Eva Prince was a shy girl. She didn't like to be noticed and she didn't like attention. There was one exception, of course. That was her mother, but Eva didn't like to talk about her and she never did. Especially here, at Hogwarts, where she was returning for her sixth year. She wasn't looking forward to it much. Eva thought school was dull. Actually, she thought most things were dull. Especially herself.

The general dullness of her life was the reason she loved to read so much. Books were exciting and didn't have anything to do with herself. Some of her favorites were muggle books, actually. The one she was rereading now, Goodnight, Mr. Tom, made her cry every time. At the same time, it made her the happiest girl alive. That's what genuine writing can do to a person.

Eva spent a lot of time thinking about how to make people happy, mostly just her mother. Eva was surprised when she was put in Ravenclaw instead of Hufflepuff. She didn't think she was very smart, and she was downright lousy at Ancient Runes. She would be better off translating owl scratches. Eva didn't have many friends in Ravenclaw because of her odd placement. In fact, she hardly had any friends at all. It was rather sad, but Eva had been told many times in her life that pity was an ugly thing and she didn't want to be ugly, did she? Of course not. No daughter of mine will be ugly at all.


The first night back, Eva skipped the feast. She didn't like crowds and noise. Plus, she needed more time to unpack before rounds. She was honored to have prefect duties but they regularly got in the way of her studying schedules and such. She managed though, she always did. At 7:30 sharp, Eva met her fellow Ravenclaw prefect, Andy Clearwater, to escort the new children to the common room. It always took a very long time because the awestruck bunch shuffled along gawking at every little thing they saw. It was rather amusing for the first few minutes, but grew tiresome very quickly.

"Move along, please. It's just down this hallway," Eva called, her voice pathetically soft. Andy had spoken to her many times about it. He didn't like having to repeat everything she said so other people could hear her directions.

Feeling bashful, Eva left Andy take over and explain about the passwords, dormitories, and the like. They visited each dorm later to make sure everything was in order before beginning their hallway patrols. It was raining ferociously and its pounding on the windowpanes made it difficult to listen for after-hours nonsense.

"How was your summer holidays, Evangeline?" asked Andy after forty five minutes of silence.

"It was fine, thank you. How was yours?"


"Oh, I'm glad."

"Yes...me too."

Eva resisted the urge to roll her eyes. She didn't like talking to Andy very much. He didn't seem to realize. She was starting to suspect he had developed a small crush on her.

"I-I didn't see you at the feast. Did the train ride make you motion-sick?"

Eva shook her head. "No, I was tired from the trip. I'm not very partial to loud noises either."

As if on queue, a great clap of thunder sounded directly above them. Eva shrieked and Andy nearly jumped out of his skin.

"Merlin's beard," exclaimed Andy. "What a storm. Are you alright?"

Eva nodded. "I'm fine. It just took my by surprise."

"You're shivering. Here, take my jumper." Andy handed her the bundle of blue, itchy fabric. She did not put it on. She knew for a fact that she had not shivered once since they had started patrol. She gave Andy back his sweater.

"We've been standing in this hallway for too long. We should split up to cover more ground. I'll take the rest of the left wing." Eva told him and did not wait for his reply before walking briskly around the corner. She wasn't about to waste her time pretending to be intrigued by such a boring person. He was even more dull than herself, if she dared say so herself. In fact, she-


Another clap of thunder sounded and she flinched. Maybe she should have stayed with Andy. Eva sighed, looking out of the nearest window for the lighting to follow. It didn't come. That was odd. Soon after, the thunder sounded again, and still there was no lightning to be seen. However, she could hear something in the distance...laughter? That thunder was getting very close, almost as if it was in the building.

"You have got to be kidding me," muttered Eva, grabbing the want tucked in her knee socks. She followed the "thunder" down two more corridors and up one flight of stairs. She knew which door the thunder was behind immediately. It was the only door with light spilling out from underneath it. Whatever idiot thought this was a good idea was about to be very sorry.

Eva countered the locked door with ease and pushed open the door. She put more force behind it than necessary and it hit the wall with a loud bang. Eva squared her shoulders and did her best to look intimidating as the culprit saw her.

Culprits, more like. The Weasley twins eyed her warily, crouched over exploding snap cards set up beneath the classroom desks.

"Can we help you?" asked one of them, Eva wasn't sure who was who at the moment.

"Yes. You can stop making a racket and go back to your common rooms like you're supposed to. It's hours after curfew."

The two boys barely raised their eyebrows. That was agitating. "Is it? I say, George, time flies when you're having fun."

"Indeed, brother."

Eva pursed her lips. The Weasley twins were not known for "going quietly", she had her work cut out for her. "The two of you will pick up your mess and retire right now or I will start deducting House points."

They exchanged looks. One of them shrugged and the other nodded. They began gathering the cards under Eva's supervision. Once they were done, they attempted to sneak past her and out of the classroom.

"Wait just a minute. Detention, for both of you for being out after hours."

"What? But we did what you said!" exclaimed one. "That's not fair."

"I never said anything about detention. You still broke the rules, and therefore you must be punished."

"Bitch," said one of them quietly.

Eva ignored it. "I'm going to have to escort you back to your common room."

They begin to grumble and Eva continues to ignore them. She walks a few paces behind them, wand still in hand. She doesn't trust these boys. Once they reach the portrait, one of them turns and attempts a smile. "A trip to Hogsmead wouldn't make those detentions go away, would it?"

Eva blinked at him. "I have no idea what you're saying."

"He's asking you out on a date," said the other twin, cracking up laughing. He puts on hand on the wall for support as he bends over out of breath.

Eva looks back to the twin in front of her. "No. This Saturday at six o'clock in the Charms classroom. Both of you. Do not be late."

She spun on her heel and left them for the night. Her duties were over anyway and Eva wanted some sleep.


The week's classes were dull and nothing new happened. Like usual. Eva did homework every night during dinner for optimal quiet space. She stopped at the kitchens later at night for something to eat. She did everything else in her dorm. She even ate breakfast and lunch there, stopping at the Great Hall only to pick up food. Eva always kept the velvet tapestries drawn shut around her bed for privacy. She avoided her dorm mates and kept to herself.

The next week was the same. September passed, and so did half of October. The next Hogsmead trip was coming up and regretfully, Eva had to go. Her uniforms didn't fit correctly anymore. It would have to be a quick trip, she had a Potions test on Monday and she had lots of studying to do. It was cold that day, and Eva bundled up appropriately, unlike most of her peers. They would all have head colds by next week, she was sure.

Eva kept her head down as she hurried to the robe shop. At least it was warm in there. There was nice music playing too. That was a rarity these days. Eva was in a good mood that day, it seemed. She even began humming along to the music as she picked out new blouses and skirts. Hopefully ones that would stay up.

In the dressing room, Eva avoided looking at herself in the mirror. She didn't need it anyway. As long as the skirts fit her, she didn't care how they looked. She was sensible like that.

Eva was in the middle of purchasing her things when someone rested their chin on her shoulder. And blew hot air into her ear. She leapt away wildly, instanding fuming at the invasion of personal space. She was hardly surprised when she saw who it was, however. One of the Weasley twins was laughing at her. What an idiot.

"Fancy seeing you here. How you been?" he chuckled.

"Fine," said Eva shortly. "Please leave me alone, now. I'm very busy today."

"Is that so, well then you wouldn't mind a bit of assistance then, would you? Here let me."

"Hey!" Eva exclaimed as he scooped up her bag of purchases. "Give that back to me right now!"

"All in good time, don't worry," he said with a wave of his free hand. "Let's go. Where to next?"

"Hogwarts. I need to study." She extended her hand. "Please."

He grinned, taking her hand in his, much to Eva's surprise and embarrassment. "If you insist." He winked at her.

"Let go of me. I want my bag. Now."

"Hey, hey, hey," he said, lifting the bag out of reach. "Just calm down, yeah? I'm just trying to be nice."

"Don't," snapped Eva. She glared at him. He smiled back at her before starting to walk away.

Eva trotted after him, not being able to keep up with his long strides. She was outraged. How dare he come out of nowhere and tamper with her day's plan? Not to mention taking her things and refusing to give them back. That was just plain rude.

"I demand that you give me back my things. Right now," she pushed.

"It wouldn't kill you to say please," he sang.

Eva rolled her eyes. "Please," she said unwillingly, still hurrying beside him.

"Okay, but only once we reach Hogwarts. I am a gentleman, after all. Carrying a lady's packages for her is just good manners. Yes?"

Eva counted to ten. "Yes," she forced. "Thank you."

His smile widened. "You're welcome. I'm Fred by the way. People always think I'm George, even Mum sometimes."

"Does she?" asked Eva, fully uninterested.

"Mhmm. Can't really blame her, though. She's got seven of us to keep track of, you know. The poor woman."

Eva bit her lip hard to keep from smiling.

"Do you have any siblings? Or is your mom blessed with an only child?" He grinned down at her as Eva's almost-smile dropped off her face.

Fred noticed immediately. "Hey, you okay? Was it something I said?"

Eva shook her head. "I'm perfectly fine. I'm an only child yes. And hurry up, I have a lot of things to do."

She sped up and Fred easily caught up with her. "Yes ma'am."

Eva rolled her eyes again.

They reached the castle within another ten minutes. Eva asks for her bags again and this time Fred gives them to her. She even thanked him before rushing back to her dorm. He hadn't wasted much of her time, anyway. She still had hours before patrol.

(c) J. K. Rowling

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