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Aoi's Love Challenges


Aoi Kunieda was many things. Strong, beautiful, intelligent, caring, kind and was regarded as one of the best with a sword. However, there was one thing that she, the Queen of Ishiyama High, was unable to do no matter how much she tried. Confess her feelings to the person she liked. Despite being known by many of her peers as one of the strongest delinquents at Ishiyama High, she was completely weak when it came to love. It was not like she didn't know anything about love. She read mangas and books about it, but it was totally different when it came to her own love life.

Oga Tatsumi, the man who captured the Queen's heart. He was strong, ruthless and carried a baby on his back. Everyone who didn't know him were afraid of just the mention of his name. Aoi, however, knew that there was more to Oga than any of the rumors said about him. Sure he was strong as they say, but she saw things from him that only made the feelings she had for him grow. Each moment that she spent with him were moments that made her happy and embarrassed at the same time. Aoi Kunieda embarrassed? Seems almost impossible, but Oga was the only person to ever make her feel that way.

However, Aoi decided that it was time she changed herself. She didn't want to be the girl that would get all flustered and weak in the knees whenever she was around Oga. No. She wanted to do something that to many would seem almost impossible. If she spoke of her desire to any of her friends who reside in the Red Tails, well first they would do anything to prevent her from completing her mission, but after that was done, she knew that they would think she was crazy. Hell, it didn't matter who it was, if they knew Oga they would tell her that she was completely insane. They would tell her that there was no way in a million years that what she was planning on doing would work.

However, she was never one to give up so easily. Yes, she wasn't a quitter. She was similar to Oga in that way. Both of them didn't know what the word meant. Aoi would do what it takes to succeed, even if it meant her getting embarrassed to the point she could die from embarrassment. She would definitely do it. Aoi made up her mind and there was nothing no one was going to do to stop her.

She will complete this so called mission impossible. She will make, the toughest delinquent, Oga Tatsumi, fall in love with her...but then again, he is Oga.

End of Prologue

Author Notes: Well, here is my new Beelzebub fic featuring the awesome couple of Aoi and Oga in which I find them so perfect for each other. To all you OgaxHilda shippers, I do not have a problem with that pairing, if it happens it happens, but its always more fun to see which pairing come on top and personally I feel OgaxAoi should be that pairing. Well, hopefully, you guys like the prologue and hope to read your feedback. Remember the more reviews the greater chance of updating quicker, right Baby Beel?