One Week Later…

Mike was just finishing the last of Louis' paperwork (if it wasn't for Harvey, Mike would have become Louis' whipping boy, he should be lucky it was just paperwork), his hand cramped from writing. He put his pen down and flexed his hand into a fist a couple times, hoping to get some feeling back into it. He checked his watch, knowing any second now Donna would be rounding the corner. She had made it a habit of making sure he got home at a decent time, that he didn't run himself into the ground working.

He tried to assure her he wasn't going to resort back to working through his grief. That he was actually doing a lot better, dealing with his Grammy's death in a healthier way. He still missed her; it had been only three weeks of course he missed her, but he knew he wasn't alone now. He could count on Donna and Harvey (even if he kept up the façade that he didn't care).

Mike turned his head, still expecting Donna, but froze when Harvey strode toward him. This was a first, usually it was Donna who made sure he got home before the night janitor made his rounds. Not that Harvey didn't find excuses to check on him throughout the day, Mike wasn't stupid, but he saved the nighttime for Donna. Almost as if Donna had monopolized that time of day.

"Where's Donna?" he questioned before he could stop himself.

"She's coming," Harvey responded slowly. "She had to run a few errands for me." It didn't take a genius to figure out the double meaning behind those words. Harvey had made sure she was busy. Why, Mike didn't know.

"So, what's up?" Mike asked turning to face his desk, collecting the files and folders Louis had assigned him.

"How are you?" Harvey responded after a few moments pause. Mike made a show of sorting Louis' paperwork into two piles, keeping his back to his boss. He was coping, better than when he first found out, but still wasn't one-hundred percent okay.

"Fine." Of course, that didn't stop him from giving Harvey a half-assed answer.

"Seriously," Harvey pressed, knowing he was lying. Mike couldn't help cursing Harvey's ability to read people.

He sighed, chewed on his lip for a second, and then turned in his chair. He looked up at Harvey and said, "I'm okay, seriously. I'm still dealing with Grammy's…" he trailed off, taking in a breath. "I'll be fine. I just need time to process this."

"You're damn right you will be," Harvey replied with a nod. He then added on, "You're my associate." It was Harvey Specter's way of saying 'I will help you if you need it.' Mike gave Harvey a small smile, turning back to grab his bag.

"Okay, Harvey," Mike muttered packing up his stuff.

"I hear Donna coming," Harvey said after a few seconds of silence. "I'll see you tomorrow, Mike." He felt a hand rest on his shoulder for a second, and then Harvey was gone.

Mike listened to his retreating footsteps, his smile growing a little. Yeah, he knew he could go to Harvey if he needed him. It was nice to have the support. Even if his support system was a man who hardly let himself feel any type of emotion. And Donna, too, of course...

Mike turned at her approach, giving her a smile. He wouldn't give up either one of them. He couldn't. In the short time he knew them, they had become his family. Grammy may have left him, but she didn't leave him alone…


Harvey returned to his office, closing the door behind him. It was great that Mike was getting better, slowly putting his life back together, and Harvey would be there for him. Like a shadow, but there nonetheless.

The night of Mike's Grammy's funeral, Harvey had dug out some old photo albums. He had flipped through them, remembering a simpler time. Back when he and Alex still talked, back when their mother was still alive.

Those same albums rested in his desk now, a week later. He sat in his chair, digging the books out. He flipped the top one open, looking down at a photo of him and Alex. He remembered that day, his mother having taken the photo with the new camera he and his brother had bought her for her birthday. His arm had rested on his little brother's head, Alex was giving him an semi-annoyed look. The sad part was, a week later the camera ended up getting stolen from their mother's bag when she was taking the train to work.

Harvey shook his head, looking up from the album, his eyes resting on his phone, sitting on his desk. He took a breath, picked it up, and scrolled through his contacts.

He put it to his ear, listening to the phone ring. After three rings a man picked up, "Hello?"

"Hey, Alex…"



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