Fluffystwin: People, read the prequel We Will See What Happens, to find out a bit of a back story on the situation and the relationships between everyone. So as a little gift to everyone I revised the first chapter, hopefully I'll get the other three chapters pumped out soon. I also got a lot of complaints about there not being enough GaaNaru but it came from people who only read the first chapter. Well now everyone should be happy there's enough NaruGaa, KakaSaku, TemaShika, and KankRei love going on for everyone. Now, enjoy this and yes I will write a Christmas chapter though it will be a standalone one-shot with everybody together and maybe there might be more chapters to Kakashi and Sakura's story.


Kankuro gave the ANBU standing before them a onceover, he knew underneath all that armor had to be a gorgeous body if her voice was any indication. Gaara was not happy as he stood before the ANBU member. He did not need an escort to the village, he was a Kage and could handle anything. He heard her sigh and she placed a hand on her hip, "Look it's standard precautionary measures. I didn't even want to come out here today but I'm getting paid triple so I see no problem with this if you don't. I'll stay out of your way, I promise." Gaara nodded in understanding and allowed her to take point. He still wasn't happy about it and intended to tell Naruto that as soon as they arrived at the village. Next to him, Kankuro was too busy staring at the tight butt in front of them than to Gaara's internal brooding. It took them another twenty minutes at a fast clip to make it to the village gates. The ANBU simply nodded to Kotetsu and Izumo and continued on her way through the gate. Gaara didn't acknowledge the two shinobi but Kankuro waved at them as they walked past. The ANBU led them to the Hokage tower and held open the door for them. Kankuro gave her a once over again as he walked past her. He really hated that mask at the moment as he wanted to know what she looked like. She led them up the stairs to Naruto's office. She pushed the door open for them and allowed them to go in before her.

Naruto looked up from his paperwork and smiled brightly as he saw Gaara walk in with his brother and sister. He nodded to the ANBU behind them and she closed the door quietly before walking over towards him. He held out a scroll and she took it from his outstretched hand. Naruto stood up from behind his reinforced mahogany desk to wrap Gaara in a tight bear hug. Gaara stood there awkwardly for a moment while his brother tried to hide a chuckle. Temari motioned for Gaara to return the hug and the red head wrapped his arms loosely around the blonde. Naruto smiled and finally released the red head, now that he had received a hug. He moved back around his desk and gestured to the three to sit down. He eyed the ANBU out of the corner of his eye and gave a subtle nod. A sigh of relief was heard as the mask was pushed up on to the blue head of hair to reveal a gorgeous smiling face. She handed the scroll back to Naruto and he placed it on a small pile of scrolls off to the side.

Naruto smiled at the three siblings, "Sorry for Rei's sudden appearance before you got here. We've been having some little annoying problems lately and we were just being cautious, though I know you all can handle yourselves."

"And she would have been able to protect us?" Gaara incredulously asked.

Naruto smirked, "Looks can be deceiving Gaara. She's the head of ANBU operations as well as one of two last surviving members of her clan. She can more than handle any situation, plus she's going to be your escort for the duration of your stay. So, how was the journey?"

Gaara raised a non-existent eyebrow but decided not to say anything about Rei, "Just fine. I understand we are here to celebrate you becoming Hokage but I thought there were going to be matters to discuss."

"Nope! I did that so I could get you away for a vacation," Naruto brightly said. "I figured you haven't taken a break since the war."

"He hasn't left his office in close to a week," Temari muttered.

Rei let out a light laugh, "Sounds like you Naruto."

Naruto rolled his eyes, "I do not live in my office though."

"No but you live in the penthouse across the roof ya goof."

Naruto leveled a glare at her but turned back to Gaara, "I've got the suites across the street reserved for you guys so I hope that will work. The next couple of days are going to be a huge party for the village," Rei coughed, "Except a few people who will be getting paid triple," Rei smiled at that. "So for now unless you really want to talk business I figured we could go get some dinner."

Rei gave Temari a soft smile, "He's waiting downstairs in the break room for you, he will be your escort for your duration."

Temari nodded at her and gave Naruto a small bow before exiting the room quietly. Kankuro caught Rei's eyes and smirked, he knew she'd be an interesting person. Her eyes belied the strength that resided within her. Her body appeared to be relaxed but her arms were taunt and showed off the lean muscles in her arms. The ragged scar going down the right side of her neck did not even mar her beauty, to him it only intrigued him. If she could survive that he wanted to know how strong she was exactly. Naruto stood up and broke Kankuro out of his staring, "So lunch?" Gaara nodded and followed Naruto out of the room. Rei shut the doors behind her and followed at the back of the group. "I figured we could go for this really awesome barbeque place not far from here," Naruto mentioned offhandedly.

"No ramen?" Gaara asked.

"I figured this required something a bit fancier than ramen." Naruto ignored the 'For once' comment that he knew came from Rei as he led the group outside. Kankuro slowed his steps down to allow Rei to catch up with him. She looked up at him warily but continued walking. She watched as the face paint crinkled as he smiled down at her. Rei rolled her eyes but allowed Kankuro to stay beside her and not through a wall. Naruto smirked as he watched the two interact but his attention returned to Gaara who was staring straight ahead. His green eyes seemed to stare off in to space and his features were calm. The blonde couldn't help but gaze at the soft eyes.

Then he walked straight in to a pole.

"Oh my god, Naruto! Are you okay?" Rei yelled in shock as she jogged over to his side.

Naruto crouched on the ground and vigorously rubbed his forehead to try and eliminate the pain. Rei placed a glowing hand over his forehead and sighed as she rubbed the spot for him. Naruto gave her the eyes that begged for her not to bring the subject up. She nodded and helped her Hokage up so they could continue on their way. He smiled at her and stepped back around the pole next to Gaara's side. Kankuro looked down at the intriguing woman.

"You're a medic?"

"I only know the basics. Sakura tries to teach me when she can but our schedules don't really mesh. She's taught me enough to where I can stop blood flow and where my internal organs won't fall out," Rei laughed. "She said she was tired of trying to stuff my internal organs back inside and that I needed to learn how to do it myself."

"Sounds like me, the hospital gets tired of seeing me every time I'm done with a mission," Kankuro said.

"Well then maybe you shouldn't get injured so often."

"Same to you."

"But I love making everyone worry and grow a few gray hairs, though Kakashi's head is already covered in them."

"I heard that," Kakashi said from the doorway of the barbeque joint.

"Yo Kakashi, do I get that date now?" Rei asked as she waggled her eyebrows at him.

"Nope, not going to happen plus I think one little cherry blossom might be upset with that."

Rei clutched the area above her chest, "Oh that hurts," she faked sniffing, "Kakashi doesn't love me anymore Naruto."

"No but I do," Genma answered as he pressed himself against Rei's back.

"Hey stop that shit!" Rei yelled as she smacked Genma upside the head.

"Genma, stop molesting Rei," Naruto groaned as he walked past his former sensei.

Kakashi gave Rei a cloth covered kiss on the forehead as him and Genma headed to a bar and telling her she should meet up with them later. Rei smiled and waved bye before following her Hokage inside the restaurant with Kankuro next to her. Kakashi and Genma glanced at each other as they caught Kankuro glancing at Rei. Naruto sat on one side of the booth while Rei quickly took the seat across from him. Leaving Gaara to choose between sitting next to Naruto or Rei. Kankuro quickly slid in to the empty spot next to Rei leaving Gaara only one option. They ordered their food with Rei ordering a round of sake, which earned her a glare from Naruto. Gaara left his gourd at the side of the booth with Kankuro's scrolls sitting next to it. Rei winked to Naruto who blushed and looked away from her. The blue haired woman leaned in towards Kankuro to whisper so only he could hear.

"Wanna help me get those two together?"

Kankuro smirked down at her, "What do I get out of this?"

Rei gave a seductive smile, "Wanna warm my bed for me?"

Kankuro grinned maniacally, "I think I can deal with that."

"I doubt you can deal with me though."

Gaara turned to Naruto, "Do you know what they're whispering about?"

Naruto shook his head, "Probably sex. Rei is notorious for sleeping around," Naruto blushed when he saw how close Gaara was to him, "Um, s-s-she won't h-harm him."

"Are you okay?" Gaara innocently asked, "You're bright red and you're stuttering," he asked as he placed a hand over Naruto's forehead.

Naruto jumped and moved away from Gaara's hand, "I'm fine!" he squeaked out.

Gaara raised an eyebrow at the blonde but stopped questioning him when the meat was brought to them so they could cook it. Along with a tray of sake. Rei snatched the sake away from the waitress and poured herself and Kankuro some. Naruto took control of the meat and made polite talk with everyone, while Rei through innuendos to Naruto. The blonde only blushed and was thankful that Gaara didn't understand them. Naruto had to wonder at points if Gaara was catching the innuendos but when he gave a confused look he knew better. He personally thought Gaara's obliviousness was adorable.

"So what are you guys going to do after this?" Rei asked as she looked explicitly at Naruto and Gaara.

"If Naruto is up for it I would enjoy a trip to visit Sakura, I have a medical question for her. Then maybe a spar if he would oblige me," Gaara calmly stated.

"I'm up for that, are you going to go with us Kankuro?" Naruto asked.

Kankuro twitched in his seat as Rei smirked behind her sake cup, "Nope," his voice rose in pitch, "I think I'll just head to our rooms."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at the two as Rei bit her lip before giving Kankuro a sly look out of the corner of her eye. Kankuro gave a smirk at her before he jumped again. Naruto's eyes shot open as he realized what was going on, on the other side of the table, "Oh my god, really Rei?" Rei didn't say anything but her eyes rolled in to the back of her head. "For the love of god you two!" Gaara raised a non-existent eyebrow at Naruto's outburst and looked at his brother.

"SO I think I'm just gonna leave now, I'll talk to you later Gaara." Kankuro grabbed Rei and yanked her out of the booth.

Gaara and Naruto watched them as they practically ran out of the restaurant. Gaara cocked his head to the side and gave Naruto a curious look, "Are they alright?"

Naruto dropped his head in to his hand and groaned, "Yea, it's just Rei being Rei."

"I don't quite understand."

Naruto laughed, "Your innocence is cute. Let's finish up here and we will go track down Sakura at the hospital. Why exactly do you need to see her?"

"I still don't sleep," he mentioned offhandedly.

"What? After all these years you still can't?"

"I get what you would call 'cat naps' but a full night's sleep is impossible for me." With that statement Naruto became even more worried for the man he had come to admire as more than just a friend.


Kankuro yanked Rei through the lobby of the hotel and they shoved their way past people to reach the elevator. He tossed his scrolls on to the floor and Rei hit the top floor before jumping on Kankuro. He caught her and slammed her against the wall as the elevator doors closed behind them. His deft fingers unclasped the front of her armor and she tossed it to the floor next to his scrolls. His teeth nipped at her neck and grinned when he heard her moan. Her hands slipped the hood off his head and she forced him up from her neck and kissed him passionately. He couldn't suppress a moan as she threaded her fingers through his hair and gave a slight tug so he'd open his mouth for her tongue to explore. The elevator jerked to a stop and the two broke apart as two stunned civilians tried to step in to the elevator. Kankuro released Rei and they picked up their things to allow the civilians to get on. Rei fidgeted, she really hoped this elevator got to their floor quicker. Kankuro snickered as he saw the purple paint smudges on her cheeks and neck. She glared at him as the elevator door closed in front of them. Two floors later and Rei was hurriedly pulling Kankuro out of the elevator to leave two very confused civilians in there. Rei fumbled with the card key to the room as Kankuro was pressing himself up against her. She shoved the door open. Kankuro growled and pushed her in to the room before slamming the door shut behind them.

A few blocks away, Gaara was sitting in an examination room with Naruto while they waited on Sakura to show up. Naruto was worried about his love…wait when did he start revering to Gaara as his? Naruto did a face palm as he realized he was in over his head now. He couldn't believe he had just referred to Gaara like that. Gaara was going to ask what was wrong when the door opened and Sakura walked in. She smiled brightly at Gaara and gave Naruto a knowing wink, it was her job to know all of these things. Plus, Kakashi had forewarned her earlier that Naruto had already been a bumbling mess. She was never going to let the blonde forget about walking straight in to a pole.

"So Gaara, Naruto came running to me in a panic saying you were dying but you seem just fine to me," she said with a giggle.

Naruto groaned and slumped in his chair, letting his head roll back over the edge of it. Gaara looked down at Sakura, "I can assure you Sakura that I am not dying, but I can understand Naruto's penchant for dramatics."

Sakura's eyes widened slightly, "Well I can see your vocabulary has improved since I last saw you."

"I am here for a reason Sakura, I am still unable to sleep," he bluntly said.

"Oh," Sakura shifted in to medical mode and stepped in front of Gaara as she placed chakra laden fingertips on his temple. "I can try and see what's going on and think of a solution for you okay? It might have to do with the after affects of the bijuu. Naruto, can you ask Kurama about this please? (A/N: For those of you who don't read the manga it has been announced the bijuu have names, the nine-tails is named Kurama) He might be able to shed some light on the subject."

Naruto nodded and closed his eyes to try and have a civil conversation with Kurama. Yes, they had made progress in to somewhat of a friendship after the war but Kurama still liked to cause some problems. He stared up at the large fox as Kurama narrowed his eyes at him, knowing exactly why he was standing there.

"I can't help you."

"You're not helping me, you're helping him," Naruto stated.

"Maybe when you confess to him I will help you."

Naruto growled, "I knew this would be a pain in the ass. Kurama, please, can you at least give us a hint?"

"What do I get out of it?" Kurama asked as he raised an eyebrow at his host.

Naruto chewed on his lower lip before giving an aggravated sigh, "I'll make a move on Gaara."

Lips drew back to reveal sharp canines, "Tell pinkie to track down the fragments of the Shukaku that reside within Gaara."

Naruto opened his eyes to see Kakashi standing against the wall near the door with his mandatory orange book in his hands. Sakura and Gaara were giving him a very odd look and he dismissed it. "He says to track down any fragments of the Shukaku residing in Gaara."

Sakura leaned a hand on the bed and looked at Gaara, "It is possible that there may still be pieces of his presence that could cause this. I would like to talk to someone about the bijuu, she's done extensive research on them. If you don't mind you can drop past my apartment later, she should be back in town by then."

Gaara nodded and slid off the bed. Naruto jumped out of his seat and Sakura raised an eyebrow at him. He nodded to her and smiled at Kakashi as he followed the love of his life out the door. Naruto jogged to catch up with Gaara and walked at the same pace as him as they exited the hospital. Naruto was going to point out that the hotel he was staying at was in the opposite direction when he noticed that Gaara appeared to be distracted. He didn't say anything but stayed by the red head's side as they made a course towards the training grounds. When Gaara dropped his gourd on the ground and turned to face Naruto, he knew what was going on. The blonde smirked eagerly and threw his cloak off. He could not wait for this.

Rei sighed as she snuggled closer to the heat source, she had been sleeping in perfect bliss. As if she had been on a cloud all day. Her eyes shot open when she realized just what exactly she was falling in to. Her hands pushed against the broad chest in front of her, but a muscular arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her to him. His other hand came up underneath her chin and tilted her head up to look at him. He kissed her nose and she felt her heart stop. She couldn't take anyone latching on to her at the moment. She didn't need that. She couldn't handle it. Kankuro's arms wrapped tighter around her.

"Stop panicking, so I stayed. I'm going to be here for a few days, does it matter how long you stay in my bed?" he softly asked as he stroked her long blue hair.

Rei sat up on her elbow and didn't care as the sheet slid down her scarred body, "You have to understand it's a little odd for me so I had a panic attack. Normally the only man that's ever stayed in my bed overnight was Genma, but that's because we're both alcoholics. Kakashi did once, years ago and…," she smirked and shook her head, "You get my point."

Kankuro grinned at her, "And I really don't give a fuck," he rolled them over and ran his hand down her side to rest on her hip. "But I know something else I'll give that fuck to."

Rei rolled her eyes with a snigger, "Corny much?"

Kankuro shrugged as he kissed her collarbone where her scar ended, "I used all of my one-liners to get you stripped."

"Apparently you didn't have very many—" her sentence was cut short as she screamed his name when he suddenly thrust inside her. He smirked and she smacked him upside the head. Though she couldn't really reprimand him that bad. The man was good, in her opinion anyways. Considering some of the men she's been with, he's at the top of the list. His arms wrapped her slender body and pulled her up. Her hair flowed over her shoulders and surrounded them in a blue curtain as she looked down at him. She kissed his nose and began to move slowly. Her thoughts began to trail off in to heavenly bliss when her ninja senses kicked down the front door to her pleasure. Her head snapped up to see Kakashi standing there in the room.

She didn't even make a move to cover herself, "What's happened?"

"Haru's team has been attacked. Naruto has been alerted and we need to be at the gate now," he said as he looked at her eyes, not even caring about anything going on.

Rei kissed Kankuro's cheek and slid off his body as she slipped all of her clothing back on. She looked over her shoulder to see Kankuro grabbing all his clothing and gear as well. Kakashi gave her his patented 'oh really' look, she really hated that look. Kakashi tossed her, her two ninjato and the three poofed out of the room. Rei didn't even wait for anyone as soon as her feet touched ground she was already leaping in to the treetops. She took a deep breath and released it as her eyes slowly opened, it had been a few weeks since she had activated her doujutsu, under Sakura's orders but she figured it was time to use what she had been granted. She dropped down off her branch and dropped down on an unaware enemy nin, killing him instantly. Naruto and Gaara dropped down next to her. Gaara was visibly shocked to see her eyes a complete pitch black color.

"Where are they Rei?" Naruto asked.

"Not far, surrounded by enemy-nin but it won't be too hard for us to do a smash and grab. My niece went on this mission didn't she?"

Naruto looked sheepish for a second before giving her a guilty smile, "She wanted to go."

"She's 8 Naruto. We are no longer at war, do not send my niece out on a mission unless it is a D or C rank. Even then no one but her family can go with her. I will not have my niece's life be threatened ever again. Do you understand me? I went through this shit while her father was alive, I'm not going to be staying up all hours of the night worrying about her again. My life is already short because of my worries."

Naruto nodded and looked at the ground, "I know Rei, but this was supposed to be a simple mission," another dead body dropped from the trees and Kakashi gave a salute as his pink haired beauty leaped past him. "She's fine."

Rei snarled before bouncing back in to the treetops and following after Kakashi and Sakura. Naruto shrugged at Gaara and they followed the blue haired woman. Kankuro stayed behind Kakashi and Sakura who flanked Rei's sides. Kankuro nodded at his brother who was shocked when he gazed at him. Kankuro cursed as he realized he didn't have his face paint on, now it was really obvious what he had been doing. He looked back to see Rei leap on to a set of lower branches as she took out another enemy unaware. Her muscles flexed as she rotated her body to vault over a low branch. He honestly admitted that the woman was gorgeous as she fought, he wanted to see more of it. He was confused as Sakura and Kakashi dropped down off the branches and in to a clearing. Kankuro followed them down and saw a small ramshackle compound that he could only assume was where her sister was. Rei ran straight up to the door and kicked it down. Sakura rolled her eyes and vaulted over Rei to kick a guard in the face as he began to run towards them. Rei's blades made a quick appearance before they were already dripping in blood. Kankuro didn't even see her move.

Gaara brought up his sand and quickly suffocated a few men as they tried to attack Naruto from behind. Naruto ran past everyone to catch up with Rei as she began kicking in random doors. Gaara watched Naruto and quickly sent his sand after him as he saw the exploding tag on one door. Naruto looked up to see the sand protecting him and glanced around for Rei. She had been pulled away by chakra strings that Kankuro had attached to her. Naruto peeked in to the room and grew a smile as a head of blue and blonde hair was visible as the smoke began to clear. Rei ran past him and picked up her blonde haired niece as Naruto grabbed her sister. Kakashi's eyes widened as he saw the little clay bird float past him.

"Might want to run faster, the place is gonna blow," he said calmly. Sakura smacked him on the arm and ran up to Naruto to check on Haru. They were out of the place way before it blew sky high. They continued running for a few more minutes before stopping to make sure no one was following them and to check on the two. Sakura checked on Haru some more as Rei set Deiara down. The little girl only had a small cut on her arm but otherwise seemed to be just fine. Rei let out a sigh of relief as she crouched down in front of the blonde.

"You're late auntie."

Kakashi coughed to try and cover his laugh. Rei groaned and did a face palm, "I at least showed up Deiara."

"You were still late and now mommy is unconscious. You know how much she hates hospitals."

"And I'm getting reprimanded by an eight year old, I get it hun. But guess what, you have to go to the hospital too so get over it brat," Rei said as she lifted the little one up.

Deiara stuck her hand up so that way the tongue could try and lick her aunt on the face. Rei knew better and caught the little wrist before the tongue could touch her. Gaara's eyes widened as he saw the pink tongue. Naruto spun around and shook his head at Gaara. He would explain everything later and he prayed that Gaara wouldn't kill him.


Kankuro waved to Rei as she was dragged off by Sakura and Temari while Kakashi leaned against the wall outside Haru and Deiara's hospital room. Shikamaru nodded to Naruto and walked towards the exit, he had to get back to the work that he had been putting off since Temari arrived. Gaara rounded on Naruto as soon as Rei was out of sight. Kakashi casually slid in front of the door leading to the room and pulled his book out of his pouch. Kankuro was confused as to why Gaara had suddenly rounded on Naruto like he had. Naruto cringed when he saw the furious look in his love's gorgeous green eyes.

"You have the child of the man who killed me in your village," Gaara hissed out between clenched teeth.

Naruto saw Kakashi's eye narrow over his book. "Gaara, you're still alive," Naruto tried to calm Gaara down.

"Deidara still managed to capture me and kill me. You have his spawn in that room!"

"Actually my name is Deiara." Everyone jumped and looked up at the ceiling where the voice came from. Deiara hung from the ceiling by chakra laden feet, her curly blonde hair hung loose as her arms were crossed across her petite body. Kakashi pushed off the door but she pointed a finger at him and he stopped moving. Gaara looked at her eyes, they weren't the shade of Deidara's but they were darker…and full of life. Deiara dropped from the ceiling and stood up. She put her hands on her hips in a cocky gesture familiar to the two Konoha shinobi in the hallway. "I'm not my dad mister."

"No but you can become him, and I know you will," Gaara seethed before turning back on Naruto, "Why have you allowed her to continue to live?"

"Because my aunt made a deal with the former Hokage so that way I could live my life out without people constantly hunting me down. So that way my mommy could take some time for herself without always being on edge. So my auntie could live life knowing that the people she loved would be able to take care of me even after she dies. Now look me in the eyes mister and tell me that you will kill me for something that my daddy did when I was barely two," Deiara said defiantly as her blue eyes warred with his green ones.

Gaara looked at the blue eyes, they were a shade off from Naruto's. The child reminded him so much of Naruto's determination to live and prove himself. He didn't want to agree with her about the fact that she was at no fault for what her father did, but his hatred of the man ran deep. She was a living relic of what they had fought to destroy. Yet, she was also the flower that blooms from the ashes of that destruction. Naruto fidgeted at Gaara's side, he couldn't stand the tense atmosphere between the two while they continued to glare at each other.

"Deiara, you should go back inside the room and look after your mom for Rei," Kakashi said.

"Okay Uncle 'Kashi," Deiara said with a bright smile that stretched to her small blue eyes. She waltzed past Kakashi and slipped in to the hospital room she was staying in with her mom. Kankuro watched her close the door behind her after giving him a smile and a wink. Kakashi groaned and let his head fall backwards to hit the wall.

"Gaara, let's go talk okay? You can beat me up at the training grounds over this okay?" Naruto said to try and placate the man. Gaara nodded and disappeared in a swirl of sand. Naruto sighed and gave a weak smile to Kakashi before disappearing in a puff of smoke. Kakashi pushed himself away from the wall and his book was placed right back in to its usual place in front of his face. Kakashi marched halfway down the hall before he realized Kankuro wasn't walking with him. He looked over his shoulder to see Kankuro looking around trying to figure out what exactly to do. He rolled his visible eye and waved the man over to follow beside him. Kankuro jogged after the man and easily fell in to stride beside him. Kakashi watched the man begin to fidget and cast a couple of glances over his shoulder to the room. He led the puppet-nin out of the hospital and down the well worn dirt paths. Kakashi could feel the man giving him a few non-discreet looks as he tried to figure out where they were going. Kakashi laughed and slipped his book back in to his pouch. His hands slipping in to his pockets in his customary position. Kankuro gulped as he looked over the stoic ninja.

"I'm not going to eat you. I need to go to Rei and Haru's place to get Haru some clothes. I should probably grab Deiara a change of clothes too."

"Oh…sorry about my brother's attitude," Kankuro muttered.

"I was expecting it, just be glad Rei wasn't there. She would have taken it as a personal insult and thrown the Kazekage out on his ass." Kankuro's steps faltered for a second as he mentally imagined the scene. He shivered, Rei was beginning to scare him more than his brother. Kakashi smirked beneath his mask, he knew exactly what Kankuro was thinking. His thoughts though did not dwell on that long though. He had more a more pressing question he needed to ask the sand-nin. "What are your motives for screwing Rei?"

Kankuro spluttered and stopped in the middle of the busy street, "What?"

Kakashi turned his upper body to look at him, "You heard me," he gave his patented eye crinkle. "I want to know if I have to explain to Naruto why your brother will be going home with a body or if I can breathe easier knowing that Rei isn't going to drown in alcohol."

Kankuro's jaw hit the dirt as he realized he was being threatened. By the almighty Copy-nin.


Rei blew bubbles in the hot water as she sunk lower in to it. Sakura raised an eyebrow at the blue haired beauty before returning to her conversation with Temari. She really didn't want to be there, she would rather just be in bed with a certain shinobi getting her rocks off until her sister got out of the hospital. Sakura kicked her underneath the water and Rei shot her a glare. Temari looked between the two women before dismissing everything and giving Sakura a smirk.

"So, how's the relationship between you and Kakashi?"

Sakura's cheeks turned in to a subtle pink before she sunk in to the water deeper, "Okay, we haven't been together that long so there's not much to say."

"But you're happy?"

"Yes, yes I am," Sakura honestly said. "Thank you for that Rei," the woman simply gave a nod before going back to blowing bubbles in the water.

Temari laughed at the two, "Well then apparently he must be as good in bed as all the rumors say."

Rei sputtered water as she suddenly stood up and Sakura lost her grip on the rocks she was holding on to and slipped underwater. Temari gave both the women very confused looks as she tried to figure out what exactly just happened. Rei swept her hair in to a loose bun and watched as Sakura resurfaced and shook her short locks out. Temari grumbled about getting her hair wet but let it drop. Sakura leaned back against the rocks and closed her eyes.

"Yes, the sex is amazing, but that's all you're getting out of me," Sakura answered with a wistful sigh.

Rei smirked and closed her eyes as she mimicked Sakura's relaxed posture, "Trust me Temari, I don't think you want to hear the sordid details of their love life. It's bad enough I have to hear it every once in a while."

Temari scoffed, "Hey I need some juicy gossip to keep me entertained when I leave. Shikamaru's not the greatest orator if you haven't noticed."

Rei grinned, "No, but neither is your brother and yet they both have loud blondes to dote on them." The comment made Sakura giggle.

"That reminds me, does Naruto have something for my brother?"

Both Rei and Sakura busted out laughing. Sakura leaned forward to look at Temari, "It's more than something. Naruto is in love with Gaara."

Rei's smile turned in to a devilish grin, "Wanna get them together?" she asked with a waggle of her eyebrows to the two women.


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