At first I had tried to wait until the Sorcerer got back from whatever was causing him to take so long, but soon my senses overcame and pressed me to eat something.

I took a large slice of the goose and practically wolfed it down to satisfy the ache in my stomach. After that I looked to the bred and took one of those and eventually I ate a dinner's worth of food before the Sorcerer made it back to the ball room, though this hardly made a dent in the massive amount food still on the table.

As I looking at it all, I swallowed the piece of smoked ham I was chewing on with some effort and sighed with my head hanging low.

"I should have waited; it would have been the polite thing to do." I decided to wait though I no longer felt hungry. "But how much longer could he take, unless he intended for me to leave before he came back..."

But that would be ridiculous, after all he said he would be back, well not in so many words but I believed that was what he meant.

As I was contemplating the thought process of my captor, the darkness began to fade away from the corners of the room until light shown on every wall.

I could see the other end of the table now, and at it there was a chair, as I had suspected, however, the chair was so small, "What on earth is going on here?" I mumbled to myself but there came a banging from the door Sorcerer had gone through and I leapt up to my feat.

Breathing in slowly, I waited for another sound to pierce the silence.

"Hello?" came a dry whispering moan, so quiet I could barely hear it, "Hello, please open the door," I stared for a moment but my feet began to lead me in the direction that the sound was coming from. "It's so dark here, please, please open the door, I can't see."

I raised an eyebrow questioningly; it took only twenty large steps to reach the door from the table, but against my better judgement I raise a hand to the handle to the door and pressed an ear against the panelling to hear the voice better.

It had sounded like the whisper was getting quieter and quieter as I tried to hear it and to my surprise it almost sounded like the Sorcerer, but slightly different.

Before I could open it another loud series of banging ruptured against the door and I backed away.

"What's wrong?" cackled a familiar voice behind me, "Scared?"

I spun around and sure enough, the white maiden stood behind me, floating just above the ground.

The screeching circled me as the white maiden howled and laughed, pulling my dress and my hair. "Let go of me," I screamed, hoping to ward away the spectre of my mind.

"Not until you mean it" she winked at me, "if you want to kill me so bad, you have to mean it." As she hissed the last word, all the candles lighting the room extinguished.

My breath was hoarse, my hands clammy and cold, "Mean it," I heard whisper beside my ear and without a second thought I turned to where I felt something touch my shoulder and shoved the knife forward as it logged in something.

The blade of the table knife broke off and the piece I had been holding cut across my arm as it dropped to the floor with a clink.

I cried out but still I heard the maiden, "Well done sweetie... I guess you meant it," but I felt an ache split my heart.

All at once the candles sporadically ignited, however, instead of the typical red-golden colour fire normally produced the candles burned with blue flames, lighting the room, but casting a cold glow on the walls and the floor.

I turned to my right where I expected to see the maiden laughing in my face with a broken table knife jutting out of her abdomen but instead I was shocked to find someone else.

I could not really describe them, it was a man with boyish good looks, but the texture of the rough grey skin suggested that he was made out of stone.

I looked around but there was no white maiden anywhere, instead there was the stone man and inside his chest was where the broken knife was lodged.

I would have thought that the stone beside me really was a statue that had magically appeared there but I could see the eyes watching me as I moved away from him.

I backed away in horror, the man, though he was most assuredly made from rock, whore servant clothing. This was one of the Sorcerer's servants, it had to be.

"Avalon," the statue whispered, looking at the blade I had stabbed him with. I stare at the open wound, but I saw that no blood fell from it.

"I'm so sorry." I took another step back, "It was an accident, I didn't mean to," I say hopelessly to him, but he just looked at me, with grey stone eyes.

The door erupted with pounding once more and I stumbled backwards, however this time I could clearly make out the voice that I had first heard echoing behind the door.

"Won't you open the door..." came the whisper and I was once again reminded of the similarity it shared with the Sorcerer's voice.

I turn to the stone man then back at the door, 'what if this was all part of my nightmare.' I took a step towards the door my hand reached out but I was stopped when a stone hand landed upon my arm.

"Don't open it, madame." Whispered the stone man with a shocking accent that I somewhat recognized. "You're bleeding," he looked at my arm. I turned my head to look at it myself, but as he took a step nearer to me, I flinched away, still watching him with gaping eyes.

Terrified, I whispered "I can't trust you," for all I knew all these enchanted objects were trying to kill me.

"Please, you're bleeding" he took a step nearer but I backed away, twice as far. For a second he stared at me just stunned and then shook his head.

"He was right, you are stubborn-" I cocked my head at the stone man, but before I even had a chance to make up my mind whether I should go with him or not I heard the voice from behind the door rise up against the oak barricade.

"Avalon..." the sickly sweet voice called from the door behind the stone man again, "Open the door won't you... Avalon..." I backed away from the door and the stone man, "! OPEN THE DOOR!" the voice roared now and I held up my hands in fright.

"Come with me..." the stone man began again but I backed away from him as another series of cracks split the air.

The door was gradually being broken open.

"You can't hide, no one can hide from me, I will find you, I will kill you, I WILL KILL ALL OF YOU!" The voice blared.

"Quickly, we'll have to bandage your arm." The moving statue didn't seem to be all too worried about the door that seemed to be inches away from being broken into pieces.

Turning to one of the exits he walked to it as I pursued in his wake, more frightened that the being behind the door, who I believed was the Sorcerer, would come after us.

"Where were you when the lights went out?" it shouted, a sort of muffled cry forming on the last word.

I turned around and looked at the door with a strange feeling of knowing; this was not the first time I had heard those words, but tonight they sounded so... devastated.

I could sense the stone man standing behind me, possibly about to urge me to come with him, but I needed no more urging than another round of fierce thumping as the door was beaten upon once more. I turned back, slowly as the angry yet mournful wailing went up from the other side of the door, slowly the howling died away and I felt my body once again pulling me after the stone man.

The rock figure had already started down the hall and I had to jog to catch up to him but I still felt the question I had heard so many times before in my dreams, snake back into my reality.

"Where was I... when the lights went out?"

Alright, so it's getting hard for Avalon to tell between reality and fantasy, it also might be hard for you guys but that is the basic point, hope my describing skills aren't too terrible.

Oh and I love the idea of stone servants, not quite walt disney grade but I really do think inanimate objects that serve the beast are a really interesting idea, plus they allow for more characters instead of the Sorcerer and Avalon being alone together all the time.