Flo: (on knees and arms, purplish aura) Just what am I doing…?

IE Cast: A new story…?


Burn and Gazelle: WE'DE BE GLAD TO… (cracks knuckles)

Flo: O.o.. Meep… On second thought… SAVE ME BEFORE THESE TWO KILL ME! ! OAO! !

Burn: (grabs a flame-blower)

Gazelle: (grabs a freeze ray)

Flo: … Will I melt or freeze first? Find out soon! Wait, what the Hell am I saying? GAAAH! (runs away)

(Rose, Paper and… Cats: Catching Up 2 You)

Fuusuke stared coldly at me. Why? My tears washed my cheeks. "But… But I…" Another glare came from Fuusuke.

"I didn't want to do this the hard way." His eyes as cold as his personality. "I'm completely aware its Valentine's Day but trust me, I'm not interested in chocolates. I'm not even interested in having a relationship with anyone!"


My hand moved by its own and slapped Fuusuke. Why? Why was he so cold to me? Oh wait, he was cold to everybody. My tears came in faster, as if there was no end. All I wanted was for you to love me back… Was it really that hard?

As usual, Fuusuke didn't look shock or anything. He had the same cold look on his face as he held his burning cheek. I turned around and ran, in the same time stepping on the box of chocolates I had worked hard on making for him.

I should've known better. A cold-hearted person like him would never understand someone like me.


I've made my decision… If I can't have Suzuno Fuusuke, then nobody can!

I was determined. That was why I wrote that kidnap attempt letter.

Suzuno Fuusuke,

You were wrong to underestimate me. You shouldn't have rejected my love for you.

And now you shall pay for breaking my heart.

I'll make you suffer, just how you made me suffer this pain in my heart. It's only a matter of time, Suzuno Fuusuke because maybe today you'll be there. But tomorrow? Who knows where you might be…

I made myself anonymous and slid the letter into a black envelope. I knew where his house was so one night I snuck out of my own and put the letter into the mailbox. At first, I only wanted to scare him but time by time, it didn't seem like a bad idea. To kidnap him and make him my own, you know?

So I started to sneak around, following him. I was girl and he was a boy. There was no way I could grab him out of the blue and drag him back to my house. I knew I didn't have a chance against him. And then there was that stupid Nagumo Haruya! It was also because of him that I couldn't carry out my plan!

I noticed him always forever close to Fuusuke. I just can't get why! Surely, their father wouldn't be that stupid and told Nagumo to follow Fuusuke right? I mean, the guy couldn't even harm a fly! There was no way their father told Nagumo to bodyguard my beloved Fuusuke. No way! Wait, who was I kidding? This was Nagumo Haruya I was talking about… He's just the same as me, I suppose. We'd go great heights just to get what we wanted.

Fortunately, Nagumo never saw me. And even if he did, I was sure he wouldn't take me, a girl, seriously.

That was why I hired Noon. I found out about him through one of my friends. The guy was 20 something and had dark green hair and azure eyes. Noon was the type of guy who would do any dirty work and very good at it too. But he doesn't do anything without a price of course.

Who cares about money? I'm the daughter of one of the richest man in Japan! I'll just ask my papa for money. No harm done.

And so I told Noon to keep an eye on Fuusuke. And of course, when the time is right, kidnap him.

Noon obeyed all of my requests without question.


"My lady, Noon-san is here to see you." One of my maids said as she bowed. I stood up from my seat and turned off my iPod, which was playing the song 'Good Girls Go Bad'. It was my favourite song. Why? Because it's mostly about me and Fuusuke. I was a good girl. A really good one until he rejected me thus making me go bad.

I know. I know. The lyrics talk about something else but technically, it's the same thing.

I walked past the maid. I wasn't even looking at her. Hey, we're on different levels aren't we? I'm a princess, she's my servant.

The door opened and I walked out. It's been a long time since I heard any news from Noon. And I still can't believe it's already been 2 years since I hired him.

Yes, you heard me. 2 years since the accident which was actually a plan to wipe out Nagumo Haruya for good.

At that time I told Noon to hurry up and get Fuusuke to me. But he always said that he couldn't do it when there was the-so-called-bodyguard Nagumo Haruya. I rolled my eyes at him and told him how stupid he was. 'You know you could just kill the red-haired freak, idiot.' I could still hear myself say that from 2 years ago.

And so Noon did just so. When he found out that Nagumo ran away from his mansion, Noon immediately rented a truck and sped down the driveway. It didn't take long to find him, said Noon and his words were true. But there was one thing he didn't expect…

His true plan was to make the truck hit Nagumo by putting it off course. But Fuusuke just had to pop up on the road!

Noon was lucky that Nagumo had decided to sacrifice himself and pushed my Fuusuke out of the way, if not Noon would be long dead because of me. And I've heard news that the guy has been in the hospital ever since.

I walked over to the living room and saw Noon lounging on the couch and going through a girl magazine. I smirked.

"Were you that bored?" I asked.

"This was the only interesting book in here." He replied as he threw the magazine onto the coffee table. I walked over and sat in another chair. "So? What brings you here?"

He looked like he was hesitating. Why was he? I sighed and crossed my arms over my chest. "Does this have anything to do with Fuususke-kun? Spit it out!"

He scratched his chin and sighed really loudly. "Yeah, it does have something to do with your beloved Suzuno-kun…" He rolled his eyes when he said that. He always did that when he says 'my beloved Suzuno-kun'.

Noon took in a deep breath and finally said what he wanted to say. "Nagumo Haruya, he woke up and will be going back to school in another week."

I froze and breathed hard. The person I hated the most was… alive? "How can that be…? He broke every bone in his body didn't he?"

"I guess it's just a miracle…"

I clenched my fists. Pulled my hair and screamed in anger.


Flo: … Somehow, it felt creepy…

Endou: Hey, you're the one who wrote it…

Flo: True…


Gazelle: ME TOO! DX

Flo: Just try finding her XP I created her especially to be the bad guy in this sequel… And Noon too…