Kuroko watched as Kagami wiped thw sweat off of his forehead and received the bottle of sportsdrink that Kuroko was handing him.

"Thanks" he grumbled.

Kuroko nodded. Kagami had been staying later after practice and continued to work on his skills as he trained for the upcoming match that no doubt would be tough, since he would be going up against Aomine. Kuroko himself had been working on his techniques as well, and he could feel himself becoming stronger as well.

That wasn't the only thing he could feel lately. Somehow, walking towards the basketball court late in the night to practice only to find the red head passionately running laps and shooting baskets, it gave him a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach. Maybe it was the determination that he saw in his eyes, or the way a slight smile would appear after he was done for the night, (of course most of the time Kagami wouldn't notice Kuruko, and he did nothing to bring attention to himself ) It was something, something that was making him take the long way home after each practice.

That night, Kuroko decided he would take Kagami something to drink. Initially, when Kuroko greeted him, Kagami did hump from surprise but allowed him to stay and watch.

Kagami continued to practice until his cell phone alarm began to ring telling him it was time to go home if he wanted to be able to practice the next day.

That is when Kuroko handed him the drink, and their eyes locked.

They had made eye contact many times before, but at that moment both of them felt drawn to one another.

"Kagami, you love basketball." Kuroko's breath caressed Kagami as he had somehow found himself lowered to the shorter player's eye level.

Naturally, their bodies had moved closer to one another.

"I-I do." Kagami replied, he suddenly felt nervous, and the scent of soap that emanated from Kuroko made him dizzy, but he liked it.

Kuroko smiled, a different expression and emotion that Kagami had never seen on Kuroko's face. He liked it, oddly enough, it made him smile to see the other do so. And Kagami's warm smile only made Kuroko's widen.

"You are a brilliant light, Kagami, and as your shadow I'll stay by your side and make sure you shine even brighter."

Kagami had heard Kuroko repeated him the promise before, but in their current positions it sounded different. It felt different. The taller one found himself blushing, and an overwhelming feeling took over Kuroko.

He leaned in and kissed Kagami lightly on the lips.

Kagami began to burn. The feeling of Kuroko's lips on his set him ablaze and he felt the energy to take on a whole team on his own! Before Kuroko could vanish as he pulled away, Kagami pulled him back in and kissed him again. This time allowing his passion to be well felt.

"We'll be the best," Kagami said pulling away, "together,"

Kuroko wiped a bead if sweat from Kagami's face and smiled. Together.