Mike didn't realize he'd fallen asleep on his couch until the shrill sound of his phone alarm woke him up. He groaned and sat up, slowly rolling his head to work the kinks out of his neck.

His cell phone sat on the corner of the coffee table, tethered by its charging cable to the nearest wall plug. Currently, it was squealing the most annoying sound Mike had ever heard – definitely not one he normally used. He grabbed it and shut it off.

He hadn't set his alarm to go off at noon, but then he hadn't left his phone plugged in, either. Clearly, Donna had been back and had arranged this painful wake-up. His eyes landed on a small post-it note stuck to the coffee table.

Wake up and eat something! Sub sandwich is in the fridge! it said.

He checked his phone's settings and sure enough, she'd set the alarm to ring at dinner, too.

He shuffled over to his fridge and found himself blinking in surprise at its contents. A giant sub sandwich, a few different kinds of fruit, a package of lunch meat, and a gallon of milk were all in plain sight. He was almost afraid to open the freezer, but he did anyway and found it packed from top to bottom with just about every frozen entree Mike had ever seen, and a few he hadn't.

If he hadn't known it before, he definitely knew now: Donna was scary.

Mike spent the rest of the day lazing around his apartment, doing nothing but eating, and sleeping, and thinking. He tried to call Harvey once more, but got his voice mail again and hung up. He figured Harvey probably didn't want to talk to him, and since he wanted to keep his job, he decided to respect that.

After spending that whole day and the next at home, Mike went back to the office. He hadn't waited a whole week like the doctor had said, but he really felt a lot better and just wanted to get back to work and stop being bored. His ribs were still pretty sore, especially since he was no longer taking the heavy painkillers, but his headache was all but gone so he figured it was safe to read again. (And he knew that if he didn't get something to read/do he was going to go insane.)

He went to his cubicle early, a little surprised to see no work waiting for him. It was only then that he realized that other people probably would have found out that he'd been hurt - and all his work reassigned when he couldn't come in.

Just as that thought occurred to him, a few of the other associates started to trickle in with greetings of "good to have you back, man", and "nice to see you."

He smiled and nodded where appropriate, glad that no one bothered him further, and started going through his email. He had just opened the first message when he heard a low, slightly menacing voice.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"

He jerked in his seat, a hand automatically moving to brace his left side. "Harvey... uh…"

"My office, now."

Mike dutifully followed Harvey, thinking that this was it - this was when Harvey would finally cut him loose.

Harvey indicated the couch. "Sit."

Mike sat.

"What day was your accident?" Harvey asked in a deceptively calm voice, taking a seat beside him.

"Uh...last Wednesday?" He stated it as a question not because he wasn't sure, but because he didn't know why Harvey was asking.

"And what day is today?"


"Wednesday to Monday. Does that sound like a week to you? Because I was sure the doctor said you should have at least a week off."

Mike sighed. "She said I could go back earlier if I felt okay, and I do. The headache is gone."

"She said you could try reading for a little while if you felt better, not that you could come put in a 14 hour day the minute your head stopped hurting."

There was a moment's hesitation, and then both men started speaking at the same time.

"Look, Harvey –"

"Damn it, Mike –"

Mike cut off the same time Harvey did, but before either of they could say anything else, Donna's voice came through the intercom.

"Hey this folder – I think it contains a class action lawsuit, but I'm not sure because I can't make out the words."

Mike rolled his eyes, but got the message. Harvey needed to see action; he needed solid proof that Mike meant what he said.

"I'll go home at lunch time. Sooner, if my head feels funny." Mike hoped Harvey would understand the gesture for what it was. Mike was going to show Harvey that he was listening.

Harvey had been staring over at a wall, but now he blinked and looked back at Mike. "I – I'm just a little worried, all right? You scared the shit out of me, kid."

Mike barely kept his mouth from dropping open in shock as Harvey stood up and moved back towards his desk. He shot a glance towards Donna's area out in the hall, and saw her raise an eyebrow at him as if to say, "See?"

"Here. Start with this." Harvey paused, waiting for Mike as he rose to take the folder. "This is the summary for the Klein case. Check the bulleted points to see if we've missed anything."

Mike's headache didn't come back, but he went home at lunch anyway. He only stayed until three the next day, and turned Louis down when he tried to give Mike work to take home with him. Harvey had asked him to take it easy, so he was taking it easy. Still, the guilt he felt at what he'd said to Harvey that night continued to eat at him. Harvey hadn't even mentioned it. In fact, Harvey seemed to be acting like it had never even happened.

Finally, Wednesday rolled around. It had been a full week since the accident, and three days since Mike had started back at work, doing his best to show his loyalty to Harvey. Mike came in early, and kept an eye out for Harvey's arrival. As soon as he saw the other man enter his office, Mike caught up with him.

"We need to talk." Mike shoved his hands into his pockets and stood in front of Harvey's desk, unable to stop the tension from filling his shoulders.

Harvey raised an eyebrow. "We do?"

"I'm sorry. About what I said. That night in the car. I was an ass. I didn't mean any of it. Well, maybe I did at the time… a little. But that's only because I didn't understand, you know? But I get it now." Mike was too nervous to be mortified by the way he couldn't seem to speak in complete sentences.

Harvey just stood there behind his desk, and Mike wasn't sure if he was fighting amusement or anger.

"Thank you. For everything. Really, Harvey. You were awesome." He swallowed and forced himself to shut up.

Finally, Harvey smirked. "Why is my awesomeness past tense? I'm always awesome."

Mike released the breath he'd been holding and felt his shoulders loosen.

"Apology accepted, but instead of thanking me, how about you just get those Klein briefs finished today?"

"I'm on it."


A big thank you to all of you who created multiple accounts just to put my story on alert several times and make me feel special. (Don't deny it, I know some of you must be repeats!)

I'm going to write the companion to this piece next. It'll be the same story from Harvey's POV. Thanks for reading! :)