They sat at a table, in the Hanged Man, playing cards. It was much like every other night. Play a few rounds, order a few drinks. This night, however, was different. The tension was palpable.

Fenris and Anders glared at each other. Hawke looked around the room, mapping out escape routes. Varric wondered if there'd be a fight and how much the damage would cost him. Isabela chewed her lip and looked thoughtful. Hawke's mabari tried to crawl into Merrill's lap. Merrill giggled nervously and fiddled with the cards in her hand. Sebastian was reciting the chant. Aveline was calculating how angry Hawke would be should it come to arresting someone of their party.

Finally, Anders took a deep breath. "Any time now Fenris."

The elven warrior growled and finally said, "Go fish."