naruto The Legendary Saiyan

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Chapter 6: Unity

Raikage Tower

A Yotsuki, son of the late Sandaime Raikage, current Yondaime Raikage of Kumogakure no Sato and fastest man alive after the death of Minato Namikaze was sitting in his chair, doing a series of arm curl ups with a massive dumbbell that would appear to be difficult to lift for a normal man but then he wasn't exactly normal. He was a tall dark-skinned man with a large muscular build, with his blond hair in the combed back, a small moustache and beard. His face is very distinguished with pronounced cheekbones and tear troughs under his eyes, and a prominent crease across his forehead. He has pointed canines and his top lip also has a darker hue than the bottom one.

Unlike other Kage, A seems to wear his Kage haori and hat on a regular basis without a shirt underneath, further displaying his hulking physique. He has black Fūma Shuriken tattoos on both shoulders and around his wrists and forearms were a pair of gold bangle bracelets which each have protrusions that can jut out when he attacks and opponent. The rest of his outfit consisted of a pair of black pants, shin guards, sandals, and a gold belt around his waist with a boar's face engraved in the center.

He had pretty much spent the day doing a series of light exercises since all of his paperwork was completed but from the expression on his face, the man was bored as hell especially since he had his brother take their niece Yugito to Turtle Island to work on communicating and training with her biju like Bee did and was inwardly wishing for something to happen that needed his direct attention. The door to his office was forced opened by a Jonin who was panting heavily before his leader. "What is the meaning of this?" A demanded in a low gruff voice.

The Kumo Jonin regained his breath and bowed his head to the massive man. "My apologies Raikage-dono but there's something you must see atop of the tower." He informed the man. A raised an eyebrow and blinked a few times at his subordinate before sighing.

"Very well." He said and Shunshins up to the rooftop along with the Jonin to see what the fuss is about.

Raikage Tower Rooftop

A stood on the roof along with the Jonin and his two guards Darui and C. Darui is a fairly tall, dark-skinned man with a slightly bulbous nose, a lazy look in his eyes and shaggy, white hair which covers his left eye. He wears a high-collared, sleeveless uniform with loose fitting pants, bandages on his wrists and the one-strap-over-one-shoulder Flak Jacket of a Kumogakure shinobi. Darui also has stylized characters for water (水) and lightning (雷) tattooed on his right and left shoulders respectively, denoting his chakra's nature affinities, Water Release and Lightning Release, as well as the fact that he has a kekkei genkai, the Storm Release.[3] The tattoo on his left arm also signifies that he has inherited the Third Raikage's black lightning. He carries a broad, foldable, cleaver-like sword, strapped to his back.

C is a young man with short, blond hair and dark eyes. He wears a sleeveless black shirt with a one-strap-over-one-shoulder white flak jacket, forehead protector, black elbow-length arm guards, and the red and white Kumogakure shin-guards along with a pair of sandals.

A was just about to ask them what the problem was until he saw something that made his eyes widen. Far away from their location was a pillar of golden light with what looked like lightning coursing around it. Hovering over the top of it was a large black cloud the size of an continent with lightning cackling underneath it and the group can hear thunder booming from it.

"What in the name of kami is that?" A asked no one particular.

"We don't know sir, this occurred not too long ago. The energy level that pillar of light is emitting is off the charts." C answered. "I'm talking biju level reading if not higher."

A's eyes widened when he heard that. "Higher than a Biju? The only beings with a higher level of power would be the gods themselves!" His eyes widened even more when he realized that his brother and niece were on the island and possibly in the middle of the energy output. "Oh Kami Bee and Yugito-chan are possibly in the middle of that."

"What do you want to do boss?" Darui asked his leader.

"Gather several ANBU and meet me at the docks. Whatever is on that island cannot be good if it can emit a level of power from this far yet for some reason it feels familiar, like it has occurred before but at a higher level." He pondered before order his men back to their stations and have his two guards gather up the ANBU.

With Naruto

Naruto rushes at his darker half with his left arm reared back, ready to deliver a bone crushing punch to his skull but get struck in the face with a right hook and sent flying backwards with the Dark Saiyan in hot pursuit. He had his right foot reared back and prepared to drive it into Naruto's chest, only for his 'brother' to recover, flare his Ki and counters with a right hook and strikes him across the jaw.

Y. Naruto cries out as his body jerked back from the vicious punch, resulting in spit and blood flying out of his mouth. As he recovered they each traded blows that were so intense that it sounded like thunder was booming across the area and then the duo went on an onslaught that shook the land. Dust rose all around the battlefield and the ground underneath their airborne forms rumbled while flashes of electricity coursed around their blazing auras.

Several rock textures explode from the force behind the knee strike Naruto attempted to strike the side of Y. Naruto's skull but he shrugs it off and swings a diagonal punch that Naruto dodges, releasing a force so great that it creates a 30 foot wide trench, reducing everything in its path into nothing. Yami Naruto looks around for his opponent in the dust filled area but his senses alerted his to danger and dodges to the left as an energy blast passes by his face only to get a Lariat into the chest by Naruto who only goes flying back for a few seconds due to Naruto grabbing him around the ankles and spins him around several times before releasing him.

Naruto vanishes in a burst of speed as Y. Naruto went sailing across the landscape via the air and then appears with his right leg reared back as his darker half descended towards him. "YAH!" Naruto swung his leg out only for Y. Naruto to 'phase' out, surprising the young Saiyan. Suddenly pain erupted from his back as Y. Naruto drove his elbow into Naruto's spine and the young Saiyan cries out in agony.

His screams were cut off when Yami Naruto interlocked his arms around the stunned warrior. They both vanished and appeared in the air where the Dark Saiyan directed their forms to the ground, flared his Aura, and they descended to the ground at top speed. "What's the matter clown?!" He taunted as they headed to the hardened ground. The impact resulted in an earth shattering crash that shook the entire area and causing dust to rise up around the area.

Naruto grits his teeth as he staggered back onto his feet but Y. Naruto delivers a flying head butt directly into his forehead and sent Naruto sliding across the ground. Yami Naruto brings his hands together and fires a Ki Blast at his 'lighter' half who flips back on his feet and leaps to the side as the blast hit the area he was formerly at. Y. Naruto swings his arm in the direction and fires another Ki blast at his foe. He grins viciously as he saw the blast hit Naruto and caused a miniature explosion and then leaps forward with his right arm outstretched backwards in a stabbing position. "DIE!" He cried out as he was about run his hand through his weaker half but then his senses kicked in and he skidded to a halt into the air due to the dust clearing and not seeing Naruto in the crater.

"I've got to say you've got a few tricks up your sleeve brother." Y. Naruto growled and turned his head to see Naruto standing on a slab of rock with his arms folded and his Aura flaring to life, smirking as he stared down at his other half. "But then so do I."

Waterfalls of Truth

Lightning rained from the blackened sky, the winds blew hard enough to rip trees from their roots, and the ground rumbled violently due to the energy output Naruto's meditative state was releasing. Said Saiyan was floating mid-air in a dome of golden energy with lightning like energy arching around him.

"Ah this is insane!" Yugito screamed as she clung onto her uncle's back with her clawed hands.

"Hey! Easy with the claws Kitty!" Bee shouted as his clung onto a large boulder that was embedded into the ground though he was unaware that the force of the wind was loosening the large rock from its position until it started to wobble. He looked at the ground and his brows rose in dread and a bead of sweat fell from his face. "Oh shit," He muttered. "Yugito Nii…."

"Yeah?" She asked her Uncle.

"Hang on tight to meeeEEEEE!" He cried out as the boulder flew free from its spot with Yugito and Bee on it, flying across the forest from the gust of wind.

"AAAAAHHHH!" Yugito screamed as they descended into the forest.

Naruto's Mindscape

"HAAAAAH!" Yami Naruto bellowed as his swung his head forward and clashed with Naruto's. Both opposite halves were engaged in a grappling match with their aura's flaring wildly as they both reared their heads back and slammed them together, releasing a sonic boom that echoed around the battlefield.

They performed this attack pattern several more times before stopping, snarling at each other as they tried to break the grapple hold. Bioelectricity buzzed around their forms as their Aura flared even more. Naruto and Yami Naruto break their hold and leap back, dispersing their energy and the Dark Saiyan reacts first by swinging a high kick which Naruto blocks with his forearm and counters with a left hook. Y. Naruto dodges to the left, placing both hands on the ground and kicks both feet towards Naruto's chin.

He evades it and takes this opportunity to drives his right knee into his darker half's torso and sends him sailing mid-air until he manages to adjust his body and flips his legs over, landing on solid ground. As he tries to regain his breath, Naruto dashes towards his form. Y. Naruto vanishes and appears under the Saiyan's running form and knocks him off balance with a sweep kick.

Naruto curses as he falls towards the ground but catches himself and flips forward while Y. Naruto rushes at him and attempts to strike him across the jaw with another right hook. The attack fails as Naruto catches the move and counters with a palm strike to the face, making stumble back as his quarry goes around him, grabs him around the waist, lifting them up into the air and slams him into the rocky ground with a German Suplex.

Y. Naruto cries out from the impact and then Naruto brings him back up for another, but the other half break out of the hold with an elbow strike to face, stunning the young Super Saiyan while he flips over and strikes him across the head with a reverse roundhouse kick. He grins at the successful hit and tries with a secondary one but Naruto catches it in both hands, surprising his darker half. He pushes back and knocks his other foot off balance, grabs him around the face and slams him into the ground only to get kicked in the chest and skids back clutching his chest while his other half flips back on his feet.

The two warriors each pant heavily as they stare each other down. Neither looked ready to give up as too much was at stake. For Naruto it was the safety of those he cared about and the world and for Yami Naruto it was to purge himself of his compassionate side and emotions, gaining freedom, and restoring the reputation of his race.

The darker half's panting slowly turned into a tired laugh. "Feel's good doesn't it?" He questioned his lighter half. "Unleashing all that rage in the midst of a battle, the feel of adrenaline pumping through your veins? The thrill of facing stronger opponents? Does it not excite you?"

Naruto remained silent as he saw the smirk on his darker half's face. "You can deny it all you want but you are a Saiyan. A warrior bred for battle. Fighting is in your blood just as it is our ancestors."

"That maybe so but my sensei fought to protect others and not for his own gain, I won't deny it, I love to fight powerful opponents, but I don't let my thrill for battle dissuade my reasons for getting stronger. Our races drive for battle and mayhem nearly caused them to go extinct and I don't intend to take the route." Naruto declared.

Y. Naruto on the other hand scowls. "And that's what makes you weak!"

(DBZ Theme: Gohan vs Dabura IV Theme)

"No it's what makes me stronger!" Naruto yelled back before Y. Naruto roars in fury and his Aura flares to life. Naruto does the same thing and gets ready for another fight. The duo vanish in a burst of speed until a series of sonic booms echo through the area. The two opposites each unleash a series of punches and kicks that looked like a series of blur that either met their mark, were blocked, or evaded.

The onslaught continued until they both crashed into a mountain side, causing chunks of rocks and dust to rise up and the duo take off, moving like blurs across the battlefield. Sonic booms echoed throughout the land scape and random environmental textures were reduced demolished. Two golden blurs dashed towards each other and clashed, releasing a burst of golden laced wind and electricity that shook the land. Naruto and Y. Naruto's fists collided from the impact and they continued with the assault. Y. Naruto manage to deliver a kick into his opponent's torso but Naruto stood tall from the vicious move and countered with a skull splitting head butt before vanishing again and zipping across the battlefield simultaneously.

They appeared once again unleashing a series of punches and kicks but Naruto was doing more defending as Yami didn't let down in his attack. The darker half grins in triumph as he broke through Naruto's defense and assaulted his face with countless punches as well as his chest and torso in order not to give Naruto a chance to counter or gain distance. "You see? You emotions can't beat me, a weakling can't beat me! You can't, you can't, YOU CAN'T!" He laughs gleefully as his victory was at hand. He stopped the barrage of punches, brings his leg back, and swings it sideways to Naruto's torso.

The Saiyan on the other hand dodges the swing, catches the appendage and twists it with enough force to nearly rip the whole off from the knee. Y. Naruto cries out in agony as his lighter side twisted his leg harder and reacts by using his other leg and strikes him with a boot to the face and then delivers a right hook to the jaw, sending Naruto flying backwards and crashing through several rock textures. Y Naruto takes off after him, intent on wiping him out but from the dust an energy blast shoots towards him. He moves to the left as the blast bypasses his face, only for Naruto to appear over him with his elbow raised and brings it down in his darker half's spinal column. Y. Naruto cries out as he descends towards the ground and crashes, creating a 20 foot wide crater with him face first into it. Naruto appeared hovering over his opponents down form and watches him slowly get up and snarl.

"Gah, you're so annoying, why won't you just give up and accept I'm better than you?" He questioned. Naruto tilted his head to spit out some saliva mixed with blood and stares down at his foe.

Y. Naruto's ki flares to life and takes off like a rocket towards the blonde. Once he got close enough he swung his fist at Naruto's face and the lighter half caught it in his palm. Y. Naruto's eyes widened in surprise as his hand was caught with little effort. "What's this? He caught my punch? But how? We should be evenly matched considering we both exerted a lot of power!"

He growls and attempts to strike him in the face with his left fist but Naruto caught that one too. Again Y. Naruto was shocked beyond belief and attempted to pull his hands from his other half's grip but couldn't. "Grrr… let go fool!" Y. Naruto demanded as he tried to free himself. Naruto kept a calm expression on his face as he increased his grip and their aura's flared to life.

The struggle continued until Y. Naruto broke one hand free and attempts to deliver a haymaker but Naruto blurs away. "Huh? He vanished?" Y. Naruto looked around in every direction for his opponent. A whistle was heard and he turned to the source to see Naruto standing on a platform with his arms folded.

"Looking for me?" Naruto called out with a hint of amusement in his eyes. Y. Naruto's brow twitched and he fires a ki blast in Naruto's direction and smirks when it explodes. When the dust cleared it revealed Naruto standing there not the least bit affected by the attack.

(End Theme)

Naruto yawns and tilts his head to the side, cracking his neck a little, much to Yami's annoyance. "Is that all you've got?" Once again, Y. Naruto snarled in anger and charges towards Naruto with the intent to destroy him. He threw a right hook at Naruto and growled when he tilted his head to the side and attempted to swing a kick at his side but his other half stopped it by using his knee to block it. He then started to unleash a series of punches and kicks Naruto easily evades or weaves around, smirking as the mixed attacks missed him and pissing his darker half off.

"Hold still dammit!" Y. Naruto yells as he increases the speed of his assault and Naruto simply avoided all of them before using a series of blocks with his arms as they moved downwards. Y Naruto backs off and fires another ki blast which Naruto bats away with a knife backhand and then descends to the ground as his darker half goes after him. The dark saiyan swings his fist forward but his foe vanishes, causing him to yell out in frustration.

"Stop running away and fight me coward!" Y. Naruto bellowed as he looked for his opponent but feels something tap him on the shoulder so he turns around only to be met with a fist to the face and sent sailing across the land and crashing into the wall of a cliff. He cries out in pain before pulling himself out. "Sneaky little bastard!" His ki flares up and he starts to unleash a barrage of energy blast around the area, destroying several rock textures and scorching the land. The entire area lit up like the 4th of July as he continued with his onslaught, hoping to catch Naruto in the blasts.

After a few minutes the attack receded and the sky cleared up, leaving Y. Naruto to pant heavily as he wasted too much energy in the attack. "Wow nice lightshow." A voice said behind him. Naruto was behind his darker half, hovering in the sky with his arms folded. Y. Naruto turned around shocked beyond imagination.

"How… how did you avoid that?" The dark Saiyan question with anger laced in his voice.

"Well for one thing your aim of way off," Y. Naruto growled at the jab "And two during the fight I realized something."

"And what would that be?"

"The whole time I've been fighting you in my mindscape we were fighting on even grounds but then something came to me," A grin that unnerved Y. Naruto formed on his face and before the other half knew it, Naruto's injuries healed up and his clothes returned back to normal. "This is my mindscape and my power varies on my imagination. You're just manifestation of my negative energy, my dark side, and the Saiyan part of me."

"Get to the point!" Y. Naruto yells out.

"Sure but first" An outline of red aura takes form around his body before flaring up into a crimson red energy that turned his skin red and darkened his clothes "Super Kaioken!" The blazing aura's flare increased and red lighting arched around it just like his super saiyan 2 form. Veins pulsed around his biceps, fists, neck and around his temple as the power output grew stronger.

Y. Naruto trembled in disbelief as he felt his other half's power increase to unbelievable proportions. "Th-this can't be…"

"It can because in my mind my abilities have no limits, and now it's time for me to end this." He vanished in a burst of crimson and Y. Naruto cried out in pain as Naruto struck him in the ribs with a elbow strike and sent him flying over the landscape, as he sailed downwards Naruto appears underneath him with his arm curled up to his chest and his fist clenched and performs a ki enhanced upper cut into his foe's spin. Y. Naruto goes flying upwards into the sky with Naruto following behind. The Dark saiyan spin around and throws a punch, only to hit an after image and look up to see Naruto soaring upwards across the sky. He throws a ki blast in hopes of hitting him, but Naruto vanishes and appears once again, knocking him backwards with a flying kick across the face.

Yami goes flying backwards once again and this time crashes into a small mountain, leaving a human sized hole into it. Naruto deactivates the technique and looks into the area his other half landed. The ground started to rumble and the mountain starts to crack until it exploded into a flash of light, revealing the beaten form of Y. Naruto roaring in absolute fury while remains of the mountain fell around him.

He snarls in rage, glaring at his foe with every ounce of hatred in his body. Blood leaked down from his forehead and around the opposite sides of his nose. "I'll kill you… I swear if it's the last thing I do… I WILL KILL YOU!" Naruto charges up the Super Kaioken again and dashes towards Yami who swung a right hook at him but Naruto blurs past his and delivers a reversal roundhouse kick to his back.

He flies forward but Yami stops in his tracks and dashes towards him, channeling violet colored ki around his fist and swings it at Naruto's skull, but he ducks and delivers a left uppercut right into Yami's torso. The blow echoes around the area as Yami stood there trembling in pain as the fist buried into his gut.

He then clutched his stomach in pain, hunched forward and walking backwards before vomiting out blood and falling to his knees. A blue light hits his vision and he slowly look up to see Naruto in the Kamehameha stance. "No… not like this…"

"Ka…me…ha…me…" His super saiyan 2 aura flares to life as he channels more power into the attack and then thrusts his cupped hands forward "HAAAAH!" Yami Naruto sported horrified expression as the light blue beam engulfed him and was sent sailing across the mountains, demolishing anything in its path before a blue dome of energy formed outwards and exploded, rocking the entire area and releasing a powerful shockwave. It died down, revealing an extremely wide and deep trench that traveled to were a mountain once was. He senses his other half's life force weakening and heads over there. When he gets there he finds Yami in it. He was sprawled out under some rubble, beaten, bloody, and down for the count, in his basic form.

Naruto descended down towards him and plants his feet firmly on the ground. Yami opened his good eye and stares at his lighter and supposedly weaker half in contempt but still smiled weakly. "Looks… like… you… win…" He mumbled before coughing out weakly as Naruto continued to stare down at him. "Don't… look… at… me… like that… just finish me off… I accept my fate." He closed his eyes waiting for the inevitable.

"No." Yami's eye snapped opened as he heard this. "By destroying you I deny who I am and that would be an insult to my master and the other saiyans."

"…why…?" Was all the darker half could say.

"You fight for self-preservation, I fight for the sake of others. My reasons were stronger than yours and that is why you lost."

Yami continued to stare at him wondering what Naruto was thinking.

"Why do you go so far for others knowing they won't do the same for you? Why are you willing to give others a second chance, knowing when the opportunity arises they'll get back at you and if not, then those you love? You can't save everyone from themselves, they choose to be who they want to be and will crush anyone who get in their way. This world is nothing but chaos caused by power hungry fools. You should know that better than anyone after what happened years ago. What makes you think you can change them?"

Naruto pondered on his darker half's words for a bit before speaking up. "I can't. They must be willing to do so on their own and if not…"

"If not what?"

"Then I'll put an end to them right then and there without hesitation." Naruto finishes with determination. Yami looks into his eyes to see any doubt and simply smirks.

"Spoken like a true warrior, now then, it's time." Yami struggles to bring his bloody right arm up and held it out towards Naruto. He glances at the hand and back at yami who nods in agreement and he brings his hand forward. Once he grips it, Yami's body glows white and starts to merge with Naruto until a flash of bright light enveloped the area.

Waterfall of Truth

Naruto's meditative form returns to the basic transformation, resulting in the thundering sky clearing, the violent winds receding, and the ravaging ocean to calm. The sun shines down on the desolated island and Naruto slowly opens his eyes. "Man that was wild." He mumbled but then sweat dropped to see the condition of his surroundings before realized that Yugito and Bee were in the area during his fight with his darker half. "Oh no I hope they're alright!" With that he took off and began to search the area for his two friends, hoping that they weren't hurt too badly.

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