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He's terrified, but it's not like he'd ever tell anyone. Except maybe Aunt Iris, but that's different. Anyway, he'll probably be dead in about eh…s-six minutes. If Rob and Artemis don't hurry up.

And in six minutes, when the water rises, covers his mouth, his nose, and Wally's petrified.


He should be afraid of it. He should shy away from the leaping tendrils, the bright colors. But they draw him forward like a moth to a flame, and he supposes he's okay with that.


He's never been so happy to step on solid ground in his entire life. He jumps from the bioship, sending a jolt up his legs. Energy buzzes in him, renews him, and Wally speeds off, tearing up the ground.


Wind whips past him, messing his hair up, chilling his cheeks, but Wally just inhales; inhales the sweet scents around him; flowers, trees, French fries, everything. He's as free as the air around him.


"Don't you have any school spirit?" The cheerleader in front of him make Wally's stomach coil, and he frowns. Next to him, his friend elbows him in the ribs.

"Yeah," Wally mutters, glaring at her, "But I don't have to dress like a whore to show it."

Maybe he earns the punch in the face from that cheerleader's quarterback boyfriend.


"Wally," He swallows his food and looks at his mother. "Yes?"

She shakes her head, dropping more eggs onto his plate. "You'll need to get a job if you continue eating this much. It's too much money."

He swallows again, but the food doesn't go down right, and it's like sandpaper in his lungs. "But mom, I've got the team stuff and—"

"Just figure it out," she tells him with a look that makes him want to cry. He nods and manages to eat the rest of his breakfast. "Okay, mom."


"So a lunch date?" Linda crosses her legs, skirt riding up her thigh a bit. Wally grins and eyes her leg. "Well it's not my fault you woke up late this morning."

"Someone wore me out the night before," She responds, leaning forward on her elbows. "But this is very sweet."


"I uh—I'm not the best cook…" Wally turns the stove off and moves the pot so it's off the hot burner. "But I hope its okay…" he looks at Dick, blush heating his cheeks. Dick grins at him, stealing a piece of chicken from the counter next to them. Wally is about to protest, but Dick shoves it in his mouth before he has a chance.

"Mhm~" Dick licks his fingertips a little too slow, and grins. "Tastes delish."


"So listen," Wally looks up at Roy, duffle bag hanging off his shoulder, grocery bags in his hands. "I brought food and I was…was wonderin' if I could stay here for a while."

The older boy stares for what seems like forever, before stealing the bags away from him, nodding his approval. "There better be somethin' good in here."

Relief fills Wally, and he nods. "Thanks."


It doesn't hurt to try, he thinks, downing the bottle in seconds. He continues to do so, bottle after bottle, and just when he thinks he's drunk, it slips away. And he doesn't want it to slip away. He doesn't want to feel anything. So he'll drink and he'll drink and he'll drink until he stops feeling.


He remembers the winters she'd stay at his apartment, wrapped in thick blankets with tea in her hands. He remembers the way her cheeks would be flushed as she came in from the cold, or how her hair was so dry that he'd have to use the special, lemon-y smelling shampoo she hated and he loved. He remembers combing through the tendrils, kissing her neck, her body.

And then came spring, and she left with the snow.


When Dick springs from the board, Wally holds his breath, hopes Dick doesn't so something stupid and kill himself. He twirls through the air, grin lighting up his face, and lands in the water with a splash.


"Lay with me?" M'gann asks carefully, wiping tears and snot from her face with a Kleenex. She stares at the ground beneath her, the lush, green grass, and Wally lies down, stares up at the sky with her. It's dark, but the moon illuminates things he'd never noticed before. Like her eyes, or her smile.

"It just seems too vast, doesn't it?" She asks him, turning to face him and he has to agree that yes, it absolutely does.


"Oops," Artemis is the clumsiest drunk he's ever seen, Wally decides, gripping her under the elbow. She leans on him heavily, laughter bubbling from her lips. "Whoops, I fell down, Wally."

"I know," he murmurs, hand going around her waist, and she presses her tongue to his ear. Heat pools in his stomach, and he avoids looking at the amazing amount of cleavage she's showing (how does she dothat?) and swallows. He's not doing this again. Not again.

"I'm taking you home," he murmurs, disentangling her from his chest. "Okay?"

When he looks at her, eyes so gray, he thinks maybe she isn't as drunk as she'd let on.


They see each other in passing, but not a word is said between them. For sixyears nothing is said. Lian grows up, Wally gets married, Wally has kids, and Roy loses his.

They pass each other through the halls one day, Roy's eyes tired and sunken and sad and broken and he stops just before they pass each other.

"I really needed you, y'know," he tells Wally, voice cracking, and Wally knows Roy wouldn't say it if he didn't mean it.

Wally says, "I'm sorry, Roy," and the archer nods, like he was expecting that, and he leaves.


It's cold. It's so cold, and his face hurts from lying against the gravel and his legs—he can't even…even feel those anymore.

Rain patters against his face, stinging the bruised and bloodied cheek, and Wally whimpers.


"You've never seen snow?" Wally asks incredulously, zipping back toward Conner, who stands at the mouth of the cave, frowning at the fluffy white stuff before him.

"I've seen…images but nothing like this." Conner rubs his neck and looks at Wally. "What does it do?"

A grin lights up Wally's face, and before Conner has a chance to realize, there's snow flying sixty miles per hour toward his face, hitting his jaw.

"Snow ball fight!" Wally cries, fort already built, while the others attempt to do the same.


Barry's used to the way Wally cringes at the bright flashes. He's used to the way Wally holds him tighter, or the way Wally's breath comes out in short, quick gasps. Like he's reliving the experiment all over again.

Barry pulls his nephew closer, hands tightening around him. "It's alright, I'm here."


The apartment rattles with each boom and Charlie crawls into his bed, trying not to wake his mother. Wally reaches out and pulls him close, the same way Uncle Barry used to. Charlie shivers into his embrace, gripping his shirt.

"Shh, Baby Girl," Wally coos, tucking his daughter in between he and her mother. "I gotcha."


The porch is the perfect place to sit during the storm, and Wally looks over at Conner, smiling. "It's pretty beautiful, huh?

Conner nods, but he's looking at Wally.


"He hasn't spoken to anyone since the accident. Not even his aunt Iris."

Dick's feet move before he knows what's happening, and then he's in front of Wally's bedroom door in the Cave, fist knocking against it. "Dude, open up."

It doesn't open, and Dick doesn't get a response, so he hacks into the Cave's system, opening it himself.

Wally doesn't look up from his place on his bed, but his hands shake when Dick sits down next to him. He takes Wally's shivering hand in his own, squeezing as hard as he can. He opens his mouth, but Wally cuts him off with a, "Don't tell me it'll be alright. Don't. It's not going to be alright because he's dead. He's dead and he told me not to go and I didn't, and now he's gone and Aunt Iris is alone and…and so am I. I don't. I don't know what to do, I still can't vibrate through things and I'm. I'm not okay. I'm not fine. It's not going to be okay."

Wally speaks so fast that Dick has to struggle to keep up. When he's finished, his chest is heaving, and he's hyperventilating. "Dick, I haven't even cried."

Dick turns the boy slightly, pulling him into a hug. "You can now, Wally. I'll be here. You're not alone in this."

It takes a few moments, but then Wally's crying; great heaping sobs that wrack his body and shake Dick to his core.


"Look," Wally grins at Roy, holding the redhead's bow. "I fixed it!"

Roy resists the urge to shove the bow up Wally's ass, because that isn't fixed and it isn't right and ohhisbaby. Instead, Roy nods and holds his hand out, taking the bow with a, "Thanks Wally."


Klarion cackles, fingers digging sharply into Wally's hips. The redhead shies away, swallowing back vomit.

"They let me have the first turn," Klarion whispers, teeth trailing a stinging line up Wally's chest, over his nipple. And there isn't a Fate Helmet or an Uncle Barry to help him now.

"I'll help you see the Light," Klarion's voice is full of promise, but Wally can't help but feel dread.


"Don't turn the light on," Artemis begs, voice shaking as he pushes into her. "Keep it off," she says again. He runs a hand up her chest, feels the thick scars, the thin scars, the ones that never really healed, the ones someone had put there with a car lighter. He wants to see her scars. He wants to know how someone could do that to her, but as he rocks in and out slowly, he knows there are sick people out there.

Leaning down, kissing her, reassuring her with words he can't fully promise, "I'll keep you safe," and she smiles, teeth bright in the dark room.


"It's her mind," someone croaks, and Wally holds M'gann hands, the hard, cold, whiteMartian hand. She doesn't stir, doesn't move. She's only got two fingers, and they're long and spiky, and J'onn said…he said that's normal.

"Just come back," he whispers to M'gann, but she won't hear him.


The city burns before them, crumbling and breaking, and Wally vows to never let this happen again.


The thoughts paralyze him; the images before him cause Wally to hyperventilate. Deathstroke touches Robin's cheek with a finger, running it through the blood, and he grin something awful and terrible, and he plunges the knife into Dick's stomach, and Wally can see the light leave his prettypretty blue eyes.


"You run. You die," Roy stares into Wally green eyes, and if he looks hard enough, Wally spots the guilt in Roy's blue eyes. "You'll die Wally." He repeats it, like maybe Wally hadn't heard that he can't fucking run ever again or that he'll fucking die.

"I won't lose you," he's serious and sad and he's scared all at once, and Wally wonders how he should be feeling right now, because he's pretty sure he just feels empty.


He pushes harder, legs straining against the force, lungs burning, eyes blind from the tears that won't fall. He pushes farther; faster, harder, and the ground burns at his feet, flames lick at his suit, burn his eyebrows and he just pushes harder. Every second is agonizing but he can't stop. Won't stop.


"Huh," Wally chokes, blood dribbling from his chin, "who knew Atlantean sorcery was good for healing, too?"

Kaldur gives him a look, frowning. "Save your strength, my friend."

Wally nods closes his eyes, feels his skin knit back together.


"Here," Wally grips her hand, pulling her along. Artemis follows carefully, hands shaking in his. The white bandages around her eyes are copper-stained, and Wally swallows something back. He pulls her to their bedroom, sits her on the bed, and tells her, "I'll be in the bathroom."

She nods, mouth open slightly, like she wants to talk, but he leaves before she can.

When he gets into the bathroom, he locks the door and turns on the shower, then throws up in the toilet. He can still see Joker pressing into her eye sockets, pressing so hard they—

More vomit.


It's almost funny how angry Robin's getting, but Wally continues to ignore him, bobbing his head to the pretend music he's not listening to.


Normally, it'd be funny. A speedster? Lost? But then Wally remembers that it's not his physical being lost, it's his mind.

The people before him; the green girl, the one with the 'S', the one with gills, the…the one Wally wants to think of as a bird, and the girl with long pretty blonde hair…he doesn't knowthem and he doesn't know why.

"Wally?" A voice cracks, and he runs.


"I found it!" Irey hollered, waving the small painted egg around, cheeks rosy and bright, changing quickly as Jai smacks her hand on top of her head, breaking the egg in the process.

A shriek, laughter, and two running twins later, and Wally's still not sure this is real life.


What do you mean, missing? Wally's voice isn't his own; it's loud and shrill and it's scared. He can't be missing. Not him. Not Dick.

Gone, Kory's voice is shaking, too, and Wally's stomach plummets. He had the Joker thing. The Joker thing this weekend and now he's missing

Twenty minutes later they get a message, bloody Joker card taped to the front.


"I dunno," Wally stares at the two things before him, chewing on his lip. "God. It's like…like choosing between Barry and Iris, y'know?"

"Not really," Artemis snarks from the corner and M'gann hits her girlfriend's arm.

"Just pickone," Conner props his chin on his hand, scowling at the two DVDs in Wally's hands. "Today."

"Right," Wally murmurs, fingering each case. "I…choose…okayBridesmaidsjustputitindon'tletmechangemymind!"

"Okay, buddy," Robin pats his shoulder, stealing the case and popping the movie in the player. "Don't strain yourself."


The glass is clean and perfect and gives Wally the greatest view of his new kids. Jai and Iris.

He almost can't believe they're his, except, if he looks close enough, he can spot red hair on Iris' head, and whenever Jai blinks those gorgeous, blind eyes up at him, Wally swears they're the color of sea glass.

"They'll change," Linda leans against him, arms tight around him. "They probably won't be that color forever."

"It's okay," Wally murmurs, looking down at her. She's staring at their children, eyes glossy. "They're mine. That's all that matters."

"Yeah," she whispers, tightening her grip, "they are."


He's the color of chocolate milk, Wally decides after a long inner debate. Kaldur bends over to grab something from a lower shelf, and Wally sucks his lip between his teeth. Hotdamn, is all he can think, and when Kaldur glances over his shoulder, small smirk on his face, heat pools in Wally's stomach.


When Superboy becomes Supergirl in one of those freak magic spurts Zatanna has, Wally finds him—herincredibly…attractive. M'gann does too, but that's M'gann, and Wally wonders if she's into sharing.


It's got blue eyes, black hair, and a smile that could probably light the entire Watchtower for years. Wally crouches down, staring into Timmy's eyes. He grips Dick's jeans a little tighter and shuffles back. Wally can see his throat working to swallow, and an idea flashes through Wally's head.

"Hey Rob," He stands up, grin on his face, "I got this cousin, his name's Bart…"


"Happy Birthday Dear Wally, Happy Birthday to you!" His friends grin, old and new, and although his legs are wrapped in casts and his wife has to push him closer to the cake, Wally decides this is the best birthday he's ever had.


"No peeking," Wally points at his kids, both fifteen, both little shits.Irey pushes her long, red hair over her shoulder, hands on her hips. "Daddy I would never look for Christmas presents. Ever."

Jai on the other hand shrugs, hands going into his pockets. "'sides, we already searched the house and the garage, so obviously you've hidden them at Watchtower."

Wally grins, leaning down to ruffle their hair, "Sure did, fools."


Thanksgiving is the best and worst holiday, Wally decides after careful consideration. The best, because he can eat and eat and eat and eat and nobody gave two shits, and the worst because it was the time he had everyone at his house. Where everyone praised Kid fucking Flash and they all shat on Wally West.

"I hear you're not doing so well in English," an aunt says to him, tapping her spoon on the side of her plate. And all Wally wants to do is shout, BECAUSEIWASOUTKICKINGSOMEBADGUYASS,THANKYOU, but he refrains, because 1. Swearing in front of the adults is bad, and 2. He's not allowed to tell them about the Kid Flash thing.

Next to him, Roy stiffens, and Wally swallows his pie back as quickly as possible, foot stomping on Roy's so the older boy doesn't say anything. "I know, Aunt Becca. I'm definitely going to try harder."

"Good, good," she nods, smiling like she actually enjoys talking to him, and turns away.

"God I hate your family," Roy snarls under his breath, glancing at his boyfriend. "Not only do they not know you're gay—"


"—but they don't know you're Kid Flash. That's ridiculous."

"Yeah, well," Wally turns, smirking slightly, "The good thing about my family not caring much about me, and not knowing I'm gay, is that we can go upstairs and make-out, while they think we're playing video games."

It takes Roy a second, between glares at his family and glances at his boyfriend, before nodding. "I am okay with this."


"You decided to tell us now," Wally throws his hands up with the now part of his sentence, glaring daggers at Zatanna, "that if you don't do some sort of crazy, bullshit ritual by tonight that there is a strong possibility that the Goddess of Chaos will be released?"

"Well," she begins, grinning, "Normally dad does it, but he's off-world and since Zach's too young to actual preform the ritual, and dad must've forgotten, I guess you guys can help."

"Oh can we?" Wally's eye feels like it's twitching at hyper-speed, and wants to faint. Magicisn'trealmagicisn'treal.

New Year

"You gotta kiss the other person when the ball drops," Dick says, his usual flirtiness and joking self, gone for the moment.

"Oh yeah?" Wally's voice cracks slightly, and he runs a hand through his hair, kicks his legs against the building he's perched on top of. "And who're you gonna kiss?"

Dick's pinky wraps itself around Wally's, and the speedster's heart speeds up, fluttering like a moth in his chest. "I was thinking about kissin' you," Dick breathes, and Wally looks over to see blue eyes.

"Okay," Wally agrees, listening to the crowds below. "322!"

His lips meet Dick's, and although their teeth clang together painfully and they don't know what to do with their tongues, Wally decides this is a pretty good first kiss.


"Why am I here?" His own voice echoes around him in this endless place, and he can see his friends, but their just out of his reach; just far enough away that they can't hear him or feel him or notice him. Even when he speeds close, hand closing around M'gann's wrist, or tugging Artemis' hair; they can't…seehim.

"Guys…please…" Tears prick at his eyes, and his heart doesn't beat in his chest.

I'm sorry this had to happen to you, a man says, Nelson, Wally recognizes, and the old man frowns behind him, hand touching his shoulder. I never thought Nabou would have held on.


Water falls onto his head, wetting the unruly red locks, warming his aching muscles. "Ahh…" he murmurs, pressing his hands to his eyes, exhaling as steam rises.

Cold hands press against his back, sliding around to his chest, and he nearly shrieks. Spinning around, Wally glares at the intruder, trying at least, to keep his boy covered. "Artemis what the fuck?"

"Cold?" She grins, not even bothering to be modest. Not like he hasn't seen her naked before. He blushes anyway, opens his mouth to yell at her some more, but her hand wraps around him, tugging almost painfully, and his words melt into a moan.

"I'll warm ya' up," she murmurs, grabbing his shoulder with her other hand and pulling him down to meet her lips in a kiss.


"I gotta clean those," Wally mutters, tugging the sheets off the bed, frowning at the stains they'd left. Roy smirks at his boyfriend from his spot on Wally's computer chair. "Why? You don't want Mama West finding it?"

"No," the though nearly sends Wally into a fit, and he speeds to the laundry room, dropping them into the washer and sprinkling the soap around. When he speeds back into his room, he's got a new set of sheets.

"What?" Roy asks eyebrow raised from behind his sunglasses. "I'd love to make another mess, but I gotta get back, babe."

"Ha-ha," Wally deadpans, standing on his tiptoes to kiss his boyfriend. "I'll see you later. Love you."

"You too," Roy kisses him again.


"You said you wouldn't tell," M'gann's voice is like…like watching Sam die a thousand times over in Supernatural. It breaks his heart how sad she sounds, and she's…she's…

"I had to," he croaks out, grabbing her hand. She shakes her head, stepping away from him, melting back to the green form he knows so well. "No. No you didn't, Wally."

"M'gann-," he begins, voice cracking, but she's gone, invisible, and he's alone. Again.


"It doesn't happen often," Wally tells Roy, curling into the warm embrace, tugging the comforter up higher. Roy stares at him, and Wally continues. "I mean he doesn't mean it. I just show off or…or am a smartass, and he doesn't like that."

"So he hits you," Roy mutters darkly, and Wally wishes with his entire being that he could believe the things he's telling Roy, and he wishes Roy would believe him too. Wishes so badly that his throat can't work properly and his eyes water and he cries into Roy's strong, warm comforting chest, and wishes his dad could love him as much as a dad is supposed to.

"Well you've got me," Roy's rough voice is soothing in his ears, and Wally holds on as tightly as he can.

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