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Rei excitedly showed off her engagement ring to Sakura, Temari, and Haru (who had unexpectedly shown up with one Shino Aburame). Kankuro smiled and set his sake bottle down, he had proposed to her last week on their last mission out together. He hadn't told her that his brother planned to retire and give the Kazekage position to him. He knew that she'd probably freak and then pass out. Gaara had been spending the past year teaching his brother everything he would need to know to take control of Sunagakure. Ever since they had received word that Naruto and a small group would arrive for the engagement party Gaara had been fidgety as he hadn't told the blonde about his plans to give the title to Kankuro and go back to Konoha with him. Though it had taken him a while to decide on what to do, Rei had ultimately helped him make the decision. She had told him that his happiness is what mattered. Suna could survive without him, but that he would still be loved here even if he wanted to leave for his own reasons. No one would say anything against him. Gaara snapped out of his thoughts when a warm hand was placed against his cheek.

"Hi Gaara."

"I'm giving up my title and giving it to Kankuro to go back to Konoha with you."

Silence dropped like a bomb. Naruto's jaw dropped as he heard Gaara's blunt statement. Rei leveled a glare at Kankuro, he had been hiding that from her and he was apparently going to pay for that later. Kakashi had even stopped reading his book when Gaara said that.

"Um, well that's a nice way to say hi…are you sure about this Gaara?" Naruto asked.

Gaara nodded, "Rei said that the village would survive with my idiot brother running the village and I trust that she will make sure the village runs smoothly just as well. I of course will come back to visit every once in a while but I wish to go back with you."

"Holy shit, you're going to be the Kazekage's wife," Haru said.

Rei groaned and did a face palm, "Just what I wanted more responsibility."

Sakura giggled, "You're going to have a bit more responsibility as well."


Sakura pointed at the woman's stomach only to have the blue haired woman pass out in shock. Naruto and Gaara managed to slip out of the room during all the confusion and headed up to the roof of the Kazekage's home. Naruto sat down and pulled Gaara down to sit between his legs. Naruto kissed the red head's neck and inhaled his intoxicating scent.

"I've missed you."

"And I've missed your smile."

"…Gaara…are you sure you want to do this? Give up this village for me?"

"I'm not giving up the village. This village will always be a part of me and I will still come back to see it but I want to be selfish for once and have what I want."

Naruto smiled softly, Rei had apparently down wonders with him. He was able to express his desires and emotions now, albeit bluntly but at least he was able to express them. His tanned arms wrapped around Gaara's middle and he laid his head on Gaara's back.

"I'll treasure this forever. You'll never be lonely."

"As long as I can see your smile, I'll never be lonely or sad."


Crashing and things breaking were heard as Rei tried to chase down Kankuro. Naruto laughed as he pictured her being restrained by Kakashi and Sakura. Gaara sighed and simply shook his head, he knew he should have told Rei about his plans.

"Well lets go make sure Rei doesn't kill her future husband and Kazekage cause then you wouldn't be able to leave if she does."

Gaara shrugged, "He'll be fine, she doesn't hurt him…much."

"Well then maybe we can have some fun," Naruto said as he waggled his eyebrows at the redhead.


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