Lily watched as Harry ran laps around the track, sure that he had past fifty by now, but having lost count some time ago she didn't know for sure. She knew Harry was capable of going for hours, his body was strong enough to carry him for that long, and his will would carry him further. As he passed near her seat again she could see the thin sheen of sweat on his upper body and sighed, he was pushing himself to hard again but she could never get him to stop.

Watching her son she couldn't help but feel a sense of pride, he was barely eighteen but he was one of the best wizards in the whole wizarding world, and the best kept secret. Closing her eyes her mind flashed back to that night, to the sound of her husband's scream. She opened them again the daylight flooding through her mind trying to push those dark thoughts out. No one knew that Lily had survived that night, that she had taken her infant son and fled. She had cut all ties, leaving England to hide where no one would look, half the world away.

With a sigh she rose to her feet, gathering up Harry's duffle bag and towel and walked towards the track edge.

"Harry it's getting late love," she called and Harry slowed until he came to a halt next to his mother.

She noted that he was barely breathing hard and wondered once again how he managed it. With a laugh she chucked the towel to him and he caught it up rubbing it across his face.

"Alright mum, but it's your buy tonight," he said as he wiped down his chest before tugging on his shirt.

"I thought it was your shout," she said with a frown as he took the duffle from her outstretched hand.

"Yeah it was my shout if I called it quits before you did," he laughed wrapping his hand around her shoulders and pulled her into a one arm hug.

The pair left the track laughing and negotiating who was actually going to pay for the food and what they were going to have, unbeknownst to them that they were being watched.

It was barely daylight outside but Harry was sat as his desk going over one of the volumes his mother had given him. It held spells and charms that had been long lost, but as always Lily managed to get her hands on a copy of the text that was long thought gone. Mentally Harry tried one of the spells concentrating on the lamp. It instantly turned into a living shaft of fire and he smiled. As always his mind had worked out how to do the spells with the littlest of practice.

"Harry!" his mother called down the hallway and he knew she had felt the touch of his magic.

Looking back at the flame, it turned back into the lamp and he reached out and flicked the light off.

He made his way down the corridor to find that his mother was sat in bed her quilt pulled up around her. Smiling warmly he crossed the room to her and sat down on the bed pulling the quilt down and retrieving one of her hands to hold.

"I'm sorry mum, didn't mean to scare you," leaning in his kissed her temple and he felt her tense body ease slightly.

"That's alright dear, sometimes," she paused and tried to smile, "sometimes the feel of magic in the morning can make me nervous," she laughed nervously and patted her son on the hand.

Harry watched as his mother slipped from the bed pulling her dressing gown from the bottom of the bed and wrapping it around herself. He could almost see her building up the walls around herself that she had perfected over the past seventeen years. When she turned to look at him again her eyes were hard and Harry knew she wouldn't talk to him. For his whole life she had done everything to protect him, even going as far as to keep herself slightly apart from her son, trying to protect him from her pain.

"Do you want breakfast?" she asked all sign of distress gone from her voice.

He nodded and with a smile she slipped from the room heading downstairs to the kitchen. With a sigh he leant forwards pushing his palms against his eyes.

It had been only him and his mother for so long that he didn't know what to do about it. Sure they had spent time in colonies with other wizarding folk; his mother seemed to have a knack at finding underground magic users where ever they went, but it wasn't the same as being amongst friends and family. His heightened hearing easily picked up the sound of his mother in the kitchen and knew she would be expecting him to come down. He pushed up from the bed and left her room, closing the door behind him as he went.

Harry slipped back into his room and pulled some cloths out of a chest of draws. He knew his mother would want to get started soon, and he was used to the workout routine she set. Things had become more intense in the past two years, but he hadn't question why. He'd heard the rumours that filtered through, even in the underground, about the unrest in England, about the darkness that was rising. He pulled off his long pyjama bottoms, the only thing he had thrown on before bed last night, and pulled on a pair of black jeans and an emerald green t-shirt. His closet was filled with green since his mother seemed to love it, and he didn't care about clothes.

He was just doing up a pair of black converse when he heard the pan his mother had been using drop to the floor, not an uncommon noise in the household his mother was accident prone, but it was the shocked cry to go along with it that alerted him to something being wrong. Faster than any human should have been able to move he was downstairs, wand drawn, moving into the kitchen his eyes constantly searching for the danger. They settled on his mother who was pressed against the kitchen counter, her fingers gripping it as if it was the only thing holding her up. Her eyes were locked on the kitchen door leading out onto the porch.

He turned to look at the door to find a man he thought he recognised stood there. He was tall, with long black hair tied back at the nape of his neck. He had slight stubble across his cheeks but he was unkempt. He had sharp coal grey eyes that were staring intently at Lily, but he turned to look at Harry when he entered and his eyes widened in shock.

"James," he whispered and took a step forwards before he seemed to catch himself and he stopped but Harry could see his jaw clench.

Harry frowned at the man; he knew he looked like his father, almost a clone in fact, except for his eyes he had his mother's eyes. He pushed all of these thoughts out of his head though as he accessed the threat. His mind went completely blank except for a single flame in the middle. His senses sharpened so acute that it would have been painful to an untrained person.

Lily snapped out of her shock as Harry stepped into the room, his wand pointed at the intruders throat. Instantly she recognised the cold flat look in his eyes and knew it was death she saw. Calling out she dived in front of her son, protecting the man she had been shocked to see. Harry paused but didn't lower his wand and Lily knew it would take a lot to snap him out of this state.

"Please Harry," she whispered putting a restraining hand on his hand and he looked down at her face.

She watched as her Harry bled back into his eyes and when he blinked the coldness was gone. She sighed and stepped up next to him, her hand still on his, as he lowered it and tucked his wand against his leg still drawn ready if need be.

"I didn't mean to scare you son, I was just shocked," she said to him her voice low and soothing.

He nodded once and turned his eyes back to the man who had stood and watched the scene play out.

For a moment there was silence in the kitchen, the only sound the dripping faucet Harry had been meaning to fix for a few weeks.

"Why are you here Sirius?" Lily asked and the man seemed to snap out of himself.

Harry didn't betray the shock that had passed through his mind at the sound of the man's name. So this was his father's best friend, this was his godfather. He had never laid eyes on the man before, never so much as a picture of him, but strangely now he studied him past his threat level, he looked like he had expected.

"I'm sorry Lily, I know you don't want to hear it but we need you to come back."

Lily sighed, her fingers resting on Harry's hand tightening, "you know how I feel about this Sirius," she said her voice barely above a mummer but Harry realised the meaning behind her words.

Stepping away from her he turned to look at her sad face, the simple question easily desirable on his face, when had she talked to him? As far as Harry knew she had had no contact with any of their old ties in England, which was why they were always on the run.

"Don't blame your mother pup, she only wanted to protect you," Sirius said drawing Harry's gaze.

Sirius couldn't believe the man that was stood in front of him, and he was a man. Harry may have only been eighteen but there was nothing immature about him. He was tall, definitely pushing past six foot, with a body carved of lean muscle. He had long black hair that swept his collar and was tousled carelessly, hair that looked so much like his fathers. But the eyes that collided with Sirius' were all Lily's, even brighter green in fact, if that was even possible.

There was a hard set to his strong jaw, a set that was reflected in the blankness of his eyes. Sirius had to suppress a shiver as Harry looked at him, and it sent his mind reeling thinking that he was scared of his two best friend's child, but then he wasn't a child. Harry access Sirius and the man knew it, if he found Sirius to be a threat to him or his mother, Sirius would be dead.

Turning Harry looked back at his mother and Sirius couldn't help the sigh that slipped from his lips. He didn't know what had been scarier, having his wand pointed at his throat, or the look he had just given him. Sirius looked to Lily and could see her distress, and he knew he might have made a mistake by ambushing them.

"Please harry, can you give me and Sirius a moment," she stepped forwards towards Harry again and put a hand on his chest, "he won't harm me, I'll be fine."

For a moment Sirius didn't think Harry actually heard her, but then he nodded and with one last flat look levelled at the other man he left the room.

Lily physically sagged with relief and Sirius felt another shudder threaten to push along his skin. She had been scared, scared Harry would kill him and that she wouldn't be able to stop it. Sirius looked down for a moment trying to calm his spinning mind, but when he looked up it was to lock eyes with one very pissed off mother. Her emerald eyes were blazing and Sirius didn't fail to see her hand go inside her dressing gown. Quickly Sirius backed away his hands going up in surrender.

"Why are you here," she bit off her voice pure fury.

Swallowing Sirius took a moment to find his voice, "its time love, the last Horcrux has been destroyed. It's time for Harry to come home."

Lily looked away from Sirius and he watched as she clutched at a necklace that he knew for sure would hold the locket he had given her for Christmas one year, a locket with James' picture inside.

She didn't look at him as she spoke but he heard her words fine, "you mean it's time for Harry to die."