(Here is the first chapter of the new story that I have been working on. I hope you all enjoy it. I'll be making steady chapter updates over the next few weeks. I've given it the rating T because it will eventually turn that way and possibly more.

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Beckett sat at her desk looking around the precinct but not looking at anything in particular when Castle handed her a coffee.

"Thanks." Beckett said not looking at Castle.

"You all right?" Castle asking taking a seat in his chair next to her desk.

"Yeah just over desk duty." Beckett answered looking down at her hot coffee.

Castle watched Beckett as she gazed into the coffee mug he had just handed her.

"You know she has every right to put you on desk duty until you're healed." Castle hated being the bad cop towards Beckett but he wanted her to understand.

Beckett didn't dare look at Castle. She knew he was right but hearing it, made it sound so much worse. She just wanted to move on, move past the shooting and carry on with her life.

"Beckett…" Castle was waiting for some kind of response from Beckett. He hadn't said much about the shooting because he could tell it upset Beckett but he was worried that she was burying it under everything else and it would surface at the wrong time.

"I don't need another lecture, Castle." Her answer was short and sharp.

Castle knew not to push any further.


"Yo Beckett, we got something." Esposito said heading into the conference room with Ryan following him, holding a box of files.

Beckett stood and walked past Castle, towards the conference room. Castle didn't get up but stared at the coffee she left on her desk. She hadn't even taken a sip and had left it behind. Castle shook his head and took a deep breath.

"I might sit this one out." Castle stood in the doorway and watched them all look up at him. Beckett's eyes widened. He's never wanted to sit out a case. She thought and then regretted her tone in the earlier conversation.

"Actually Mr. Castle we might need your help on this one." Captain Gates walked into the room holding a file in her hands."Last night there was a murder in the Upper West Side. A woman was found poisoned in an alleyway and we know who the killer is."

"I'm sorry but why do we need Castle here, if you already know who the killer is." Beckett said, her eyes staring down Gates'

"Because it's not as easy as bringing her in and charging her with the murder. This cases goes back six years. Detective Ryan, would you?" Gates signaled to Ryan who had another file in his hands.

"The Archstone Clinton apartment building is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Perry. They are two very wealthy investors from Texas who moved to New York City a little over six years ago. Since then bodies have been showing up relating back to the apartments and back to the Perry's but they have a large group of lawyers and rock solid alibis for every murder. A police officer from the 37th was gunned down last week and in the initial sweep of his financials, they found a bunch of payments from an account linked back to the Archstone Clinton." Ryan said looking from Castle to Beckett. "It is rumored they deal in high class drug deals with wealthy New York companies as well as human trafficking. But no one has been able to touch them"

"I don't know them." Castle added thinking that Gates wanted him there in case they may have run into each other at a party or charity event.

"I know you don't. That is the point." Gates added flicking through a new file and handing Castle a piece of paper.

"I'm sorry but am I missing something?" Beckett stood up.

"You're going undercover." Gates looked at Beckett and smiled. "You want to get back into the field. Well here you go." She handed Beckett the same piece of paper.

Beckett read over the proposal quickly and looked back up. Ryan and Esposito were hiding their grins and Castle was still reading, even though it was clear by the look on his face that he had finished it.

"I'm sorry but…" Beckett began to say before Gates cut her off.

"Detective Beckett you asked me to put you back out there. This is a step towards that." Gates voice was so stern.

"What if they have read the Ledger or Cosmopolitan? They'll know I'm a cop, my cover will be blown." Beckett asked.

"That is your cover. Hopefully they have read it, and hopefully they know you got shot. You can spin it on the angle that the Station is not allowing you back into the field and you need some work." Gates replied.

"And what is Castle suppose to be?"

"Well, that depends on the two of you. It would work better if you acted like you were a couple. A rogue cop and a man with very wealthy potential clients is a killer couple duo, in saying that, it is completely up to you." Gates said without hesitation.

Beckett knew this was a step in the right direction for her to show she was ready to get back out into the field and it was good that Gates was letting Castle in on a case, but it seemed so wrong at the same time.

"Unless Mr. Castle has prior commitments with his family or book, you two will move into your new apartment this afternoon." Gates smiled and looked to Castle who simply shrugged his shoulders. She nodded at Ryan and Esposito and left.

The gang stood around staring at each other, no one really knowing what to say.

"Castle, you don't have to do this. It's a lot to ask for." Beckett tried to get Castle out of it.

"Wouldn't work as well without Castle there though." Esposito said trying to contain the laughter in his voice. Beckett frowned at him and he quickly regained a serious face.

"Plus with a cops salary, you wouldn't be able to afford this place." Ryan handed Beckett the apartment brochure. "I believe your new apartment is listed under option three."

Castle looked over Beckett's shoulder and they both looked up at the same time.

"One bedroom?" Beckett asked in a horrified tone. "What?"

Esposito and Ryan both smiled. "It's all they had available, it's a popular place." Ryan said.

"I better get home and tell Alexis and Mother about this then. What time are we heading over?" Castle asked not wanting to smile.

"Five, we've got movers there now arranging some furniture for you and the essentials. Just bring a bag with some clothes." Ryan handed Castle the address and smiled.

"See you at five then." Castle said and left without another word.

"You have to be kidding me right?" Beckett said throwing the brochure at Ryan, when she knew Castle was safely inside the elevator.

"What? It's a case. You should be happy you're getting back into the field." Esposito was leaning back on the chair, his arms behind his head and was smiling.

"In the field? Seriously, I'm playing house with Castle. There better be a pullout couch being delivered or I'm never speaking to the two of you again." Beckett wasn't angry, she knew this would be a big break if they could crack this case but the entire thing seemed so insane and out of control.

"It'll be good for the both of you and Gates is actually letting Castle in on a case, which is big and you know it." Ryan knew he had won the argument when Beckett said she was going to check the details of the body with Lanie.


"Lanie, come on, you can't tell me this is normal?"

"You two were never normal." Lanie said not looking up at Beckett.

Beckett sighed and looked at the ground. Lanie looked up.

"The Captain died and you almost stood up there with him." Lanie pointed towards the roof signaling heaven."Then we got you back but we all know that things have changed. Castle and you, I don't know what you are but maybe, this will be good. It will give you time to figure it out."

Beckett knew Lanie was right, she always was but she didn't want to give into it.

"Having time to figure things out is different to being forced to live in the same apartment as him."

"You could have said no." Lanie looked up at Beckett and smiled."Come on, you know you want to."

Beckett rolled her eyes but didn't deny it.

"Have you heard from Josh at all?" Lanie asked changing the subject.

Beckett shook her head."Not since he told me he had landed in Haiti. I still feel awful that I put him through that." Beckett said regretfully.

"I think he knew he had lost the fight when we saw Castle in the waiting room. It was all over his face."

Beckett leaned against the wall. She really like Josh but he wasn't the one she wanted to see when she woke up from surgery.

"That is odd." Lanie exclaimed reading over a report.

"What is?" Beckett asked walking back towards the body on the slab.

"I just got the toxic screen back from our Jane Doe here, apart from the poison that killed her, she had no drugs in her system at all."

"How do we know she is connected to the drug circle then? She could have just lived or worked in the building." Beckett asked,

"I found trace amounts of heroin in her hair and under her fingernails. She may have been a carrier for them and got in too deep. I'll know more when I open her up and hopefully find something to tie her to the Perry's." Lanie put the report down."You better get packing."


"I'm here to pick up a key for a new apartment. Apartment 1216." Beckett told the greying man at the front desk at the Archstone Clinton.

"Ah, Kate Beckett. Yes, Mr. Castle said you would be coming to get it. Big step."

"Excuse me?" Beckett asked, slightly confused.

"Moving into a new apartment with your boyfriend." The man looked up at Beckett.

"Oh yes, big step indeed." Beckett smiled. Hearing someone use the word boyfriend in a sentence about Castle made her stomach somersault.

"Here you go. Have a wonderful night."

Beckett took the key and smiled. I'm not sure if I would call it wonderful.

She didn't know whether to knock or just use the key when she arrived at the door. She took a deep breath and turned the key.

"Beckett, there you are." Ryan said as Beckett walked in.

Ryan, Esposito and Castle were all siting in the lounge having a beer. Neither Ryan or Esposito had their gun or their badges on them, which was a strange sight.

"Isn't it nice?" Ryan asked, as Beckett was looking around the apartment.

"Yeah, sure." Beckett replied. It was a modest size, was filled with nice furniture and was warm. She couldn't exactly complain, she had lived in worse.

"Bedroom and bathroom is through there." Esposito pointed out to Beckett, taking another swig of his beer.

Beckett put her bag down on the floor in the bedroom and stared at the giant bed. How the heck are we going to work that one out?