It was Halloween night, five and a half years after the Dark Lord had been killed, and everyone was celebrating. Even the Ministry of Magic was completely deserted of people.

Deep down in the depths of the Ministry, however, something was happening. The Department of Mysteries, normally a department that remained quiet regardless if people were there or not, was now the home of some mysterious happenings.

The Veil, a place that had claimed the lives of numerous people until it was moved there, was alive with activity. The usually slow moving current that flowed there was no longer slow. Wind was blowing heavily. Lights were flashing repeatedly.

Suddenly, though there was no one there to hear it, there was a loud BAM!

The wind ceased to exist.

The lights stopped flashing.

Everything was suddenly very calm.

But on the floor, directly in front of the Veil, lay two small, naked boys, one older than the other.

Had there been someone to witness this strange turn of events, he or she would have thought the two boys dead as they lay there without even a twitch; however, with one last burst of light, both boys were shocked into life with a kiss of breath.

Almost immediately, the children opened their eyes and sat up.

Although one would think that the two boys would not recognize one another being as small as they were and coming from seemingly nowhere, that person would have been sadly mistaken, for as soon as the boys saw one another, they jumped up from the floor and faced one another.

At that moment, one child yelled, "Black!" while the other yelled, "Snape!"

And at the exact moment an Unspeakable who had come back to look for her missing radish earring and heard the noise walked in, both boys lunged at one another.


"Harry! Harry! Wake up!" Ginerva Molly Potter nee Weasle said as she shook her husband awake. Harry groggily woke up, unable to even see straight.

"What is it, Love? It is three in the morning." Harry said groggily.

"There is an emergency at the Ministry. They need you to come down." Ginny said. Being attuned to hearing every little noise, the twenty-two year old woman had heard the Floo the minute it had gone off.

"An emergency? What do you mean?"

"I don't know! Dad Floo'd a bit ago and said that they needed us there and Mum was coming through to watch the babies." Ginny said, already waving her wand over her hair to straighten it out.

"Okay, okay. I am up." Harry said, still half asleep. The night before they had both gone out after taking their children trick or treating and then leaving Molly Weasley with them at the house while they went to meet up with some friends for a while. It had been late when they had gotten back, a mere two hours before, and Harry was having trouble staying awake.

"Okay, Love, where are my clothes?"

Ginny just sighed, then laughed lovingly at her husband and throwing his clothes at him.


Harry sat with Ginny in Arthur Weasley's office. He had been the Minister of Magic for five years now, and the magical world had never been so at peace.

"What happened, Dad? What is going on?" Ginny asked, sitting in front of her father.

"We have had a shock tonight. Something that we cannot explain. Something that should not have happened, or rather something that we did not believe could happen. We believe that you, Harry, and you, Ginny, are the only ones that are going to be able to appropriately deal with this…"

Before he got any farther, however, Harry jumped up and cut him off,

"I knew it! He is back isn't he? Voldemort!" both of the other two cringed at the name, even five years later, "I knew that we were getting to comfortable! I knew that it wouldn't last!" Harry said. Arthur went around his desk and laid his hand on the young man's shoulder.

"Harry, son, stop. Voldemort is gone. There is nothing that can bring him back. However, there are two others that have been brought back, seemingly, from the dead."

"Who? What is going on?"

At that moment, a ministry employee brought in two sullen children.

They stared at Harry, and Harry thought that he recognized them.

"Oh my Merlin…" Ginny said, recognizing them both immediately.

"What? What is it, Gin?"

"Ha. I always knew you were a complete idiot, Potter."

Harry froze and turned back towards the children.

"No…" He said softly.

But as soon as he watched the smallest of the two boys smirk, he knew that it was true.

"Don't talk about my godson like that, Snivillus!"

"Snape? Sirius?"

"Ha, finally caught on I see." The little miniature Snape responded.


"Harry, the reason that I called both you and Ginny in here is…well, you are the only two that we thought would take them…"

"What do you mean, take them?"

"Well, they need somewhere to go…they need a home. The magical healers, they said that they are children and will grow as such even if they do have their memories up until they died. Or when we thought they died… It is like they aged backwards, but… Well, for example, Severus here died five and a half years ago. That is how old he is. Sirius is seven and a half. They need a home Harry, a home that I think you and Ginny could adequately provide with both love and discipline."


"And, Harry, they both refused to go anywhere else. They need you and Ginny…"

Harry stood there and stared at the two children.

What in the world was going on?