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Meanwhile at another location

"Mindy, over here" Jasmine waived, trying to get her attention.

"Hey girl" Mindy greeted as she walked up to her friend.

They were at a secluded abandoned building in the forest that was found and rebuilt by some students. It was a place where students would hang out, chat, eat, and did whatever. There were a few students, mostly Ra Yellows who were playing Texas Hold Em, and a few Obelisks playing a drinking game called 21. There was always a way to score booze at Duel Academy, how they did it, nobody questioned.

The two Obelisk Blues made their way to a table in the corner where they could gossip in private.

"So, tell me, how was Chazz?" Jasmine asked eagerly, wanting any details about their date.

"It was okay, we ate, we talked, and by 'we', I mean he talked, and we went back to his room." Mindy said nonchalantly.

"Oohh, so was he good?" Jasmine asked

"Uhhh…, not really, no" Mindy said. "I mean, first, he always talked about himself which is a turnoff right?" Jasmine nodded.

"Then, he tries to get all touchy, and he doesn't even know what he's doing, and to top it all off, he's small as fuck." Mindy said.

"No way" Jasmine retorted, laughing in her head.

"You know that Family Guy episode when their like, in England or something, and the baby is the king?" Mindy asked.

"Yeah, and the dog says that his dick is so freakishly small" Jasmine giggled.

"Yeah, think something like that" Mindy retorted.

"Yeah, it's been awhile since I've been fucked, I got that itch, you know?" Mindy asked.

"Totally, it feels it there isn't a man among these boys" Jasmine whispered.

"Ugh, tell me about it"

They spent the rest of the evening talking about guys, the latest celebrity news, and gossiping about their classmates. They had a shot of tequila, got up and left. They made their way back to the Obelisk Blue dorm, sneaking around the back to use the back door.

"Okay, here we go" Jasmine said. Mindy nodded, but something caught her eye. She looked to her right to see Jaden Yuki, apparently walking back to his dorm. The wind had picked up, yet when she looked up, the only window that was open was their own. Mindy tapped Jasmine on the shoulder and pointed upward and at Jaden who was putting his Slifer jacket back on. Jasmine seemed confused until the thought hit her.

"You don't think?" Jasmine asked shocked.

"You never know, I mean, she's liked him for such a long time." Mindy responded back anxiously.

They entered the dorm and made their way up to their room. Mindy knocked on the door and Alexis opened it, wearing a baby blue robe.

"Hey girls, welcome back" she chirped with a smile on her face.

"Well, aren't you happy, what did you do when we were gone." Jasmine asked.

"Oh, just relaxing, you know taking a load off" she replied.

"More like swallowing a load" Mindy thought.

Mindy and Jasmine sat down on their bed, looking around their room. Nothing was out of place or messed up but they knew something happened. The only noticeable thing was that Alexis's bed was slightly messed up and she didn't have the same sheets but the most obvious sign was the room smelled of sex. The distinct of cum was faint, yet it wafted through the room.

They looked at each others and Mindy just got into bed and went to sleep. Jasmine took that as a sign to let it go and she followed suit as she went to bed. Alexis sighed a breath of relief and she too went to bed glad that they didn't find out her and Jaden.

The Next Afternoon

After classes the next day, Mindy dragged Jasmine to the Slifer dorm where she knew Jaden would be taking his afternoon nap. She knocked on the door and waited for the Slifer to open the door.

"Damn, who could that be?" Jaden grumbled as he got up and walked to the door. He opened the door to see Mindy and Jasmine.

"Hi girls, what's up" Jaden greeted sleepily.

"Did you sleep with Alexis?" Mindy blurted out. Jasmine could only pinch the bridge of nose, shaking her head.

"Do you have to be so blunt Mindy?" Jasmine asked.

"Well did you?" Mindy asked.

"Hey, she asked me to and I said yes, what's the big deal?" He asked.

"Well… um… she's an Obelisk and well I… uh… ah fuck it, were you good?" Mindy questioned.

Jaden smirked. "Well, if you asked, her I was amazing." he said remembering last night.

Mindy smirked, a light going off in her head.

"Take your pants off" she commanded.

"Mindy, what are you saying?" Jasmine asked shocked at her friend.

"Hey, you said you were horny, and I'm sure as hell that I need a good fucking so come on Jaden, off with them"

Jaden hurriedly took off his pants and shirt, thanking the gods that sent him Alexis's two best friends to him. Mindy knelt down and took off his boxers off, freeing his hardening dick. "Oh my god, no wonder Alexis looked so happy last night." Jasmine said, her mind thinking what he could do to her with that. Mindy looked in awe at the cock before her. He was 7 inches long and and quite thick. She couldn't even wrap her hand around him, a fact which was making her panties wet.

"Jasmine, I think I'll be here awhile, you can go back to the dorms" Mindy said.

"And let you have him all for yourself, I don't think so." Jasmine responded back, taking off her shirt and skirt before closing the door behind her.

"Fine" Mindy said. She grasped his dick, stroking him nice and slowly, looking up at him with her grey eyes. "You think you can do to us what you did to Alexis?" "Most definitely" Jaden said, a cocky smirk on his face. "Good"

She opened her mouth and slipped his cock in her waiting mouth. Jaden moaned at the feeling of her warm mouth and her tongue teasing and licking his tip. Jasmine knelt down next to her friend and watched her go to work. Mindy swirled her tongue around the tip of his dick, giving him a hard suck every now and then. Jasmine replaced Mindy's hands with her own, stroking him while Mindy sucked him off.

Mindy opened her mouth and looked at Jasmine. They nodded and Jasmine took Mindy's place. She took the tip in her mouth and stroked him at a leisurely pace. Mindy unhooked Jasmine's bra and threw it Jaden's face to tease him. She hugged her friend from the back and grabbed her tits which were only a bit smaller than her own. She pinched her nipples causing Jasmine to moan onto his dick, sending pleasure running up his spine.

Jasmine started to take him lower, fitting more of him into her mouth. "Yeah, suck that dick, make him feel good girl." Mindy encouraged, stroking her auburn hair. Jasmine went lower and lower, taking a good 5 inches down her throat. "Come on, Jas, you can do better than that." Mindy said. Jasmine muffled something so Mindy decided to give her some help. She grabbed her head and forced the last 2 inches down her throat, surprising her. "Yeah, take it, suck that cock!" Mindy said excitedly.

Jasmine gave her the finger but took on the challenge. She pulled back before stuffing all of him down her throat, bobbing up and down on the thick cock in front of her. "Oh my god Jasmine, you are good at this, I've bet you've sucked a few guys off before." Jaden said. Jasmine muffled a yes and released his cock before licking the underside. "Yeah, I've given a few blowjobs before, but you're the biggest I've ever seen.

Mindy grabbed Jaden's dick and stuck it in her mouth, instantly taking all of him into her mouth, bobbing up and down. Her tongue working him over, while Jasmine sucked on his balls, giving all the sexual pleasure he wanted. Jaden looked down, smiling at the fact that two girls were sucking him off at once, and they were Alexis's best friends none the less.

Mindy stopped bobbing, instead, she put his cock in between her tits. Jaden moaned at the feeling of tit flesh on his dick again. While, not as good as Alexis, it still felt amazing. He rocked his hips back and forth, while the girls spit on his dick, lubing him up. He thrusted far enough to reach her mouth so she stuck out her tongue, letting his dick touch it, all the while, looking up at him with her eyes wide.

Jasmine stood up and put one of his hands on her breasts, letting him feel it. They were soft, yet firm, with stiff nipple that begged to be sucked. He wrapped his lips around a pert teat and sucked. Jasmine moaned at the feeling, a feeling she desperately needed. He swirled his tongue around her areola before biting down ever so gently. Jasmine was in awe, he really knew what he was doing.

Soon they switched places with Jaden sitting down in a chair with Jasmine's tits wrapped around his dick with Mindy stuffing a hard nipple into his mouth. "Oh yes, damn you're good." Mindy moaned. "Your dick is so big, a lot bigger than Chazz's, according to Mindy." "Oh is that so, you turn to me cause he couldn't make you cum?" Jaden asked. "Ah.. ah.., no, I didn't even let him fuck me" Mindy moaned. "You need a dick like mine, huh?" Jaden teased. "Oh god yes!" Mindy exclaimed, feeling his finger in her pussy. He put one, then two, then three in there, pumping in and out quickly.

"Ah, Jasmine, I'm gonna cum!" Both girls knelt down while he stood up, their mouths open, their eyes pleading. They stuck out their tongues and he slapped them with his dick before letting them suck on him. Jasmine licked the sides, while Mindy sucked on the tip. "Here it comes." He shot his load into Mindy's mouth, her throat not able to handle to steady stream of jizz. Jaden grabbed Jasmine's head and shot part of his load into her mouth, the rest being sprayed onto their massive racks.

"Wow, you cum a lot." Jasmine said impressed with the amount of cum on her tits. "Thanks, you were both amazing." Mindy turned around and got on all fours, waving her ass in a sensual motion. Jaden got on two knees and stuffed her pussy with his dick with no problem at all. "Okay, get moving stud" Jasmine commanded.

Jaden started to rock his hips back and forth, going in and out, in and out, increasing his speed ever so slightly until he was pounding into Mindy at a pace that made Mindy moan out loud in pleasure. "Oh my god, you're so good, so fucking big in my pussy, yes, yes just like that, oh shit, fuck me Jaden!" Mindy pleaded, her eyes shut in pleasure. Jaden continued to hammer into the voluptuous slut in front of him while Jasmine crawled under and lapped at Mindy's clit, making her cry out in pleasure.

Jaden reached forward and grabbed her rack, fondling them roughly. He pinched her nipple and squeezed them roughly while grabbing them to pound her even harder. Moans, groans, and the sound of skin slapping skin filled the room. "Oh my god, you're gonna make me cum!" "Cum for me Mindy" he whispered into her ear. "I'm cumming!" she screamed, her pussy tightening, squeezing and gripping Jaden's cock like a vice, triggering his own climax. He pulled out just in time as he pulled Jasmine's head towards his crotch. She opened her mouth and he stuffed it with his cock. He face fucked her for a good minute, the gagging sounds turning him on that much more. "Ah, I'm cumming!" he shouted, shooting his cum into her awaiting mouth. Tired, he fell backwards, sitting on the ground trying to gather his breath. Mindy crawled over to Jasmine wanting some cum. She cusped her face and kissed her, her tongue finding its way into her mouth. They made out, licking each other's tongue while trading and tasting Jaden's cum.

"Wow, this is pretty hot" Jaden thought. He looked down to see that his erection was at full mast. He got up and pushed Jasmine on her back. He got down on his knees and placed his fully erect dick in between her breasts. Smirking, Jasmine squeezed them together and let Jaden thrust into her tits. "Damn, they're so soft Jas" Jaden commented. "Thanks" Jasmine replied.

Mindy, feeling left out, got on her knees and positioned her face at Jasmine's pussy. She started to lick at her pussy, getting it ready for the pounding it was going to take. She licked her pussy lips before flicking her clit with her tongue which made her friend moan with pleasure. "Oh shit, that feels so good, Mindy, you're making my pussy is so wet" Mindy smiled and continued her treatment. She stuck a finger into her warm, wet pussy. Hearing her mewl in pleasure, she put in a second and started to pump them quickly. "Oh yea, yea, just like that, oh shit, you're gonna make me cum Mindy."

Jaden quickly got off to walk behind Mindy, laying her down on her friend. He spread both of their legs apart before shoving his cock into Jasmine's pussy, making her scream his name. He wasted no time getting to work, fucking her at a fast pace, his hands groping Mindy's supple ass. Her cheeks were very soft and they felt amazing in his hands. He slapped both cheeks, watching them jiggle and shake with every slap. "You like?" Mindy asked. Jaden nodded and continued on. He fingered her pussy while fucking Jasmine, making both girls moan in pleasure. He smirked, happy that they were putty in his hands.

The girls kissed each other while Jaden had his way with them. Jasmine was the first to cum with a shout as her walls tightened to an insane level which nearly made Jaden cum but he shut his eyes tight and focused on pleasuring her. Mindy came next, her pussy spraying Jaden's toned chest with her cum. They kissed, their breasts and hard nipples rubbing against each other's while Jaden pulled out and quickly shoved his dick into Mindy's asshole, which snapped her back to reality. "AHHH, what are you doing?" she asked in pain. "I ain't pulling out anymore, I'm just gonna cum in your asses."

Mindy shut her eyes in pleasure. She felt his enormous cock rip right through her, stretching her ass like never before. She screamed in pleasure, writhing atop her friend. Jasmine saw this as an opportunity to repay the favor so she grabbed her breasts and feasted on her nipples while Jaden hammered her tight little asshole. "God, she's even tighter than Alexis" Jaden thought, which was something he thought wasn't possible. "Shit, I'm gonna cum Mindy, ah ah, oh god, cumming!"

He shot his third load into her tight asshole which couldn't contain all of the cum. When he pulled out, a steady trickle of cum followed suit. Mindy mewled in content as the warmth of his cum made her shudder in delight. Jaden fell on his back, but he soon saw Jasmine walk up to him and squat down right over his still erect (to her surprise) dick. She lined him up with her pussy and dropped straight down, spearing herself onto him, making them both moan in unadulterated pleasure.

Immediately, she started bouncing on his dick, his hands on her ass, her bouncing tits giving a magnificent view. She moaned out loud as his dick reached deeper, stretched her out even more, and hit spots that she didn't know where there. Mindy walked over and squatted down on Jaden's face, his tongue probing her pussy while she grabbed a hold of Jasmine's bouncing titties. They continued on in this manner for another 10 minutes before Jaden got a bit bored, so he started thrusting his hips up. He instantly hit Jasmine's g-spot, triggering her climax. She cried out loud in pleasure as she came, her g-spot being assaulted by Jaden's dick, and her breasts being mauled by Mindy's groping hands. Jaden pushed Mindy off of his face so he could pull out and impale her ass with his cock. He lined up and pulled her down, invading her asshole with his massive dick which made them scream in pleasure. He pumped into her as fast as he could, not leaving Jasmine with time to think. He pounded into her until he came, his cum coating her inside, sending her on another trip to la la land as she came around his dick.

She laid down on his chest, tired from their activities, panted heavily. "Damn Jaden, you are so fucking good, I'm glad we did this." "Me too" Mindy added. "Yeah, you girls were amazing, but you aren't done are you?" Jaden asked, giving Jasmine and Mindy a hard slap on the ass. "We have a bit left in us, right Jasmine?" "Yeah, were not done yet" Jasmine said enthusiastically.

Jaden laughed and picked up Jasmine. He opened the door to the girls worry. "Well come on" he said. "Don't worry, my friends are busy and there the only ones who come around here, no one will see us." he assured. They nodded and followed him outside to the back other side of the dorm. "Lean on the rail." he commanded. They did as he said and he took a minute to stare at their beautiful asses, just waiting to be fucked outdoors. The girls could feel his stare, blushing, they both waved them slowly, teasing him.

He lined up his dick with Mindy's pussy and rammed himself in. He pulled back on her hair and started pummeling the black haired beauty. Jasmine watched on, rubbing her pussy, admiring how the sunlight made her friend look even sexier when she was being fucked. "Yeah, fuck me, fuck my pussy raw you stud" she moaned. Jaden hammered into her even harder, the new position and angle creating more pleasure for the pair. "Oh, so tight, so fucking hot, you're so beautiful Jasmine." "Hmm… god, you're so hot, you and your big dick, mmm…. yes fuck me harder, yes, just like that!"

They pair fucked for about 10 minutes before Jaden pulled out to Jasmine's disappointment. "Hey Mindy, put your leg on the rail, would ya?" Mindy did as she was told, her leg perpendicular to her body, just as if she was doing the splits. Jaden wrapped his arms around her to keep her steady and he instantly put his dick into her and pounded away, fucking her quickly, admiring how the light made her body even more beautiful and sexy. He could feel his release coming quick so he started increasing his pace to the point where Mindy's mouth formed an 'o', her tongue hanging out of her mouth, her face looked like she was fucked stupid. "Oh god, gonna cum Mindy, gonna cum." He pulled out and she got on her knees and stuck his dick in between her tits and humped them on his dick. "Here it comes Mindy." "Cum for me, shoot your jizz all over my hot tits Jaden Yuki!" she cried. He came once again, shooting all over her sexy tits and face." "Thanks Jaden." she said with a wink.

Jaden turned his attention to Jasmine. He picked her up and she wrapped her arms and legs around him. He inserted his dick into her ass and bounced her up and down his dick, his hands on her ass, fingers digging into her ass cheeks. "Oh god, you're so strong, so big inside my ass, you like fucking my ass Jaden?" "Aw, it's the best, so hot, tight, it's squeezing me so hard." After a few minutes, he laid down feeling tired. "Why don't you make me cum Jas?" he challenged. Jasmine turned around and started to bounce on his dick. "Yeah, you like riding me, don't you?" "Hmm… yes, you're dick feels so good up my ass, it feels like it's gonna break me in half" she mewled. "Oh god, I'm gonna cum…shit, I'm gonna cum Jaden, make me cum!"

He pulled her back and sat up and started to fuck her as fast and as hard as he could, his neck tilted back in strain, eyes shut tightly, all to make her cum. "I'm cumming!" she yelled. She tightened up around his and sprayed her cum all over his groin. She panted heavily in satisfaction until she realized that he didn't cum. She yelped in surprise when Jaden pushed her off and made her get on all fours. He slid his dick between her ass cheeks and squeezed them together. He moaned at the feeling and started to thrust quickly and erratically, desperately seeking release. "Cumming" he grunted as he shot his last load all over her ass cheeks and back. He feel down, tired as fuck from the fuck session.

Mindy pulled Jasmine up and they pulled him up and they walked back to Jaden's room to get dressed.

"Thanks a lot Jaden, you were a fucking stud." Jasmine said before pulling him in for a deep kiss.

"Yeah, you were amazing, I'm gonna be sore for awhile." Mindy said before grabbing his crotch and pulling him in for another kiss.

They left, their lust satisfied. Jaden went back to his nap and all was well.

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