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Everyone knows that I am perfect. My life is perfect. My clothes are perfect. Even my family is perfect. Even though it's all a complete lie, I've worked too hard to make it seem that I have everything. If the ugly truth were to rear its head, then all of that work would come crashing down around me.

Standing in front of my desk, I flip through my cards. The cards spill all over the floor. Damn, my hands are shaking. As I kneel down to collect the deck back up, I let my mind go over everything that's making me worry. Starting senior year of high school and seeing my girlfriend for the first time since the end of last year shouldn't be this stressful. It's never been this way before. I've already run out of hair gel and I discovered a tear in my favorite jacket. Given everything, I'd rather just stay in bed all day and practice duel monster strategies.

"Yugi, come down!" I can hear my grandpa calling me from the foyer.

For a moment, I'm tempted to just ignore him. Sometimes it's easier to tune out his words, but I know that doing that usually leads to more arguing and fights, which I just can't handle right now.

I place my deck back on the desk with a loud sigh. This isn't how it should be, but I'll tough it out. "I'm coming!" I shout.

For a few seconds, I stare at myself in the mirror before pasting on a smile and taking the stairs two at a time.

Grandpa is standing at the base of the staircase, watching me with a critical eye. Immediately, I straighten. Even though I'm an eighteen year old male, he still judges my clothes as if I'm in some sort of beauty competition. I shouldn't care what he thinks, but I do anyway. He's the kind of guy that stresses over these things. He always tells me that as the King of Games, I have to have a certain image. A good look. My mother always leaves early for work, trying to avoid the judgmental eyes of her father. I don't blame her, but I also can't stand having to deal with him alone. He has the ability to make just about everyone suffer when he starts stressing.

"I hate the pants but I love the jacket." Grandpa had a serious thing against leather, which was frustrating, being I loved the stuff. "Thank god that you turned off the stuff that you claim is music."

I gave him a small hug in response, breathing in the scent of dust that he always carried with him. Running a game shop usually had that effect on you. He was dressed cleanly but casually, in a way that no one could find room to complain about.

He pulls a bag out from behind his back. "I bought you your favorite muffin for the first day of school."

"No thanks." My response is quick. I don't need any more stress this morning. "Where is Mai?"

"In the kitchen."

"Is the new tutor here yet?"

"Her name is Mana and no, she'll be here in a hour."

"Did we tell her everything that she needs to know? About Mai's hallucinations and such?" Mai was terrified of so many things and kept saying that things were out to get here. It was a dreadful thing, really. It spooked so many tutors that many had just given up.

"Yes." Grandpa rolled his eyes in response to my nagging. "She'd better stay calm this time or we'll need a new tutor again!"

I ignore him, unwilling to hear his theories on why Mai keeps saying that the pipes are talking to her or why the voices keep telling her to do things. She's sitting at the kitchen table, stabbing her food with a knife as if she wants it to die and stop bothering her.

"Hey, sister." I greet her with a big smile. She immediately looks up and returns it, her eyes sparkling. I love it when she smiles. It's as if the world is at balance again. "It's my first day at school, wish me luck?"

Mai stands up and slowly comes over to me as she avoids certain tiles on the kitchen floor. According to her, some are better than others. She extends her arms to me and I embrace her. The doctors say that the more physical interaction with people she trusts is better. It is supposed to help ground her in reality.

Grandpa groans as I straighten back up. "How did you not notice that stain on your jeans? You cannot go to school looking like that."

I glance down in confusion before sighing. "It's not that bad."

"Are you serious?" The look I get is scathing and it causes Mai to flinch. I gently reassure her with a smile.

"It's just water, I'm sure." Now I'm the hesitant one. I don't want a fight in front of Mai. She's so sensitive to those tense moments.

"You want people to respect you. It should never look like you don't care about your appearance." I could feel a headache growing behind my eyes. I wish this was one of the good days, where Grandpa just lets me wear what I want and do what I want.

I reached out and squeezed Mai's hand just to let her know that it was okay. She squeezed back before carefully picking her way back to the table. "I'll be back after school. We can finish our duel then, okay?"

Immediately after, I dashed back up the stairs. The stain, whatever it may be from, was luckily located where a belt would go. I grabbed a purple belt and looped it carefully. I threw a glance at the clock and gasped. Ten after seven. My best friend, Ryou, would throw a fit if I was late to pick him up. I glanced in the mirror one last time before running back down stairs.

Grandpa looked me over once again. "Excellent belt." Thank God for small miracles. He presses the muffin into my hands. "Eat it on the way."

I take it absently and bite into it as I walk out to my car. It's not my favorite, chocolate. Instead, it's banana and it's all over done; the insides are complete mush. In a way, it reminds me of myself, perfect on the outside yet sloughing away on the inside.


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