Summary: Sasuke Uchiha is an intern at Konoha Asylum but not everything is quite right within its white walls. Sasuke must deal with unstable patients and annoying orderlies on a day to day basis as well as a creepy voiced warden that he's never seen. The arrival of new patient, Naruto Uzumaki, sends the once unfeeling Sasuke into an emotional journey which begins to tear his world apart. Literally.

Warning! This fanfic will most likley include the following:


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Harsh Language

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Everything in the asylum was white, not off-white or cream but white. Everything was clean too. Clean, white tiles and rubber everywhere. It was an eyesore to behold. Sasuke detested every minute of his internship at that dreaded place.

'White represents purity. Makes it easier to see the stains and dirt of ourselves. Cleaniness is close to Godliness' Sasuke recalled the warden saying once.

Sasuke had never actually seen the warden and judging by the man's voice, he didn't want to. There was something off about it. The way the words slithered into his ear. When Sasuke spoke with him, he felt as if the warden would emerge from the shadows at any moment, waiting behind him and whispering in his ear.

Sasuke sighed as he sipped at his coffee. The room, even with Sasuke in it was black and white. The coffe was black, like his hair and eyes but everything else was white, from his uniform to the coffee mug to his pale skin. There wasn't a trace of real color anywhere even in the staff break room.

'White is the color of heaven. I want every lost soul we bring in to feel like they're in a better place.' Sasuke recalled the warden saying.

Heavenly isn't how I would describe it. Sasuke argued to himself.

A struggle was heard in the distance. There were low voices, recognizable ones. Two attendants, Choji and Shikamaru. Misarble human beings and awful workers. They moved patients about with little care or concern. A third voice denoted just how careless and crude they were. It was high and raspy as it screamed and cried out.

Sasuke waited for them, watching the hallway. He leaned against the doorframe and took another sip of his bitter, black coffee.

"Let go!" the mystery voice cried out, "Stop it! Let go!"

Sasuke, wanting to examine the new comer, leaned out enough to peek into the hallway. Sure enough, Choji and Shikamaru were dragging in a patient. The two attendants were pretty regular sights. Choji was a large young man who's only care in the world was the fufillment of his endless gluttony. Shikamaru on the other hand, was tall and thin man who cared for nothing at all.

The patient was a tan, small young man, not much younger than Sasuke. He had dirty, messy blonde hair. He struggled in Choji's and Shikamaru's grip, throwing himself from side to side and yowling in pain. His hands looked as if they were turning purple. Sasuke sighed, the two employees thought they'd take the easy way out again and not strap the patient down and drug him. Sasuke went into the hallway.

"You're making him lose circulation," he pointed out calmly above the chaos.

The three men paused momentarily. Choji glared at Sasuke while Shikamaru rolled his eyes. The patient still tugged away from his opressors but to no avail.

"If you're so concerned," Shikamaru stated, "Then you take him."

Choji grinned and, using his weight, threw the patient at Sasuke. The blonde boy smacked in him and Sasuke caught him. The force made him teeter but he refused to be knocked down by the behemoth's throw.

"He needs a bath!" Choji snorted, "And a uniform!"

"What room is he going to?" Sasuke asked as the blonde boy stared at him.

Shikamaru shrugged as he and Choji turned to leave.

"Whatever's free," he called over his shoulder, "Name's Naruto Uzumaki."

Sasuke sighed as Choji whispered something to Shikamaru and then bursted into hearty laughter. Shikamaru didn't so much as chuckle but Sasuke knew the smart ass had a smirk on his face. He was happy that their smug mugs were leaving but irritated that he was now stuck with a strange little blonde ball of crazy.

Sasuke looked down at his new responsibility. The patient stared back at him with big, bright blue eyes. Sasuke had him by the wrists. The boy's fingers were relaxed and spread. The color was returning to them rapidly.

"Uzumaki is it?" Sasuke asked.

"Yes, sir," Naruto replied.

He didn't seem crazy to Sasuke. Then again, the warden himself said that insanity was often deceitful. Sasuke peered into Naruto's bright blues, trying to find a trance of sanity. The boy gave him a look that was almost starstruck. He seemed fascinated with Sasuke like a girl in a romance movie.

"Are you going to come along quietly?" Sasuke asked, "I'd rather not force you."

"Oh!" the boy said, snapping out of his awe, "Quietly! Of course, sir."

Sasuke gave a nod and then released the boy's wrists. Sasuke turned around and started walking forward. Naruto followed after a few paces behind. Sasuke's shoes tapped lightly against the echoing floor while Naruto's bare feet made near silent padding sounds. Sasuke glanced at them over his shoulder.

"Not a fan of shoes, Uzumaki?" Sasuke sneered.

Naruto looked up from the floor. He smiled brightly.

"Nothing like the feel of the dirt, sir!" he answered.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow at him before turning away.

"There isn't any dirt here," Sasuke pointed out.

"I just meant the earth," Naruto replied, "Like the floor. Dirt."

Sasuke ignored him as they continued towards the decontamination room. Naruto said nothing but began merrily humming a song.

Five minutes ago, he was throwing himself into the walls trying to escape and now he's humming? What is with this kid?

Sasuke led Naruto to the decontamination room. It was a large room that resembled the showers in a locker room. However, there were three or four stalls that had a chair bolted to the ground. It was used to strap down patients in case they were unwilling to cooperate with bathing. Sasuke remembered them using one once. It was a long time ago. It was a patient who looked strikingly feminine with long, black hair and big dark brown eyes. One would call him beautiful, were that appropriate to call a man. They dragged him inside, kicking and screaming. They'd dragged him in by his hair. They stripped him of his clothes revealing a feminine body. Sasuke never saw the patient's genetalia in the scuffle. For all he'd seen, it might as well have been a woman. They did keep female patients there. The patient certainly screamed like one. That's how they bathed the sad creature, strapped to a chair having water sprayed at it and gargling and crying out like it was drowning. Haku had been the patient's name. Poor thing never resisted after that, just sat there, doe eyed and mute as they bathed him.

"Sir?" Naruto asked cautiously.

Sasuke snapped out of his flashback and turned back to his present patient.

"Take off your clothes," Sasuke commanded.

Naruto looked down at himself before looking back at Sasuke.

"Excuse me?" he squeaked.

"It's protocol, Uzumaki," Sasuke informed him, "Every new arrival needs to be showered, uniformed, and vaccinated."


"Not one for needles?" Sasuke asked, "Don't worry, I'm not authorized to adminster any drugs. The nurse for that left for the night. So just clean yourself up and we'll get you a uniform."

Naruto looked at Sasuke with a blank expression. Sasuke potrayed no emotion as he waited for the boy to undress. A minute passed.

"Well?" Sasuke asked, irritated.

Naruto's hands flew up in a frenzy.

"Well what!" he shouted, "You plan on watching or something? I like my privacy, sir!"

Sasuke sighed. Working here didn't have any advantages...unless you were a gay germaphobe.

"I can't," Sasuke replied, "Policy dictates that I supervise."

"That's perverted policy," Naruto pointed out.

Sasuke shrugged and Naruto frowned angrily before turning his back on Sasuke.

"We haven't got all night, Uzumaki," Sasuke urged.

There was a beat of silence before Naruto's shoulders slumped foward, his posture collapsing.

"Yes, sir," Naruto said, defeated.

Naruto began to pull off his shirt, revealing a flawless and tanned back. He was a slender boy, little dimples marking his back. Sasuke suddenly felt awkward as the other boy dropped his pants. The tan was natural. Either that or the patient was in the habit of nude sun bathing. Sasuke looked at the patches of dirt on the boy's body.

He doesn't seem to be in the habit of any kind of bathing...

"I'll take your clothes," Sasuke said, masking how awkward he felt.

Sasuke looked away briefly as Naruto bent over to retrieve his outift. When Sasuke returned the glance, the patient was inching towards him backwards.

"For God's sake, Uzumaki," Sasuke sighed, "I'm not a pervert, just turn around and hand me your clothes."

Naruto did as he was told. His bright blues were downcast as he handed Sasuke his clothing. Sasuke, without meaning to, glanced at the boy's penis. It seemed aptly sized and the pubic area was covered with a patch of dark blonde. Sasuke then quickly looked at the boy's wad of clothes, embarrassed at catching himself in the act.

Naruto walked to the nearest shower stall, his face stark red from shame. He felt so exposed as he turned the shower head on. Sasuke felt equally uncomfortable as he watched the water shower down on the other boy.

To hell with policy.

"I'll go get you a towel and uniform," Sasuke said, excusing himself.

Sasuke exited the decontamination room, locking it behind him. The last thing he needed was to chase down a naked patient. The warden would not be pleased with that. Or would he? Despite never seeing him, Sasuke was certain that the warden was a sinister man from his voice alone.

Sasuke returned, uniform in one arm and towel in another. As he returned to the room, he heard Naruto humming again. It was a song Sasuke thought was familiar but couldn't pin it. He listened closely and quietly took steps towards the shower stalls. Naruto was starting to sing but too quietly to make out the words.

Naruto turned around and jumped, suprised by Sasuke's sudden presence.

"You scared me, sir!" Naruto remarked, pulling himself together.

Sasuke, embarrassed at being caught and once again glacing at the patient's penis, forced his eyes to stare at the uniform.

"Are you almost done?" Sasuke asked, frustrated.

"Yes, sir," Naruto asnwered before quickly rinsing off his suds.

Naruto approached Sasuke, slowly getting comfortable with his nudity. Sasuke didn't make eye contact as he handed his patient the towel.

"You don't have to keep calling me sir," Sasuke broke the silence.

Naruto seemed to not have heard him, too absorbed in drying himself off.

"Clothes please, sir" Naruto asked.

"I just said that you don't have to call me that," Sasuke repeated, glaring at Naruto.

Naruto's big blues blinked at him innocently as he took the uniform Sasuke handed to him.

"I'm sorry," Naruto apologized, "But I don't know what else to call you."

"My name is Sasuke," he replied, "Sasuke Uchiha."

"Uchiha," Naruto sounded out, "Mr. Uchiha!"

"Just call me Sasuke," Sasuke said, annoyed, "I'm not so old as to be called Mr. Uchiha yet."

"Sasuke," Naruto said with a smile,now fully dressed.

Sasuke looked Naruto over in the uniform. The patient's uniform was a white jumpsuit and black boots.

"We look alike!" Naruto stated happily.

It was true. The staff uniform was also white, made of the same material. The difference was that the staff wore slacks and a short sleeve shirts with white shoes. Still, that was a very small difference. A different cut and walk but the same color and material. Same at it's base.

Sasuke led Naruto again, a couple of ghosts in a bleached hallway. Again, Naruto began humming. It was like a bad habit. His voice wasn't particularly good or bad but somewhere in between. It seemed it was always the same song. One that pricked Sasuke's ears and urged him to remember.

"Why do you keep doing that?" Sasuke questioned.

"What?" Naruto asked, cutting out of song.

"Humming, why do you keep humming?"

Naruto, once more a few paces behind, thought for a moment.

"I don't know," Naruto finally answered, "I guess I just do. Why, does it bother you?"

Sasuke wasn't sure.

"No," Sasuke half lied, "What song is it anyway?"

"I don't know," Naruto replied, "Do you know it?"

"If I did, would I have asked?"

"You don't have to be rude."

Sasuke stopped and turned abruptly towards Naruto.

"You seem pretty sane for an asylum," Sasuke confronted.

Naruto became quiet and stared down as his shining black boots.

"You didn't notice them?" he asked.

Sasuke watched as Naruto rolled his sleeves up. He held his arms out, his eyes still locked on the floor. Two long, vertical scars were carved into Naruto's tan skin. He held them there for a moment, displaying them with shame before Sasuke.

"Or this?"

Naruto reached up and pulled down the collar of the jumpsuit. Underneath was an imprinted circle of red around his neck.

"From this morning," he said with a sad smile before hiding the burn again.

"You try to kill yourself?" Sasuke asked.

"Frequently," Naruto furthered, "I've a got a bullet wound too. In the chest. Missed my heart by a centimeter. Can you believe it?"

Sasuke was silent as the information sunk in. Hadn't he been trained to expect this sort of thing?

"Why?" Sasuke couldn't help himself.

Naruto laughed bitterly.

"You ever see those movies where they show little orphans kids and everybody sympathizes with them?"


"Well, my town didn't," Naruto said.

Sasuke felt sorry for the blonde boy. He wasn't a bad guy underneath all that dirt. Sasuke supposed he was only dirty because he didn't have a home to bathe in. Or parents to tell him to bathe. A suicidal orphan, was there anything worse?

"Your room," Sasuke gestured before approaching and unlocking a cell.

Naruto walked in slowly. Sasuke didn't know why, there wasn't much to look at in there. It was like any other room in the asylum only smaller and with a bed and toilet. Still, Naruto examined it as if he was scouting out a new home.

"Content?" Sasuke asked, once again irritated.

Naruto sighed and turned to face Sasuke in the doorway.

"Never," he replied, "But at least it's a place to stay."

Sasuke felt an urge to do something comforting but he didn't know what. It was rare for Sasuke to feel much of anything and the emotion repulsed him. He was suddenly glad that he was an intern and not a doctor. He wouldn't have to see much of this strange patient.

"Well, good night, sir," Naruto chimed.

Sasuke felt a twitch of anger in the corner of his mouth.

"I told you to call me Sasuke,"

Naruto smiled brightly. His teeth were surprisingly white for a boy who had been so dirty. Perhaps hygiene wasn't lost on him yet.

This would be the place to learn it.

"Good night," Naruto repeated, "Sasuke."

Sasuke said nothing but gave an awkward wave before closing and locking the cell door.

"How sweet," a sarcastic voice stated.

Sasuke turned around calmly and gave the nurse that stood before him a cool glare. She hurumphed at him, the air sending her long blonde bangs into a frenzy.

"What do you want, Ino?" Sasuke asked.

Nurse Ino titled her hip to the side and placed a hand on it, abandoning the laundry cart she'd been pushing. Her gray blue eyes drilled into Sasuke. There was something mind boggling about them. Despite Ino's sarcastic and somewat brash personliaty, her eyes portayed a startling sense of lifeless in that she appeared to have no pupils.

"I don't want anything, Sasuke," she said, taking a few steps towards him.

Sasuke didn't react to her. Sasuke didn't react in general. He avioded it when he could. He didn't even blink as Ino reached up and poked the tip of his nose.

"I'm just noticing your new friend," she smiled.

Sasuke's eyebrows lowered, giving the faintest hint of a glare.

"I don't make friends with patients," Sasuke argued.

"Really? Try telling that to the little redhead down in C-block," Ino chuckled, "She seems to think that the two of you are a couple. She won't like him, will she?"

"What are implying?"

"Oh, you're so ignorant, Sasuke," Ino sighed, "You've been here for so long and you're still so ignorant."

Ino's breasts were pushed against him. She ran her fingers through Sasuke's raven hair as she gave him a patronizing smile. Sasuke, annnoyed by the unwanted affection, gave Ino a slight push.

"I hardly recognize a few weeks as a long time," Sasuke stated.

Ino chuckled.

"Oh, that's right," she snorted, "I guess I have different sense of time than you do."

Ino returned to the laundry cart. Sasuke couldn't stand her. The very thought of Nruse Ino seemed to anger him. Yet she was always around one corner or another, constantly touching him and hovering over him.

"Ino," Sasuke called.

Ino turned to look at him, her void eyes expectant but relaxed.

"Aren't you aware of the fact that I have no interest in you?" Sasuke announced factually.

Contrary to Sasuke's expectation, Ino did not seem hurt by his comment. She merely smirked at Sasuke and tossed her pale, cascading blonde hair over her shoulder.

"You make me laugh," she giggled, "I'm not interested in your interest."

Sasuke was unsastified. He'd intended to hurt Ino's feelings and yet she withstood his brazen cruelty. It was both shocking and unpleasant for Sasuke.

"What are you interested in then?" Sasuke asked.

Ino said nothing at first. Instead, she began walking away. Sasuke watched her and leaned against the wall not finding the answer to his question worth chasing her.

"Let's just say," Ino said without turning around, "We're watching you."

Ino had caught Sasuke's attention. He stood up straight, his eyes widened.

"What do you mean, we?" Sasuke questioned.

Ino uttered no respone, her hips swaying side to side and her shoes tapping against the tile. Sasuke began to go after her.

"Ino? Ino!" he called angrily.

Ino made no rush in her movement. Her pace was dead steady as she disappeared around the corner.

"Ino!" Sasuke called out again as he started to turn the same corner "What do mean-"

Ino was gone.

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