Big Time Rush x Twilight

A new life, a new revelation


A new love, and a new member of the family

Name: Alexandra Elizabeth Marie Mason Cullen

Date of Birth: June 7th, 1902

Date of Transformation: 1918, same as Edward, age of 16

Source of Transformation: Edward Anthony Mason Cullen (Her own brother)

Place of origin: Chicago, Illinois

Hair color: Dark brown, almost black

Eye Color: Hazel (human), Gold/ Red/ Black (Vampire)

Height: 5' 7"

Physical Description: she is thin, but has an athletic build for a women, she looks young but mature, and also with deep boring eyes by nature.

Special abilities: She has heighten senses in her human form, and in her more Vampiric state she can read minds (one other thing she shares with Edward) , and she can manipulate minds.

Education/ Occupation: She like Edward has the same 2 medical degrees, has not thought about using them, 2 in law, 2 in forensics, and shares the old family house in Chicago, and like Edward inherits the house.

Family/ Coven relationships: Brother (By Blood): Edward Anthony Mason Cullen, Sister in law: Isabella Marie Swan Cullen, and Niece: Reneesme Cullen. Mate: James Diamond Hale, Brothers (Adoption/ Coven): Emmet and Jasper, Sisters (Adoption/ Coven): Rosalie, and Alice, adoptive parents: Esme and Carlisle, Blood Parents: Edward and Elizabeth Mason,

Best friends/ Brothers: Kendall Knight Cullen, Logan Mitchell Hale, and Carlos Garcia Cullen.

Personal history (Alexandra Elizabeth Marie Mason Cullen): 2 years before her transformation she was told to have pancreatic cancer. For two long years he watched his sister wither away from this disease. She would some times wither in pain, even scream for her death, but when Edward couldn't bare it, he finally bit her. So then he asked Carlisle to assist him in making her a vampire, free from her pain. She spent 2 days in pain as she now given second chance.

As her cravings for human blood became stronger, so did she thanks to Carlisle. Her body also had the ability to become human and undead. Using this part of her she began to travel to see Jake and guys. In human form she didn't smell like it at all she was amazingly a normal girl. She loved to be with Jake, and he loved to hang out with her. He kissed her one time, loving and caring for each other. Even when she falls for James she still visits once every week. She meet James in port Angela's and his friends. When Alex discovered he was dying of Leukemia she told him about the power of her feelings, the power of her body, and her family. He wanted the chance for another life.

His friends all knew James was different, Carlisle noticed them. He knew about James, the boys were more than anything a new family all took on other names, well the Hale and Cullen names. James became her eternal mate. He became best friends with her brother, and also his best friends Logan and Carlos became Mates this time for real, but Kendall left them for Jane of the Volturi. But when Alex and Bella both get pregnant, it results in 3 children, Elizabeth and Destiny, and young Reneesme Cullen. (being human has it disadvantages, and its advantages). Both of the children have powers. Elizabeth is empathy like her uncle Jasper, and Destiny like her mother can manipulate human minds, even other vampires. All of the children age till 21 and become amazingly strong and smart, but when the whole mother and the whole talk thing, and teenage boys is also very weird about them. Life is weird when families come in to play.

Name: Kennedy Allison Black

Date of birth: July 17th 1993

Quileute status: A pack dog (black Pack)

Werewolf Gene: Black and Ateara line

Human Hair color: Red

Wolf coat color: Redish brown almost rustic brown

Eye color: Green

Height: 5'1" after transformation about 5' 5"

Physical description: She is lanky, but athletic build much like Alex, she has a heart shape face, and she is thin. She has a mature look but she has a birth mark of a small star on her right shoulder.

Occupation/ Education: she is still in school, on the rez. She is a junior in high school. She has a protection feeling over Seth Clearwater. She is also very smart but hates hearing the thoughts of the entire pack all the time in her mind.

Hobbies: much like Alex she loves to play string instruments.

Vehicles: She drives a used truck.

Family members: Jake her cousin, her uncle Billy. Rachel and her sisters. (Blacks), Alex who she considers a sister, and James as her brother since he is with Alex, the twins, and her cousin's imprint Reneesme.

Person history: Started living with Sam and Emily. She meet Alex when she started coming to rez in human form. She had a sister like bond with her. Then she could smell vampire about the time she turned in to her werewolf form. She spends time with her sisters in record time. She has also always had a crush on Seth Clearwater he is her age.