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Chapter 27: Day VI

Aoi felt pain in her head. 'Ugh...what happened...why does my head?' She tried opening her eyes, but the sunlight only made her headache worse. Eventually, she was able to open them and took whatever strength she had to sit up. Her movement didn't help the pain in any way. She didn't remember anything from last night after Ikaruga gave her that funny tasting drink. In fact, she had this strange feeling of deja vu. Placing a hand to her forehead, she looked around to room, slowly so that she didn't aggravate the headache, and stopped at the sight of Oga sleeping on the other side of the room, away from her. This confused her. Removing the cover off her body, she crawled over to Oga and nudged him gently. "Oga..." She whispered.

"Dah..." At the sound of Baby Beel's voice, Aoi looked down to see the green haired baby look up at her with a groggy expression.

"Ah, gomen Beel-chan. Did I wake you?" She frowned.

"Dah!" Baby Beel shook his head in response.

"I see..." She smiled at his response and then turned back to Oga. She nudged him once more. "Oga...wake up..." She raised her voice a few decibels.

Oga groaned. "Five more minutes..."

Aoi sighed. "Oga...come on..." She nudged a bit harder.

"I said 5 more minutes, damn it!" Oga yelled and sat up, startling Aoi. When Oga noticed who he yelled at, he calm down and scratched the back of his head. "Oh...it's you Kunieda..." He yawned as Aoi nervously chuckled. "So, are you better now?"

"Huh? Did something happened?" She asked, confused.

"What? You don't remember?" She shook her head. Oga sighed. "You got drunk and it's all thanks to that woman." He scowled.

"Huh? D-D-Drunk!?" Aoi now knew why she had this strong feeling of deja vu. This happened to her before and it was done by the same woman. 'Ikaruga...san...' She growled in anger.

"Then you tried getting naked and doing that thing...what was it called again..." At the sound of that, Aoi's face became as red as a tomato. Her entire body shook and her eyes began swirling back and forth. Baby Beel laughed at the expression and clapped his hands. "Oh...that's it...it's called s-"

"DON'T SAY IT!" Aoi screamed and slapped Oga across the face without hesitation. Oga's head slammed against the wall a she groaned in pain. He placed a hand on his red, swollen cheek. Aoi was hyper ventilating as just the thought of what they could have done last night made her tremble in fear and embarrassment.

"What the hell did you slap me for!?" Oga yelled.

"Because you were about to say something so embarrassing!" Aoi yelled back.

"How the hell is that embarrassing!?"

"Are you dense or something!?"

"Don't call me that!"

"Will you two shut up!" Ikaruga yelled as she slid their door open. "I don't want to hear you quarrel like some husband and wife!"





"YEAH YOU DID!" Both Oga and Aoi yelled back.

"Dahboo..." Baby Beel giggled, being amused by all the yelling the three did.

Eventually, the three calmed down and were now seated in the room, facing each other. "Okay...maybe I did get you drunk...but it's not like it was intentional."

"You expect us to believe that..." Both of them responded, narrowing their eyes at her.

"Tch...whatever. I mean it's not like you two did anything last night." She replied.

"Huh? Oga...we didn't do anything...right?" Aoi asked nervously.

"Nope." He replied instantly.

Aoi sighed. "Thank goodness..." She smiled. She then realized something. "Wait a minute...how do you know we didn't do anything?"

"Huh?" Ikaruga blinked. "I just don't..." She said while turning her head to the side and avoided looking at the couple.

"Wait a minute...have you been peeping on us every night?" Aoi asked, glaring at the older woman.

"I don't know what you are talking about..." She lied horribly.

"YOU MEAN YOU WERE!" Aoi shouted in shock.


"I-Ikaruga...san..." Aoi glared at her as her demonic aura appeared behind her.

"Listen to me Aoi-chan...I swear I never peeped at you guys...I would never do that..." As Ikaruga was trying to prevent Aoi from using her anger towards her, Baby Beel poked his small finger in a hole, which caught the attention of Oga. He crawled over to him and looked inside the hole.

"Hey...we can see the other room through this hole..." He told Aoi, which made Ikaruga stiffen in horror.

"Ikaruga...san..." Aoi's demonic aura increased as it made her look twice the size of the older woman.

"Now Aoi-chan...let's not do anything rash..." Aoi didn't listen as she grabbed her wooden sword and pointed it at her. "A-Aoi...chan..."

Suddenly, everyone froze in place as they sensed a large demonic aura surrounding the small lodge they were staying in. "W-What is that?" Aoi asked.

"Don't know." Ikaruga answered and then looked over at Oga. Oga had a terrifying expression on his face that made even her cringe in fear. "Oi, Oga...what is it?"

"It's him..." He growled as Baby Beel nodded his head.

"You mean..." Oga stood up and rushed out of the room.

"Oga!" Aoi called out after him before she and Ikaruga followed. When the two caught up to Oga, who was outside the lodge, they looked in the direction he was glaring at and saw the same man who kidnapped Aoi.

"You..." Oga growled.

"My, my...aren't you a grumpy person...tell em is that how you always are in the morning?" Oga didn't answer and just glared daggers at him. "Oh...scary..."

"So, you're Zagan..." Ikaruga stepped forward and eyed the man.

"Oh...you know my name...impressive..." Zagan smirked. "Then again, someone like you I wouldn't be surprised that you know my name...tell me...have you been teaching Oga well?"


"You didn't think I wouldn't keep an eye on this ogre, did you? I must say...I am impressed by your teaching methods..."

"What the hell do you want?" Ikaruga asked.

"What I want is my business...I don't have to tell you anything about my plans nor my ambitions...however...I will tell you one thing...everything is slowly coming into place..." He chuckled.

"You..." Ikaruga growled.

"Oh...if it isn't Aoi-chan...it seems you look okay after being infected with that disease..." He smiled at her. Aoi glared at the man. Oga had enough of the demon and charged at him.

"Oga!" Aoi screamed as Oga clenched his fists and punched Zagan in the cheek.

'He didn't try to dodge...' Ikaruga thought as she narrowed her eyes at Zagan.

"Oh...is that all you got?" Oga's eyes widened. "If that's all...then you really have no chance at defeating me..." Zagan smirked as he grabbed Oga's wrist. Oga winced from the tight hold he ha don his wrist as he pulled Oga's fist off of his cheek. "Se...you didn't even push me back...how weak..." Oga's eyes widened as Zagan pulled his other arm back and then punched him in the gut with such a force that it made Oga crash into the lodge.

"Oga! Beel-chan!" Aoi cried out as she ran toward them.

"You bastard..." Ikaruga glared at him.

"Hahahahaha! Oh come on now...I really doubt that would be enough to kill him...besides he's the one who punch me, it's only right for me to retaliate..." Zagan told her. "To be honest, I'm not here to fight...I'm only here to talk..."

"Oh...and what exactly did you want to talk about?"

"Six days..."

"Six days?"

"That's when it all begins." He smirked as her eyes widened. "I hope Oga gets stronger by then...if he doesn't...well...let's just say he won't like it...Ja ne!" He waved goodbye before taking a few steps back into a dark portal. Ikaruga eyed him until the portal disappeared along with him. She sighed and turned around to look at the destruction Zagan made. She walked over to where the couple were and saw that Oga was glaring, not at her, but at the spot where Zagan disappeared. Aoi had a worried expression planted on her face as she looked at Oga. Baby Beel was wrapped in Oga's arm in front of his chest, which Oga must have done on instinct and quickly while he was blown toward the lodge. She sighed.

"Looks like we can't goof around anymore..."

"Aa..." Oga replied.

"Then come on...it's time to get you two started on improving your black techs for real now..." She told them and turned around.

"Let's do it." Oga stood and clenched his fist. Aoi smiled and stood up along with him and nodded her head.

For the next five days...Oga and Aoi trained and trained and trained some more until they were exhausted. Ikaruga made sure that neither of them nor her fooled around with the time they had left. She knew, from just looking at Zagan's strength that he wasn't someone Oga could defeat so easily. On the fifth day, it was time for Oga, Baby Beel and Aoi to sail back home. Ikaruga sent them off with a farewell.

"I'm home." Oga said as the entire Oga household stopped what they were doing to see the youngest member of the family enter with Baby Beel on his shoulder.

"Huh? Oga? What the hell are you doing back so early?" His sister asked.

"Something came up..." He told her. "Where is Hilda?"

"Upstairs..." His mother responded and he nodded in response. He then made his way upstairs.

"Hm? That's strange..." Oga's father muttered as his wife and daughter nodded in agreement.

When Oga reached his room, he opened and saw Hilda sipping tea. She turned her head and narrowed her eyes at him and the Young Master. "So...it's time..."

"Aa...he said his plan is going to start tomorrow..." Oga replied.

"I see...then he wasn't lying..." Hilda sighed.


"Zagan came to me as well and told me that in six days, he will start his plan..." Hilda told him.

"That bastard...what the hell is he planning?" Oga cursed.

"I don't know...but...we have no choice but to stop him...let me ask you...are you ready?" Oga smirked and raised his fist, clenching it tightly.

"Of course!"


To Be Continued...

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Dahboo Dah Dah (Oga and Zagan, fight!)

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