Heath and Vanessa Scott along with Steven and Bonnie Evans cordially invite you to celebrate the engagement of

Samuel Nicholas Evans and Katherine Lorraine Scott

Quinn couldn't bring herself to finish reading the invitation as she left it on the table. "He hates New York." She said flatly noting the party's location was at a hall on the outskirts of the city. "You don't think he expects me to go do you..?" She asked Rachel keeping her eyes on the invitation. Her finger traced around it, wondering if he had sent it before or after they talked.

The small brunette who words never usually failed stood silent. "I don't know Quinn." She said sheepishly as she sipped her coffee. They were sitting at their dining room table sorting through the mail. Rachel bit down on her bottom lip. "He has to want you there I mean.. He did drop the letter off on the doorstep." She pointed out; Finn had received an invitation for both him and Rachel weeks prior. That wasn't even the worst secret she was holding from her friend. Worst was Rachel had actually met Katherine, or Katie as she liked to be called, once or twice before. She never thought it was something she needed to inform Quinn on, Quinn claimed to be over Sam, they usually danced around the subject. Rachel wasn't exactly sure what advice to give her friend. She was a sucker for romance and it was clear there was still something going on between Quinn and Sam but at the same time, she didn't want to destroy a potential marriage. "Well, maybe we can just stay in that night, have a girl's night you know watch movies and order take out." She said, although she wouldn't want Finn to go the engagement party alone. Rachel and Finn had been on and off since High School currently they were on and going strong nearing the year mark this time.

Rachel's voiced waved in and out as she stared at the invitation. She had a week to make up her mind, a week to choose. Rachel's offer did sound nice, staying in and having a girl's night. But she didn't want to seem like she was hiding from him, avoiding him after their dinner like she had clearly been for the past few days. "I think I should go. You know for closure." She said finally taking her eyes away from the invitation to look at Rachel. "If I don't go I'll always wonder what if I went, I think this is what I need." She said nodding giving her defiant answer. She was going to show up with her head held high happy for him. If this was what he wanted who was she to stand in his way? Her eyes flicked back to the invitation, and she wondered for a moment what it would look like with her name there. She always imagined theirs to be something classy, simple yet elegant maybe some lace around the edges. She shook the thought from her head pushing the invitation under the rest of the stack of mail.

I used to think one day we'd tell the story of us

How we met and the sparks fly instantly

And people would say were the lucky ones.

"And the tuxes are done." Sam said grinning as he took the receipt. All they needed to do now was show up the day before the wedding to pick them up. He had a list given to him specifically from Katie's things he needed to get done before she arrived. She was flying in a few days before the engagement party and Sam told her he wanted to get a head start to catch up with Finn. His intentions of visiting New York weren't exactly honest, but there was something he needed to do he needed to see Quinn on final time. Often when he was sitting back playing his and Katie's he'd find himself feeling like he was sitting back watching someone else plan a wedding for two people he didn't know. Sure he loved her, he wouldn't have asked her to marry him if he didn't. He sat back and let her plan, she wanted a New York City wedding, and she loved the New York and had always wanted to end up there. Sam never understood the appeal of New York, or why they were having this city themed wedding. He would have been perfectly fine staying in Lima and planning it all there. He didn't really complain, and only gave a few suggestions on the color scheme of it the wedding. All he asked was for Avatar blue and gold. She of course brushed off his idea of Avatar Blue. "Sam we are adults now, please put that silly movie behind us." She'd said going with a beige and gold theme instead. He wondered if Quinn would have let him choose the colors, have more say in their wedding. He found his thought going to Quinn more and more lately she wasn't answering his phone calls or texts. He'd wondered if she got the invitation.

Katie knew nothing about Quinn other then she was an old girlfriend of Sam's. He never really mentioned any of his past relationships, she knew of course there were other girls before her but he didn't get into how deep and serious his relationships were. If anything they just sounded like flings to her. He wondered if he needed to run it by Katie that he invited Quinn, he didn't see the problem. Katie knew Rachel and they seemed to hit it off pretty well, he wasn't sure what he was hoping for her and Quinn. He was taken away from his thoughts as he felt a vibration in his pocket. He expected it to be Quinn, but seeing Katie's name pop up on caller idea made him smile just the same.

"I was wondering when you were going to call." He said grinning, as he hailed a taxi to head back to Finn's apartment where he was currently staying. Finn although he was with Rachel believed the reason why there relationships always failed was because they moved to fast, this time taking it slow and living apart seemed to be working well for them.

"Hi to you too, handsome." She cooed into the phone clearly missing her fiancé. "I just want to tell you I changed my flight, to tomorrow so we can take a day or two to sight see." She said on the edge of excitement. "I really don't like to think of you all alone in New York by yourself."

He could almost hear the pout in her voice, and he laughed a little. "You seem to think I am just wandering around the city aimlessly." He said switching the phone in his hands. "So I am picking you up tomorrow instead?" He asked as the taxi stopped, he paid and got out making his way towards the apartment complex.

"Yes, tomorrow 8am. I can't wait to see you." She said, she was sitting on the floor of their room back in Lima packing and going over a list of things she'd need making sure she had everything. Due to her work schedule she didn't have the luxury of staying to long in New York as long as Sam did. They both had planned on staying there from the engagement party until the wedding. Due to conflicts she decided it would be best if he stayed in New York and she flew in and out whenever work permitted. It may have sounded strange but as much as she didn't want him to be away from her she knew he needed to be with his friends again. Marriage was a big deal, she wanted him to know she trusted him with everything. "I still have a lot of packing to do, so I am going to go." She said although staying on the phone seemed like a better option. "I love you and I'll see you tomorrow at 8 am sharp!" She said waiting for him to respond with the proper ending before hanging up.

I used to know my place was a spot next to you

Now I'm searching the room for an empty seat

Cause lately I don't even know what page you're on

Although Quinn had been fully committed to avoiding Sam's calls and texts the one day they finally stopped instead of feeling relieved she felt confused. The days were moving quickly and today was the day she had been dreading. "Maybe I won't go." She said pushing clothes around in her closet. "Is it too late for a girl's night?" She asked Rachel who was sitting at Quinn's vanity fixing up her makeup. "I have nothing to wear." Quinn proclaimed moving angrily through the rack of clothes.

Although there was still two hours before the party Rachel sat poised and ready. She had one a light colored floral dress and nude heels. She turned herself around on the vanity chair and looked at Quinn, who seemed to be in a bit of a panic. "I thought we went shopping to avoid this problem." Rachel said standing up and smoothing down her dress. She told Quinn to sit down as she looked through her closet. While at the mall they had picked out four potential dresses. Even with that being so Rachel could understand why the blonde was stressing. "Wear this." Rachel said handing her one of her new dresses, a yellow dress with black beading at the top. "This dress will be perfect." She reassured her and stepped outside for a moment give Quinn some privacy as she changed.

Quinn felt a little more at ease when she had the dress on, it took them both an hour to get their hair right, and the minutes seemed to fly by leading them up to the moment Quinn was dreading. Rachel convinced her everything was going to be fine, it was just another party as the two got ready and after a few pre-party glasses of wine she was starting to believe her. It was just another party, expect it wasn't it wasn't everyday you attended a party for the engagement of the man that you loved.

Rachel and Quinn headed outside to meet the cab that was going to take them to the reception, the drive wasn't too long and once they got out, Quinn gave herself a few deep breathes before following Rachel into the party. She should have foreseen this but the moment Rachel linked eyes with Finn they were gone off into couples bliss and she was left alone to find their table.

Oh simple complications

Miscommunication leads to fall out

So many things that I wish you knew

So many walls that I can't break through

Sam had picked Katie up from the airport a few days prior, and the first day had been dedicated to sightseeing like promised, but after that the days leading up to the engagement party there time together had been scarce. To say Katie turned into Bridezilla would be putting it lightly. He'd never say anything, because although at times it was annoying it was cute to see her do whatever it took to get that dream wedding. He'd tried to play of wearing jeans and nice shirt to the party, but after much scolding was forced into wearing a more formal outfit. He'd gone simple all black, black dress shirt, black slacks, matching tie, belt and shoes easy. It complimented against his light hair and slightly pale skin. Katie chose to go with a white maxi dress with a gold belt linked around the middle. To her the engagement party was just as big as the wedding.

They arrived to the hall early, so Katie could see over the decorations and make sure everything was going to plan. Sam sat flipping through his phone wondering if maybe he should text Quinn one last time. After their dinner communication between the two of them was scarce. He wasn't sure if she would show up tonight, he wasn't sure if he wanted her to or not either. Finn had told him it was dumb for him to bring up past feelings, he should leave them in the past if he was happy now be happy and that was that. He wondered if his thoughts were normal. Months ago he couldn't wait for the two to be married, but now he was having a second thoughts reliving all past relationships.

Guests were starting to arrive now, mostly family people he didn't expect to show up, but it was a nice surprise to him that they did. Sam and Katie took turns leading one another around to meet various family members they may not have already known. It was all fun learning about her past and watching her react to various stories of young Sammy.

Slowly their friends began to arrive, people Sam knew from college and more importantly members of his high school glee club. They had all managed to stay in touch over the years. Kurt and Blaine where the first to arrive, followed by Mercedes and her boyfriend Tyler, Finn arrived sometime in the middle of them, followed by the rest of the glee club. Despite Santana's lesbian stunt in High School she arrived on the arms of none other than Noah Puckerman the two had an apparent Vegas wedding and were expecting their first child in the fall. Brittany and Artie arrived together next; they were trying to keep things casual as they figured out if marriage was the right step for them, although neither truly believed in labels. Mike and Tina arrived saying they said couldn't stayed long, their three year old son was in a fussy mood that day. All the Glee Alumni was sat the same table.

Just when he thought she wasn't coming, a familiar blonde and brunette strode through the doors. She looked confident until Rachel rushed from her side to Finn's. He wondered if maybe he should go over and say something to her, Katie was busy gushing over floral arrangements with some of her old sorority sisters. He looked at Quinn who looked out of place standing their alone but still managed after all this time to take his breath away. He wasn't sure what he was feeling if he should be feeling any of these feelings at all. He was just about to go over to talk to her when he felt a smaller hand link fingers with his. "So are you going to introduce me to the rest of your friends Sammy?" Katie asked clearly the discussion on flowers was over. He followed Quinn with his eyes and watched as she found her seat amongst the rest of the former glee club members. "Of course." Sam managed to say heading over to that table.

Now I'm standing alone in a crowded room and we're not speaking

And I'm dying to know is it killing you like it's killing me, yeah

I don't know what to say, since the twist of fate when it all broke down

And the story of us looks a lot like a tragedy now