Warnings: suicidalness, sadness, and will possibly make you cry!
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The air seemed thick in the small bedroom. "S-Sasori I-I really wouldn't know h-how to answer that, un..." The redhead frowned at the response.

"I see...Deidara I think you should leave now." His head hung low. Deidara frowned, "Sasori?" "J-Just go..." Sasori pointed to the door.

Deidara bit his bottom lip, "Sasori, I'm sorry..." The redhead shook his head and looked up, tears rolling down his cheeks and a sad smile planted on his face, "It's fine...I'll see you at school..." He whispered. The blonde nodded a bit worriedly, "If you need something, just call, un." He said before leaving.

The redhead watched the blonde leave and went into the bathroom. "I was played for a fool the whole time huh?" Sasori spoke quietly, looking in the mirror. "He's so beautiful...and I'm...not." He pressed his hand against the reflective glass.

His attention was caught when a notification went off on his phone. Sasori grabbed the small devise and checked it. "Damn Facebook..." He mumbled. The post was from one of his co-stars. 'Tonight's the big night!' The redhead rolled his eyes. Uchiha Itachi. More people started commenting. He didn't care for it, until, a certain one caught his eye.

'I'm sure Dei will say yes. You guys have been dating for about a year!' Sasori ground his teeth and threw the phone against the wall. "Fucking whore! I was never good enough was I?" He yelled in fury.

The phone broke into pieces and scatter all over the floor. "You fucking lying bitch! You played with my heart! You knew I loved you! I-I gave you my fucking heart!" Sasori yelled in broken sobs. "I did e-everything to make y-you happy! I covered for you w-when you did something stupid!"

The redhead stopped his yelling and looked in the mirror. "I'm not the handsomest. I'm not the 'cool bad boy'. I'm not perfect. I can't be your dream guy. But you can't say, that I never tried, Deidara." He whispered.

Sasori rested his forehead against the mirror. "I had never in my fucking life, tried so hard for someone. For anything at that. You are more important than my art. Sadly, you can't say the same." He pushed himself off the mirror and opened it.

The redhead grabbed the lighter and some whiskey. He shut it and sat down on the floor. "Since, I mean so little to you...I mean nothing to the world..." Sasori grabbed a dry rag and doused it in whiskey. He then squeezed the juices all around the floor. "Look Deidara, it's your 'art'." He giggled and used the lighter to set the rag on fire. He placed the damp rag on the journal.

Sasori took a swig of the whiskey that was left in the bottle. "If only the fire could be eternal." He mumbled. The journal pages curled as the fire heated them. The redhead got up and walk around the fire, pouring the whiskey on the floor behind him.

He dug through drawers and and shelves, finding pictures and or memories of him and Deidara. He tossed them on the floor. Sasori smiled as they burned. "Look what you have done to me, you stupid whore." He laughed and looked around for a razor, avoiding the spreading fire.

The air was thick with smoke, but the redhead continued to walk through it. "Ah, here we go. A dying message sounds nice, eh?" Sasori downed the rest of the whiskey and threw the bottle carelessly. "Mm, at least we had some fun today." He laughed. "I bet you're not really a virgin."

The redhead put the blade to his arm. "Let's start." He pushed it down, breaking into the skin, "Dear Deidara," Red liquid filled the letters, some over flowing. "I still" Sasori was now at his wrist, he smiled and pressed harder, "LOVE" The blood began to spurt from his veins. He shivered and bit his bottom lip, "you." He sluggishly walked to his bed. His hand spraying the red liquid everywhere. He closed his eyes and let tears roll down his cheeks, "It's over..."

A faint pounding noise buzzed in his ears. He could feel the flames heating his bed and body. The smoke had finally filled his lungs, that he passed out from that and blood loss. However, if one looked closely, they would of saw the real mistake. The broken and melted phone that lied on the floor. If you looked hard enough. The broken device was flashing a notification saying: 'Oops I meant Dai not Dei.'

Deidara was sitting at home watching TV. "Why couldn't I say it, un?" He questioned himself. "He was so...Hurt" The blonde sighed, "I-I'm just...I don't even have a reason..." Deidara shook his head.

Their was a knock at his door. Deidara sighed sadly and got up to answer it. "Hello?" A man holding a package looked at him. "Are you Mr. Iwa?" The blonde nodded. "Sign here." The man held out a clip board. Deidara took it and signed it. "Here you are." He said handing the blonde flowers and a box. "Oh wow, uhm... Thanks." The man nodded and left.

Deidara closed the doors and went inside. He sat at the kitchen table and opened the box. Their was a DVD that had a sticky note that said 'play me' and a small box. The blonde got up and went and got a portable DVD player.

When he returned he took the sticky note off and put it in. He waited for it to load and then pressed play.

"Hold the camera still you idiot!" "I am!" The redhead on the screen gave an unamused expression. "Just take the money and go."

The screen went fuzzy then went back to playing again.

"Hehe, sorry about that." The redhead was sitting against a cherry blossom tree and it was a bright sunny day. "Hidan isn't a very good camera man." Sasori laughed. "Anyways, enough about him. So this is my second resort. Since I couldn't do it the first time in person. I've decided a different approach."

Deidara stared at the screen confused. What did he mean 'second resort'?

"Deidara, we've been dating for what how many years? Two? We've had such great times together. You know just how to make me smile. I love everything about you. You make me happy. I hope I make you feel the same. Deidara, I can't live a day without you. This is why I ask, will you let me be your real Danna? Open the box Dei. I love you sooooo much."

The blonde gulped and picked the box up and opened it. He gasped and looked back at the screen.

"Will you marry me?" The redhead smiled lovingly and the screen went black.

Deidara's breathing was ragged and he felt like he could burst into tears at any moment. Today he had single handedly rejected the redhead. And now he received this package. His racing mind was interrupted when his phone rang.

Deidara quickly got up and answered it, "Hello, un?" "Is this Mr. Iwa?" A feminine voice asked. "Yes, may I help you?" He asked. "We have a Sasori Akasuna here and you were listed under his emergency contacts. Would yo-" "What happened? Where is he, un?" The blonde asked, now worried. "Sir, he's at Okite Yoake no Byōin(1)." Deidara's eyes widened, "I'll be right there, un!" He hung up put the box in his pocket and grabbed his keys, running out the door.

-at the hospital-

"Akasuna" Deidara said quickly to the lady behind the service desk. "Hm. Room 152." The blonde nodded, "Thanks" He quickly made his way to the elevator.

When he got near the room, a doctor stopped him. "Iwa?" Deidara nodded, "What happened, un? Why is he here?" The doctor gave a frown, "We assume he attempted suicide. The fire officials explained that the fire was purposely done. That and he ha-" "Can I go see him?" The doctor sighed, "If you like. Just make sure to stay quiet. And also change his bandages." He handed the blonde a roll of new bandages. Deidara nodded and went inside.

The blonde's face flushed as he saw his lover laying on the hospital bed helplessly. "Sasori..." He whispered. The room was quiet except the sound of the heart monitor. Deidara gently grabbed the redhead's wrist and began to undo the bloody bandages. When he took them off and threw them away, he cleaned the blood away. What he saw made him gasp.

The message on the redhead's arm. 'Dear Deidara, I still LOVE you' Deidara bit his bottom lip and quietly re bandaged the redhead's arm. He then pulled a chair up and sat down next to Sasori. He gripped the other's hand tightly. "I-I'm so s-sorry!" He cried. "I did t-this to you d-didn't I?" The blonde began to sob.

He didn't want the redhead to die because of him. He wasn't worth dying over. "I'm so s-stupid, un!" He screwed his eyes shut tight. Suddenly, like in a scary movie, the heart monitor began to beep wildly. Deidara's eyes widened and he immediately pressed the pager. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." He began to mumble. They were taking to long. The blonde opened the door and cried out in his loudest voice he could muster, "Please! Somebody help! Please! help!"

Nurses and other free doctors began to run to the room. One nurse took Deidara into a waiting room and tried to get him to calm down.

The blonde could hear the doctors talking. "He won't make it like this." "He's going to die..." "There's nothing we can do." "He's bleeding everywhere! Quickly get him a transfusion!" "We don't have his blood type!" "He needs oxygen!"

Deidara burst through the doors, "We have the same blood type, un" The nurse that had tried to stop him had now caught up with him. "Are you sure?" One of the doctors asked. "This could be risky for you. He needs a lot of blood." "Yes! Just do it!"

The faint beeping sound of the heart monitor filled the room. The redhead was slowly waking up. "Hm?" He hummed sleepily. He looked around the dark room. "Shit...I'm not dead?" Sasori rubbed his arms and saw that they were bandaged. "That's just great. Can't wait to hear what the media has to say..." He said, a bit angry.

Sasori sighed and looked over at the bed next to his randomly. He closed his eyes at the person then opened them immediately. "Deidara?" He got up off the bed and tried to move when he noticed the IV in his wrist. He growled and grabbed the roll-able tall IV thingy.

"Deidara?" Sasori whispered as he stroked the blonde's hair. He leaned down and kissed his forehead and exited the room.

Outside the room, the redhead spotted a nurse. "Excuse me?" The nurse turned and looked at him. She quickly walked him back to his room, "You're not supposed to be out of bed." She said. "Hey." He grabbed her uniform before she could leave. "What?" Sasori pointed over to the blonde, "Why is he here?" She smiled slightly, "You needed a blood transfusion. He was the one that gave you the blood." With that, she left. Sasori turned towards Deidara. "Why would you do that?" Their was slight movement on the bed. Then, the blonde was facing Sasori, "Because, I love you, Danna."

And fin~ Yes this is the end of the story deal with it ;D

(1). Okite Yoake no Byōin no means Waking Dawn Hospital
Name sound familiar? Okite Yoake no Bomei (Waking Dawn Asylum)