Ha, super writing skills to the rescue. When 'Cherry Bomb' was midway, I was planning this sequel. Just didn't want to make a big deal out of it until 'Cherry Bomb' reached the end. And now, it has and it's time to move on to the Cargan that I have semi-neglected in the first installment. Now, for new readers, it is highly recommended that you read 'Cherry Bomb' first before reading this. You probably could read this but you'll be asking yourself a lot of questions about the characters, relationships and the 'verse (which by the way, is a Mpreg 'verse where guys having kids is just as normal as women having kids) that I may or may not address again. So to avoid confusion, read 'Cherry Bomb' first. It must be pretty good for me to write a sequel after all. And for those that aren't new readers, hope you all enjoy the second (and more Cargany) installment!

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"Come on, you guys! Those tickets in Cabo are only going to be useful for a short time!" Carlos urged and Kendall held onto the little 10 month old in his arms. Julian grabbed on his father's ear, playing with the lobe and trying to take it in his mouth while the blond sighed.

"Carlos, I really don't think that we can go through this. I mean, Julian might be a lot to handle for you and Angel has colic so-"

"Oh come on, please? Pretty please? We'll take good care of them! They are our godchildren!" Carlos Garcia said with an eager smile. The Latino's hands opened and closed, eyes staring at Julian trying to now stick the collar of his father's shirt into his mouth and Kendall pulled the fabric away from his son's grasp. He turned to look over his shoulder, seeing James standing by the limo with Angel sleeping calmly in his arms and bit his lip. They really did need a vacation but Kendall couldn't even think about being without his little babies. Sure, Angel technically wasn't his but he still cared about him. Besides, if Carlos couldn't even handle Julian's cries when they were at the hospital for the now 4 month old's birth, he for sure won't be able to handle a colicky child.

He saw Logan coming to stand in the doorframe, looking at Kendall with expectant eyes.

"You two need a break. Relax and spend some time together and we'll keep in touch with you guys, okay?" Logan offered and Kendall sighed, turning and giving a slight nod to James and the brunette smiled. The singer walked up the pathway to the little villa that Logan and Carlos now resided in, the old flat that Kendall and Carlos used to share now being rented out by some millionaire because of the fact that Kendall Diamond, husband of pop star James Diamond, used to lived there. Hah, Kendall thought it was ridiculous. But who cared, the place was a dump anyways, their waste of money.

Logan held his arms out and James gave a small kiss to Angel's forehead before handing the baby boy to Logan. Angel didn't wake from the movement (Kendall breathing a sigh of relief) and Carlos looked over at him, arms held out wide to take Julian and Kendall gave a nervous smile. He slowly began to hand Jules forward, Carlos' fingers wrapping around Julian's tummy and sides and Kendall just grasped harder. Julian's head began to turn between the two males, Carlos ushering a little 'You can let go now, Kendall' through a clenched smile and Kendall smiling back but light skinned fingers not letting go of his son anytime soon. James quirked an eyebrow.

"Kendall, we're going to see them again in two weeks. Let go," James replied and Kendall took a deep breath before the hands slid off of the infant's body and back to his sides. Carlos brought Julian close to his chest, the baby looking up at his eager godfather with large hazel eyes that were slightly confused. "We'll send Sebastian with the baby stuff once we're at the airport," James replied while Kendall stared at the two boys, face starting to grow red.

"D-Don't forget that Angel likes to have something to eat around noon," Kendall reminded and Carlos nodded, already focusing all attention to the baby that was in his arms. He held Julian countless times before, that little bit of want at holding his own child itching in the back of his head. He really wanted a baby, he'd always wanted a little baby. And now he was going to be married, just like Logan had wanted. Why can't they get started on a baby right now?

Now that got Carlos to thinking.

And a thinking Carlos was never a good idea.

"And don't leave the two of them alone together otherwise Julian would bother Angel," Kendall sputtered out, feeling James gently trying to take his husband away from the couple that they trusted. Logan was waving goodbye and although the gesture was sweet, it just made Kendall more upset. "Don't let that dog eat them!"

"Bandit's too tiny to do that, Kendall," James reminded his husband but Kendall's feet were determined to remain firmly planted on the pavement. James rolled his eyes and slung an arm around Kendall's waist, hoisting the blond up and over his shoulder. Kendall was blushing, swearing loudly at the brunette to put him the fuck down while simultaneously shouting out his goodbyes to the two babies and his friends. Once James managed to get Kendall inside and the singer waved at the two men before getting inside himself, the limo sped down the street off to the airport. Carlos turned to Julian, the boy still looking where the limo drove off and over at Logan, the brunette still cradling the sleeping infant.

"Let's get them inside," Carlos said with a smile and Logan nodded, the couple stepping inside their home and walking into the living room. Carlos settled Julian down on the soft rug and smiled down at the little baby, white teeth shining bright. "We're going to have so much fun, Jules! We're going to play games and go to the movies and the park and-"

Julian was already waddling towards the door, arms spread out wide to keep himself balanced. He placed his hands on the dark wood, head turning to look over at Carlos with wide hazel eyes.

"Baba?" the baby babbled and Carlos gave a small 'aww' while Logan bit his lip.

"No sweetheart, you're staying with us for a while," Logan said softly and Julian turned to look at the door before hitting his hands on the door.

"Baba," Julian said again, almost as if Logan was too stupid to understand what he meant before. Baba. Otherwise Papa or Dada. James and Kendall often argued to who the baby was referring to but it was more leaning to Kendall than James. Which made James often try to coach Angel into saying 'Dada' first. Julian hit his bare hands on the door a couple more times, chanting 'Baba' over and over again and Logan sighed, handing Angel over to Carlos.

"No, Papa is coming back in a little while. Don't worry, sweetheart," Logan said, walking over to pick his godson up and at the movement, Jules began to cry with little hands trying to grab and paw at the door.

"Baba! Baba!" Julian cried and Logan quickly tried to bounce the child in his arms to hush his screams, worried that the noise might wake the younger boy and therefore make Logan's life a nightmare. Yes, Angel was quiet. But gracious, that child was able to make Carlos and him burst into tears from not being able to bring him any comfort. Julian continued to cry, Logan's eyes growing tired and squeezing shut. Okay, maybe this was a bad idea. Logan and Carlos only watched the babies maybe once or twice, and they were only for a couple of hours or long enough for James and Kendall to get their proper sleep. Now, they were with them for two weeks. They could do this, they could do this.

Then another cry filled his ears, sounding ear piercing and young and he groaned. Dammit.

Logan and Carlos were only grateful that there was a slightly bigger circle of friends to go to for help. In a couple of minutes, Dak Zevon was at the door with baby bags from the mansion. The popstar walked into the villa, looking around at the Spanish architecture and d├ęcor before following the sound of cries to the media room. Sure enough when he opened the door, Logan and Carlos were walking around in circles with two children crying on their shoulders and little faces red as tomatoes. Dak sighed, digging into the blue bag first and pulling out an old gray beanie. He walked over to Logan, handing it out to the baby with a little smile and Jules sniffled. The baby took it in his fingers and brought it to his face, cries growing silent when he smelled the comforting and familiar scent of his father. Logan breathed a sigh of relief.

"How'd you know that works?"

"He has separation anxiety. That always calms him down whenever Kendall has to leave."

"That's very nice Dr. Spock but could you please help me!" Carlos shouted, Angel's cries still loud and Dak rolled his eyes, beginning to search through the second baby bag slung over his shoulder until fingers brushed against what he was looking for. He pulled out a pacifier and handed it to Carlos, the Latino quickly taking it and placing it in the infant's mouth. Angel sucked on it, eyelids growing heavy possibly from all that crying and Carlos let out a thankful sigh. Dak took the bags off and settled them down on the floor, pointing at each.

"There's clothes, diapers, bottles, toys, basically everything you need for the two weeks. Anything else you want me to do? Kind of trying to get ready for a date and all," Dak said with a little smile and Logan nodded. Yeah, Dak was dating. Which meant that James didn't have to act like a pitbull whenever Dak complemented his husband, now knowing that the teenage heartthrob was seeing someone new. A pediatrician to the stars at that, quite impressive. Logan always wanted to date someone from the medical field. Or in the law field. But instead, he was going to marry a baby crazed Latino that acted like a big child himself and was now smiling down at the quite bundle in his arms.

"No, I think this is fine. Thanks for coming over on short notice and dropping the stuff off."

"No problem," Dak said with a grin and turned to make his leave. Once the couple heard the door close, Carlos glanced over at Logan with brown eyes batting shyly.


". . .Yeah. . ."

"You know I love you, right?"


"And you love me?"

"Of course."

"And you love Julian and Angel?"

". . .Carlos, what are you getting at? Are you trying to take them? They're not our kids-"

"I want a baby," Carlos blurted out and Logan closed his eyes. He knew this conversation was going to come up. It came up when Logan proposed to Carlos while the Latino was cuddling with the puppy known as Bandit ("So we can have babies now, right?" "When we're in a better financial standing."). It came up once Logan got another job being the manager of Kats Crew ("So now we can have a baby." "Maybe give it some time."). It came up when Logan bought the new home that they resided in a couple of weeks later ("Okay, I really want a baby, Logan." "I know, Carlos. Just wait-" "Dammit, I want a baby now!").

He really can't avoid it any longer.

". . .Okay."

"I really want one Logan. Look at us, we're going to be really good parents and taking care of Julian and Angel could be our practice. Please, can we have a baby?" Carlos pleaded, upset that his fiance could be so stubborn when it came to the idea of children.

"I said okay."

"I want to have a baby with you, Logan! How come you can't understand how beautiful our child would. . .wait, you said okay?"

". . .Yes?"

Carlos smiled extremely bright, looking down to see Angel falling back to sleep. He glanced at Julian, the infant's eyes closed with his father's beanie still in his tight fist and pondered for a bit.

". . .We need to practice."

". . .What?"

"We need to practice on baby making," Carlos said, little cute eyeroll giving the 'Duh' effect and Logan stared at his fiance before smiling devilishly.

"I'm fine with that," he said with a breathy grin, taking Julian and beginning to make a little nest on the floor made of blankets and pillows. He settled Julian down, the child still not letting go of the clothing and Carlos lied Angel down beside his half-brother, the infants sleeping soundly and Carlos smiled, eyes twinkling.

"Let's get started," he whispered and promptly pulled him into the guest bedroom next door.

Okay, so one thing that Logan came to accept when he decided to marry Carlos was that the ex-manager now manager again was that the thought of children didn't seem so bad. Sure, when Carlos was still living with him in that tiny townhouse with that little demon of a puppy that turned into a demon of a dog when Carlos wasn't looking, the thought of the pitter patter of little feet didn't really flow into his mind. But whenever he saw Carlos look over at him, that gorgeous smile on his face that radiated youth and love, he couldn't help but think about how a baby would look like with that smile and imagined Carlos pregnant with their child, the little smile on his fiance's face and Logan would feel his chest doing some weird thumping thing and his thoughts would just be filled with baby, babies and babies.

So yeah, he would like a baby too. At least they were getting married in two more months and not like Kendall and James which took maybe a year and a half with so many scandals and heartbreak, it was a surprise that they still made it together. Plus, the actual making of a baby was pretty fun. Seeing Carlos' toes curling and lips parting as Logan slammed his hips back and forth harder and harder inside the tight entrance of the Latino, little moans and gasps coming from Logan's lips at Carlos' passage squeezing and hugging his length. And Carlos would always scream out stuff in Spanish, hell, any talk that came from Carlos during sex was always in Spanish. Logan would have to look up in a dictionary afterwords to know just what his fiance had said but the foreign language coming from his lover's mouth was still very attractive and very erotic to the brunette. Carlos pulled him in for a rough kiss, biting and sucking hard on Logan's lips while Logan's thrusts grew erratic as his climax drew near. He broke away, low moan growing in his throat and head shooting back as he felt himself release inside of the Latino below him, Carlos letting a little moan escape from his lips as his stomach was covered with his own seed. Logan lazily gave little thrusts, riding out the orgasm and hair matted with sweat from the activities. He slipped out, not having to worry about a condom, and fell beside Carlos.

Carlos turned over, smiling at Logan wide. "That must have been a baby right there."

Logan grunted in response. They had sex twice today, the first time right after putting Julian and Angel to sleep and the second time right after the children had played and eaten and were currently taking another little nap (Carlos just wanted to make sure). So right now, Logan just wanted to sleep.

"You agree right? That was a winner, we so made a baby," Carlos cooed.

"Mhm," Logan mumbled.

"Total winner, we are having a baby!" Carlos said excitedly, placing a hand over his stomach and fingers just sliding into his semen. His nose wrinkled at the warm liquid, standing up and slightly limping over to the bathroom to get a wet towel to clean himself off with. He scrubbed the tan skin clean of the white substance, tossing the dirty towel in the laundry basket and slipping on a robe over his body. He walked back inside, looking at the now sleeping Logan and pouted.

"Come on, Logie. We need to check on Jules and Angel."

"Mm' tired," Logan's voice came out muffled from the pillow and Carlos rolled his eyes, placing a hand over his stomach.

"So would you be too tired to check on our own child?" Carlos asked and he could hear Logan groan at that, the brunette swinging legs over the bed to get up and drag feet lazily across the floor to get his own robe.

"You're not going to use that on me all the time," Logan mumbled.

"It'll all be worth when we have our little baby!" Carlos said with a smile, grabbing onto Logan's hand and placing it over his stomach.

Yeah, it'll all be worth it. Nine months and they'll be holding their gorgeous baby.

Carlos so couldn't wait.