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To say that Carlos was feeling a little bit. . .off, would be an understatement. Not that the Latino felt sick or anything, just felt strange. He's been feeling a bit tired here and there, but then again it was natural for him to be tired most of the time. Him and Logan were trying to raise Darren and keep up with their professions and that was hard enough to begin with. Carlos tried to ask Kendall if it was possible for Lucy to watch Darren along with the Diamond children but the blond said that if four babies were hard to keep the attention of a slightly lazy Lucy, then another baby would be just too much.

So, Logan's parents offered to babysit Darren while Carlos was at the Palm Woods and Logan was at Rocque Records. Carlos' hours got cut back a little bit, getting a chance to leave earlier on Wednesdays and Fridays to drive over and pick his son up from his grandparent's house. It was the usual, Darren excited to leave and be in his Papi's arms again and Mrs. Mitchell giving Carlos a handful of little toys she bought for Darren. His son was going to be spoiled rotten, that was for sure if the woman kept doing this. But Darren appreciated the little stuffed animals anyways and it did keep the baby preoccupied during the drive.

Aside from the tiredness of a busy schedule, there was also the fact that Carlos' waist was beginning to thicken and he really couldn't explain the reason for that. He has been eating more, he ate whenever Darren ate to get his son to eat his veggies and then there were little weird cravings he might have had but he didn't really think too much of it until he glanced at the mirror and saw his new body shape. Logan hadn't noticed and Carlos was grateful for that, hopefully he could hit the gym and begin working off this extra baby fat before his husband started thinking otherwise.

Carlos was in the kitchen, mashing up some carrots while he heard Darren gurgling and babbling in his high chair waiting for his food. Carlos looked over his shoulder, giving a gentle smile at his now five month old son and Darren smiled back, waving his little hands and babbling out little noises. He hadn't done that little 'Baba' thing the Diamond children had done when they were little but he was getting close, Carlos urging him to say 'Papi' whenever he and Darren were alone. Course, he also knew Logan was coaching him to say 'Dada' first whenever the brunette was alone with his child as well.

"Are you hungry, baby?" Carlos asked and Darren hit his hands down on the surface of his table.

"Ah-Ah!" Darren shouted and Carlos gave a light smile, the carrots finally into a good puree mixture and he walked over to pull up a stool and sit in front of Darren's high chair. He raised the little baby spoon, scooping up some and then holding it out for Darren to eat but Darren pulled back and looked at Carlos with shy brown eyes.

"Come on, sweetie, eat up," Carlos said softly, holding it out and letting the tip of the spoon brush against Darren's lips but they remained tightly closed. He would be hungry for pears or applesauce or something sweet but never for carrots and peas and squash. Carlos sighed, "Open up, Darren! Here comes the little choo-choo train!" Carlos chirped and began to make a little train whistle and push the spoon forward but Darren turned his head away. Carlos frowned, what, that didn't work on little kids anymore? He sighed and then turned the spoon towards him, "See? It's tasty." And with that, Carlos placed the spoonful of pureed carrots into his mouth. . .actually, this does taste kind of good-

"Carlos?" he heard Logan's voice and Carlos turned, little spoon in his mouth to face his husband that was standing in the doorway with a confused expression on his face. Carlos quickly took the spoon out of his mouth and gave a nervous little smile.

"You're home early," Carlos observed and Logan slowly walked inside, settling his papers on the counter.

"Yeah, thought that I could take the night watching Darren and you can relax. . .and apparently eat baby food," Logan replied and Carlos gave a hard blush.

"I was trying to show him that it tastes good! Which it does," Carlos replied and Logan sighed. He took the bowl and spoon from Carlos, scooping up a small spoonful of carrots and then crouched down beside Carlos to gently hold it open for Darren to taste. Logan opened his mouth and Darren began to give a gentle smile before opening his mouth to mimic his father. Logan kept his mouth open, placing the spoonful into Darren's mouth and the baby suckled on it, little bit of food going to make a mess on his chin that Logan scooped back into his mouth and Carlos pouted. "Why are you the baby feeding expert?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"When we took care of Julian and Angel before the twins were born, you always got them to eat their food and I couldn't get them to even touch it," Carlos said with a frown and Logan glanced over at his husband.

"You're still a great person to play with. And you are the most loving father and godfather Darren and the babies will have. There's nothing to worry about, honey," Logan said with a smile, taking his other hand to gently slide around Carlos' waist and Logan quirked an eyebrow the same time Carlos bit his lip in slight nerves. Carlos quickly removed his hand, getting off the stool to stand a couple inches away.

"I gained some weight, I know."

"I didn't say anything about that, Carlos."

"I'll work it off-"

"But I like it, it's cute-er. . ."

"I'll let you feed Darren," Carlos quickly said, walking out the kitchen fast and Logan stared at the spot where Carlos stood before sighing and continuing to feed the child.

"Mmm, honey~" Kendall moaned, James sucking on his neck as the afternoon sun shone on James' back and the brunette radiated warmth for Kendall to feel. James chuckled in his ear, tongue gently licking along the flushed skin as he held his husband close. His hand drifted down Kendall's front, fingertips brushing at the him of the blond's boxer briefs and Kendall hummed again. "Are you waiting for an invitation?" Kendall breathed, looking over his shoulder and James smiled. His fingers hooked around the brim, beginning to tug down the underwear but heard the sound of someone running down the hall.

"Julian! Give me Angel's duck! Julian!" Lucy's shouts were heard from behind the door and James groaned. He loved his son, honestly, but that child had to have been the biggest cockblock he ever had. He felt Kendall beginning to shift in the bed and James quickly grabbed onto him to hold him close.

"She has it covered. Come on, babe," James whispered, kissing Kendall's neck and continuing to pull the briefs down Kendall's legs.

"No Julian! Do not throw that! If you don't stop-Julian!"

"She needs help," Kendall muttered, trying to slip out of James' grasp but James just held him tighter.

"Babe, stay," James said and then there was the sound of crying and Kendall broke away from James to pull his underwear back onto his hips and grab his robe from off the dresser. James frowned, propping himself up on his elbows to watch Kendall quickly exit the bedroom and James sighed before getting out of bed himself and grabbing his robe. He walked out the door and down the stairs, seeing Kendall giving Julian a stern glare while the nanny of the house was holding the stolen duck toy.

"You know better than to not be listening to Lucy," Kendall said and Julian looked up at James as the brunette approached the three of them. Julian held his hands out, doe eyes wide and sad as he began to move to James.

"Daddy~" Julian whined, hugging James' leg and James glanced up to see Kendall looking at the two of them with a sour face. Lucy glanced at the toy in her hand and gestured to it.

"I'll go give this back to Angel," she said with a tired sigh, turning on her heel and walking out of the little foyer before Kendall turned to look at James and cross his arms. James had already picked Julian up in his arms and Kendall frowned.

"You know, I don't like it when he makes it look like I'm the bad guy," Kendall replied and James glanced down at the small face that was snuggling into his chest. "You need to discipline him more."

"I discipline him plenty. Just. . .okay, I might be a little bit easy on him. . ."

"Then you need to lay down the line for him. I don't know why he keeps picking on Angel like this. He's not bothering Lorelei or KJ as much as he used to, what makes Angel any different?"

"Besides the obvious?" James asked, that little knowing look in his eye and Kendall sighed. He looked down at the ground as a frown came to his lips.

"He wouldn't know about that."

"Are we ever going to tell them?" James asked and Kendall glanced up at him.

"I don't see the point to tell them anything."

"Angel might like to know though-"

"And I don't want Jett back in his life!" Kendall shouted, "I don't want Angel wondering why I'm being the one called his Papa and not Jett, I don't want him to know anything about Jett, none of them!"

"That's going to be pretty impossible, Kendall," James replied and Kendall bit his lip.

"I just don't want our family to get ruined again by Jett. We have babies now and I don't want him ruining their lives too," Kendall said quietly and James walked over, one arm having a tight hold on Julian as the other wrapped around Kendall and held him tight. He leaned over and kissed Kendall's cheek, another kiss was placed on his lips and Kendall gave a soft sigh.

"We'll be fine, Kendall. We're going to be happy and no one is going to hurt out family again. . .look, how about we all go to the park?"

"No, Julian is on punishment for taking Angel's toy, I don't want him thinking going to the park is a reward," Kendall replied, taking the brunette child out of James' hands. Julian's eyes began to water, face turning into a whimpering frown and his little fingers clutched into Kendall's robe.

"I'm sorry, Papa," Julian said and then he leaned up, little lips giving Kendall a small kiss on his neck. Kendall stood there in slight shock, Julian nuzzling into the crook of his neck and he groaned.

". . .Fine, time out and we can go to the park. But you're not going to play on anything, you'll be staying with me and your baby brother and sister," Kendall replied and Julian just gave him another little kiss on his throat. Kendall sighed, placing Julian back into James' arm and placing a hand to his forehead. As if this child couldn't give him a bigger headache. He felt James kissing his head, green eyes flickering up to see James' dashing smile.

"I'll put him in his crib. . .and we can maybe get back to what we were doing?" James asked hopefully and Kendall rolled his eyes.

"You're such a horndog," Kendall replied and James shrugged.

"Not my fault I married a sexy little blond like you that gets my hormones running," James replied with a dirty waggle of the eyebrows and Kendall rolled his eyes yet again. Kendall turned, walking up the stairs before looking over his shoulder and giving a small little wink.

"Don't be long," Kendall said in a light and pleasureful voice that made James give a hungry growl and watch as Kendall sauntered off to the bedroom. James looked down at his eldest son, the little boy looking up at James with innocent and happy eyes.

"I wuv you, Daddy," Julian cooed and James frowned. Julian had to be the most sneakiest little baby they had and James had to say that Julian must have gotten it from Kendall since James was never like this when he was little. The brunette baby knew just the right things to do to make James not want to punish him, knew just the right thing to make James go weak in the knees and want to do anything to make the little boy smile again. All of his children had that sort of effect on him, Julian's was the strongest though. He sighed, giving a small kiss to Julian's forehead.

"Promise you'll stop acting bad?"

"I pwomise," Julian said quietly and James sighed, walking Julian into the living room and settling him down on his feet. The children were playing in the center of the living room, Lucy on the couch playing patty-cake with KJ while Lorelei and Angel were playing with the stuffed animals. Julian ran over, taking his truck that was by Angel and playing with that by himself and James sighed, rubbing his forehead.

Oh well, hopefully Kendall won't hear any more disturbances over his screams while James was fucking the blond into next week.

"Logan, do we have pickles? I really want some pickles," Carlos asked Logan and the brunette glanced up from his paperwork.

"I don't know. . .I thought you were on a diet," Logan replied and Carlos blushed, holding his slightly rounder stomach.

"Well you didn't have to point out that I was getting fat!" Carlos shouted and Logan frowned.

"Carlos, I never said that. . .you know, you've been acting very strange lately."

"I haven't, I'm just. . .trying to get used to my new role of being a daddy to our little baby boy," Carlos replied and then glanced over his shoulder, "I better actually get his food ready-"

"Carlos?" Logan called out and Carlos paused in his place. Logan settled down the papers and got up from his desk, walking over and sliding hands onto Carlos' hips. The Latino was obviously uncomfortable, knowing that his hips were getting a little wider and Logan smiled. He kissed the tip of Carlos' nose and rested his forehead against Carlos'.

"You look beautiful, honey. . .you have a glow about you," Logan whispered softly and Carlos couldn't help but give a small smile at that as Logan kissed him again, this time soft lips going onto his own and sucking gently at the lower lip. But then Carlos' eyes widened, pushing himself away to stare at Logan in astonishment and Logan stared back at Carlos confused.

"Glow? . . .And the cravings. . .and the weight gain. . .holy shit," Carlos said in shock and Logan still really wasn't getting what his husband was starting to click in his head. Carlos rushed out of the study, Logan quickly trying to run after his husband as he followed Carlos upstairs and into their bedroom. Carlos yanked open the nightstand drawer, sifting through the contents of it before slamming it shut and biting his lip in nerves.

"Carlos, what are you doing?" Logan asked and Carlos looked over at him with slightly worried, slightly excited eyes.

"I think I'm pregnant."

". . .What?"

"I think I'm pregnant! That time we slept together, we didn't use protection!"

"We got caught up in the moment!"

"And I might be pregnant!" Carlos shouted back and then held his stomach. It felt so round now that the possibility was just another baby nesting in there and he found himself smiling wide.

"What happened to us waiting, Carlos?"

"Well I'm sure James and Kendall meant to wait but they had the twins."

"What happened to us not comparing ourselves to Kendall and James?"

"Logan, we might be having another baby!" Carlos chirped and rushed over to hug Logan tightly. Logan just stood there, stiff. He loved Carlos and he loved Darren, just wasn't sure another child right now would be the smartest idea. His career is too time consuming and unless Carlos decides he wants to stay home, it'll be difficult to be taking care of more than one baby.

"Take a test," Logan said and Carlos looked at him with neutral eyes.

"I don't think we have anymore. . .could we go down to the clinic?" Carlos asked and Logan sighed.

"What about Darren?"

"We'll bring him with us. Or drop him off at Kendall and James' place. Please Logie?" Carlos asked and then held Logan's hand, "If I really am pregnant, then that means I'm going to be better off than my parents were when they were trying to have kids. It means that Darren might not be my only successful pregnancy. . .you do want more babies, don't you?"

Logan sighed, "I would want more kids, Carlos but not at this time. It just isn't a smart thing to do and we can't take care of it with both of us working-"

"I'll be a stay at home dad if it makes it easier," Carlos suggested and then eyes widened, "Maybe I can start a day-care center! Oh, that would be just so great! I can be able to stay home and take care of the babies and get paid to watch the other ones!"

"You can't watch that many kids by yourself," Logan said and Carlos pouted.

"I'll hire help."


"Please, Logan? You remember what it was like trying so hard to get Darren and then once we finally had him, we were so happy? Now what about this baby? We got them on the first try and I'm not even feeling any struggle trying to carry the baby or anything!. . .Please can we keep them?"

". . .Get your coat and your shoes on. I'll go get Darren," Logan muttered and Carlos smiled, wrapping arms around Logan's shoulder to give a soft kiss to Logan's lips and smiling against them.

"You're amazing," Carlos mumbled against his lips and Logan just sighed.

"So is there any reason why you guys came with us?" Logan asked James and the brunette shrugged. He glanced at his children currently in the play area, Lorelei and KJ still remaining in their strollers snoozing away and gave a small and sly little smile.

"Just want to see if our fertility magic rubbed off on you two," James replied and Kendall gave him a whack in the chest.

"Shut up!"

"Come on, we are pretty amazing baby makers," James replied and Kendall rolled his eyes as James threw an arm around the blond and gave him a playful kiss on the cheek. Logan gulped at that, looking over at Carlos who was rubbing his stomach in small circles while pushing Darren back and forth in his own stroller. What if Carlos was having triplets? Though, he never heard of a case where a male was having more than two children, that would have caused too many complications if there were. He felt James give him a small nudge and the brunette turned to face his friend, "Hey, relax. It might be a little bit stress but it's really fun too. And Darren is a sweetheart, not like you have. . ." James glanced over at Julian and Angel, the eldest child trying his hardest to not bother Angel and instead only looking at the second oldest boy with a sour face.

Kendall sighed, giving his knee a pat and Angel glanced over at Kendall with a big smile on his face, dropping the toy he was playing with and running over to let Kendall pull him up and place him on his knee. Angel gave a small giggle as Kendall bounced his knee, Kendall smiling himself. Julian stopped playing with the toy himself, walking over there and holding his hands up.

"Papa?" Julian asked and Kendall sighed, picking Julian up and settling him on his other knee. Angel was smiling, thumb in his mouth as Julian snuggled into Kendall's chest.

"See, he isn't bothering you at all. Can you be nice to him for once?" Kendall asked and Angel took his hand from out of his mouth to wave excitedly at Julian.

"Hi Juju!" Angel chirped and Julian pouted.

". . .Hi Angel," Julian mumbled and Angel just looked so happy that Logan could smile. He wouldn't mind the nicer part of that, Darren with a baby brother or sister playing and smiling at each other. And what if it was a girl this time instead of a boy? Logan never thought about what it would be like to have a daughter. A pretty little girl with that loving and nurturing personality like Carlos' and he'd read to her and Darren right before they go to bed and hear her coo out 'I love you, Daddy'. Logan would like that, Logan would like that a lot actually.

The door opened, Spencer standing there with clipboard in his hands and looking out into the waiting room.

"Baby Mitchell?" he called out and Carlos gleefully sprung up. The male nurse glanced around at all the children, Logan figuring even he was shocked at how many kids were between the four of them and they were possibly having more. Logan got up as well, looking at Kendall and James.

"Do you think you can really watch them all?"

"We'll send someone down to help you two," Spencer said with a small smile and Kendall gave a grateful nod. He waved his hand, shooing the two to go inside and Logan wrapped an arm around Carlos' waist, ushering him inside the hallway right behind Spencer. "Wow! I didn't think you all would be so blessed to have so many kids! And they are all so adorable! You know, I bet you all are going to breed the next generation of models because those kids are too cute! And you both are too, that charming glow! I can see it on your face!" Spencer chirped happily and Carlos smiled. He liked this, he liked this a whole lot.

Spencer led them to Dr. Spinetti's room, the brunette doctor actually already there with little ultrasound already set up. He gave them a smile as they walked inside, shaking both of their hands and Carlos getting onto the examining bench.

"Well isn't this a surprising turn from last year?" Spinetti asked with a grin and Logan gave a small nod, yeah. Around this time last year, Logan and Carlos were coming to the doctor to ask for help why they weren't able to produce a baby and now look, already one baby here and possibly another one on the way. Spencer grabbed the ultrasound gel, Carlos knowing the procedure and lifting his shirt up as Spinetti glanced at the clipboard.

"So we're just having an ultrasound to see if there's anyone in there, right?"

"Correct," Logan replied and Spinetti smiled.

"If there should be an embryo, we'll begin to schedule the next appointment and prescribe Carlos vitamins for him to take. Any vomiting? Insomnia?"

"No vomiting. Just feeling a little bit tired here and there. . ." Carlos replied for Logan and Spinetti gave a nod of the head. Spencer placed the scope on Carlos' stomach, flicking the machine on and the screen flickering in and out as he moved the scope across the abdomen. Carlos was looking at Logan, hopeful smile on his face. Maybe it would be a little bit harder but Carlos would make the necessary sacrifices in order to take care of his children. And come to think of it, Palm Woods did have a day care center close by, he could take the kids and drop them off their if he had to. Things are going to work out, things are going to work out just perf-

"Oh look at this!" Spencer said with a big grin on his face and paused the screen, finger pointed at the image and Carlos turned to look at it with a slightly raised eyebrow. He didn't know what to say, he didn't know what he was really looking at.

"Is that. . .my baby?"

"Your babies," Spencer corrected and Carlos' eyes widened.

"You mean I'm having twins?"

"Looks like it! And also looks like they are going to be identical, oh I wished I had an identical twin!" Spencer said with a big smile and Carlos felt his heart beating extremely fast and big smile on his face. Three kids, three little babies instead of just being two.

"Logan! We're having twins!" Carlos chirped, turning to face his husband only to find that Logan was in Spinetti's arms, passed out from shock.

"So then it's settled. Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays we'll take them to the day-care."

"Do you think that Darren will like it?" Carlos asked, his son in his arms and currently snoozing in his chest. Logan sighed, "He'll have to if we want to make this work. And I'll manage Kat's Crew and The Windmills from home on Wednesdays and Fridays so I can watch the three of them until you can make it back home. Then the weekend, you'll have them all to yourself. . .unless we hire help which I think we may have to."

"Kat's Crew used to babysit, didn't they?"

"They did, now they are a pop group and they really can't spend time watching them for us. . .I'll call Kendall and ask for that nanny service he got Lucy from."

"Make sure they're nice," Carlos replied, giving Darren a little bounce and the child slightly stirring, "And that they like to read stories and play make-believe and know how to cook and don't mind chasing after a crawler like Darren and-"

"I'm sure you'd like them to fly like Mary Poppins too, I bet."

"That would be amazing," Carlos said with a smile and Logan shook his head. So then. . .a family of five with three babies to take care of. Darren was coming along nicely though, must have had Logan's calm temperament. He only hoped that the twins were like Darren as well, calm and quiet. Carlos leaned back into his chair, holding Darren close to his chest and giving a gentle smile, "You're going to be a big brother, sweetie."

Darren's eyes fluttered as Carlos gave his head a gentle kiss before he glanced at Logan, "And you are going to be an amazing father."

"I already am," Logan replied, gesturing to Darren and Carlos smiled even more. He got up, walking over to Logan and the brunette pulled Carlos onto his lap. He grinned, leaning up and kissing Carlos on the lips, pulling away to give Darren a kiss on the forehead himself. He then glanced at Carlos' stomach, his husband six weeks pregnant now and he sighed. "Do you think we can pull it off?"

"Course we can. And we're going to have help too," Carlos replied, placing hand on his stomach, "We're going to be a great family, Logan. Our kids are going to be so intelligent and kind and sweet and pretty-"

"Tell me more while we put him in his crib," Logan said softly, giving a little nod to Darren and Carlos nodded. He got off of Logan's lap, gently cradling Darren as the two of them began to walk up the stairs.

"Well, Darren is going to be the big and responsible brother. Then, our twins are going to be either the geniuses of the family or the charismatic ones."

"How so?"

"They'll be charming and funny, always ready to lend a helping hand and I bet they'll be the coolest kids at their school."

"That's if they're boys?"

"Well, I'd like for them to be girls. . .do you want them to be girls?" Carlos asked, the two of them walking into the nursery and gently settling Darren in his crib. Logan pulled Carlos over by his waist, gently resting his forehead against his husband's.

"I don't really care. If they're girls, I'll be happy. If they're boys, I'll be happy. The only thing that matters is that you are blessing me with two more children to love and I promise I'll put you and all my children on a pedestal to praise."

"Oh Logan," Carlos sighed, wrapping arms around Logan's shoulders and giving a gentle kiss. Logan hummed, lips parting and tongue slipping into Carlos' mouth to roll around the tongue and lick along the sweet tasting mouth. Their lips separated with a small 'pop', Carlos smiling and resting his head in the crook of Carlos' neck. "I love you."

"I love you more," Logan whispered, kissing Carlos' hair and he heard Carlos give a tiny giggle. He'll always love Carlos and his children more, more than himself, his career, anything.


The End

Well, I'm pretty meh with this chapter. But I am happy with the success of If You Can Believe Your Eyes & Ears, it is now my most reviewed story with Cherry Bomb coming in second and is the second most favorited BTR story that I have. So of course, I am making this into a trilogy. However, the third installment isn't going to pick up with Carlos being pregnant with the twins and tell the story of that. Actually, it's going to take a major time jump to where Julian and Angel are almost graduating from high school (and Lorelei & KJ being juniors, Darren being a junior, Carlos' twins being sophomores etc.), especially since the third installment is going back to being Kames based and will delve into the Kendall/Jett/Angel family drama. Not that there won't be any Cargan in it, I'm just figuring out what exactly I want the Cargan to be in the story.

Now, I don't think I'll explain what Carlos' twins are going to be like in like a spin off or a drabble so I'll just give the basics right here:

Carlos gives birth to twin girls on March 14th, Yasmine & Bridget (since I mentioned those girl names the most). AND, you can find out what kind of personality they have in the third installment, let that be a surprise :P and I'm also debating on what the families will be at the beginning of the first chapter of the installment, if Kames will have more kids, if Cargan will have more kids. Just if you see more children from either of the families, don't get surprised.

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