She had told Sasuke to go to his room. The mother of the Uchihah family had just finished running a bath, had it the perfect temperature and Sasuke, at the young age of six or so, had just barely pulled his sweater over his head when his father came into the room.

At six years old Sasuke didn't understand that his father drank or that his father had violent tendencies. He merely knew that Daddy was always angry, always scary and smelled too strong. He didn't know that his mother hid bruises, even cuts on occasion and yes, sometimes burns. He just knew that Daddy would have this look on his face from time to time when he came home at night and Itachi would suddenly swoop in and take Sasuke to play outside even though it was dark. Sasuke didn't mind though because Itachi would carry him on his shoulders and they'd go far a nice little walk out on their wealthy family's strectch of land. He'd teach him about stars and constellations. He tried to teach him how to make a fire once but Sasuke wasn't as quick or proficient about it as Itachi but he swore that one day he would be. One day he'd make fire come right out of his body if he practiced enough and wouldn't Itachi be proud? Maybe even Daddy would be proud but Sasuke tried not to set his hopes too high.

Dad's feet landed in front of the bathroom door, two heavy stones plummeting onto the harsh wood. His was siletn and it made things wrong, all wrong, and the way his face burned red and the way his knuckles curled made him more frightening than he'd ever been. Sasuke looked around for his brother to swoop in like he always did and save him, take him outside and talk to him about the Little Dipper and the craters in the moon but Itachi was gone, late from his study group but then Daddy was home a bit early wasn't he?

His mother, beautiful as she always was, turned and looked at him with those coal colored eyes. Her soft lips spoke in the softest and yet most dire of tones, that one reserved mothers trying to protect their children.

"Go to your room, Sasuke," she said, leaving no room for argument.

Sasuke skirted past his father's legs as quickly as possible, his navy blue sweater clutched tight in his tiny fingers. Sasuke may not have known the details of it but he knew something was wrong. The way Mikoto, his mother, the way she got this look of quiet of her face. The way her chin, dainty and pointed as it was, tried to firm up and be strong was alarming. But the worst of it was what Sasuke caught in the split second as he left the bathroom. Mikoto's eyes, dark and almond shaped, were terrified.

Call it morbid curiousity or a sense of duty but Sasuke did not go up to his room. Instead he waited nearby, just out of sight but close enough to see the shadows. He heard the yelling but the exact words were so distant. There's was something about a lack of gratitude, a lack of third son, a lack of honest love and when questioned about it all Mikoto never answered.

That's when the bigger shadow on the wall seized the smaller. He picked her up and threw her, the shadows disappearing for a second, the sound of a thud and disturbed water.

If anyone ever hurts you, Sasuke's mother's voice said in his young mind, you call 911, okay? And I mean if anyone does, you understand?

So Sasuke's feet ran to nearest phone, he climbed up on the counter and punched in those magic numbers. His sobs weren't quiet but it didn't compare to the noise coming form the bathroom. The call was all a blur. He told the lady who answered his address which Itachi made him learn by heart. The woman told him to stay on the line and go somewhere safe and Sasuke, in his youth and natural cowardice went running into the closet. He often hid there in games of hide and seek and not once did Itachi find him there, buried under winter coats and hidden behind the vaccuum cleaner.

He stayed like that, his father's long coat over his head for what felt like hours. The sounds kept going on but only ever his father who bellowed and slammed and broke things. The woman on the line, her voice was shaky and trying to soothe Sasuke but he didn't want to ear her voice. He wanted his mother's, tender and sweet or even screaming at this point. He needed so desperately to hear something out of her, anything, from across the way. But she never made a single sound, not even after the water stopped moving, and Dad stopped yelling, after the police broke down the door.

The cops didn't know that Sasuke was inside that closet, he'd hung up on the operator long before she had a chance to ask. It was completely silent, just stray footstep patterns here and there and silently Sasuke snuck out of his hiding place. He crossed the hall, the wooden floor colder than it's ever been to the threshhold of the bathroom, where not that long ago he was going to be bathed and then wrapped up in a warm towel and held by his mom.

There was red on the wall as well as a few holes. Everything that had been on the sink had been knocked over, strewn across the floor. And his mother's legs, the stuck out wrong and yet were limp, her upper body bent over and into the tub. Sasuke ventured closer, saw the bathwater clouded with more red. Mikoto's hands and arms floated along the water, almost like she was making a snow angel face first. Her long ponytail dipped into the tub and then frayed and swirled underneath the water. Sasuke wondered for a moment, if her voice was trapped in that water. He wondered, if he put his head under it, would he hear her?

Sasuke's eyes widened with horror as he came back to the present. He remembered it all so clearly, finding his mother dead. Even if the whole memory came to him in shades of light and shadows. And he remembered her, beautiful and quiet, beaten and yet resilient.

"T-there is more," the terminal that had Hinata's voice broke the relative silence.

I don't think I can...

"You will enjoy some of what comes next, you will enjoy remembering him," the other computer added.



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