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The moment Ziva left the bullpen, giving McGee a pointed look as she walked past him, Tim turned to Tony and quietly asked, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, McGee," Tony replied without looking up from his computer.

"It's just," McGee continued, ignoring the little voice telling him to shut up, "you've been acting different the past few days; quieter, un-Tony like."

"I hadn't noticed," the older man stated, but Tim noticed his fingers had stilled on his keyboard.

"Did something happen?" McGee questioned cautiously. Tony didn't respond, instead he returned to his typing. "B-because if something did, you know, you can talk to me. I-I'll listen and try to help…"

"How very nice of you, but I'm fine," DiNozzo replied sharply, cutting Tim's words off, keeping his eyes on his computer screen.

"Forget it," Tim muttered and returned to his work. He had tried, but if Tony didn't want to talk he wasn't going to force him to talk. "You know," he started as he began typing again, "it wouldn't kill you to reach out once in a while."

A heavy silence fell over the bullpen, and Tim just tried to concentrate on his work. He was unaware that Tony had moved, was standing over him, until he heard the older man say, "You're right."

Tim jumped, his heart thudding against his chest, and slowly looked up. Tony looked like hell, with prominent dark circles under bloodshot, startling green eyes. Something really had the older man down, and McGee felt his stomach knot with worry.

"I should reach out more," DiNozzo continued when Tim neglected to say anything. "So, why not reach out to my bestest buddy Tim?"

"Tony, you don't have to if…"

"No, it's okay," Tony stated leaning over McGee's desk. "What do you want to know? Maybe how I was going to be a father for all of ten minutes? No. How's about the fact that my wife will no longer speak to me? Does that float your boat, Timmy?"

"Tony, I don't…" Tim didn't like where this was heading. He was only trying to help. He didn't mean to piss DiNozzo off, and if what he was saying was true. Then he really shouldn't have butted in. That was Tony and Abby's business. He should have left well enough alone. "Y-you don't…"

"I don't what, McGee? I don't have to reach out more? But I thought you wanted me to reach out. Confide in you. You said you'd listen. So, Timmy, are you going to listen?"

"I shouldn't have said anything," McGee said softly, looking back down at his computer screen. "I was just worried, but…" he sighed, shaking his head. "It wasn't my business."

"You're damn right it wasn't your business, and just because I don't want to share…"

"DiNozzo!" A familiar voice shouted and Tony straightened up, turning his head to see who had called him. Gibbs was standing by the elevator, eyebrows furrowed, watching the two guys cautiously. His blue eyes met DiNozzo's briefly before he said, "With me."

"Yes boss," Tony replied and pushed away from Tim's desk, turned his body the rest of the way around, and followed the older man out of the bullpen and into an elevator. As the doors closed, Ziva appeared from around the corner, her face grave.

"I take it you know," McGee said softly and she nodded. "How's Abs?"

"She is not coping well," Ziva replied leaning against his desk. "Tony?"

"About the same," Tim stated, tucking his lip between his teeth, staring at his desk.

"What do we do?" Ziva questioned curiously.

"There isn't much we can do," McGee replied looking up at her. "Mostly we'd be here for moral support, just in case they need a friend." Though, it seemed Tony just needed to be left alone. Tim shouldn't have said anything; he really shouldn't have said anything.

"That is the last thing Abby wants right now," Ziva said slowly.

"Tony, too," Tim responded grimly. What their friends needed was some support, but both were too stubborn to accept it. A part of McGee hoped Gibbs could fix this; the older man seemed to have a knack for fixing things without even trying.

"Do not worry, moon pie. He will," Ziva commented taking his hand giving it a tight squeeze. He squeezed it back. It used to be creepy, how she knew what he was thinking, but now he was just thankful that she could.