The night was ended after the sunset as the Master knew the potion would not last long after that, though he hated it for coming to an end so quickly.

As the night drew to an end, he walked her to the door of her room, an elegant creature dressed in gold and rubies dripping down her neck.

He smiled wildly even though she couldn't see it with her head turned away from him; he didn't care, it had all gone right tonight; for once in it had all ended perfectly.

"I haven't had fun like that for a long time," she laughed and the Master smiled a handsome grin, still under the magic of the spell.

"I'm not really use to company. It is nice to finally have a partner..." the Master grinned, opening another door that led to a different tunnel, but upon realizing what he had said, blinked and shook his head nervously, "to dance with, a partner to dance with." The Master corrected himself and Avalon, not noticing the slip, grinned over her shoulder at him.

It had been a long time since he had been able to dance like they had but she seemed to have enjoyed it despite a couple slips on his part.

"It's unfortunate you were not given a proper dance partner," he smiled at her but she just shook her head underneath the disguise.

"You were much better than you give yourself credit for," and then she added quickly as they stopped in front of the open door to her room, "You really do have a talent for looking graceful even in mid-fall."

The Master laughed loudly, and shook his head at her, "I shall be an equal for the next time we have this chance."

Avalon smiled again, the candlelight glimmering in her eyes and the Master's as she took off the beautiful mask and fiddling with it in her small delicate hands.

"I had a wonderful night," She spoke gently, her voice little more than a whisper, "thank you for the dancing lessons."

"You're welcome," he laughed in a human voice. He looked back up at her, her beauty radiating like light, her sincerity, her sweetness... overwhelmed him and he smiled.

He could not admit such a thing as love right now, it could end poorly if she did feel that way, it was too soon for him to be so quick with his feelings when he had not planned this far, but it was so easy for him to feel eased in her presence, to smile without the slightest bit of worry.

He smiled at her and bowed, his eyes meeting hers on their way up, though she seemed to be studying him, as if waiting.

He straightened up, a perplexed look on his face until she leaned in towards him, stopped for a second as if to asses the situation. He too noticed the anxious feeling in the air and though he was terrified when she reached for his mask, the Master did not reproach her or stop the action.

As she lifted the mask up, just barely enough to expose his cheek, then with one quick motion she lifted her head and kissed it. The feeling seemed to last centuries but before a moment passed Avalon let go of the mask and backed away hurriedly with a bright blush on her cheeks, whispering gently, "goodnight Sorcerer."

She gave a small smile, backed into her room and waving goodbye as she closed her door.

But the Master just stood there looking at the oak of the door.

Until he raised a hand to his face.

Inside his room, long after the sun had set, the Master had been setting the lion mask upon his bed, a lightness he had never felt pulsing through his heart. He smiled to himself again and hummed the beautiful melody the violins had played while they danced that night.

As he smiled at himself in the mirror, he felt his hands begin to ache and he sighed softly, preparing for the change but wishing the suspended rialto could last. Catching his reflection in the mirror, a figure appeared in the door opposite to it as it leaned against the wall which caused the Master to stop.

"You seemed to have had a good night," George murmured from his position in the doorway as the Master glanced at his servant's reflection in the mirror.

The Master pretended to ignore his presence but nonetheless spoke up with a dangerously calm voice, "someone had to step in since you had decided to hide away in the castle, George."

The servant froze at the abrupt tone with which the Master had scorned him and sneered angrily, distorting his handsome marble features.

"I haven't been hiding, your majesty, I have been trying to tell you what I have found out, if you would just listen to wisdom for once in your life," George retorted with an angry glare in his eyes.

"After the way you have acted, there is nothing I want to hear from you George," the Master growled angrily over his shoulder, not making eye contact with his servant as George drew closer.

"Look at you, going through all this trouble, and for what? A girl who who's going to leave you with a broken heart and nothing else."

The Master turned around and heatedly stomped towards his servant, the blue of his eyes burning like fire, "you know nothing about her!"

"I know more than you it seems!" His servant countered angrily as he came eye to eye with the Master, "more than you care to admit since you've practically fallen head over heals for her. What else have you done for her besides change your form? Did you buy her things? Did you make her a castle of her own?"

"I have n-" The Master began, his shoulders rising in defence.

"Don't lie to me, your Highness, we both know when you lie;" George sneered again, but he tried to calm himself.

"And what if I have grown found of her company," the Master replied tartly, though in the very core of his voice he sounded unsure, "Avalon is a beautiful, kind girl; I have no chance of winning her heart without these spells, but you would ruin this chance for me, my own servant, my dearest friend."

George faltered in his anger but began to plead as he saw what it was in the Master's eyes, that for all his careful, practiced ways, the great Sorcerer had begun to fall in love with the mortal girl.

"I had just as much hope for her in the beginning as you do now, but I have seen something, I saw it in her weeks ago, Master, I have seen it before but I only realized now, I am only trying to warn you-"

"Warn me?" the Master gasped out in an almost roar, "how you try to destroy any hope of redemption- Am I so far past being vindicated that I must live with this curse forever?"

"We are all cursed, your majesty," Georger replied darkly, causing the master to watch him with a stunned look upon his face. "I am trying to warn you of her, don't you recognize it- the similarity is undeniable!" growled George as he turned on his Master with an angered expression, something he had never before done in service to the Master.

"I think you had best leave-" muttered the Sorcerer with a hint of cynicism in his voice.

"You would dismiss me without hearing the truth wouldn't you, your liege?" snapped George, "she has her eyes," he blurted out and threw a hand up, his eyes narrowing into a glare. "Leonel, Avalon has her eyes." George pleaded this time, voice trembling and filled with worry for his Master.

"You are never to say that name in front me," snarled the Master, his hands aching and his stomach beginning to sicken.

"My king, your Highness, my good friend, you know of what I speak, I know you do." The Master backed away, he had not heard that name for some time and it breached his very soul to hear it again.

He twisted away from his faithful servant and shook his head as a wave of pain over came his abdomen but he tried to remain strong as the pain grew.

"Leave me, I have nothing left to discuss with you George."

George straightened as his shoulders tensed and his body froze.

"Of course, your highness."

George stormed from the room and left the Master hanging over the vanity as he glanced at the reflection one last time before the monster within surfaced once more.

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