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The moment the elevator doors closed, Tony figured Gibbs was going to stop it. Instead, he pressed the button for Abby's floor and leaned against the wall. It was a silent ride down, Tony studying the floor, his arms tightly crossed over his chest. He wasn't quite sure what Gibbs' m.o. was, but a gut feeling told him he wasn't going to like it.

When the doors opened, Gibbs stepped off the car, but Tony stayed in his corner. He knew he was acting childish, but Gibbs couldn't fix everything, despite what Abby believed.

DiNozzo probably would have stayed in the elevator indefinitely had Gibbs not given him a sharp look. With a heavy sigh, Tony pushed away from the wall and slowly followed his boss towards Abby's lab.

Abby was sitting on the floor of her office, back against the glass door, knees drawn to her chest, her shoulders heaving. Tony's first instinct was to go to her. He wanted nothing more than to wrap his arms around her and reassure her everything was okay, but his feet wouldn't move any further than her lab's doorway.

Gibbs left his side as he crossed the room, knocking gently on the glass. Abby jumped, whirling around to look up at the older man. She ran a hand across her puffy, red eyes and pushed herself to her feet, allowing the door to slide open.

"G-Gibbs, what…?" she started, her breath hitching. "I-I don't…" She sniffed once, rubbing at her eyes again. Tony could tell she was trying to fight her tears, a rarity for her, and he knew she was losing badly. She was going to break, he just knew it. He also knew he should be over there, comforting her, but he still couldn't bring himself to move.

When she eventually broke, Tony damn near broke with her. One moment she's trying her hardest to stay strong, and the next she whispered, "I lost it." She then threw her arms around Gibbs' neck and burst into tears.

He wasn't sure if it was the sight of her crying, or how defeated her admission sounded, but something seemed to snap inside Tony. White, hot anger rolled through his gut and he slammed his fist into a wall. Cradling his throbbing hand, Tony collapsed to the floor, his vision blurring.

"You aren't the only one who lost the baby, Abby," he hissed glaring at the floor. He knew both Gibbs and Abby were staring at him, no doubt shocked by his sudden outburst. He was, too, if he really thought about it.

"Tony," Abby said softly and soon she was kneeling next to him, wrapping her arms around him. "I-I'm sorry."

"For what?" he asked listlessly, his anger leaving just as quickly as it appeared. "You couldn't control what happened."

"B-but you're right. I-it i-i-isn't just m-me who lost..." her breath hitched again. "I-I wasn't sure I wanted it," she continued sniffing, a few of her hot tears dripping down his neck. "A-and n-n-now I f-f-feel so guilty…"

Tony looked up at Abby, studying her pale face. With the obvious exception, it would explain the way she had been acting. He knew she needed him to say he didn't blame her, and he didn't. This wasn't her fault, it wasn't anybody's fault. Stuff like this just happened sometimes.

He pushed her dark hair out of her eyes and said, "I don't blame you."

"Y-you should," she whispered, averting her eyes from his. "I-I feel l-like such a bad person." She sniffed as more tears rolled down her face. "M-maybe if…"

Gently, Tony moved her face so their eyes met, and lightly kissed her. "This was not your fault," he murmured slowly, making sure she heard each word. "You did not kill our baby."

For a split second, Abby looked like she was going to disagree with him, but her words were cut off when Gibbs crouched down next to them and said, "He's right, Abbs."

She sniffed again, nodded her head, and buried her face in Tony's shoulder again. They weren't magically better, not by a long shot, but in time they would eventually be all right.

Tony met Gibbs' eyes, giving him a silent 'thank you.' The older man merely nodded before pushing himself to his feet and leaving the room, closing the door behind him.