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The memory of how he and Stephanie found their way back to each other was still so fresh in Hunter's mind. It was the moment that changed everything, even though it would be four months down the line, at Judgment Day until they spoke again. But the seeds had been planted at Raw's Tenth Anniversary after they'd accepted their "Shut Up and Kiss Me" award.

As soon as they were clear of the curtains, Stephanie stopped laughing. "I can't believe you did that! I was expecting a kiss and instead you show your ass...literally!"

Hunter gestured to himself with wide eyes. "Me? You started it by calling me a loser!"

Stephanie shrugged. She wasn't necessarily sorry that she did it. She was sorry that he'd gone and embarrassed her because of what she said. "Had to get your attention somehow. You were just standing there chomping your gum, looking like you didn't give a damn what I was saying."

Hunter smirked at her and dramatically chewed his gum just to attempt to irritate her. "Should I have given a damn?" He asked. "I mean were you really surprised?"

"I don't know! I guess not. I just didn't think you would still hate me so much after all this time," she admitted in a softer tone.

He took a deep breath and chewed on his bottom lip. This wasn't a conversation he had ever planned to have. And it certainly wasn't one he wanted to take place tonight. The fact of the matter was that in their time apart he'd come to realize that he couldn't actually hate her. Not when he still loved her. But she'd ruined things after his return the prior year. He hadn't done much in the way of communication. But she had crossed a line and their relationship had been in such a bad place that it seemed pointless to try to fix it. He failed to recall the good times they had and instead focused on the mess so that he could go through with the separation.

Stephanie had helped with that, given all the shit she pulled during their divorce. Not that he had been any better. It just seemed best to make the split official and for them both to move on. Sadly, he was finding that it was easier said than done. He'd watched Smackdown until the end of 2002. If he saw one more person kiss or hit on Stephanie he was afraid he would explode. So the rational choice was to pretend her show didn't exist at all.

Hunter wasn't sure what Stephanie wanted. Part of what she said sounded like a question. The other part sounded like a statement. And he might have been imagining it, but she sounded sad. Instead of replying and possibly saying more than he wanted to, he simply nodded. Let her take that gesture as she desired.

Stephanie sighed and reached out to touch his arm briefly. "For what it's worth? I'm sorry. For the way I acted when you came back, the lie and my behavior during the settlement...if I could do it all over," she shook her head and looked down at the ground for a moment. "Well to be honest, I wouldn't do it at all."

She didn't give him a chance to reply – which worked out well because he wasn't sure what he would have said anyway. His feet seemed stuck to the floor as he watched her walk away. Was she saying that she wouldn't have married him at all? Or was she just saying she would've handled the relationship differently? It was scaring him to think that he really wanted it to be the second option. That would suggest that she wasn't faring as well as she appeared to be either.

Hunter had continued to keep his distance. But most of his resolve crumbled after she tracked him down and told him to be careful in his match against Kevin Nash at Judgment Day 2003. That night, he surprised both himself and Stephanie when he showed up at her hotel room in the middle of the night. He wanted to know what these damn comments of hers meant and was too impatient to wait even one minute longer.

They had a nice long talk about everything and decided they would start all over and do it right this time. They'd dated seriously and quietly until Hunter proposed to her that Thanksgiving. It completely threw Stephanie off guard. But Hunter's speech had began with how grateful he was that they'd been given a second chance. And to show that gratitude, he wasn't going to waste the opportunity.

When they wed in March of 2004, it wasn't a complete secret. She and Vince were on good terms again and a select few WWE employees knew about the wedding and were invited. They had simply chosen not to flaunt their relationship or even announce it to the rest of the WWE employees. So most of the roster simply had unconfirmed speculations. It wasn't that difficult to keep their coworkers uninformed because Stephanie mostly did backstage and corporate work. Though she'd legally changed her last name, she simply went by McMahon professionally.

During their prior marriage, people were constantly trying to interfere and screw it up. And that's when someone wasn't going after Stephanie physically in an attempt to get to him. So they had a good reason to keep things somewhat low profile. Plus their daughter, Morgan Cassidy Helmsley – affectionately known as Mac - entered the world just over a year later in May of 2005. That was an even better reason for Hunter to mostly keep the focus on himself, rather than do anything to direct further attention to his life outside of the ring. The couple's decision was compounded when their son Devin Joshua Helmsley – also known as DJ - was born in July of 2006.

That was all over now. The jig was up because his former protégé Randy Orton had gone and put his hands on Stephanie. At her insistence, he'd stayed out of the drama with her father while they were dating. It drove him insane to see her get hurt, but she was adamant that he leave it alone. That they stick to the plan. That they kept their personal life from entering the ring.

He'd honored her request.

At the Raw Homecoming, Stone Cold Steve Austin performed his finisher, the Stunner on her and her entire family. She'd sent a trusted associate to go and bring her husband to her. She knew he'd be having a fit. Upon seeing that she was fine, he reluctantly granted her wish to not do anything that would draw further attention to them.

Around two months later, they found out they'd be parents again. The entire night had been relatively amusing. Stephanie had showed up to Eric Bischoff's trial and said that he violated her by kissing her. She claimed that she still had the sickening taste of him. Later on, he ran into Stephanie and her father in the parking lot. It was difficult, but he had been planning to continue to pretend like he didn't see his wife standing behind Vince. But the old goat went and "introduced" them and left them on their own. They'd smiled at each other because they both had the same thought. That they looked like two schoolchildren with a crush.

Though she'd been exaggerating in her testimony against Bischoff, she actually did get sick that very night and Hunter made her go to the hospital. It turned out that she was carrying Devin and had been for about six weeks. They immediately agreed that she'd stay away from the on screen happenings throughout the rest of the pregnancy. Because it was sheer luck that she hadn't been pregnant when Austin attacked her. She delivered their healthy son in the middle of July.

Other than the occasional joke, they didn't outright acknowledge their relationship. They were able to relax and have fun with the situation because half of the roster officially knew and the other half strongly suspected that they were married. Neither half seemed to care much and to Hunter's relief, no one had attempted to harm his family to piss him off. It wasn't like they could deny that he had made children with Stephanie; not when both of the kids had ended up with light brown, curly hair and eyes that the parents liked to describe as "blazel." Meaning that there was a medium-golden brown color in the middle and a bluish green color on the edges.

But all of their planning went out of the window as soon as it seemed Orton had set his sights on Stephanie. The man was systematically picking her family apart and getting in her face often. Hunter knew firsthand how vicious The Legend Killer was. Hell, he'd helped him become that way. The last thing he wanted was for his wife to get hurt. He'd always been the protective type when it came to her. But he'd been able to honor her requests and let her handle things as she saw fit up until now.

Hunter had showed up to help Shane – primarily because if Shane got hurt, he'd be the only person able to really look out for Stephanie. But he'd arrived way too late. When he got to the arena, both siblings were already unconscious.

Just thinking about her lying there helplessly made him sick at this very moment.

Hunter sighed, rubbed his beard and got up from the rocking chair in Shawn Michaels' guest bedroom. He walked over to the king-sized bed and dropped a kiss against Morgan's cheek and then Devin's. He passed a hand over their hair before exiting. Though it was challenging, he'd resist the urge to call his wife since it was fairly possible she was sleeping in today. God knows she deserved it after the hell she'd been through.

Halfway across the country, Stephanie sat in their home office, spilling her guts on paper.

I have something that I need to tell you. We share everything with each other. Partially because it's the right thing to do. And partially because our lack of trust in one other succeeded in splitting us up once before. It's a sad, bitter irony that the last time I kept a huge secret from you, was 7 years ago. Almost to the very day.

That particular secret was rooted in a total lie that I'd intended to help us save our first marriage. And this one? Well this is something that just happened. It was totally and completely out of my control. But now that it has happened, I know that I can't open up about it. At least not to your face.

How would I ever disclose to you that I' lust with another man? More specifically that I want to throw myself all over a vile, vicious man who's even had the audacity to physically harm me?

Maybe I'm just a subconscious glutton for punishment. Maybe I have something against being in a stable, loving relationship. Maybe I just like to blow shit up once in a while for my own entertainment. I have no idea what my problem is. So I'm at a loss for trying to explain it to you.

I guess the beginning would be a good place to start.

Believe it or not, it all began when Randy Orton kicked my father in the head. I know it sounds horrible. But underneath my concern for my Dad, I felt something else. At the time I just wasn't sure what it was. Looking back, I can accurately peg the feeling as an intense sexual desire. But since I didn't know what the feeling was at the time – or wasn't yet ready to admit it to myself – I couldn't analyze it. Now that I've come to terms with my problem, I can pick it apart.

The power. The domination. The...guts. This is what Randy exuded and what I picked up from this violent, violent action of his. And God help me I wanted him because of those things. The beauty of living in the present is that you can look back at the past and understand it. If you made a mistake or a bad decision, you can avoid repeating it. So while I reminisce it occurs to me that it was your feud with my father a decade ago that drew me to you. The confidence and bravery as you stood up to him and outsmarted him – it made you so goddamn sexy to me.

It's happening all over again, but the man isn't you.

So as I describe this, you must keep in mind that at the time I didn't know I hungered for him. I was consumed by my own grief and anger. I knew that I wanted – no. Needed. I needed to stand toe-to-toe with him and express my distaste for the despicable thing he did.

And he and I did exactly that. He didn't back down from me in the slightest. He smirked at me arrogantly and his eyes burned me down to the very depths of my soul. Daring me to do something that was out of my character.

At the time I simply thought that he was urging me to revert back to the cold-hearted, immature, vengeful bitch that I used to be. I thought he wanted me to break out of the mature, business-oriented woman I currently was and go back to my roots. But now I know that wasn't the case at all.

No, Mr. Orton was daring me to do something else entirely. I know now that he saw what I was refusing to see. He knew that deep down inside I yearned for him sexually. This knowledge was so hidden from me that I wouldn't have been able to find it even if I'd been trying to program a GPS for the location. But he picked up on it.

Because he truly is The Viper. A calculating yet primitive predator.

And what I feel? Well, it's truly animalistic. If I were to give into my purest instincts, I'd probably fuck him in a dark alley somewhere. Maybe even in the middle of the ring. Yeah, it really is that strong.

Make no mistake about it, fucking is exactly what we would do. Randy Orton is not the making love type. And with him I wouldn't want that anyway. Because I don't love him. Hell, I don't even like him.

He's an arrogant, vindictive, sneaky bastard.

He's...what you used to be, now that I think about it. And maybe that's the appeal.

Being with you- being your wife and sharing my life with you - comes as natural to me as breathing does. But this is something more. It's starting to rule my waking thoughts and sometimes haunt my dreams. I feel like I'm going insane.

Maybe I am.

Who else would be torn between risking a great marriage, the welfare of two children and a recently redeemed reputation? And for what? One encounter with someone I'd never consider as a permanent fixture in my life? Someone that I truly can't stand?

None of this is your fault. It's all me.

I know it sounds cliché. But I truly mean that. We had our problems in the past but we're so good together now. You are my husband, my best friend and my lover. And you're perfect – absolutely perfect at all three of those things and so much more. I'm truly happy with you. There is nothing I want or need that you can't or won't give me.

Except Randy, of course.

Sadly, that's all I can think about these days. I'm just...I'm absolutely and totally consumed by this need for us to have our way with each other. It kills me to know that I'll probably betray you. And it kills me to know that you'll put your body on the line in my honor. Trying to defend me from the threat that is Randy Orton.

Make no mistake about it, he is a threat. But the way he threatens my physical welfare is nothing compared to how he's threatening the sanctity of this marriage. The vows that I made to you five years ago. The fidelity that has never before been in jeopardy.

But I don't think I'm strong enough to resist this pull...this impulse.

I've been fighting it for longer than I'd been willing to acknowledge and have done a great job so far. But I'm suffering for it. Worse, our family is suffering. I'm distracted; I'm not completely focused on you and the kids. I'm there in body and that's mostly it. Our son and daughter are too young to notice. Hell, give them a paper towel to play with and they'll be happy.

But I know that you've picked up on the fact that something very serious is up with me. I can see it when you catch me with a faraway look in my eyes. Every time you ask if I'm okay, I can hear the underlying question. You're asking me if we – if our marriage – is okay.

By the time I gather up the strength to give this to you, I'm sure I will have done something terrible. You probably already hate me – even before reading this. You've probably taken the kids and started divorce proceedings. But I just want you to know this.

I want you to know that I tried. I tried to let this go and I couldn't.

Desire is the most basic human instinct. And I wrote this in advance because at the end of the day...I'm just flesh, blood and hormones. And every part of me is overcome with thoughts of touching and kissing him. Any and everywhere. As I write this, you should know that I've been hoping my fantasies are completely and totally off. But so far they're not.

Four weeks ago as of last night, Orton kicked Shane in the head and RKO'ed me directly onto the mat. And up until two weeks ago, I hadn't correctly identified my underlying emotions. But that changed when Randy went out to the ring and said that he remembered my scent and the feel of my soft skin on his. And when he said he wondered what I remembered...I instantly recalled that his skin was slick, smooth and soft. The faint, deep scent of his cologne entered my mind. It was so strong and powerful... it was like he was wrapped around me at that very moment.

I was glued to the television screen while he spoke. Because he was calling out to me. Of course he had to disguise his true meaning by riling you up about performing his finisher on me. But he was sending a message that was intended for me.

He was telling me that he wants me and was trying to force me to consider that I secretly wanted him, too. And I don't. It's much worse than that. I think I need him...more than I've ever needed anything and it's the scariest, yet most natural thing to ever occur to me.

I'm sorry that I've hurt you and I hope that someday you can forgive me. If heaven shines down on me alone, maybe you'll even take me back. God knows I don't want our marriage to end. But I just...have to have this. I know you won't agree. But please try to understand before you judge me, Hunter.

All the love my heart can contain,


Stephanie sighed and put the pen down on the desk. It was so difficult to put her feelings on paper. They were simple yet complex at the same time. The complexity was in the fact that she was head over heels in love with her husband. They had successful, satisfying careers, a wonderful home and two kids. And to top it off, their love life continued to be off the charts hot. There was nothing more that she could ask for. Nothing else she wanted. Quite simply, her life was as perfect as any person's ever could be.

So it was maddening that she felt like she was utterly powerless at the task of restraining herself. To quell her urges and continue enjoying the happiness and satisfaction of her life as it was.

Complications aside, her need for Randy was easy. It was a craving – nothing more, nothing less. And cravings needed to be satisfied or else they never really went away. Internally, she knew that she just needed one experience with him and she'd be set. Life could go back to the way it was.

Except that her husband probably wouldn't take too kindly to her having a one night stand. Especially not to someone he hated. And she was clueless as to what the odds of Randy keeping his mouth shut were. He was married and a parent just as she was. But she knew she didn't want to lose her marriage. She had no idea how Randy felt about his. Hell, his hatred for Hunter might outweigh his love of his wife. If that was the case, he'd be eager to spill the beans.

In the leather office chair, Stephanie swiveled away from the large desk. With a heavy sigh, she stood up and headed over to the paper shredder. She dropped the handwritten document in and watched as it was destroyed. Not wanting to take any chances, she emptied the contents of the receptacle into a plastic bag. Her long legs carried her down the grand, winding staircase. She winced when her bare feet touched the cold, marble floor. She stopped at the closet just outside of the garage and slipped on some sandals.

She pushed open the door to the garage, took the bag containing her shredded confession and tossed it into the large trashcan.

Time was what she needed. She had to hope that this thing with Orton would go away on its own. If he just stopped screwing with her and Hunter, things might be back to normal. She wouldn't purposely be alone with him. In fact, she'd been keeping her distance from him as much as was humanly possible. It's why she stayed in the car during the previous nights' Raw. And why she'd hopped on a plane back to Connecticut the next morning instead of staying with Hunter and the kids at Shawn and Rebecca's house in Texas.

The excuse she gave her husband was that she hadn't been feeling well. And that wasn't a lie. Clearly something was very wrong with her. But as far as she could tell, there was only one cure. Her utmost need would be satiated, but everything else around her would crumble.

It wasn't worth it and she knew that. But as her memories tormented her with the details of his rock hard physique, piercing blue eyes and luscious looking lips, she quickly realized that her senses didn't care about the value of being with him. All they wanted was for their yearning to be satiated.