Here is my newest project. I won't make into a story, unless I get enough reviews. Even then, I will have to think about it. I am only writing this story because Bloodlines comes out in a few days (exactly on the day of my birthday!) and I want to enjoy that book. I have been hearing things about the couples in that story and I thought it was adorable! So, I had to write this 'cause it had been bugging my head for a long time. And as mentioned, I want to enjoy the book. Not like the last three books of the VA series, where each second spent reading was wishing Adrian and Rose stayed together and that Dimitri died. Anyway, hope you like.

I don't own VA. . .

A Little Something:

I shoved my hands deep inside the pockets of my long, tan trench coat as I stood at the steps of an old cathedral in Spain. There was nothing here for me, here in the busy towns and streets of Europe. I had traveled the whole European continent for the past four months. Sure, I had had my fun, lots of fun, but it was time to go back, to those that I needed to get to…because there was nothing in these places that held my attention.

Yesterday I had been indecisive of going back home, but today I was decisive of my decision and…I was nostalgic, homesick. I missed home and everything that it had to offer, something I could not find here. Why had I stayed if I knew I could not find that which I had been seeking? I said my mental goodbye to the cathedral, the striking sights, and walked off to the Main Street of Spain where taxis were driving up and down the way.

As I walked, I caught the attention of a ring with a pendant that matched the color of the blowing hair image in my mind. The band was straight, but surrounding was a steel material that twisted and twirled all around the band, just like the woman image in my head. She could be completely gentle and plain, but she sometimes twisted and twirled around the mad.

I bought the ring and made my way to the corner of the street; I waved my hand up in the air and called for a taxi, using the European dialect. I was rushed off to the airport in minutes, boarding the private airplane that belonged to the Ivashkov-Tarus family within the same hour, and arriving to my destination the next day. I took an hour out of the day to ready myself for the days ahead before I was calling a chauffeur from the royal court to take me back home.

The straight roads were barren, empty of the many cars this side of the world was accustomed to seeing. They, the side of the roads, had a vast amount of greenery, the scenery we passed, but nothing held the interest of the attention that need desperate consideration lately. Maybe it was the large, green sign that came into my field of vision that awoken those senses that had been dormant for the past few months.

Only a few miles away from home.

It was like the regular Adrian came out.

I told the driver I wanted to listen to the kind of music I had been denying for the past months. Once the speakers were blaring with the music I loved, a new Adrian Ivashkov replaced the one that had been invading my body just a few moments ago, the one that had gone to Europe for a desperate escape. Oh, Party Boy Adrian Ivashkov was back in town. Hell, yeah!

Within the hour, the car was pulling up into the gates of the royal court. I was eager to get off the car and go find those I loved. The sad thing about that—I would not go to my "family" first. The only family that I had actually cared for me had died. Even after everything, I still had a few friends that I considered family. The driver dropped me off beside a building.

I closed my eyes again, for about a second or so, as I entered the—what the kids called a party. There was another brief image in my head, the precise reason why I had ran off to Europe in the first place. Slowly, the image in my head was replaced: Dark brown morphing into a soft blonde; dark brown eyes changing a shade lighter; snappy attitude switching to sweet temperament.

I saw her.

Man, from the first time she had smiled at him, after a month or so of knowing her—she had me. She had awakened those dormant feelings that the other woman had forced into hiding. It was she that had been my comfort, temporary comfort. If not for her, I probably would have been buried under the ground right next to my precious aunt.

I was given precious time, a month to get to know her. I knew she was somewhat bored standing at the party. I ignored her, though, opting to greet everyone else first. From Eddie, Christian, Lissa, Jill, and those few others standing around, I shook hands or gave out hugs accordingly, and I even shook Dimitri's hand. Rose and Sydney were the last two, Rose standing in front of Sydney.

I grinned, heart relieved at finally seeing her. "I've missed you," I said towards Rose's way.

"Adrian, so glad you are back?" Rose said, sounding a bit confused.

I stepped forward. Rose acted as if to hug me. . .but I pushed her out of my way, slightly.

My attention was only for the blonde girl that was named after an Australian place.

A lonely feeling replaced with a feeling of "complete."

With a massive hug, Sydney accepted the offer into my hands, into my embrace.

I pulled back, a little, to study her features. "The world can die tonight, and I would not feel one hint of fear in me 'cause I just got to see you finally."

The flustered Sydney responded to that, "You were gone. You left without a goodbye."

I shrugged. "I know. But I brought you a present to make up for the time." I winked at her.

Eyes watched us mingle with curiosity, but everyone was ignored.

"Let's go somewhere else," I suggested, raising an eyebrow at her. "I would love it if you followed me into my room. Yeah, my room. I would like that a lot if you went to my room with me. We can get naked. . ."

Sydney smacked my arm. "You haven't been here ten minutes and already you are thinking of having sex. You are so...Adrian Ivashkov." Sydney pushed me out the door. "Not naked, but I will go to your room."

"Listen, I just stopped by to invite you to my orgy later on. . ."

"God, I won't even comment on that. But I will ask how do people handle you for so long. I have known you for about a...month?—and already I feel like shooting myself."

I kept on with the sexual comments. "Sydney, I wouldn't mind you in my bed tonight. What do you say? As a welcome back gift." I reached over and grabbed a strand of her hair. She had sexy, silky blonde hair. She was sexy herself. "I am just kidding. I know you and your pureness. I would never want to take advantage of that."

Sydney rolled her eyes.

"So, tell me: what is new in life?"

"Rose. She made fun of me for being a virgin." To tease her, I laughed at her. She elbowed me in the ribs. "That and your words, have me thinking."

"About what, gorgeous Australian place?"

Sydney shook her head. "I was thinking about"—cough—"not being one."

I was shocked.

"I have known you for a month, or thereabout."


"Isn't...don't people do random or casual?"

"Yeah, but is not the way to go. Right way, that is."

"But—I hate being teased about it. I am probably the only teenager right now...all pure."

I had no clue what to say. "Have you...ever been kissed?"

"Yeah. . .no. I was always on alchemist missions; never had time for any having fun situations." Poor girl. "See? How embarrassing."

We stopped walking at a glass hallway that showed an awesome view of the night (day for us).

"Oh, look at the moonlight. It has been a while since I slowed down to look at it."

Sydney remained with her talk. "Adrian, why don't me the favor?"

I turned towards her. "Sydney, you are so pretty."

I heard her gulp.

"I am not kidding, Adrian."

I was quiet.

It probably was an hour before I spoke again. Okay, not literally, but a while did pass before I spoke again.

I didn't even look at her. "I you the favor."

"I will owe you one."

"But. . ." Yeah. I always set conditions.


I told her the truth, exactly how I felt about this situation. "I don't want it to be just a favor."

Sydney looked at me, confused. "What do you want it to be?"

I slipped the European ring, the one that had put her in my thoughts not long ago, on her finger.

I took her face gently in my hands. "We can start with a kiss. . ."

Sydney and I kissed, a promise of a future with each other, with the moonlight as the witness.

Tell me your thoughts! This was something new to write. I liked it. Maybe I can turn it into a story, if you agree. Anyway, have a nice night. Thanks for reading! And take care!